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  • ID: I4127
  • Name: John CULLERS (KULLERS)
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1747 in Germany
  • Death: 1796 in Shenandoah Co, VA
  • Burial: Dry Run Cemetery, Seven Fountains, Shenandoah Co, VA
  • _UID: 0E83054D57DA9441B80B1F56811BAFDF4B46
  • Note:
    BIOGRAPHY: Not found in DAR index

    BIOGRAPHY: From Patricia A. Fogle, "Descendants of John and Mary (Miller ) Cullers of Shenandoah County, Virgnia," PO Box 128, Quincy. PA 17247-01 28; (Patricia A. Fogle, 2006), Pg ix
    "Jacob Köller purchased a property called Den of Wolves in the northeaste rn part of Frederick county in 1754. As far as I can determine, this i s the first time he shows up in records in Frederick County. ... "
    "I believe that John, not owning property of his own in Frederick County , must have lived and worked on the farm of his father. Den of Wolves wa s sold by Jacob on August 18, 1777, just four days before John went to th e Shenandoah Valley to purchase Teboe's Fort. This leads me to believe t hat Jacob gave John money to purchase that property. However, Jacob di d not move to the valley with John at that time, as he purchased a half o f lot No. 136 in Frederick City on July 20, 1777 for 40 [pounds], subjec t to a ground rent of 1 [pound] payable yearly to Daniel Dulaney. He sol d this land in 1780. It is not known whether Jacob and Maria moved to Vi rginia at this time, but we do know that he was living with John and Mar y at the time of John's death, because John mentions him in his will."...
    ""Known children of Johannes (John Cullers) KOLLER and Anna Maria MULLE R are:
    i. Maria Magdalena KOLLER, born 17 February 1776, died 23 June 1838. Nam ed as Koller in baptismal record.
    ii. Elizabeth CULLERS, born about 1779 .
    iii. Katherine CULLERS, born 1785, died 5 January 1843.
    iv. Mary CULLERS, born about 1784 in Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co, VA. Sh e married John RAMSBERGER 12 August 1801 in Shenandoah Co, VA. (Origina l Cullers Genealogy Collection.) Birth: IGI. Marriage: ward of John Shear man. There is a belief that she was also married a second time, but ther e is no proof, as the marriage record naming Mary Ramsberger as the brid e and Daniel Clem as the groom was found in Virginia, and it is my belie f that Mary Cullers and John Ramsberger moved to Ohio before 1829. Furthe r, the Clem family history by Dee Clem doesn't show a marriage between Da niel Clem and any Cullers. John Ramsberger was found on the 1830 census o f Tuscawaras Co, OH.
    v. Jacob CULLERS, born 1 January 1786, died after 1850.
    vi. John Randolph CULLERS, born 21 December 1789, died 19 September 1828 .
    vii. Henry Samuel CULLERS, born 17 June 1792, died 22 February 1865.
    viii. Daniel CULLERS, born 23 August 1794, died 6 August 1882."

