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  • ID: I73422
  • Name: George Allen
  • Given Name: George
  • Surname: Allen 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 11 Nov 1567 in Weymounth, Dorchestshire, England 5
  • Christening: 1568 Thurcaston, , Leicestershire, England 5
  • Death: Apr 1648 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA
  • Burial: 2 May 1648 Friends Cemetery, Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA 7 5 6
  • Event: Alt. Birth 1578 Weymouth, , Dorset, England 7
  • Event: Alt. Birth Abt 1582 Somerset, England 8
  • Event: Alt. Birth 1593 England 3
  • Emigration: From England aboard the ship, "Speedwell", to, New England 20 Mar 1635 Weymouth, , Dorset, England 9
  • Emigration: 20 Mar 1636 Weymouth, , Dorset, England 8
  • Immigration: From England aboard the ship, "Speedwell" 6 May 1635 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA 7
  • Immigration: 6 May 1636 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA 8
  • Residence: 1636 Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA 10
  • Residence: 1637 Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA 10
  • Will: Proved, 7 June 1649 1648 10
  • Event: Alt. Death Apr 1648 9 3
  • Event: Alt. Death 2 May 1648 Springhill, Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA 5
  • Event: Will Probated 7 Jun 1649 Plymouth, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, USA
  • Note: (Admitted for probate as "George Allen the elder of Sandwic h") 8
  • Note:
    From the book, "One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families", b y John Osborne Austin (Page 8-9):

    Lynn, Sandwich, Mass.
    He may have been a son of Ralph Allen of Thurcaston, Leices ter Country, England, who had children baptized as follows : Walter, September 22, 1561, John, August 29, 1563, Willia m, December 8, 1570, Roger, December 20, 1573; and son Anth ony buried April 23, 1567. The Parish Register from 1573 t o 1584 and from 1585 to 1593 is lacking, and George Allen w ho came to America and Ralph Allen who married September 13 , 1595, Agnes Davye, were very possibly children also of Ra lph Allen of Thurcaston. Bishop Latimer's birthplace was T hurcaston.
    Mar 20, 1635.From Weymouth, England, for New England, Georg e Allen, aged (24), Catherine, his wife, aged 30. Children , George, aged 16, William, aged 6, and servant Edward Pool e, aged 26. (It is well to remember that ages were not alw ays given exactly at the custom house, and in regard to Geo rge, Sr., there is evidently a mistake.) Some of George Al len's children came in a different vessel, evidently. Thi s must have been the case with Ralph and Samuel.
    1637.Sandwich. He moved thence this year.
    1638.He was one of the eleven original members of church es tablished this year at Sandwich. (Earlier than this he an d son Ralph were members of church at Roxbury.)
    June 4, 1639.Constable. For a short time in this year he w as at Newport, R. I., with sons Samuel and Ralph.
    1640.Surveyor of Highways, and same year received 6 1/2 acr es in a division of Sandwich land to settlers.
    1640, '41, '42.Deputy. He and Edward Dillingham were nomin ated (1641) to appraise swine that Wm. Newland hath in exec ution of Thomas Applegate.
    March 1, 1642.He entered complaints against Edward Wollenst on, Gent., and attached 2 swine for damages of oe4.
    1643.His name does not appear in the list of those able t o bear arms between the ages of 16 and 60, hence he was no w quite aged.
    August 20, 1644.Licensed to cut hay at the pond beyond Sand wich Plains, if he gave not the Indians anything for it wit hout the approbation of the Bench.
    1646.His house built in this year was still in good repai r 1860, and occupied at that date.
    February 26, 1647.He and five others were a committee on be half of town, who received deed from Edward Freeman.
    1648.Will--proved June 7, 1649. Ex., wife Catherine. Over seers, Ralph Allen and Richard Bourne. Witnesses, Wm. Leve ridge, John Vincent, Richard Bourn. He gives "unto all m y children twenty pence apiece." To son Matthew 1 calf an d 5s. To wife the old cow. To her also the house and hous ehold stuff for life, but if she marries they are to be dis posed of and divided to 5 least children. To "5 least chil dren" 1 cow each. To son William a meadow. To sons Henr y and Samuel rest of meadow. The adventure in barque "Heav e" to wife and 5 least children. Inventory, oe44, 16s. (in cluding 5 cows and 4 calves oe23, etc., etc.) Probably h e had already given his sons Ralph and George their portion , as they had married before their father died.
    May 2, 1648.He was buried at this date. Various accounts i ntimate that he was aged. Bowden's History of Friends give s us the information that George Allen was an Anabaptist, a nd of his family it is further stated that "there were si x brothers and sisters of Ralph who joined the Friends; th e father (George) had laid down his head in peace before Fr iends had visited these parts. His children had resided up wards of twenty years in Sandwich and vicinity, and were mu ch respected by their neighbors." It should be remembere d that Sandwich had the earliest Monthly Meeting of Friend s in America; and here came very early, those pioneer Frien ds Christopher Holder and John Copeland, from London. Geor ge Fox, the founder of the sect, says: "In 1656, truth brok e forth in America," and it was the next year that Holder a nd Copeland were at Sandwich. The fines wrested (in 1658 a nd 1659) from four of the sons of George Allen by sales o f their property aggregated oe229, 8s. and all for the offe nces of attending Quaker meetings, refusing to take oath an d similar crimes. Of the amount mentioned Ralph Allen suff ered to extent of oe68 (collected by sale of 3 oxen, 4 cows , 1 steer, 1 horse and 1 mare and colt); George Allen oe25 , 15s.; William oe86, 17s.; Matthew oe48, 16s. William All en was especially obnoxious to the authorities as the meeti ngs were often held there, part of his fine being oe40 fo r holding 20 meetings at his house. They left him but on e cow out of "pretended pity" as the chronicler says (havin g taken 18 head of cattle and a mare). The family of Georg e Allen scattered somewhat at his decease. Him son Matthe w moved to Dartmouth; James to Tisbury; Henry to Milford an d Stratford, Conn., and Gideon to Milford. His sons Ralph , William and Francis all died at Sandwich and left wills , (Ralph in his will, December 18, 1691, mentions sons John , Joseph, Increase, Ebenezer and Zachariah, daughter Patien ce, brother William. He desired that his body should be pl aced in Friends' burying place at William Allen's. Willia m in his will, February 17, 1698, leaves his nephew David , son of brother George, his housing, lands, etc., he to al low testator's wife Priscilla competent maintenance for lif e. Francis in his will, February 18, 1696, mentions his da ughter Abiah and her husband Zachariah Jenkins, and other d aughters Dinah, Rachel, Abigail, Hannah and Rebecca.)
    Catharine, widow of George Allen, married, for second husba nd, John Collins. (July 10, 1656, Henry and Samuel Allen i n deed to George Allen mention "out mother Catharine Collin s" and deed was witnessed by John Collins. July 27, 1670 , administration of John Collins estate, given at Boston t o Gideon Allen.)

