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  • ID: I935
  • _UID: 486BAB05592A4E5C95AFB7DF03E21CFB669D
  • Name: Caleb BARNES
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1749 in possible birth year a guess only
  • Death: AFT 1810 in Bethel Twp. Bedford Co. PA
  • Note:


    Compiler?s uncle, Donald G. Barnes, in the year 2003, submitted a DNA sample to test him against others who had done the same. The results show him to be a descendant of the early progenitor to the state of Maryland, James Barnes, and his wife Ketura Shipley, in the 17th Century. My uncle was assigned the ?kit number? 12056.

    Robert W. Barnes, Colonial Families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland; Family Line Publications: Westminster, Maryland, 1996, pp. 33-34.

    72. CALEB BARNES, tentatively placed as a son of James Barnes [#28] (son of James [#5] who d. in 1740), was over 16 when he was listed with James, Samuel, and David as a taxable in Delaware Hundred, Baltimore County. [Footnote: Sources used in compiling this chapter include a) research by Ethel Albin; b) "The Barnes Bulletin", vols. 1-13; and c) "The Barnes Bulletin 2.0", vol. 1.]

    He may be the Caleb Barnes who was listed as a taxable in Elk Ridge Hundred, Anne Arundel County. (1782 Assessment List for Anne Arundel County.)

    Research by Ethel Albin indicates that he married Honor Stevens, and some time in the 1770s settled in Bedford Co., PA. His brother James may have settled on land adjacent him.

    Caleb first appears in Bedford County [PA] Tax Lists in 1787. He died in Bedford County before the 1820 census was taken.

    Caleb and Honor (Stevens) Barnes were the parents of DAWSON, died after 1850 in Southampton Township, Bedford Co. PA; MARY, b. c1780; OSCAR (or OZIAS), b. c1784; ELIZABETH, b. c1793, d. after 1850 in Allegany Co. MD, may have married c1817 Denton Poole; CALEB, Jr., b. 1 Nov 1795, Bedford Co. PA; PHILEMON, b. c1801, Bedford Co. PA.

    History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania; Chicago: Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1884, p. 666

    [Chapter XCVI, Union Twp. Fulton County]


    Foster Place settlement was made in the year 1770, by Caleb Barnes, of England, who married Miss Honor Stephens, of Baltimore; he followed hunting principally. His family consisted of six children: Dosson, Oscar, Caleb, Philomen, Mary and Elizabeth. They all moved away, excepting Dosson, whose grandchildren still live near the settlement. Caleb, Jr., married Mary Cavender; had one daughter, Honor. Sold the above-named property to James Watson, who in turn sold to George Foster.

    Bedford County, PA Tax Lists

    Caleb Barnes apparently does not appear before 1787. Not certain that the Caleb who appears in the following list is all one individual. It is possible that the latter ones are Caleb Jr.

    1787: Kelip BARNES; Colerain Twp. Improved Land: 50; 1 horse
    1788: Calup BARNS; Colerain Twp. Improved Land: 50; 1 horse; 1 cow
    1789: Caleb BARNS; Colerain Twp. Improved Land: 50; 2 horses; 1 cow
    1791: Caleb BARNS; Colerain Twp. Improved Land: 50; 1 horse; 2 cows
    1792: Caleb BARNS; Colerain Twp.
    1793: Caleb BARNS; Colerain Twp.
    1796: Kelup BARNS; Colerain Twp. Improved Land: 50; 2 horses; 2 cows
    1797: Kelup BARNS; Colerain Twp.
    1798: Caleb BARNS; Colerain Twp.
    1799: Caleb BARNS; Colerain Twp. Improved Land: 100; 2 horses; 1 cow; 1 sheep; 1 barn; 1 stable
    1800: Caleb BARNS; Colerain Twp.
    1805: Caleb BARNES; Southampton Twp.
    1807: Calib BARNS; Southampton Twp. Improved Land: 50; 2 horses; 2 cows
    1808: Calib BARNS; Bethel Twp.
    1809: Caleb BARNES; Bethel Twp.
    1810: Caleb BARNS; Bethel Twp. Improved Land: 100; 2 horses; 2 cows
    1811: Calip BARNS; Bethel Twp.
    1812: Caleb BARNES; Bethel Twp.
    1813: Caleb BARNES; Bethel Twp.
    1814: Caleb BARNES; Bethel Twp. Improved Land: 100; 2 horses; 2 cows
    1817: Calib BARNES; Bethel Twp. Improved Land: 100; 3 horses; 2 cows
    1820: Calip BARNS; Bethel Twp. Improved Land: 100; 2 horses; 2 cows
    1823: Caleb BARNS; Bethel Twp. Improved Land: 100; 1 horse; 1 cow
    1825: Caleb BARNS; Bethel Twp.
    1826: Caleb BARNS; Bethel Twp. Improved Land: 100; 1 cow
    1827: Caleb BARNS; Bethel Twp.
    1828: Caleb BARNS; Bethel Twp.
    1829: Caleb BARNS; Bethel Twp.
    1830: Caleb BARNS; GONE