    !BIOGRAPHY: From Patricia A. Fogle, "Descendants of John and Mary (Mille r) Cullers of Shenandoah County, Virgnia," PO Box 128, Quincy. PA 17247-0 128; (Patricia A. Fogle, 2006), Pg 1
    ?1. Johannes (John Cullers) KOLLER was born 1747. (Original Cullers Genea logy Collection.) Since we don't know when John's father, Jacob came to t his country from Germany, there is no way to know whether John and his br others were born in Germany or America, but I believe they were all bor n in this country. In a biography of a grandson of John's brother, Michae l, the grandson stated that his grandfather was born in America, but he d oesn't say exactly where. As Michael was the oldest known child, if he wa s born in this country, that would certainly mean that the rest of the ch ildren of Jacob and Maria Magdalena were also born here. The Shenandoah C ounty 1880 census shows Daniel's parents both born in Maryland, but I don 't have any proof of that, and as we all know that census records are no t always accurate, that could be incorrect. John's name was Johannes Koll er on the church record of his first child's baptism. This was his name i n German, and the name he was given at baptism. He became John Kullers wh en he moved to Virginia, which later became Cullers. Marriage: Lutheran M arriages and Burials 1743881, Weiser, pg 10. Birth and Death: Borden #3 , p 212. Tombstone. Will: Shenandoah Co VA Will Book E, p 58, 16 Sept 17 96/13 Dec 1796. Executors: wife Mary and son-in-law Henry Burner. Wit: Pe ter Peters, Daniel Golladay, Adam Reddenour, and Jeremiah McKay. His sign ature is "John Collers." 3rd Supplement to DAR Patriot Index. 1976. p. 1 3 lists John Keller (Kuller) for Patriotic Service.
    ?On 22 Aug 1777, John Kullers purchased 251 acres of land in Powells For t Valley and his descendent Orie Munch owned part of this same land, it h aving been in the family ever since. As of March 1995, Orie was in a nurs ing home, and his granddaughter was purchasing it with her husband. Howev er, on September 27, 1997, the property was sold at auction and was out o f the family for the first time since it was purchased by John in 1777 . John Cullers did not build the house in which he lived and raised hi s family. The buildings were already on the land when he bought it. Th e building was known locally as the Teboe Fort and Stockade. After John' s death, the old home was used as a bam and his son Daniel built a new ho use, still standing, the one owned by Orie Munch. In 1950 the old bam ble w down and a new bam was built on the same site. The present bam marks th e location of the original "Fort" or house. John's tombstone has name spe lled John Kullers. His father, our immigrant ancestor is buried next t o him, named as Jacob Kullers.
    ?Family legend in Virginia says that John Cullers was a Baptist preache r who lived near Hagerstown, MD and lreached in a circuit around that are a, but no records have been found to substantiate that belief. Frederic k County, MD, records show that he was married in Frederick County, by t he Lutheran minister, in 1775, and their first child as born and baptize d in Frederick County in 1776, also by the Lutheran minister. All record s show that the Kollers were Lutheran, different members of the family ha ving been active in the Frederick, Jefferson, Middletown and Feagaville L utheran churches in Frederick County, MD. Lutheran marriage records and b aptism records list all of the Kollers which are known to have been born , or lived, in Frederick County.
    ?John never owned property in Frederick County, so it is assumed that h e helped his father, Jacob, on the farm, 'Den of Wolves' until he moved t o Virginia. His father sold "Den of Wolves" just four days before John pu rchased Teboe's Fort in Powell's Fort Valley. Jacob purchased a lot in Fr ederick City, and I believe that he helped John to purchase the propert y in Virginia with the money he received from the sale of 'Den of Wolves. ' I don't believe that John owned other property before purchasing Teboe' s Fort, although, again, family legend says that he owned other propert y in Shenandoah County. No deed for any other property has been found, a s far as I have been able to determine. He was still living in Maryland p rior to the purchase of the fort in 1777.
    ?Jacob, John's father, was still living in Frederick County, MD when th e census of 1790 was taken, so he did not move to Virginia to live with J ohn and Mary until after that time. It is not known whether his second wi fe was still living at the time he moved to Virginia.
    ?On May 6, 2001, Revolutionary War markers were placed on the graves of J ohn and Mary Kullers in Dry Run cemetery based on the fact that John wa s supposed to have been an associator in Frederick County, MD during th e War. This information has been used by members of the family to becom e members of the DAR, but I believe it is false information, based on on e man's assumption that Jacob Koller, and Jacob Keller, in Frederick Coun ty were the same person, namely Jacob Koller. Based on deeds found in Fre derick County for these two men, it is a proven fact that they were not t he same person.
    ?The following is the entry found in the book of Revolutionary War Patrio ts of Frederick County: 'KELLER [KELLAR], John. Associator in December, 1 775 [Ref: E-169]. (Name appeared three times on the list of Associators) . Subscribed to the Oath of Allegiance in 1778 [Ref: C-26]. 'John Kellar, ' private enlisted on July 1, 1776, in Capt. Peter Mantz's company, and m arched from Frederick Town to Leonardtown, and from there to Philadelphia , arriving on August 23, 1776 [Ref: A-47]. A 'John Koller (c1742-1796) , son of Jakob Koller (d. 1765), married Anna Maria Miller (no date given ) [Ref: 0-153]." Why the DAR found this to be conclusive proof that Joh n Cullers was an associator, I will never know.?
    Pg 2
    ?He married Anna Maria MULLER 4 April 1775 in Frederick, Frederick Co, MD . (Lutheran Marriages and Burials 1743-1811, pg 10. Frederick S. Weiser ) She was born 30 August 1751 in Frederick Co, MD. Mary was the daughte r of Christian Muller. Her mother's name is not given in the baptism rec ord. She was probably a cousin to Elizabeth Muller, who married John's br other, Jacob. Birth and baptism: (Maryland German Church Records, Volum e 3, pg 12.) 1751, Aug 30, Christian Muller, a daughter, Anna Maria, spo nsors: Jacob Sturm and wife, Anna Maria 1751, Oct 27, Johann Helfrich Sch aum, pastor, October 1751 - May 1752. Her brother, Johann Jacob, was als o baptized by the Lutheran minister in Frederick. ...
    ?Anna Maria (Mary) died 1832 in Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co, VA., and wa s buried in Dry Run Cem, Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co, VA, (Borden #3, p 21 2.) Johannes (John) died December 1796 in Dry Run, Shenandoah Co, VA, an d was buried in Dry Run Cem, Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co, VA. (Borden #3 , p 212.)"