    From the WorldConnect Database: "Descendants of David Aki n of Newport, RI", by Robert Larry Akin:

    "The following was taken from a document provided to me b y Mr. Ed Cooper who has collected a huge amount of informat ion on the Allen Family. Some of the information is on lin e as "The Allen Family Project" - see sources.

    [Beginning of Ed Cooper information]
    "George Allen ... is the first American link in the chain o f Allens who extend over a period of almost 400 years and 1 5 generations. His is a remarkably well documented descen t for an essentially middle-class American family. Among hi s descendants are Allens who settled on the island of Marth a's Vineyard and in town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts--the d escendants of his grandson James, through Samuel, who compr ise the heart of this record. They "have spread from Main e to California." George's other known sons and "least chil dren," though less well documented, are interesting lines . Among his decedents and in-laws are five American Preside nts; Grant, F.D.R., Nixon, Ford and Bush, as well as Britis h Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

    In any event, our progenitor, George Allen, sailed 20 Marc h 1635/6 (Old Style), in a ship whose name or captain wer e not recorded, out of Weymouth (fifty miles east of Plymou th) the largest port in Dorsetshire, bound for New England . He left with at least 106 other persons from 21 familie s under the leadership of Rev. Joseph Hall of Somersetshire , England. They landed at Boston, Massachusetts on the 6t h of May, 1636--after spending 47 days at sea.

    The departure record, which was not discovered until late i n the last century; the name of the ship or its captian wer e not recorded. The record indicates that "George Allin (24 ) was accompanied by his wife, Katherin Allyn (30) and hi s sons; George Allyn (16), William Allyn (8) and Mathew All yn age six." It also says he was traveling with a twenty-si x-year-old servant, Edward Poole; early Atlantic voyages we re expensive, so he must have been of some means. The sal e of a farm might account for the fare but so too might lan d speculation. Some other of his sons including Ralph, Samu el, Henry and Robert had proceeded their father to America . Other sons, and perhaps a daughter, were born in Plymout h Colony.

