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ARCHIBALD, Margaret b: 1759 in New Hampshire,USA d: Abt 1794 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Margaret b: 1793 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: 10 Feb 1875 in Upper Musquodoboit,Halifax Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Margaret b: 1817 d: 188X
ARCHIBALD, Margaret b: 5 Jan 1827 in Upper Musquodoboit,Halifax Co.,NS d: 17 Jan 1916 in Upper Musquodoboit,Halifax Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Margaret b: Sep 1858 in Cape John,Pictou Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Margaret b: 22 Oct 1934 in Center Hill,Sumter Co.,FL d: Oct 1992 in Littleton,Arapahoe Co.,CO
ARCHIBALD, Margaret Nettie b: 25 Sep 1891 in Springhill,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 18 Jul 1978 in Sudbury,Sudbury Region,ON
ARCHIBALD, Mariam b: 28 Apr 1835 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: 6 Oct 1907 in Upper North River,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Mary b: 10 Dec 1781 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: Mar 1866 in McCallum Settlement,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Mary b: 23 Apr 1904 in Port Huron,St. Clair Co.,MI d: Oct 1972 in West Palm Beach,Palm Beach Co.,FL
ARCHIBALD, Mary Elizabeth b: 1 Jan 1868 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Mary Louise b: 20 Oct 1931 in Center Hill,Sumter Co.,FL d: 5 Dec 1996 in Henderson,Clark Co.,NV
ARCHIBALD, Marybelle b: 7 Apr 1899 in Waycross,Ware Co.,GA d: Abt 1953 in Jacksonville,Duval Co.,FL
ARCHIBALD, Matthew b: 9 Mar 1745 in Londonderry,Rockingham Co.,NH d: 18 Jan 1820 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Matthew b: 1 Feb 1788 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: 24 Jul 1831 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Matthew Taylor b: 17 Nov 1774 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: 8 Nov 1839 in Middle Musquodoboit,Halifax Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Nancy b: 15 Mar 1782 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: 30 Dec 1857 in Onslow,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Nancy b: Jan 1828 d: 11 Mar 1866 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Nettie b: 19 Jun 1873 in Cape John,Pictou Co.,NS d: 8 Sep 1955 in River John,Pictou Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Olive Blair b: 2 Aug 1820 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: 1886 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Olive Eileen b: 24 Feb 1892 in Lowell,Kent Co.,MI d: 2 Jul 1945 in Grand Rapids,Kent Co.,MI
ARCHIBALD, Pearl Celeste b: 1929 in Waycross,Ware Co.,GA
ARCHIBALD, Percy b: 14 Aug 1867 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Purley Franklin b: 1888 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: 22 Mar 1910 in Battle Creek,Calhoun Co.,MI
ARCHIBALD, Robert Brian b: 20 Jan 1901 in Middle Musquodoboit,Halifax Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Ronald Ross b: 14 Nov 1927 in Shortt's Lake,Colchester Co.,NS d: 5 Feb 2010 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Ross John b: 1940 in Pleasant Valley,Colchester Co.,NS d: 11 Mar 2006 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Roswell Ormiston b: 14 Feb 1908 in Pleasant Valley,Colchester Co.,NS d: 24 Dec 1989 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Roy Charles
ARCHIBALD, Roy F. b: 9 Jan 1884 in Essex Centre,Essex Co.,ON d: 11 Jun 1972 in Miami,Dade Co.,FL
ARCHIBALD, Sadie b: 1901 in Waycross,Ware Co.,GA
ARCHIBALD, Samuel b: 1719 in Londonderry,Ulster,Northern Ireland d: 15 Jul 1774 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Sara Frances b: 15 Aug 1927 in Waycross,Ware Co.,GA
ARCHIBALD, Sarah Christiana b: 2 Jun 1874 in Port Huron,St. Clair Co.,MI d: 1 Nov 1963 in Zephyrhills,Pasco Co.,FL
ARCHIBALD, Sarah Jane b: 18 Jun 1840 in Salmon River,Colchester Co.,NS d: 29 Mar 1915 in Central North River,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Sarah Lynds b: 7 Dec 1814 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: 2 Aug 1876 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Stuart Graham b: 6 Jun 1921 in Brookfield,Colchester Co.,NS d: 13 Mar 1997 in Brookfield,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Thomas b: 1733 in Londonderry,Ulster,Northern Ireland d: 27 Jun 1796 in Salmon River,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Walter Henry b: 1868
ARCHIBALD, Walter Kendrick b: 19 May 1903 in Port Huron,St. Clair Co.,MI d: 2 Apr 1948 in Orlando,Orange Co.,FL
ARCHIBALD, Walter Scott b: May 1835 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: Feb 1892 in Florida,USA
ARCHIBALD, Warren Elery b: 29 Mar 1881 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS d: 9 Sep 1947 in Providence,Providence Co.,RI
ARCHIBALD, Wendell Holmes b: 28 Jul 1893 in Pleasant Valley,Colchester Co.,NS d: 18 May 1946 in Brookfield,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Willard Alexander b: 10 Jan 1926 in Pleasant Valley,Colchester Co.,NS d: 9 Jun 1999 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, William Conley b: 10 Mar 1831 in Pleasant Valley,Colchester Co.,NS d: 1928 in Pleasant Valley,Colchester Co.,NS
ARCHIBALD, Willoughby Newton b: 19 Aug 1904 in Waycross,Ware Co.,GA d: 6 Nov 1965 in Jacksonville,Duval Co.,FL
AREY, Gertrude Everett b: 1829 in Malden,Middlesex Co.,MA
ARMER, Jessie Marie b: 1925 in Kansas,USA d: 5 May 2014 in Los Angeles Co.,CA
