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  • ID: I11225
  • Name: John* WHITE
  • Surname: White
  • Given Name: John*
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1597 in Messing,Essex,England 1
  • Death: 23 Jan 1683/1684 in Hartford,Hartford,CT 1
  • _UID: 0D8C8DA924D02346A75D4E11F5F489F0F161
  • Note:
    John White (2) was born about 1600 in Chelmsford England. He was born on 13 Jul 1600 in Chelmsford (Shalford, Essex) England. He died in Dec 1683 in Hartford CT. He died on 17 Dec 1683 in Hartford CT. John White was a passenger in the ship LYON which sailed from London about June 22, 1632, to Boston, arriving September 16. Many of the passengers belonged to the company of Reverand Thomas Hooker whose church was in Chelmsford, Essex.. ANCESTORS OF AMERICAN PRESIDENTS by Gary Boyd Roberts (1995) lists his as the son of Robert White and Bridget Allgar, who are ancestors of four American Presidents: Fillmore, Cleveland, Grant and Ford.

    He was apparently married in England a few years before immigrating to Massachusetts

    John was one of the first settlers of Cambridge, Mass., Hartford, Ct and Hadley Mass. In Cambridge, his home was on a street called Cow Yard Row; it was 3/4 of an acre and on August 5, 1633 he was allotted another 3/4 acre as a cow yard to go with the 30 acres he had for farming (Gore Hall, the library (in 1860) of Harvard University later stood on the site of the cow yard). The amount of land allocated to him indicated he was neither among the poorest nor the wealthiest of the settlers. He was admitted a freeman of the colony march 4, 1633. In February he was elected to the board of seven men called Townsmen or Selectmen.

    John sold his hose to Nicholis Danforth on October 20, 1635, and the rest of his property on May 30, 1636, in order to join Rev Hooker and the 100 other men, women and children who wanted more space for themselves and others expected from England. They made a six week trip to Hartford CT where he is listed as one of the original proprietors. His allotments consisted of the home lot of two acres, about 40 acres of meadow and 32 acres of upland at Hockman, east of the Great River. The home lot was 10 rods south of the Little River on the east side of what, in 1860, was called Governor Street, formerly Cole Street. He was chosen a Selectman in 1642, 1646, 1651 and 1656.

    After Rev Hooker died in 1647, dissension arose between two factions of the church, one of which zealously opposed any relaxation of requirements of participation in church privileges. On April 18, 1659, 60 followers of this latter group, including John White, moved to Hadley MA. His property was described in the town record as: "One houselott containing 8 acres more or lesse as it lyes. Bounded by the land of Peter Tillton south by the land granted to Thomas Stanlye North, abutting West against the common street, and East against the woods; being the bredth sixteene rod and in length eightie". After the town was legally organized, he was elected as a selectman in 1662, 1663 and 1665. He also served as Deputy (Representative) to the General Court (Legislature) of Massachusetts sitting in Boston in 1664 and 1669.

    In Hartford, there were still problems resulting in another split in the church. John returned to Hartford in the early 1670s and was chosen the Elder of the South Church. He was thereafter exempt from holding civil office but was called on as an arbitrator, referee and council in ecclesiastical matters.

    Mary died before he did, probably after returning to Hartford. His date of death is not known but is between the date of his will, December 17, 1683 and the date of inventory of his estate, January 23, 1684. His will names 6 children.

    Parents: Robert White and Bridgit Allgar (Alger).

    He was married to Mary Levett between 1618 and 1632 in England. Children were: Nathaniel White, Mary White, John White , Daniel White, Sarah White , Jacob White.

    He was married to Mary Levitt (Levett) on 26 Dec 1622 in Messing, Essex, England. Children were: Nathaniel White

    from "The Great Migration Begins":