    Obviously there is something wrong with George's age as rec orded in the departure record. George might have been proli fic, but he was certainly older than eight when he fathere d son George. I am at a loss to explain this; if he was bor n in 1568 he would have been 68 years old--hardly 24--and 8 0 at his death. At 68-years-of-age, he would have been th e oldest migrant in the records of the first wave of Purita ns to the Massachussets Bay. One thing might explain the "2 4"--perhaps he was dyslexic and wrote the "5" up-side-dow n which would have made him 54. This is why his birth is re corded in our records as "about 1582."

    Massachussetts Bay Colony records indicate that in March 16 35/6 George Allen accompanied the "minister aged 40" Josep h Hall [a.k.a. Hull] to Wessagusset, now called Weymouth. G eorge and his son Ralph are recorded as land holders in Wey mouth that year but, apparently George did not remain ther e for long as in 1636 he was in the town of Saugus [unsubst antiated] which became Lynn, Massachusetts in that year. Th en in 1637, he is recorded among the founders Sandwich (*se e map #2). There his name appears as a member of the Firs t Church of Sandwich in 1638, and one year later, he was ad mitted freeman and at the same time was appointed a Constab le of Sandwich. This is credible proof that he was literat e as that was a requirement of the job. In 1640/41 he was a ppointed the first deputy to the General Court at Plymout h from Sandwich, and he was a member of the committee to di vide the land at Sandwich. He, himself, was granted 6 1/2 a cres and at a later date, from the second division of land , he acquired another 62 acres of pasture (meadow) in the S andwich area.

    In 1646, two years before his death, he built a substantia l house in Sandwich "about a quarter of a mile from the Qua ker Meeting House on the Main road to the Cape." This hous e became a landmark and remained standing until about 1882/ 1890 at which time it either burned or was torn down and re placed upon the original foundation. During the War of 1812 , there is a record that "the George Allen home was hit b y Cannon fire from a British Man of War off shore." In 192 3 it is recorded that another house "standing on the founda tion of the George Allen house is owned by a Mr. Packard."

    None the less, George Allen died in closing days of April 1 648; he was buried the 2nd of May 1648--that is inscribed i n stone, so to speak as the exact location of his burial si te is unknown--probably at his homestead. In his will, th e record of which exists, the following was written:

    "I give to all my children twelve pence apiece. I give unt o my sonne Matthew one calfe and five shillings. I give unt o my wife the ould cow. I leave my house and household stuf e to my wife during the time she continuith unmarried. [I f she remarried, as she did--the remaining goods and land w ere to be divided between "the five least children." Ther e is a record of the lands being transfered to the adult so ns.] I give to my five least children a Cow apiece. I giv e unto my sonn, William, the meadow I bought of Peter Gaun t being in the 2nd Division for my lands and the rest of m y meadow I give to my sons Henry and Samuel for my adventur e in the barque, Heave to my wife and the least children. W ittness my hand, George Allen. In presence of William Lover idge, John Vincent, Richard Bourne."
    [End of Ed Cooper information]

    There is an Allen monument in the Pierrepoint Manor Villag e Cemetery, Pierrepoint, NY at the intersection of Rt 1 1 & Rt 193 about 110 miles north of Syracuse. It says: "Pru dent Earl wife of Joseph Allen born at Dartmouth, Massachus etts born Jan14, 1768 and died Dec 27, 1843.

    Joseph Allen born Westport, Massachusetts Nov 11, 1758 an d died Sept 23,1838.
    "He was the first settler of (a place called) Bear Creek (n ow called Pierrepoint Manor) in 1805. He was a Revolutionar y War Vet."
    On the other side of the Allen monument:
    George Allen 1568 Weymouth, England, 1635 to Lynn, Massachu setts and died 1648.
    Ralph Allen died 1698.
    Joseph Allen born 1642 and died 1704.
    Joseph Allen born 1667 and died 1735.
    [Note that this all agrees with other information on this f amily except for the date of birth of Joseph Allen and Geor ge Allen] "

    From "The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634- 1635, Volume 1, A-B (page 27-35):


    ORIGIN: Unknown
    MIGRATION: 1635
    REMOVES: Sandwich 1638

    FREEMAN: Propounded for freeman of Plymouth Colony 5 Marc h 1638/9 [PCR 1:117] and admitted 3 September 1639 [PCR 1 : 130].