    !BIOGRAPHY: History of the Halterman (Hodiman, Holeman, Haldiman), Ross , Cullers, O'Flaherty Families of The Shenandoah Valley, VA, By Mary Alic e Wertz and Marguerite Hutchinson, 1973. Located in NSDAR Library
    Pp 32-52
    ?John Cullers (son of Jacob the 2nd and Mary) and brother of John and Jac ob and Katherine). This is our direct ancestor.
    ?John was born about 1747 in Germany. He married Anna Maria Mullerin, a d aughter of Jacob Muller. This is recorded in the early Lutheran Church re cords on file at the Gettysburg Seminary, Gettysburg, Penn. It states i n the record that both of them were unmarried and 'both of them from Hunt in Crick in Frederic County, Md.'.
    ?Orie Munch, a direct descendent of John Cullers and living now on the ol d Cullers place in the Fort Valley, has given us permission to copy the f ollowing from his mss., 'Home Place History, Tradition and Memories':
    ?'John Cullers was according to family legend, a Baptist preacher who liv ed near Hagerstown, Md., and preached in a circuit around that area. He m oved to the Valley of Va. and first bought a farm west of Woodstock, Va . His farm was located in a dry region and during the summer months he ha d to drive his livestock some distance to water. It was during a visit wi th his sister, wife of John Bushong, that he found an adjoining plantatio n for sale. This farm was watered by Passage Creek and three brooks. Joh n Cullers purchased this farm from John Conrad Teboe and his wife Esthe r in August 1777.'
    ?Note: It is interesting to note that land transactions in Frederick Coun ty, Md., show that Jacob Cullers (John's father) sold the last of the lan d "Den of Wolves" just four days before the date of Aug. 22, 1777 when Jo hn bought 251 acres of land in Powell's .Fort, indicating that possibly J acob helped John to buy the land in the Fort. After 1780, Jacob made hi s home with John .in the Fort. In 1796 (Min. Bk. 1812-1825 p. .356 Fred . Co., Va.) John Collars was one of the purchasers of part of Hite, Green , McKay and Duff's land grant (surveyed Orange Co. 1746) in Powell's Fort , Va., paying 120 Pounds for an undetermined amount of land.
    ?Again, quoting from''Home Place History, Tradition and Memories":
    "'Later John bought 25 acres from Jacob Golladay, giving him a total of 2 76 acres. Soon after the Revolutionary War, he had to buy this farm again . It had been a part of the land granted to Lord Fairfax by the King of E ngland and was one of the .old grants not recognized by the new U. S. gov ernment. Tradition says that John Cullers had to pay $600 to get title t o this place and that he sold his farm west of Woodstock so he could mak e this payment. Others had to rebuy their farms also and feeling ran so h igh that when Lord Fairfax's agent came to collect from some of the holdi ngs in the Valley, a group tied him on his horse and sent him out of th e Valley with a warning never to return.
    "'This plantation was originally known as Teboes Fort and Stockade and i t had a group of cabins with a stockade built across a brook as defens e against the Indians.'
    ?John did not build the house in which he lived and raised his family. Th e buildings were already there. After his death, the old home was used a s a barn and his son Daniel built a new house which is still standing. (O ccupied 1973 by Orie Munch--a direct descendent.) The old barn blew dow n and in 1950 a new barn was built on the same spot. The present barn mar ks the location of the original Fort and house.
