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  • ID: I229350
  • Name: William READE
  • Prefix: Artist
  • Given Name: William
  • Surname: READE
  • Suffix: , Immigrant to Boston
  • Name: William READ
  • Given Name: William
  • Surname: READ
  • Suffix: #1 immigrant
  • Sex: M
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  • Note: (portrait)
    William Read: first American portrait painter, painted Governor Richard Billingham.
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    The Read's came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635 with Rev. Joseph Hull's Company, sailing on or near March 20, 1635 Weymouth, Dorset -- 6 May 1635 Boston Massachusetts (Wm#2 24 July 1635 Gravesend, Kent -- 25 Sept 1635 Virginia). William (#1) was listed as a tailor from Batcombe, Somerset, aged 28 years with Susanna, 29 years old, and daughters Hannah, age 3, and Susanna, age 1.[1] The shipping list also states that traveling with the Read's was Richard Adams, servant, age 29


    1) Susannah Hayne/Hayme, md October 12, 1629, Gillingham, Dorset Co, England. She was b. abt. 1606 in England, d. Boston, MA Oct. 12, 1653.

    2) Ruth Crooke, md March 20, 1654, Weymouth, Mass

    Residences: Weymouth, Mass 1635 > Boston, Mass, abt 1646, Boston land lost in foreclosure in 1672 > To New London, Conn abt 1672 until death in 1679.

    WILLIAM READE (#1), supposed to be the son of William Reade and Lucy Henage, was born in 1605, and sailed from Graves end (sic Waymouth), in the county of Kent (sic Dorset), in the "Assurance de London"(sic) (Isaac Broomwell and George Persey, masters), in 1635. He settled in Weymouth, Mass; and was made freeman, Sept. 2, 1635(sic Wm#1 1653). He bought a house and land of Zachary Bicknall, for seven pounds thirteen shillings and four pence, in 1636; which was an average price for homesteads at that early day. Only one year before the date of William Reade's purchase, all the land in Boston Proper, with the exception of six acres in and about Charles and Beacon Streets, was sold by William Blackstone for thirty pounds. Previous to 1650, a dwelling house in Boston, and lot of land, would not command a greater price than a good cow; while, in 1857, the average of the valuation of dwelling houses was $5,500. Mr. Reade (#1) was among the early settlers of Weymouth, -- it having been made a plantation, May 8, 1635; and Rev. Mr. Hall and twenty-one families settled there. He was representative from Weymouth in 1636 and '38.

    "The Reade Record" pub. from 1904-1930 went to great lengths to point out the many errors in the book "History of Reed Family In Europe and America" by Jacob Whittmore Reed (1861), with much documentation. Vol. II, p.2 (1909) & Vol. X, p.2 (1917) contain several pages of discussion of the two Williams that came to New England. "Concerning this Puritan emigrant and his family, it would seem impossible to make more mistakes in two pages of print than occur in the account given in the "History of the Reed Family" in pp. 41 and 42."

    The Christian name of his wife, it is supposed, was Ivis (wife of Wm #2). Their children were -- William(Wm#1), born Oct. 15, 1639; Esther(Wm#1), May 8, 1641; Thomas(Wm#2); John, 1649(Wm#2); Mary(Wm#2), who married Thomas Dyer; Margaret, who married John Vining, May 11, 1757, and died May 6, 1659(Margarets in both families). ~Reed, Jacob Whittemore, History of the Reed Family in Europe and America, Publication: Boston, John Wilson and Son, 1861, p.310

    see also:
    In the same month that Mr. Reade (#2) left England another ship containing his future wife sailed. Avis Deacon was on the "Alice," of which Richard Orchard was the master, and which sailed July 13, 1635, from Gravesend with thirty-two passengers, most of whom were young men and women. Her twin brother, Thomas Deacon, came on the boat with Reade. Avis Deacon married William Reade (#2) probably soon after her arrival in New England (sic Virginia).
    ~John L. Reed, Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County Massachusetts, published 1901.

    The TWO Willialm Read's of Weymouth and Josiah Read
    From: "Harold Smith"

    I have additional websites of which I think are outstanding and they are pertinent to the descendants of William Read (#1) and Susannah Hayne, his 1st wife and Ruth Crooke his 2nd wife as follows:
    I can see where Thomas might have thought that the William Read on Hotten?s list and the William Reed of the "Assurance? who also settled in Weymouth were the same man. However, further research shows that William Reed was admitted a freeman at Weymouth 18 May 1635(sic 1653) (Ref: NEHGS Register Apr 1934) which was prior (sic) to the July arrival in Weymouth of Rev. Joseph Hull?s party which included the other William Read.