    FREEMAN: Propounded for freeman of Plymouth Colony 5 Marc h 163819[PCR 1:117] and admitted 3 September 1639 [PCR 1:13 0].

    OFFICES: Sandwich constable, 3 September 1639 (replacing Th omas Armitage in mid-term) [PCR 1:125, 130] . Surveyor o f highways, 3 March 1639/40, 2 June 1640 [PCR 1:141, 156] . Committee to divide meadow at Sandwich, 16 April 1640 [PC R 1:147]. Deputy for Sandwich to Plymouth General Court , 2 June 1640, 1 June 1641, 7 June 1642, 20 August 1644 [ PCR 1:155, 2:16, 40, 75].

    ESTATE : In the inventory of Weymouth land made about 164 2, Ralph Allen and John Allen held land "first granted to G eorge Allin" [Weymouth Hist 1:184, 188].

    Received 6 1/2 acres in the division of meadow at Sandwich , 16 April 1640 [PCR 1:149].

    In his undated will, proved 7 June 1649, "Georg[e] Allen th e elder late of Sandwidge" bequeathed to "all my children " 12p. apiece; to "my son Matth[e]w" one calf and 5s.; t o "my wife" the old cow; "my house & house hold stuff t o my wife during the time that she continueth unmarried bu t in case she marries again my will is that they shall be d isposed of to be divided amongst my five least children"; t o "my five least children" a cow apiece; to "my son Will[i] am the meadow I bought of
    Peeter Gaunt being in the second division"; "for my lan d & the rest of my meadow I give unto my sons Henry & Samue ll"; "my adventure in the bark I leave to my wife & the fiv e least children"; wife "Katheren Allen" to be executrix a nd Ralph Allen and Richard Bourne to be overseers [PCPR 1:1 :84; Plymouth Wills 175; MD 9:224-25].

    The inventory of the estate of "Georg[e] Allen of Sandwid g lately deceased; taken 22 September 1648, totaled 44 16 s., with no real estate included; his share in the Plymout h bark was L3 [PCPR 1:1:84; Plymouth Wills 176; MD 9:225].

    On 10 July 1656, "Henery and Samuell Allin of Boston ... jo int heirs of a piece of land ... in the bounds of Sandwic h ... with certain meadow ground thereunto adjoining and ap pertaining, which was the proper possession of our father G eorge Allin deceased, and by him given to us ... with the c onsent of our mother, to say now Katheren Collins who hat h interest therein during her life," sold this land "unto G orge Alline of Sandwich aforesaid" [MD 25:136-37, citing PC LR 3:7].

    BIRTH: By about 1585 based on estimated date of first marri age. (By the argument in COMMENTS below, he, and not his so n of the same name, was the George Allen in the 1643 Sandwi ch list of men able to bear arms, and so was not yet sixt y in that year and thus was born after 1581. If this estima te of 1585 is correct, then we can suggest that the age gi ven for George on the 1635 passenger list is wildly inaccur ate, and remains without any satisfactory explanation.)

    DEATH: Buried at Sandwich 2 May 1648 [SandVR 1:4].

    MARRIAGE: (1) By about 1610 ____ _____.

    (2) By 1627 Katherine _____ (assuming that William was he r oldest Allen child). She married (2) by 1656 John Collin s of Boston [MD 25:136-37, citing PCLR 3:7]. On 27 July 167 0, Gideon Allen was granted administration on the estate o f "John Collins late of Boston deceased" [SPR NS 1:480]. ( John K. Allen noted the marriage in London on 5 November 16 24 of "George Allen of London, clothworker, and Katherin e Starkes of Woking," Surrey, and noted that this was a goo d chronological fit for the New England couple [JKA:Georg e 5-6]. Since George Allen was very likely from Somerset, a nd is not known to have been in London, this
    suggestion seems unlikely, but, pending further research, n ot impossible.)