    ?When John Cullers died in 1796, he was buried in Dry Run Cemetery, Powel ls Fort, Va. A copy of his will follows. This will is on record at the Cl erk's Office in Woodstock, Va. (Bk. E p. 58). Here it is with the exact w ords and spelling:
    "'1796 - At a Court held for the County of Shenandoah on Tueeday the l3t h day of Decamber, 1796. This last will and Testament of John Cullers dec 'd. Was exhibited to the Court and proved by the Oaths of Peter Peters an d Daniel Golladay witnesses therein named and ordered to be recorded an d on motion of Mary Cullers and Henry Burner the Exors. therein mentione d a probate thereof in due form is granted them they having made oath an d given bond with security according to law. Tester P Williams C. S. C.
    "'I John Cullers of the County of Shenandoah and State of Virginia do her eby make my last will and testament in manner and form following that i s to 'say. First I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses b e first paid and satisfied. Secondly after the payment of my debts and fu neral expenses my desire is that my beloved wife Mary Cullers may be kee p in the possession of my plantation and all other property which I am no w possessed of until my youngest child shall come to be the age of twent y one years, provided she doth remain a widow, and if she should so caus e after my decease to alter her condition by marriage she is only to hav e one third part but continuing in a state of widowhood she is to posses s the whole of the above estate till the above mentioned time of my young est child coming at the age of twenty one years and then my desire is tha t my land and other property that remain after schooling my children an d the expenses of supporting and keeping my Father who at present is livi ng with me should be sold by my Exor's and equally divided between my chi ldren, my wife to have an equal part with them, and if my wife should hap pen to die before my youngest son shall come of twenty one years of age , then my desire is that my moveable property be sold and that my plantat ion be rented out until the said youngest child shall be of the age abov e mentioned and the money there from to be equally divided among my child ren as before stated. Thirdly, all the rest of my estate both real and pe rsonal of what nature and kind-soever, it may be not herin before particu larly mentioned or disposed of, I desire may be equally divided among m y several children as before directed. And Lastly, I do hereby constitut e and appoint my beloved wife Mary Cullers and my son in law Henry Burne r Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all othe r or former wills or testaments by me here to fore made in witness here o f I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 16th day of Septem ber in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety six.
    John Cullers---seal
    "'Signed sealed published and declared as and for the last will and testa ment of the above named John Cullers in presence of us.
    Peter Peters
    Daniel Golladay
    Adam Reddenour
    Jeremiah McKay"
    ?The Sales inventory (at the same crth.) of personal property, shows a si zeable estate--Bk. 2, p. 6. Some of the purchasers at the sale of interes t to our family were David Ross, Daniel Cullers, Henry Cullers, and Joh n and George McInturff.