ARMOUR, Ethel Sophia b: 12 Apr 1904 in Maplehurst,Carleton Co.,NB
ARMOUR, Robert Donald b: 24 Mar 1888 in Pugwash,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 28 May 1950 in South Pugwash,Cumberland Co.,NS
ARMOUR, Trecia Gladys b: Apr 1911 in South Pugwash,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 6 Nov 1992 in Tatamagouche,Colchester Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Agnes N. b: 16 Jul 1905 in Summerfield,Monroe Co.,MI d: 15 Mar 1977 in Adrian,Lenawee Co.,MI
ARMSTRONG, Albina S. b: 1851 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB d: 15 Jun 1895 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Alma Hutchinson b: 4 Mar 1873 in Arthurette,Victoria Co.,NB d: 1958 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Amelia Maria b: 21 Jun 1846 in Cornwallis,Kings Co.,NS d: 28 Sep 1929 in Kingsport,Kings Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Ann Phinney b: 14 May 1885 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Barbara b: 1854 in Cornwallis,Kings Co.,NS d: May 1859 in Cornwallis,Kings Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Barnabas b: 2 Apr 1813 in Annapolis,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 30 Oct 1895 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Barnabas b: 7 Jan 1845 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB d: 1913 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Barnabas b: 14 May 1913 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB d: 1969 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Barnabas Ezekiel b: 18 Aug 1893 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB d: 28 Oct 1961 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Bertha E. b: 1878 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB d: 1936 in Corinth,Penobscot Co.,ME
ARMSTRONG, Brainard LeRoy b: Jul 1909 in Ida,Monroe Co.,MI d: 20 Nov 1986 in Ohio,USA
ARMSTRONG, Caleb Shafner b: 13 Dec 1816 in Granville,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 28 Feb 1847 in Rustle,NB
ARMSTRONG, Calvin b: 13 Nov 1819 in Annapolis,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 16 Dec 1877 in Polkton,Ottawa Co.,MI
ARMSTRONG, Caroline b: 1858 in Porter,Niagara Co.,NY
ARMSTRONG, Caroline Catherine b: 30 Nov 1810 in Annapolis,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 17 Jun 1890 in Aroostook Junction,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Carolyn V. b: 31 Dec 1887 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB d: 7 Sep 1937 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Catharine b: 1849 in Porter,Niagara Co.,NY
ARMSTRONG, Catherine H. b: 10 Dec 1840 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB d: 16 Mar 1914 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Cecil M. b: 10 Dec 1905 in Ida,Monroe Co.,MI
ARMSTRONG, Charles C. b: 1 Dec 1842 in Youngstown,Niagara Co.,NY d: 8 Jul 1936 in Washington,Lucas Co.,OH
ARMSTRONG, Charles Edward b: 1851 in Cornwallis,Kings Co.,NS d: May 1859 in Cornwallis,Kings Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Charles N. b: 1933 in Sylvania,Lucas Co.,OH
ARMSTRONG, Charles VanNamee b: 14 Sep 1891 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB d: 5 Oct 1955 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Christopher b: 1761 in Scotland d: 14 May 1836 in Falmouth,Hants Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Christopher b: 17 Jun 1842 in Cornwallis,Kings Co.,NS d: 21 Feb 1860 in Cornwallis,Kings Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Cory Brainard b: 25 Dec 1885 in Wood Co.,OH d: 16 Feb 1952 in Hollywood,Broward Co.,FL
ARMSTRONG, Dale E. b: Oct 1939 in Toledo,Lucas Co.,OH
ARMSTRONG, David H. b: 16 Oct 1842 in Granville,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 30 Aug 1908 in Outram,Annapolis Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Donald Christie b: 31 Aug 1907 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB d: 1976 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Donna Ester b: 9 May 1907 in Ida,Monroe Co.,MI d: 25 Jun 1987 in Sylvania,Lucas Co.,OH
ARMSTRONG, Edward Erskine b: 19 Aug 1798 in Falmouth,Hants Co.,NS d: 1880 in Cornwallis,Kings Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Edward James b: 7 Jul 1857 in Cornwallis,Kings Co.,NS d: 10 Dec 1940 in Canning,Kings Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Effie Flora Margaret b: 25 Jan 1880 in Petite Riviere,Lunenburg Co.,NS d: 24 May 1955 in Milton,Queens Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Eleanor b: 1721 in Falmouth,Cumberland Co.,ME d: in Annapolis Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Elijah Phinney b: 9 Mar 1844 in Church St.,Kings Co.,NS d: 22 Mar 1916 in Church St.,Kings Co.,NS
ARMSTRONG, Elmira b: 21 Oct 1866
ARMSTRONG, Emeline b: 25 Jun 1835 d: 1920 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB
ARMSTRONG, Esther Helen b: Oct 1880 in Washington,Lucas Co.,OH d: 20 May 1943 in Toledo,Lucas Co.,OH
ARMSTRONG, Ethel Leulla b: 29 Mar 1883 in Perth,Victoria Co.,NB d: 5 Jan 1960 in New Brunswick,Canada
ARMSTRONG, Florence I. b: 25 May 1880 in Machiasport,Washington Co.,ME d: 22 Jan 1910 in Marshfield,Washington Co.,ME
ARMSTRONG, Frances Marie b: 29 Jun 1928 in Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI d: 27 Sep 2010 in Adrian,Lenawee Co.,MI
ARMSTRONG, Guy Burton b: 3 Nov 1903 in Summerfield,Monroe Co.,MI d: 21 Apr 1943 in Adrian,Lenawee Co.,MI
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