    Could "Keel Berns" be Caleb, who is not otherwise found in the 1790 Census of Bedford County, PA?

    1790 PA Census: Bedford Co. Township not stated, p. 239, line 16
    Series M637, roll 9

    Keel BERNS
    Free white males of 16 years and upwards, including heads of families: 1
    Free white males of 16 and under: 3
    Free white females, including heads of families: 6

    [two households away was "Eble Barns"]

    1800 PA Census: Bedford Co. Providence & Colerain Twps. p. 400

    Caleb BARNES
    Males: 2 (<10); 1 (16-26); 1 (45+)
    Females: 2 (<10); 1 (45+)

    1808 Triennial Tax Assessment: Bedford Co. Bethel Twp.

    Caleb BARNS
    50 Improvements; 2 Horses, 2 Cattle; $67; Tax $.27

    1810 PA Census: Bedford Co. Bethel Twp. p. 507, #15
    Series M252, roll 45

    Caleb BARNS
    Males: 1 (<10); 1 (10-16); 1 (45+)
    Females: 1 (10-16); 1 (16-26); 1 (45+)

    Note: 14 Jan 1728: James BARNES married Elizabeth DAWSON
    in St. Ann's Parish, Anne Arundel Co. MD. (MD Marriages 1637-1777, comp. Robert BARNES).


    Compiled by Ethel Albin, 307 Harrison St., Sabetha, KS 66534

    CALEB BARNES, b 1750 or before, in England (or in Maryland?) d between 1811-1820, Bedford Co. PA in that area which later became Fulton Co. PA, married near Baltimore, MD, HONOR STEPHENS/STEVENS (b ca 1750, d ca 1811-20, Bedford Co. PA). "He followed hunting principally" states a county history, published in 1884. This would have been an ideal place for that, for it is a heavily wooded area, although there are areas suitable for farming, also. There was a spring nearby. He first appears in the tax lists of Bedford Co. in 1787, as "Kelip" Barnes, where he was assessed for 50 acres of improved (settled) land. This may be the same 50 acres which the years previously been assessed to Joshua Barnes, who shows up in the tax records in 1782, with 50 acres in Colerain Twp, but had been listed as a "non-resident" in 1783. This Joshua was probably a son-in-law of the James Barnes, who was assessed as early as 1779, whose land adjoined that of Caleb Barnes. By 1799, Caleb had 100 acres of improved land, and his son, Dawson, was taxed for another 100 acres. James Barnes is also listed in this history, and also as being from England. James left Bedford Co. after the 1786 tax lists and went to Kentucky, where he later died. His son, Abel, remained on his land, adjoining Caleb's. The relationship between these two families has not been proven, but there probably was one. It is likely that James and Caleb were either brothers, or perhaps cousins. Of course they could not have been related at all.

    In the 1781 tax lists, was the statement: "A letter from Council, James Barnes was advised to furnish a recruit to the Pennsylvania Line, or pay 15 pounds to the Treasurer of the County within 15 days." No record found as to what James did about it. The question arises, "Did James and Caleb serve in the Revolutionary War'" Records for the frontier regions are sparse. None had been found to date.

    "(Caleb's) family consisted of six children: Dosson, Oscar (Note: his name was probably Osias, the historian probably couldn't read his own notes), Caleb, Philemon, Mary & Elizabeth. They all moved away except Dosson, whose grandchildren still live near the settlement (1883). Caleb Jr. married Mary Cavender; had one daughter, Honor. Sold the above named property to James Watson, who in turn sold to George Foster." It appears that this information was given by the grandchildren of Abel and Caleb. The date, 1770 of Caleb's 'coming' has not been confirmed by the records. It is likely the year he was married, as his oldest son, Dawson, was born circa 1771. (Note: Caleb Jr. had other daughters, but Honora "Enora" was the only one born before they left Bedford Co. PA, so might be the only one the family of Dawson's children knew about.