    ?Other items of interest in settling his estate (John Cullers) are Bk . W p. 391 (Shen. Co. Crth.) Mar. 11, 1816. Indenture between Mary Culler s, executrix, and Henry Burner, executor, last will of John Cullers (Sept . 16, 1796). Mary is listed as John's wife, but the children are not list ed. Also Bk. W p. 388 Indenture, Mar. 11, 1816 between Mary Cullers and H enry Burner sold certain lands in Powells Fort to Daniel Cullers (son o f John) and to Henry (son of John).
    ?When Maria (Mary) died, she is shown to have had eight heirs. (To be nam ed later.) Bk. S. p. 125-126 Woodstock Crth. Mary died in 1832. John Bush ong, David Clem and John McInturff agreed to appraise the personal estate . Some of the purchasers at her sale were John Keller, Daniel Cullers, He nry Cullers, David Cullers, and James Burner. Her son, Henry Cullers, wa s appointed exec. of the estate. On p. 233 of the same book we find 'Sett ling the estate of Mary Cullers, Dec. 12, 1832', and Jan., May, and Jun e 1833, shows cash paid to Jacob Cullers, Henry Cullers, Henry Burner, et c.
    ?John Cullers and his wife Anna Maria (Mary) are buried in Dry Run Cemete ry in Powells Fort, Va. John is listed in the Shen. Co. Census as a resid ent of Shen. Co. and head of a family in 1796.
    ?John and Mary had the following children (who will be discussed in detai l in following pages): Henry, Magdalena, Daniel, John Randolph, Elizabeth , Mary, Catherine and Jacob the 4th. ?
    I. Henry Samuel Cullers (son of John and Mary (Maria) Muller Cullers b . June 17, 1792 d. Feb. 22, 1865 m. Sarah Keyser July 6, 1817. Sarah wa s the dr. of Andrew Keyser and was born in 1799. They had the following c hildren: ?
    II. ?Magdalena Cullers--dr. of John and Mary (Anna Maria) m. Nov. '7, 179 3 to Henry Burner in Shen. Co. Va. John Cullers was her Bondsman (Shen. C o. Va. Mar. Bonds 1772-1850).
    ?On Feb. 17, 1776 the birth of a daughter, Maria Magdalena to Johann Kul ler and his wife, Anna Maria is recorded in the early Lutheran Church rec ords, Gettysburg Seminary, Gettysburg, (undoubtedly, this is the same Mag dalena).
    ?We know of one son, Abraham-other children unknown.
    III. ?Elizabeth (dr. of John and Mary (Anna Maria). M.
    1. Michael Perkinpile, Apr. 10, 179 8
    2. Christian Welsh, Sept. 13, 1819
    IV. ?Mary Cullers - dr. of John and Anna Maria (Mary) Cullers. m. Aug. 13 , 1801 to John Ramsberger. m. --- to Daniel Clem.
    V. ?John Randolph, Sr.--son of John and Anna Maria (Mary) Cullers b. Dec . 21, 1789, d. Sept. 19, 1828 m. Polly Keyser (dr. of Andrew Keyser) on J une 13, 1814. Bondsman for marriage was Andrew Keyser (Shen. Co., Va. Mar . Bonds, Woodstock, Va.) Dates of birth and death for John taken from-gr ave marker at St. David's Church. Polly was living with her son Charles i n 1832 when she died, and is buried in Missouri. ?
    VI. ?Jacob Cullers--son of John and Anna Maria (Mary) Cullers m. Dec. 18 , 1806 in Shen. Co., Va. to Elizabeth Ridenour, dr. of Henry Ridenour.
    ?Both Jacob and his wife are buried in the Cullers Cemetery, Mathias, Ha rdy County, W. Va.
    ?Jacob is listed in the Federal Census 1820--Heads of White Families--a s having eight in his family.
    VII. ?Catherine -- dr. of John and Anna Maria (Mary) Culler s
    m. 1. Jacob Danner Oct. 28, 1806
    2. William Walker Nov. 17, 1810
    VIII. ?Daniel Cullers (son of John and Ann Maria (Mary) Cullers. This i s our direct ancestor. B. Aug. 23, 1794 d. Aug. 6, 1882 m. Feb. 1, 181 8
    ?1. Mary Magdalene Ross dr. of David Ross of Shen. Va. She was born Apr . 4, 1800 and d. Apr. 10, 1853-- death recorded p. 3, Death Records, Shen . Co., Woodstock, Va.
    ?2. Elizabeth Corder 1857 (more on this later). Page Co Mar. 1831-1864 , p. 51; May 5, 1857."