    ORIGIN: Messing, Essex
    MIGRATION: 1632 on Lyon [ Hotten 150]
    FIRST RESIDENCE: Cambridge
    REMOVES: Hartford 1635, Hadley 1659, Hartford by 1671
    CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to a Massachusetts Bay church prior to 4 March 1632/3 implied by freemanship. He presumably became a member of the church at Cambridge, and retained membership in that church when it moved to Hartford. He would then have become a member of Hadley church when that was formed, and in 1671 was dismissed from Hadley church to the Second Church at Hartford, of which he became ruling elder [ Goodwin Anc 2:404-05, citing Second Church records].
    FREEMAN: 4 March 1632/3 [ MBCR 1:367].
    EDUCATION: He signed his will by mark. His inventory included "one book" valued at 7s. and "more by books" valued at 17s.
    OFFICES: Surveyor of highways, Cambridge, 3 November 1634 [ CaTR 10]; Cambridge selectman, 3 February 1634/5 [ CaTR 11].
    Grand jury, 7 December 1654 [ RPCC 132]. Jury, 6 April 1643, 6 June 1644, December 1644, 4 September 1645, 2 December 1647, May? 1648, 28 December 1648, 6 September 1649, 5 September 1650, 20 February 1650[/1], 2 December 1652, May 1657, 3 November 1657, 3 June 1658 [ RPCC 19, 25, 30, 36, 49, 50, 57, 69, 87, 93, 112, 176, 183, 191]. Coroner's jury, on the body of Henry Stiles, December 1651 [ RPCC 106]. Arbiter, 6 June 1644 [ RPCC 27].
    Deputy for Hadley to Massachusetts Bay General Court, 3 August 1664, 19 May 1669 [ MBCR 4:2:117, 418].
    ESTATE: Granted three roods for cowyard in Cambridge, 5 August 1633 [ CaTR 5]; received proportional share of 2 in undivided meadow [ CaTR 13]; granted two acres in ground between Charlestown path and common pales, 8 February 1635/6 [ CaTR 16].
    In the Cambridge land inventory on 1 May 1635 John White held eleven parcels: one dwelling house in Cowyard Row, three roods; three roods in Cowyard Row; two acres and a half in Old Field; one acre and a rood in Old Field; one acre and a rood in Old Field; one acre on Long Marsh; thirteen acres and a half in the Neck of Land; eleven acres in the Great Marsh; three acres and a rood in the Long Marsh; one acre (and a rood?) in the Ox Marsh; and half a rood in Cowyard Row [ CaBOP 4-5].
    On 20 October 1635 John White "of the Newtowne" sold to Nicholas Danforth "those several parcels of land as they are recorded in this book in folio 3" [in other words, the eleven parcels listed immediately above] [ CaBOP 36]. On 30 May 1636 John White of "the New Towne upon Quinetucquet River" sold to Nicholas Danforth twelve and a half acres in "Aylwife Meaddow" and two acres in the Ox Pasture [ CaBOP 36].
    In the Hartford land inventory in February 1639/40 John White held sixteen parcels: "one parcel on which his dwelling house now standeth with other outhouses, yards, or gardens ... two acres ... part whereof he received in exchange with Mr. Hopkins for part of his houselot"; "one parcel lying in the south meadow ... eleven acres & one rood"; "one parcel lying in the forty a cres of meadow & swampe ... nine acres & two roods"; "one parcel lying in the oxpasture ... six acres"; "one parcel lying in the oxpasture ... twenty-seven acres"; "one parcel of meadow lying in Hockanum ... eight acres one rood"; "one parcel lying in the little meadow ... two acres"; "one parcel lying in the little meadow which he bought of Nathaniel Ward ... two acres"; "one parcel lying in the Little Meadow which he bought of Andrew Warnor ... two acres & two roods"; "one parcel of land lying in the forty acres which he bought of Andrew Warnor ... seven acres"; "one parcel of swamp ... ten acres"; "one parcel lying in the Little Meadow ... two acres & two roods ... part whereof he bought of Mr. Webster & another part he bought of John Mode [Moody]"; "one parcel of meadow & swamp ... ten acres ... part whereof he bought of Andrew Warnor"; "one parcel lying in the Little Meadow which he bought of William Pantree .... three acres"; "one parcel lying in the South Meadow which he received of Nathaniel Ward ... one acre"; and "one parcel of upland lying on the east side of the Great River at Hockanum being his division of upland ... one hundred & fifty acres" (annotated "sold to Andrew Warner") [ HaBOP 273-76].
    On 4 March 1651/2 the court confirmed the bargain between John White and John Skinner's widow for land [ RPCC 108]. In 1659 John White paid some of the highest mill rates in Hartford [ HaBOP 497].
    In February 1671[/2] John White paid a modest proportion for the purchase of undivided lands in Hartford [ HaBOP 549]. On 30 January 1672[/3] John White drew lot #27 in the lands next to Windsor [ HaBOP 552, 565].
    In his will, dated 17 December 1683 and proved 6 March 1683/4, "Mr. John White of Hartford" bequeathed to son Nathaniel 30, movables, and part of "my oxpasture"; to son Daniel White 20; to son Jacob White part of "my oxpasture" and moveables; "I empower my executor to give to my daughter Hixton according to his discretion as he shall see her need calls for"; "and whereas formerly I intended to give one parcel of meadow land in great Ponset to Stephen Taylor, yet now being forced to pay a great sum of money for the redemption of his house & homelot, I now see cause to dispose of that land for payment of that debt, and shall leave it to my executor with the advice of the overseers to give either to him or the rest of my daughter Hixton's children as he shall see cause"; to "my grandchild Stephen Taylor" various moveables; to "Sarah White the daughter of my son Nathanaell" 5; to "the Reverend Mr. John Whiting my honored pastor" 5; residue to be divided "among my grandchildren (viz) Jonathan Gilbert son of my daughter Mary, my son Nathaniell's children, my son John's children, my son Daniell's children & my daughter Sarah['s] children, their sons to have as much more as their daughters"; "my wearing apparel be divided amongst my sons"; "my son Nathaniell White" to be sole executor and "my beloved friends Ensign Nathaniell Stanly and Stephen Hosmer" to be overseers [ Hartford PD Case #5928; Goodwin Anc 2:406-07; Manwaring 1:385-86].
    The inventory of the estate of Elder John White deceased 23 January 1683[/4]" totalled 190 9s., of which 48 was real estate: "his lots in the west division," 12; "his oxpasture lying on the east side of the highway leading to Wathersfeld," 18; and "his oxpasture lying on the west side of the highway leading to Wathersfeld" [ Hartford PD Case #5928; Manwaring 1:385].
    BIRTH: About 1597, son of Robert and Bridget (Allgar) White of Messing, Essex [ NEHGR 55:22-31].
    DEATH: Hartford 23 January 1683/4 (from inventory).
    MARRIAGE: Messing, Essex, 26 December 1622, Mary (Lev)it [ NEHGR 55:29]; she apparently predeceased her husband.
    i JOHN, bp. Messing 28 December 1623 [ NEHGR 55:29]; no further record.