    In the 1790 census, Bedford Co. PA the census taker listed Caleb as Keel Berns, (did Caleb have a distinct accent?) over age 16, with three males under sixteen, and 6 females, ages not given (the number 6 females is perplexing. Was this a four misread as a six, or were there actually 6? Only Honor, the mother, and two daughters have been accounted for by the county history and they may not be correct, for he mixed up the daughters of James possibly with Caleb's. From James' estate settlement his daughters were: Nancy Bell, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Jemima. So, Ruth must have been Caleb's daughter rather than Elizabeth. Which would make sense because Honor's mother was Ruth Barnes Stevens. Also, whereas the county history says that James had three daughters, when he had four. And although no daughters of Caleb have been located, the census records indicate he must have had several.

    By 1800 his household included himself, over 45, 1 male between 16 and 26, and 2 males under 10, one female over 45, and 2 females under 10. His son, Dawson, who was married by this time, is listed separately. In the 1810 census, Caleb had besides himself and his wife, one male between ten and sixteen, one under ten, one female between ten and sixteen and one between sixteen and twenty-six.

    Caleb and Honor were not found in the 1820 census, so probably were deceased, as adults of their age do not show up in the household of any of their children.

    The sale of Caleb's land has not been located. It appears that James Watson to whom the land was sold did not live in Bedford Co., at least in 1828, though he may have earlier. The tax returns of Southampton Township in 1805, list a James Watson. Power of attorney records, one dated 18 June 1826, and the other 1 November 1828 (the only records found), indicate that he was to sell some land in Bedford Co., so perhaps he did so about that time, but it seems unrelated to the sale of Caleb Barnes' land. There does seem to be a Watson family just over the state line in Alleghany Co. MD, also. However, no deed records for the sale have been found.

    One explanation as to why there was no record, might be that Caleb had not had his land surveyed and received a patent, so had only what was known as "squatter's rights", and it was these rights that the children sold after his death. Quite often these were by "bill of sale", and not recorded in the deeds.

    George Foster, to whom Watson is said to have sold the land, apparently came to Bedford Co. about 1829/30. He is listed in the 1830 census, Bethel Twp., as being between the age of 50/60, so must have been born ca 1770-80. He is situated next to Abel Barnes, son of James Barnes, so is likely living on the land previously belonging to Caleb Barnes, Sr. In the 1850 census, Foster stated that he and his wife were both born in England.

    Foster does not appear in the tax lists of Bethel Twp. until 1832, when he is taxed for 200 acres of improved land. The 1850 census reports of Bethel Twp. Fulton Co. (formed from Bedford Co. that year), indicate that George Foster, age 54, and his wife, Mary A. were both born in England.

    Foster received on 8 March 1864, a patent to one hundred and fifty acres, warrant dated Feb 20th 1839, "Which improved land adjoined Wm. Lew on the East and South, Abm. Karns on the West and Abel Barnes on the north, situated in Bethel Twp. with interest thereon from the 15 Nov 1796". It appears that this may be the land formerly belonging to Caleb Barnes.

    Mr. Vernon "Mike" Northcraft, age eighty-three in 1995, the third generation of Northcrafts to own and live on the land previously the property of Abel Barnes, told the writer in a telephone conversation that the land formerly belonging to Caleb Barnes has remained in the Foster family to the present time. The present owner is Mrs. Vera Jay, who is past ninety years of age. She obtained it from her parents, Alvah and Belle Foster. Alvah was the son of Richard Foster.