    BIOGRAPHY: Shenandoah Co was in 1778 from Dunmore Co which only existed f rom 1772-1778. Dunmore Co was formed from Frederick Co which was formed i n 1743.
    There is a "Virginia in 1760: A reconstructed Census" published in 1996

    BIOGRAPHY: SHENANDOAH COUNTY, VA - CENSUS - 1783 Taxlist of Alexander Hit e
    "Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in th e year 1790. : records of the state enumerations, 1782 to 1785", GPO. Was hington, DC, 1908
    Coulers, John 6

    BIOGRAPHY: Shenandoah Co, VA Will Bk E, pg 58; dated 16 Sep 1796; prove d 13 Dec 1796
    John Cullers, county of Shenandoah; wife: Mary; Children: not named; ment ions children, but gives no names; mentions that father lives with him, b ut not named
    Executors: Wife, Mary Cullers and son-in-law, Henry Burner
    Signed John Cullers

    BIOGRAPHY: Question - was this John Collers the John Cullers who is proba bly the father of Henry Burner's wife, Mary Magdalena Cullers? The sam e four witnesses sign the agreement in which Airhardt grant land to Henry , except that it is John Cullers instead of John Collers. John Cullers a nd Henry Burner were "bound" to Airhart and his wife Ann for $500.

    BIOGRAPHY: Shenandoah Co, VA Deed Bk S, pg 238, 12 Aug 1811
    Between Daniel Clem and Mary his wife late Mary Cullers, one of the child ren and devisees of John Cullers dec'd on County of Shenandoah to John Cu llers another of the children and devisees of John Cullers dec'd of Count y aforesaid ... WHEREAS the said John Cullers dec'd by his last Will & Te stament the 16th Sept 1796 ... mentioned his Exors. should sell the lan d and plantation and money to be equally divided between his children an d wife / if she then be living/ ... whereas said Daniel Clem and Mary hi s wife have sold to John Cullers, Mary's shair and interest for the sum o f forty six pounds.
    Signed Daniel Clem; Mary Clem makes her mark

    BIOGRAPHY: Shenandoah Co, VA Deed Bk U, pg 111, 26 Dec 1812
    Between Jacob Danner and Caty his wife late Caty Cullers (one) of the chi ldren and divisee of John Cullers dec'd of County of Shenandoah and Jaco b Cullers another of the children of the said John Cullers dec'd and Bets y his wife of Hardy County to Mary Cullers widow of said John Cullers dec 'd of Shenandoah County .. Whereas said John Cullers dec'd by his last wi ll and Testament dated the 16th Sep 1796 devised and directed on his youn gest child arriving to the age of 21 his executors should sell his land a nd plantation and money divided between children and wife if she is stil l living .. Whereas said Jacob Danner and Caty his wife and Jacob Culler s and Betsy his wife have sold above to said Mary Cullers .. consideratio n of one hundred pounds viz. fifty pounds each. Witnessed by Jesse Veach , Henry Burner, Daniel Cullers, & Henry Cullers; signed by Jacob Danner , Caty Danner makes her mark, Jacob Cullers makers his mark, and Betsey C ullers makes her mark.