    Rev. Joseph Hull's Company, with Wm Read (#1) sailing on or near March 20, 1635 Weymouth, Dorset -- 6 May 1635 Boston Massachusetts (Wm#2, 24 July 1635 Gravesend, Kent -- 25 Sept 1635 Virginia).

    As some of you know because of the common name of William Read, our William Read (#1) who with his wife Susannah and daughters Susannah and Hannah was the ORIGINAL William Read(#1) who resided at Weymouth. The real question that arises is when did the other William Read (#2) whose name sometimes is spelled as Reed and who married Avis Deacon arrive in America?

    If one would kindly research the record of the ship "Assurance of London" which departed England later part of July, one will find that this ship departed for VIRGINIA. Further research of the following books Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, A Guide to Published Records of more Than 2,410,000 Immigrants Who Came to the New World between the Sixteenth and the Mid-Twentieth Centuries. 1991-95 Cumulated Supplements In Three Volumes Volumes A-G and R., Edited by P. William Filby and Paula K. Byers as published by Gale Research Inc. And the book titled Early Immigrants1623-1666 By George Cabell Greer Clerk Virginia State Land Office and published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc in 1982.

    The ship list of the Assurance of London and the Passenger & Immigration Lists show that William Read (#2) and Thomas Deacon were passengers FOR VIRGINIA. Also on the companion ship "Alice" an Avis Deacon whom is believed to have been the sister of Thomas Deacon was a passenger on board headed for VIRGINIA.

    According to Early Virginia Immigrants a Thomas Deacon in 1636 was with a William Fookes in an unamed county. A William Read (#2) was listed in 1637 in the household of a Thomas Hampton, in New Norfolk County. It should be noted that William Read, Avis Deacon & Thomas Deacon were in The Complete Book of Emigrants: A Comprehensive Listing Compiled from English Public Records of Those Who Took Ship to the Americas for Political, Religious, and Economic Reasons; of Those Who Were Deported for Vagrancy, Roguery, or Non-Conformity; and of Those Who Were Sold to Labour in the New Colonies. Baltimore; Genealogical Publish Co. No. 1219.4--1219.6

    I have no proof that these names are of the same that eventually migrated to Weymouth, Massachusetts, however since they match the lists of Passenger and Immigration Lists one can assume of this being true.

    From Weymouth Historical Society ~ Historical Sketch of the Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts, from 1622 to 1884 compiled by Gilbert Nash, Recording Secretary of the Weymouth Historical Society, Member of The New England Historical, Genealogical Society, and of The Webster Historical Society, and published by The Town of Weymouth, under the auspices of The Weymouth Historical Society in 1885, I will quote the following and list page numbers as such.

    Page 25 & 26: "HULL COMPANY, ~~ In 1635 the place came into general notice and took a prominent position among the towns composing the Massachusetts Bay Colony. On the 8th of July, of that year, the General Court passed an order permitting Rev. Joseph Hull, with twenty-one families, consisting of about one hundred persons, to settle at Wessaguscus,!! the largest addition at any one time probably in the history of the town. These settlers came from Weymouth, England, and belonged to the county of Dorset and its immediate neighborhood. They were a class of people who soon became prominent, and whose families, many of them, retain their position at the present day. Their minister, Rev. Joseph Hull, became for a time the minister of the town. On the 2nd of September, the town was erected into a plantation, equivalent, probably, to an act of incorporation, and the name changed to WEYMOUTH, which it has since retained. On the following day [3 September 1635] it was ordered to send a deputy to the General Court, to which office WILLIAM READE, John Bursley, and John Upham were elected, these three being sent as an accommodation to three strong, opposing elements then existing in the town, consisting, probably, of those who remained of the Gorges Company and friends who followed them, those who came in from other towns in the colony with an interest centering in the capital, and a third, embracing those who came with Rev. Joseph Hull and their sympathizers; John Bursley representing the first, WILLIAM READE the second, and John Upham the third. The court influence predominating, MR. READE was RETAINED and the others were permitted to retire."

    The above to me is confusing, as William Read came on the ship with Rev. Hull Company but evidently was not associated with Rev. Hull, or at least that is what I glean from this.