    There are many Barnes in the Maryland records. Mr. Robert Barnes, a professional genealogist in Maryland records, has published many records on the Barnes and other families of Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties. He said in a letter to this writer that he thought one possibility was that he might be the Caley Barnes, found in the household of James Barnes, who in the 1773 tax lists of Baltimore Co. MD, (presently this would be in Carroll Co.) had in his household a Caley Barnes over the age of 16, and two others, Samuel and David Barnes, also over the age of 16. He also mentions this in his book, Colonial Families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, after correspondence with this writer. Not having the actual tax list to refer to, I checked Mr. Henry C. Peden, Jr.'s book, Inhabitants of Baltimore County, 1763-1774. Mr. Peden has interpreted the entry differently. He says, "List of Taxables in Delaware Hundred (now in Carroll Co.), Baltimore County, 1773: James Barnes; Caley Barnes; Samuel David. There were others in the census with the surname David. Mr. Barnes thought this probably is James, son of James (died 1740) and Ketura (Shipley) Barnes.

    The parents of Honor Stevens have not been ascertained. One possibility is that she was the daughter of Dawson Stephens/Stevens and Ruth Barnes, daughter of Adam & Honor (Dorsey) Barnes. The name Dawson is carried down in the family for several generations. However, efforts to locate records of the children of Dawson Stevens were unsuccessful. Dawson Stevens may have been the son mentioned in the will of Benjamin Stevens, in whose children were: Elizabeth, Lucy Arnold, Rachel Randall, Susannah Brown, Mary Baker, John, Vachel, Dawson, Samuel, Charles, Augustine, and Benjamin. Benjamin Stevens Jr., a physician, received the major portion of his father's estate. He and several of his brothers settled in Fayette Co. PA but Dawson does not appear to be among them.

    In 1756, Dawson Stephens, who married Ruth Barnes, was charged in a lawsuit brought by His Lordship for assault against Richard Warfield, son of Alexander. Witnesses to testify for him were: Nathan Linthicum and Joshua Barnes. (Note: In 1790, Nathan Linthicum was in the 1790 census, Washington Co. MD. Joshua Barnes also lived in Washington Co. MD. This may be Joshua, ancestor of Larry Bowling.

    From the estate of James Barnes of Bedford Co. PA and Nelson Co. KY, we find that his daughter Elizabeth married a Joshua Barnes. Which Barnes family he belonged to is unknown to the writer. He is probably the Joshua Barnes who paid taxes in Colerain Twp, Bedford Co. PA, on land next to James Barnes until 1787. We have found out however that he is not the son of the Joshua Barnes whose descendant was Larry Bowling. It appears that Caleb Barnes took over the land that Joshua Barnes left.

    The writer believes that the name Oscar, mentioned above in the county history, is a mistake, probably in reading old handwriting by the writer of the county history. It somehow does not fit in with the other names. Oscar is more commonly a name given children of German descent, rather than English or Scots-Irish. The writer believes that the name was Osias, a name given to the second son of Caleb Barnes Jr. Caleb Jr. very meticulously gave his children family names.

    An Osias/Ozias Barnes, born ca 1776 in Maryland, who died 1 Sept 1850, age 74 years, in Fulton Co. OH, of typhoid, (along with his wife and one son about the same time) is found in the 1830 census, of Fairfield County, Ohio, along with Caleb Barnes, Jr. Osias then moved on to Fulton Co. Ohio and Caleb Jr. into adjoining Perry Co. Ohio. Osias came from Hancock, Washington County, Maryland, in an area only a few miles from where Caleb lived. Caleb's son, Philemon, was married in Pennsylvania, in 1822, near Hancock, Maryland, according to a deposition given by his widow, Sarah (Cavinee) Barnes, when she applied for a pension based on the service of her son, Dawson, who died of disease during the Civil War. One of the witnesses to the application was David Cavenee. Osias named one of his sons Dorsey, which may indicate he was carrying down a family name. Honor Stevens Barnes' grandmother was nee Honor Dorsey. Marriages in Fairfield Co. Ohio, for both families were performed by the same officials. It appears most likely that Osias was the son of Caleb and Honor Stephens Barnes.
  • Change Date: 10 JUL 2016

    Father: James BARNES

    Marriage 1 Honor STEPHENS b: ABT 1750 in Baltimore, MD (possible birth year a guess only)
    • Married: ABT 1770
    1. Has Children Dawson BARNES b: ABT 1771 in MD
    2. Has Children Ozias BARNES b: ABT 1776 in MD
    3. Has No Children Mary BARNES b: ABT 1780
    4. Has No Children Elizabeth BARNES b: ABT 1790
    5. Has Children Caleb BARNES b: 1 NOV 1793
    6. Has Children Philemon BARNES b: ABT 1800

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