    BIOGRAPHY: Shenandoah Co, VA Deed Bk V, pg 414, 12 Nov 1814
    Between Henry Burner and Magdalener his wife who was Magdalener Cullers d ec'd of Shenandoah to Daniel Cullers another of the children of said Joh n Cullers dec'd of County aforesaid ... Whereas said John Cullers dec'd b y his last Will and Testament dated 16th Sept 1796 ... devised and direct ed on his youngest child arriving to the age of 21 his executors should s ell his land and plantation and money divided between children and wife i f she is still living ... all their right title and interest in and to al l the lands in said last Willl and Testament of John Cullers dec'd mentio ned ... Supposed to contain two hundred and twenty acres more of less
    Recorded 13 Mar 1815, signed Henry Burner and Magdalany Burner

    BIOGRAPHY: Shenandoah Co, VA Deed Bk W, pg 388, 11 Mar 1816
    Between Mary Cullers Executirx and Henry Burner Executor of the last wil l and Testament of John Cullers late of the County of Shenandoah dec'd t o Daniel Cullers of the same County ... Whereas said John Cullers dec'd b y his last Will and Testament bearing date 16th Sept 1796 did direct tha t after his youngest child shall come of age of twenty one years, all hi s lands should be sold by he Exors and equally divided amongst his childr en and wife ... consideration of seven hundred and fity pounds paid in eq ual proportions and also consideration of one dollar paid to them ... tra ct of land lying and being in Powell;s big fort on both sides of Passag e Creek and is part of tract of two hundred and fifty one acres which wa s conveyed to said John Cullers dec'd by John Conrad Teaboe and Esther hi s wife by Deed of L&R the 22nd and 23rd Aug 1777 & a tract of twenty fiv e acres which was conveyed to said John Cullers by Jacob Golladay and Mar y his wife by their deed the 30th Jun 1780 ... a dividing corner betwee n said Daniel Cullers and his brother Henry Cullers ... containing on hun dred and thirty acres ... signed by Mary Cullers with her mark and by Hen ry Burner.

    BIOGRAPHY: from: Michael Inlow [ ]
    October 20, 2007
    "The person you name as John Cullers I have identified as Johannes (John ) Kullers. He is my 4th great-grandfather. You also name his wife as Ma ry, I have her identified as Anna Maria Muller. Johannes was born in (no w) Germany (probably Palatine) in (prob.) 1747; Anna Maria was born 7 Ju n 1749 in what is now Frederick County, Maryland, then unorganized terri tory attached to Prince George's County.
    "You descend through Magdalena (I have her recorded as 'Mary Magdalena') , and I descend through her younger sister Katherine (you have her record ed as 'Caty') who married Jacob Danner."

    BIOGRAPHY: From Sources:
    Carters and Snyders Database, Updated: 2007-07-24, Contact: Isabel Carter
    "John Cullers was born 1746-1747 in Germany, and died 1796 in Shenandoa h Co., Virginia. He was buried in Dry Run Cemetery, Seven Fountains, Powe lls Fort, Shenandoah Co., Virginia. He was the son of Jacob Cullers and M aria Magdelena Abel"
    Sources: McInturff & Related Families, Author: H. Eugene McInturf f

    BIOGRAPHY: From H. Eugene McInturff, John Cullers GEDCOM, hemack@lynxconn (26 Oct 2007).
    "This mans name in early records was KULLERS. Records on file at the Get tysburg Seminary, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, state that both husband and w ife were from Huntin Crick in Frederick County, Maryland. His grave is l ocated in Dry Run Cemetary, at the foot of the hill, near Seven Fountain s in Powells Fort, Shenandoah County, Virginia.
    "Johns' wife Mary and son-in-law Henry Burner were executors of his estat e.
    "August 1777 - John HOELLER, late of Frederick County in the Colony of Ma ryland (B-538, Shenandoah County, Virginia), purchased of John Conrad Teb oe of Dunmore County and Colony of Virginia 250 acres of land 'lying an d being on Passage Creek in Powells fort.' This land was part of 360 ace s which Teboe had surveyed by Robert Rutherford and, according to Orie Mu nch dec'd was part of 360 acres patented to Thomas Jonothan Denton (wif e Esther) in 1766. Supposedly this land was 'watered by Passage Creek an d three brooks.' Known as Teboes' Fort was astride what is today know n as Greasy Run. This stream flows westerly into Passage Creek."