    With first wife

    i JOHN, b. about 1610 (in his will of 12 March 1689[/90) , "John Allen of Swanzey" said he was "in the eighty year o f my age" [Gen Adv 3:121, citing BarnPR 1:19]); m. by a n unknown date Christian _____ (in his will of 12 March 168 9[90] John Allen bequeathed to "wife Christian Allen" [Ge n Adv 3:121, citing BarnPR 1:19]).

    ii ROBERT, b. say 1614; d. before 10 June 1661 [PCR 3:221- 22, 4:9, 12], apparently unmarried.

    iii RALPH, b. say 1617; m. by about 1642 Susanna[?] ____ _ (eldest certain child, Joseph, b. about 1642 [GMNJ 16:7] ; her forename given in many sources as Susanna, but witho ut record evidence cited).

    iv GEORGE, b. about 1619 (aged 16 in 1635 [Hotten 283]); m . (1) by 1648 Hannah _____ (eldest child b. Sandwich 24 Jun e 1648 [MD 14:168]) [GMNJ 16:8-10]; m. (2) after 1682 Sara h _____, who survived him [MD 18:136].

    v ROSE, b. say 1621; m. (1) by about 1639 Joseph Holway/Hol loway/Holley (son Joseph married by 1664 [MD 14:167]); m. ( 2) Sandwich 19 May 1648 William Newland [PCR 8:6; SandVR 1: 4 (a footnote to this entry tells us "'Allen' was first wri tten, but it was crossed out in the same ink, and the entr y completed as printed")]. (In his will, dated 26 August 16 90, William Newland named as one of his overseers "my broth er-in-law William Allen" [MD 24:61-63, citing BarnPR 1:4-5] .)

    With second wife

    vi WILLIAM, b. about 1627 (aged 8 in 1635 [Hotten 283]); m . Sandwich 21 March 1649 Priscilla Browne [MD 16:122; SandV R 1:5; PCR 8:9], daughter of PETER BROWNE [GMB 1:261].

    vii MATHEW, b. about 1629 (aged 6 in 1635 [Hotten 283]); m . Sandwich 6 June 1657 Sarah Kirby [MD 14:169; SandVR 1:19].

    viii HENRY, b. say 1631; m. (1) by 1663 Sarah Hill (eldes t child b. Milford 21 October 1663 [FOOF 1:13]; Sarah Allen , wife of Henry, admitted to Milford church and baptized , 7 [worn] 1666 [TAG 16:33, citing Milford church records] ; Jacobus called her daughter of John Hill of Guilford, wit hout citing evidence [TAG 20:Supplement:3; see also NEHGR 5 7:251]); m. (2) in 1685 Rebecca (_____)Rose, widow of Rober t Rose, son of ROBERT ROSE of Wethersfield [FOOF 1:506; Rob ert Rose Gen 16-17].

    ix SAMUEL, b. say 1633; living 1656 [MD 25:136-37, citing P CLR 3:7]; no further record.

    x GIDEON, b. say 1635; m. by 1671 Sarah Prudden, daughter o f Rev. Peter Prudden (eldest child b. Boston 9 August 167 1 [BVR 117]; in a deed of 16 May 1686, John Prudden, son o f Peter Prudden, calls Gideon Allen his brother [i.e., brot her-in-law] [NEHGR 84:63-64, abstracting Milford LR 3:9]).

    ASSOCIATIONS: George Allen was probably related in some wa y to Ralph Allen, mason, of Sandwich (see COMMENTS below).

    COMMENTS: "George Allyn," aged 24 [sic], "Katherin Allyn h is wife," aged 30, George Allyn his son," aged 16, "Will[ia ]m Allyn his son," aged 8, "Mathew Allyn his son," aged 6 , and "Edward Poole his servant," aged 26, sailed for New E ngland on 20 March 1634/5 in an unnamed ship from Weymouth , Dorsetshire [Hotten 283].

    A number of claims have been made regarding the English ori gin of George Allen, deriving him from London, Somerset o r Leicester, but none of these has been more than a sugges tion [GMNJ 16:3-4; TAG 36:64]. The known origins of all o f his fellow passengers are in the West Country, mostly fro m Batcombe or Broadway in Somerset, so George Allen's origi n should be sought in that area.

    Savage and others, presumably following the misguided lea d of the author of the history of Lynn, say that George All en was first at Lynn, in 1636. The origin of this statemen t would be the belief that all the earliest settlers of San dwich were from Lynn. But George Allen was first at Weymou th, and there is no reason to believe that he ever reside d at Lynn.

    At one time or another just about every young Allen male i n southeastern New England has been placed as a son of Geor ge Allen. The following discussion examines some of thos e who are known to be sons of George, and others for whom t here are claims of various likelihood. Since one of the Ral ph Aliens of Sandwich was not a son of George Allen, we as sume that not all Aliens of Sandwich were sons of George, a nd so have included among the children of George only thos e for whom there is some evidence. We have not resolved al l problems here, and have not even considered all publishe d claims. We hope, however, that we have cleared away som e of the confusion.