    ii MARY, bp. Messing 16 July 1626 [ NEHGR 55:29]; m. 29 January 1645/6 Jonathan Gilbert [ HaVR 606].

    iii PHILIP (daughter), bp. Messing 21 December 1628 [ NEHGR 55:29]; no further record.

    iv NATHANIEL, b. say 1630 (sworn for Middletown 1656 [ RPCC 174]); m. (1) by 1653 Elizabeth _____ (daughter Elizabeth aged four and a half on 29 March 1658 [ WMJ 297, 384]); (2) after 1692 Martha (Coit) Mould, daughter of John Coit and widow of Hugh Mould [ Goodwin Anc 2:408; MacDonough-Hackstaff 248-51].

    v JOHN, b. about 1636 (aged twenty-one, November 1657 [ WMJ 61]); m. by 1659 Sarah Bunce, daughter of Thomas Bunce (John Winthrop Jr. treated "White, Joh: his wife" on 15 March 1659[/60] and "White, Sarah, about 17 y." on 7 May 1660 [ WMJ 425]; on 2 April 1666 he treated "White [blank] widow daughter of Tho[mas] Buns" [ WMJ 638]).

    vi DANIEL, b. say 1638; m. Hadley 1 November 1661 Sarah Crow [ Pynchon VR 223]

    vii SARAH b. about 1641 (aged sixteen years 17 March 1657/8 [ WMJ 94]); m. (1) by about 1664 Stephen Taylor; m. (2) Hadley 15 October 1666 Barnabas Hinsdale [ Pynchon VR 223 (bride's name given as "Mary")]; m. (3) Hatfield [blank] February 1678 Walter Hickson [ Goodwin Anc 2:409, citing Hatfield VR 1:80].

    viii JACOB, b. Hartford 8 October 1645 [ HaBOP 576]; m. by 1669 Elizabeth Bunce (on 8 July 1669 John Winthrop Jr. treated "White, Elis[abeth], wife of Jacob of Hartford" [ WMJ 935]; in his undated will (but about 1683) Thomas Bunce bequeathed to "my daughter Elizabeth White" [ Manwaring 1:283]).

    ASSOCIATIONS: Three of John White's sisters came to New England with their husbands: Mary, wife of Joseph Loomis; Elizabeth, wife of WILLIAM GOODWIN ; and Anne, wife of John Porter [ NEHGR 55:22-31].
    COMMENTS: John White may have resided briefly in Middletown [ Goodwin Anc 2:402-03].
    On 7 March 1660/1 Connecticut court heard a case of Edward Stebbin and John White as overseers for Mr. Haines's children against John Deming Jr. for debt [ RPCC 223].
    BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1901 "A Descendant" published an excellent article on the White family in England, and the connections to other New England immigrants [ NEHGR 55:22-31]. In 1915 Frank Farnsworth Starr prepared the best account in print of the immigrant and his children [ Goodwin Anc 2:395-419].

    Beginning The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Volumes I-III

    New England Historic Genealogical Society
    101 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116 USA (617) 536-5740.
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    Marriage 1 Mary* LEVETT
    • Married: 26 Dec 1622 in Messing,Essex,England 1
    1. Has No Children John WHITE c: 28 Dec 1623 in Messing,Essex,England
    2. Has No Children Mary WHITE c: 16 Jul 1626 in Messing,Essex,England
    3. Has No Children Philip WHITE c: 21 Dec 1628 in Messing,Essex,England
    4. Has Children Nathaniel* WHITE b: ABT 1629 in Messing,Essex,England
    5. Has No Children John WHITE [again] b: ABT 1636 in Messing,Essex,England
    6. Has No Children Daniel WHITE b: ABT 1638
    7. Has No Children Sarah WHITE b: ABT 1641
    8. Has No Children Jacob WHITE c: 8 Oct 1645 in Hartford,Hartford,CT

    1. Repository:
        Name: Personal Library

      Title: The Great Migration Begins; Immigrants to New England 1620-1633
      Author: R.C. Anderson
      Publication: Boston, Mass.: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995
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