    It is interesting to note that upon the same date that Weymouth became a plantation Rev. Joseph Hull, Richard Adams, servant to our William Read and William Read were all made freeman. So much posting give forth with this information to the William Read (#2) that married Avis Deacon when in reality that William Read and Avis Deacon were about to be landing in Virginia.

    Still from Sketch of Weymouth on page 257.

    "THE LAND OF WILLIAM READE ~ Eyght acres and halfe in the East field at first given to him the land of Thomas Rawlines on the East of Richard Addames [once servant of William Reade] on the west the swampe on the north the Streete on the south."

    "Eyght acres and halfe in the Wester neck the land of Richard Siluester on the East of Edward Smith on the west the Highwaie that ledeth to Siuesteres on the north the commons on the south. Two acres of salt marsh in the westerneck the marsh of mr Jener on the East of Thomas White on the west the land of William Richardes on the north the Creek on the south Sixteene acres amongst the greate lotes bounded on the East with a greate pond by the commons on the west."

    I have spelled as it was in the pages and some of those posting data of William Read and Avis Deacon, take claim for their William for this WHICH IS WRONG. As this pertains to the original as I call him Willilam Read and Susannah.

    On page 250 of Sketch of Weymouth the following.

    "LIST OF 1636. The earliest list of land-owners, or men to whom grants were made in Weymouth (although evidently not the original proprietors), now known, its from the town records, under date of 1636, porobably copied from the original record, not now in existence."

    "1636 At a meeting in the Towne of Weymouth the 12th of ______ voted. That for the greate lotts, wee should lott unto every halfe passenger, under twelve years of age to have three to the head. By all the freemen here present whose names are underwritten. And the place to begin is at the lower end of the fresh Pond, [Whitman's,] and to run eighty four Rodd either wards to the great plantation lotts.

    1. Edwarde Bennet 18
    2. Mr. Joseph Hull 54
    3. Henry Kingman 42
    4. Mr. Jener, senior 18
    5. Thomas White 21
    6. William Fry 12
    7. Robert Lovell 34
    8. Edward Edmond Hart 18
    9. Thomas Rawling 12
    10. Mr. Jener, Jun 45
    11. WILLIAM REED 18
    12. Richd Silvester 24
    13. Richd Addomes 24
    14. William Smith 30
    15. Stephen French 21
    16. John Upham 30

    On Page 281 the only Read/Reed listed as a John Reed with 18 and Phillip Reade with 25. who were on the List of 1651. You will note that there is no William Read.

    On page 282 there is a Widow Read with 10 number of assessments and 13 number of lots. Phillip Read has 6 number of assessments and 60 number of lots. No other Read/Reed listed. in this the first division. In the second division we also have a Widdow Read with 30 number of assessments and 4 lotts. Phillip Reed has 18 number of assessment and 15 number of lots.

    This again has turned into a long e-mail and best for me to try and end for tonight but will continue hjopefully tomorrow but it may not be until Saturday as I have a football game to go to 34 miles away. I will close with the folloowing which I believe is on one of the websites that I have listed above. It sheds light on the movement of William Read and Susannah to Boston.

    "WILLIAM READ & Susannah were admitted to membershipo of the First Church of Boston [I believe it was called First but the writer just says Church of Boston] on 15 May 1647, upon letters of Dismissal from the Church at Weymouth. They had been in Boston some time as their son JOHN was baptized at the Boston Church 27 September 1646. "

    "Despite having lived in Boston for five years, William was made a selectman in 1641, perhaps as a means to entice him to move back there." Reference for this is "The Reade Record Number 10, 1917, pages 2-4

    It should be noted that those posting data for William Read (#2) and Avis utilize this for their William. And it should further be pointed out that this William DID NOT become a freeman UNTIL 1653.

    Hal [Harold L./ Smith]

    Fw: NO. 2 E-Mail on No. 1 WILLIAM READ of Weymouth AND Boston, Massachusetts AND Norwich, Connecticut
    From: Harold Smith

    Hello Everybody: This is the 2nd 4-mail which I am forwarding you. I missed the number when I said I would be forwarding you all two e-mails. It will be 3 e-mails that I will be forwarding to you that I have sent out. I will follow the third one up with more meaningful information concerning BOTH William Read's of Weymouth. Respectfully, Hal [Harold L. Smith] a 9th great grandson of William Reade & Susannah Hayne.