    JOHN: In the Weymouth land inventory of about 1643, both "J ohn Allin" and "Ralph Allin" held land "first granted to Ge orge Allin" [Weymouth Hist 1:184, 188]. The most likely e xplanation of this arrangement is that these two men were b oth older sons of George Allen. Many of the early settler s of Weymouth removed to Rehoboth soon after 1643, and a J ohn Allen is found there, who we have assigned as this so n of George.

    ROBERT: "Rob[er]te Allen" was one of five men from Sandwic h who were sent against the Narragansetts in1645. Pope, cit ing Sandwich Town Records, stated that Robert "revolted fr om the covenant of his father" [Pope 14]. On 10 June 1661 , "John Allin, of Rehoboth, came into Court, and informed c oncerning his proceedings about his late deceased brother , Robert Allin, who was found dead in his house on his bed " [PCR 3:221-22, 4:9, 12]. On the basis of these records , John and Robert are placed as the two oldest children o f George Allen, the immigrant.

    GEORGE: George Allen, son of the immigrant, sailed to New E ngland with his father in 1635, his age given as 16, and s o born about 1619. Most authors say that he "spent all o f his adult life in Sandwich, and in 1643 his name appear s in a list of males living there aged between 16 and 60 " [GMNJ 16:8]. Since only one George Allen appears in the 1 643 list, it is therefore assumed by some that the immigran t was not included because he had already passed his sixtie th birthday.

    At the same time, most authors claim that the George Alle n who began having children in Boston in 1645 had earlier b een in Weymouth [Savage 1:30]. There are at least three r ecords for the name George Allen in Weymouth in the earl y 1640s, at a time when the immigrant had already moved t o Sandwich. In March 1640 (probably 1640/1) "Tho[mas] Apel lgate of Waymouth" sold to "George Allen of Waymouth my ho use and homelot in Waymouth accounted seven acres, also tw o acres of salt marsh, also eight acres of planting land a t Smelt Brook & also a great lot" [SLR 1:17]. Early in 164 1 "George Allen of Weymouth in New England, planter, age d about twenty-one years; deposed with regard to a disput e about lading a ship [Lechford 392]. In the Weymouth lan d inventory taken about 1643 is an entry for "The Land o f George Allin": "Three acres in Kingoke Hill first grante d to Robert Lovell" [Weymouth Hist 1:90].

    The deposition would make this George Allen born about 1620 , in very close agreement with the age of the son of the im migrant George Allen. Two other men with the same surname , Ralph Allen and John Allen, also held land in Weymout h in 1643, in both cases including parcels "first granted t o George Allen". This set of circumstances makes it likel y that George Allen, the immigrant, left three of his olde r sons behind in Weymouth when he moved to Sandwich, and t hat all three of the Weymouth records noted above pertai n to George Allen, the son of the immigrant. This would fur ther imply that the George Allen who began having childre n in Boston in 1645 had no earlier connection with Weymout h and was not a member of the family of George Allen, the p assenger of 1635.

    George Allen, son of the immigrant, must have moved to San dwich sometime after 1643 and before 1648, when his son Cal eb was born at Sandwich. Pope, in his sketch of the elde r George Allen, states that "the following are not specifie d of George, Sen. or Jun.: Caleb b. June 27, 1648, Hester b . Dec. 8, 1648, Ebenezer, b. Feb. 10, 1649" [Pope 14]. Whe n the younger George Allen died "Caleb Allin of Sandwich .. . and others his natural brethren and sisters' and "Sara h Allin, relict of George Allin late of Sandwich aforesaid , deceased," entered an agreement in 1693 with regard to th e settlement of the estate [MD 18:136, citing BamPR 1:79] . Caleb was, then, of the third generation. Hester, born o n 8 December 1648, was a daughter of Ralph Allen, mason, an d Ebenezer was son of Ralph Allen, wheelwright (see below ).

    That this George Allen of Sandwich was the son of the immig rant George Allen is clinched by the will of William Alle n of Sandwich, who was undoubtedly a son of the immigran t George Allen. William Allen, in his will dated 17 Februar y 1697/8, left his entire estate (after the death of "Prisc illa my now wife") to "my nephew Daniel Allen of Sandwic h aforesaid son of my brother George Allen deceased" [MD 32 :26-27, citing BarnPR 2:210]. George Allen of Sandwich ha d son Daniel born 22 May 1663 [SandVR 2:1238].