    DEATH: Will dated 16 Sep 1796; proved 13 Dec 1796

    BURIAL: From:
    Dry Run Cemetery (1) Seven Fountains, Shenandoah Co, VA
    Kullers, John; 1747 - 1796
    Kullers, Mary Muller; 1750 - 1832; w. of John Kullers
    Kullers, Jacob; 1725 - 1805
    Cullers, Mary Ann; Oct. 5, 1828 - Jan. 13, 1834; 5 yr. 3 mo. 7 da.; d. o f Henry & Sarah Keyser
    Cullers, Mary Ross; Apr. 4, 1800 - Apr. 16, 1853; Age 53.0.12; w. of Dani el
    Cullers, Sarah; May 26, 1831 - Jan. 12, 1834; 2 yr. 7 mo. 17 da.; d. of H enry & Sarah Keyser

    BIOGRAPHY: Need to check:
    "The Cullers family of Virginia" by Lewis E. Martin; Microfilm of manuscr ipt (2430 p.) at Ellzabethtown, Ky; Includes index. pages 1-976 - FHL US /CAN Film [ 390784 ], pages 977-1981 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 390785 ], page s 1982-2430 - FHL US/CAN Film [ 390786 ] Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed b y the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1964

    BIOGRAPHY: Need to check DAR Library for:
    History of the Cole, Dillon, Martin families of Adams County, Pennsylvani a and the Cole, Clatterbuck, Cullers families of Frederick and Page Count ies, Virginia / by Linda Morrison Sutton. Author: Sutton, Linda Morrison . 2003, Cullers Family under familes cole

    BIOGRAPHY: On-line source for Culler information
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    Father: Jacob KULLERS b: 1725 in Germany
    Mother: Mary (Maria Magdalena)

    Marriage 1 Anna Maria MULLER b: 30 AUG 1751 in Frederick Co, MD
    • Married: 4 APR 1775 in Frederick Co, VA 1
    1. Has Children Maria Magdalena CULLERS b: 17 JAN 1776 in Frederick Co, MD c: 20 MAR 1776
    2. Has No Children Elizabeth CULLERS b: ABT 1779 in Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co, VA
    3. Has No Children Mary CULLERS b: 1784 in Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co, VA
    4. Has No Children Katherine CULLERS b: ABT 1785 in Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co, VA
    5. Has No Children Jacob CULLERS b: 1 JAN 1786 in Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co, VA
    6. Has No Children John Randolph CULLERS b: 21 DEC 1789 in Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co, VA
    7. Has No Children Henry Samuel CULLERS b: 17 JUN 1792 in Fort Valley, Shenadoah Co, VA
    8. Has No Children Daniel CULLERS b: 23 AUG 1794 in Fort Valley, Shenadoah Co, VA

    1. Title: John Cullers GEDCOM
      Author: H. Eugene McInturff
      Abbrev: H. Eugene McInturff
      Publication: 26 Oct 2007
      Abbrev: Cullers-John GEDCOM
    2. Title: Descendants of John and Mary (Miller) Cullers of Shenandoah County, Virgn ia
      Author: Patricia A. Fogle
      Abbrev: Patricia A. Fogle
      Publication: Patricia A. Fogle, 2002
      Abbrev: Cullers of Shenandoah County, Virgnia
      LDS Library, 929.273 C897fpa - FHL FAM HIST Book.
      Page: pp viii-x
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