    This is the William Read who is my 9th great grandfather. As mentioned in E-mail #1, the information that I am revealing is from HISTORY of WEYMOUTH, Massachusetts In Four Volumes. Volume 4. GENEALOGY of WEYMOUTH FAMILI8ES by GEorge Walter Chamberlain, M.S. Principal Hunt School, Weymouth, 1895-1905; Life Member New England Historic Genealogical Society. This was published by the Weymouth Historical Society, Howard H. Joy, President and printed in 1923.

    I will now quote from pages 565 and 566.

    "WILLIAM READ, a tailor, came from Batcombe, county of Somerset, in REv. Joseph Hull's Company, sailing on or near 20 Mar 1634/35 from Weymouth in Dorset. [NOTE; From Town of Weymouth - Weymouth History and under WEYMOUTH BECOMES A TOWN "Wessagusset became incorporated as "Weymouth" in 1635. In that year, Rev. Joseph Hull came FROM Weymouth, England on the "ASSURANCE" with 21 families and was given permission by Mass. Bay Colony in Boston to "sit" [reside] in Weymouth. However, I am unable to establish this as a matter of fact. The Assurance made a trip to Virginia and there is a Dorset that sailed but unable to establish a list for this ship] The shipping list calls him 28 years. With him came his wife SUSAN, daughters HANNAH, aged 3 years and SUSAN, aged 1 year."

    WILLIAM READE, son of the widow Reade of Batcombe, in the County of Somerset, married at GILLINGHAM, in the County of Dorset, 12 Oct. 1629, SUSANNAH HAYME, daughter of EDWARD and JOANNA HAYME of Gillingham. (Parish Register of Gillingham.). Her mother Joanna Montier, widow, married (1) JOHN READE of Langham in the parish of Gillingham. She married (2) Edward Hayme, the father of Susannah Hayme abovesaid, and (3) Francis Montier, who died about 1622. Susannah (Hayme) Reade DIED in BOSTON, 12 Oct. 1653, aged about 47 years. William Reade married (2) in BOSTON, 12 Oct. 1654, RUTH CROOKE, the mother of ten children [Note: by William Reade]. He was made a freeman of Massachusetts Bay Colony, 2 Sept. 1635, and was chosen a deputy from Weymouth in 1636 and 1638. He apparently resided in Weymouth from 1635 to 1647. On 15 May, 1647, William Reade and Susanna, his wife, were admitted to the FIRST CHURCH of BOSTON " upon letters of Dismission from the Church at Weymouth." He resided in "Crooked Lane" (Devonshire Street), in Boston, from 1654 to 1672. He removed to New London. [Note: believed to be Norwich, New London County, CT] Conn.; and died before 13 June, 1679. His widow Ruth MARRIED: BEFORE 13 JUNE, 1681 ______ Percy. "

    "Children by first wife:"
    "Hannah, 2 b. in England near 1631; d. Boston, 25 Nov. 1656."
    "Susannah, b. in England near 1633; m. (1) 13 Dec. 1659, Samuel Smith, and m. (2) 14 Nov. 1689, Thomas Lincoln of Taunton."
    "Margaret, b. at Weymouth, near 1636; m. in Boston, 3 Mar. 1659, Richard Stubbs of Hull."
    "William, b. at Weymouth. 15 Dec. 1639; d. young."
    "Esther, b. at Weymouth, 8 May, 1641; m. 30 July, 1661, John Cann of Boston."
    "JOSIAH, b. near 1643; m. at Marshfield, Nov. 1660, GRACE HOLLOWAY; resided at Norwich, Conn."
    "John, b. in Boston, 25 Sept. 1646; bp. 27 Sept. 1646, at First Church, sonne of William Reade, a Recommended Member from the Church at Waymouth." He m., near 1672, Hannah Holloway, SISTER to Grace; resided in Norwich and Windham, Conn."

    Children by second wife, born in Boston:"
    "William, b. 3 Feb. 1654-55; living in 1673."
    "Isaac, b. 18 Apr. 1650; mariner; d. in England in 1695."
    "Ephraim, b. 23 Nov. 1657; untraced."
    "Jonathan, b. 23 Apr. 1659; d. 2 July, 1659."
    "Timothy, b. 11 Aug. 1660."
    "Ruth, b. 7 May 1662; d. 17 July 1662."
    "Hezekiah, b. 6 July, 1663; made choice of Josiah and John Read, his elder brothers, to be his guardians at New London, Conn., 13 June, 1679."
    "Sarah, b. 26 Jun, 1665.
    "Elizabeth, b. 22 Dec. 1666; d. young.
    "Elizabeth, b. 22 Apr. 1669."