    RALPH: For about a decade there were two Ralph Aliens resid ing in Sandwich, whose records are difficult to disentangle . On 4 March 1650/1, "Anthony Wright commenced suit .. . against Ralph Allen, junior" [PCR 7:52, 54]. On 4 Augus t 1651, a warrant was "directed to require Ralph Allen, Sen ior, personally to appear, to answer unto such misdemeanor s as whereof he is accused" [PCR 2:171]. With two exceptio ns to be discussed later, distinctions between Senior and J unior were not seen after 7 June 1659, when "Ralph Allin , Senior," appeared in a list of men summoned to appear a t court for refusing to take the oath of fidelity [PCR 3:1 68]. The name Ralph Allen appeared again on 6 October 165 9 and several subsequent occasions in late 1659 and throug h 1660, in similar circumstances, without a marker for sen iority [PCR 3:176, 181, 191, 201, 209], suggesting that on e of the Ralph Allens died in the fall of 1659.

    We may begin to make some progress in unraveling the tangl e of records by examining those which state an occupation . "Experience Allin the daughter of Ralphe Allin mason" wa s born at Sandwich on 14 March 1651 [MD 14:109; SandVR 1:12 ]. Two other births for children of a Ralph Allen at abou t this time were "Jediah Allen," born 3 January 1646, an d "Epherim Allin," born 20 March 1656 [MD 14:109, 166; Sand VR 1:12, 16]. On 12 October 1662, "Jone Swift of Sandwic h " (widow of William) included in her will bequests to "m y grandchild Experience Allen" and "unto Jedediah Allen an d Experience Allen [MD 16:2122, citing PCPR 2:2:16]. As no ted by Charles Carroll Gardner, the entries in a fragmentar y Bible record for this family may be interpreted to impl y that Ralph Allen, father of Jedediah Allen, died before " Jane Swift," the testator of 1662 and grandmother of Jeded iah [NEHGR 25:I46; GMNJ 16:52]. Thus, Ralph Allen, mason, w hose wife was a Swift, and who had children Jedediah, Expe rience and Ephraim, would be the one who died in or about l ate 1659.

    On 29 June 1663, Constant Southworth sold to "Ralph Allin o f the town of Sandwich ... wheelwright ... all that my port ion or lot of land lying and being at the place or places c ommonly called Acushena, Coaksett and places adjacent" [M D 18:171-72, citing PCLR 2:2:129). On 15 October 1663, "All is Bradford" sold to "Ralph Allin of the town of Sandwich . .. wheelwright ... the one half of my whole entire part, po rtion or share of land being the one half of a purchaser' s share of land ... at the place or places commonly calle d and known by the names of Acushena, Coaksett and places a djacent" [MD 18:176-77, citing PCLR 2:2:131b-c]. In his wil l of 18 December 1691, "Ralph Allin of Sandwich" made bequ ests to children John, Joseph, Increase, Ebenezer, Zacharia h and Patience (to the last of whom he gave "one quarter pa rt of that share of land which I bought of Constant Southwa rd"), and named as his overseers "my brother William Alle n and Edward Perry" [MD 32:166, citing BarnPR 2:75). Thus , Ralph Allen, wheelwright, who lived far past 1659, was th e son of the immigrant George Allen.

    We now return to the two records which refer to Ralph Alle n Senior after 1659. On 5 June 1671, "Ralph Allin, Senior ; was made a surveyor of highways at Sandwich [PCR 5:58] . On 18 April 1675, "Meary Allen, the daughter of Ralph All en Senior," was buried at Sandwich [MD 14:169; SandVR 1:19] . From 1660 until the end of the century, no Ralph Allen o f Sandwich is known other than the testator of 1691. The se cond of these records does not necessarily refer to a livin g Ralph Allen, but the first certainly does.

    In summary, Ralph Allen, Senior, wheelwright, son of the im migrant George Allen, died in the 1690s, and Ralph Allen, J unior, mason, of undetermined kinship, died in or about165 9.

    Ralph Allen, the son of the immigrant, was apparently bor n about1617, so Ralph Allen junior, whatever his relation , must have been younger. Some of the accounts of the RaIp h Allen who was not son of the immigrant had an earlier wif e than the one discussed above, and by this supposed wife h e had older children [JKA:Ralph 19 20; GMNJ 16:52]. Joh n K. Allen reported the marriage at St Mary-le-Bow, London , on 6 May 1619 of Ralph Allen and Hester English, and sugg ested this was a first marriage for Ralph Allen Junior [JKA :Ralph 20]. Given the chronology stated above, this marriag e cannot have been for Ralph Allen Junior of Sandwich, an d the earlier children ascribed to him by these authors mus t not be considered part of his family.

    SAMUEL: Guilford (among others) thought that Samuel Alle n of Braintree might be a son of George, but the Samuel All en who acted in 1656 with Henry Allen was apparently one o f George Allen's younger sons, and therefore would be two y oung to be Samuel of Braintree. Samuel, son of George, disa ppears after his deed of 1656.

    GIDEON: Gideon is placed as one of the younger sons of Geor ge because he was administrator of the estate of John Colli ns, who would have been his father-in-law, and because he l ater found in association with Henry Allen in Connecticut.

    FRANCIS: Francis Allen married at Sandwich on 20 July 166 2 Mary Barlow [SandVR 2:1249]; this suggests a birth for Fr ancis about 1637. He had children Rachel, Abigail, Abia, R ebecca and Hannah [SandVR 2:1239]. These names do not sugge st any connection with George or Ralph Allen, nor does an y other evidence. (Pope has an entry for Francis Allen of S andwich, noting that he was in the list of men able to bea r arms in 1643, and then goes on to present records of a c ompletely unrelated Francis of Roxbury [Pope 13].)

    JAMES: James Allen of Sandwich had daughter Amy born at San dwich in 1663, daughter Mary born in 1665, and daughter Ab igail born in 1667 [SandVR 1:17]. If Amy were his eldest c hild, then we can estimate his birth about 1638. George All en, son of the immigrant George Allen, had a son James bor n in 1658
    [SandVR 1:17]. As with Francis Allen, there is no evidenc e beyond this to suggest a connection with George or Ralp h Allen. For both Francis and James Allen, coincidence o f surname appears to be the only reason for including the m among the children of George Allen.

    BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1924 John Kennott Allen prepared typ escript accounts of "George Allen of Weymouth, Mass., 163 5 ..." and of "Ralph Allen of Sandwich, Massachusetts . " copies of which were deposited in major genealogical lib raries; these volumes are cited above as JKA:Ceorge and JK A:Ralph.
    In 1941, as part of his serialized "Genealogical Dictionar y of New Jersey." Charles Carroll Gardner compiled account s of both George Allen and Ralph Allen of Sandwich [GMNJ 16 :1-4, 49-52]; although there are some errors in these accou nts, Gardner's treatment remains the best in print on thes e families.

    In 1990 Joan S. Guilford prepared an unreliable account o f George Allen which ascribed to him fifteen children, som e of whom were actually his grandchildren and others of wh om were not related at all [Guilford Anc 1-10].
    ==================== End of Notes ====================

    Father: Ralph Allen b: 7 May 1554 in Leicester, Thurcaston, England
    Mother: [Unknown] b: Bef 1577

    Father: "Speedwell" [Ships] b: 1635
    Mother: "First Voyage" "Speedwell"

    Marriage 1 [Unknown] b: Abt 1575 in England
    • Married: 1598 in Bridgewater, , Somerset, England 11
    • Event: Alt. Marriage 12
    1. Has No Children John Allen b: Abt 1605 in England
    2. Has Children Ralph Allen b: Abt 1605 in England
    3. Has Children Rose Allen b: 1610 in Somersetshire, England
    4. Has Children George Allen b: 1619 in Weymouth, Weymouth, , Dorset, England
    5. Has No Children Robert Allen b: 1622 in Weymouth, , Dorset, England
    6. Has No Children Francis Allen b: Bef 1624 in England

    Marriage 2 Katherine Starkes b: 7 Oct 1576 in England
    • Married: 5 Nov 1624 in London, Middlesex, England 5
    • Event: Alt. Marriage 1624 11
    • Event: Alt. Marriage Bef 1637 13
    1. Has No Children Joshua Allen b: 1614 in Weymouth, , Dorset, England
    2. Has No Children (Unknown) Allen
    3. Has No Children Thomas Allen b: 1628 in Weymouth, , Dorset, England
    4. Has No Children William Allen b: Abt 1629 in England
    5. Has Children Matthew Allen b: Bet 1629 and 1630 in England
    6. Has No Children Henry Allen b: Abt 1631 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA
    7. Has No Children Samuel Allen b: Abt 1633 in England
    8. Has Children Gideon Allen b: Bet 1634 and 1635 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA
    9. Has Children Francis Allen b: Bef 1637
    10. Has Children James Allen b: 1636 in Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, USA

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