    Now there is a book titled History of The Reed Family In Europe and America written by Jacob Whitmore Reed, Member of The New England Historic Genealogical Society, published in 1861 by John Wilson and Son 22 School, Street, 1861. A tremendous amount of work went into making of this book. However it contains incorrect information which unfortunately has made its way into The History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsor Connecticut 1635=1891 Including East Windsor, South Windsor, Bloomfied, Windsor Locks and Ellington regarding the descent of three Josiah's as descending from John Read instead of William.Read/Reed and ending up into the first David Read.

    According to the source as listed above Josiah Read married Grace Holloway. Their son Josiah Read married Elizabeth Amsden, and Josiah Reed and Elizabeth Amsden, son David was born 30 June 1706 which the Reed Book acknowledges. And David Senior married Hannah Raynesford/Raynsford and they had a son named David Read Junior. With this line being correct THERE IS ONLY TWO Josiah and not three as indicated by the Reed Book and Genealogy of Windsor. CT.

    I do hope that with the information and the source, you that have incorrect information would kindly correct your information. If you are unable to see the History of Weymouth Volune 4 on Genealogies, I will gladly mail you a copy of such pages that I have put forth in my No. 1 & No. 2 e-mails. I could possibly attach them to an e-mail but I have been having trouble and mailing would be best.

    Also please note that William Read No 1 in 2nd e-mail had two wifes, Susannah Hayme & Ruth Crooke.The 2nd William Reed/Read and in No. 1 e-mail had supposedly only one wife named AVIS, as he is the one that died 1658.

    Respectfully Hal [Harold Smith]

    Fw: No. 3 E-mail on the Two William Read/Reed of Massachusetts Bay Colony
    "Harold Smith"

    Hello Everyone: This is the THIRD e-mail of which I am forwarding to you all. I realize that there are those of you that possibility do know some of the facts that I have presented in these three e-mails. However from what I have gleaned through the postings at rootsweb many of you do not. And there are to many that have the FIRST William Read who was marred 1st to Susannah Hayne and 2nd Ruth Crook, and have him as married to Avis Deacon and this as you have now seen is INCORRECT.

    Since I am a 81 year old who needs a nap in the afternoon and it is past 1 PM, I will not start off with the e-mail that will supply additional data for your information. Take care & God Bless. Hal [Harold L. Smith]

    Subject: No. 3 E-mail on the Two William Read/Reed of Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Dear Cousins Evelyn & Julie and other William Read Researchers/or descendants. I have to come back to the History of The Reed Family In Europe and America by Jacob Whittemore Reed, which was published by John Wilson and Son 22 School Street, Boston, Massachusetts in 1861.

    On page 41 & 42 of this book is a write up of William Reade of Boston, and His Descendants which is Chapter II. I quote: "1.*[*this number always indicate the generation] Willialm, the son of Richard Read of Whittlesey in the county of Kent. He came to America with Gov. Winthrop in 1630, or about that time; and settled first in Weymouth, but removed to Boston. He was engaged in mercantile business, but, a portion of the time, commanded his own vessel. He died on his homeward passage from Ireland, on board the ketch "William and Mary," of which he was part owner. An inventory of his estate was taken Sept. 23, 1667, in the schedule of which was real estate at the North End and in King Street (now State Street), some broadcloths, a tailor's goose, &c. He probably had done some business as a merchant tailor. His first wife's Christian name was Susan, who died Oct. 12, 1653. He married for a second wife, a person whose Christian name was Hannah, Nov. 25, 1656. His children were,--Edward, who was born in 1618; John, 1620; Samuel, 1624. These three settled in Marblehead. He had a daughter Margaret, who married Richard Stubbs of Hull, March 3, 1658; Richard, who settled in Marblehead; Susanna, who married John Cann, July 30, 1661; Christropher, who was a tanner in Charlestown, and died in 1696, leaving a widow by the name of Catherine."

    Parts of the above appear to represent both my No. 1 and No. 2 William Read of Weymouth. Savage in his expert dictionary of 3 generations gives forth the following:

    "William, Boston, PERHAPS very early, but more prob. not, as it seems likely that most, if not all of his ch. were brot. from Eng. So far as can be gather, or reasons, conject. they were Margaret, wh. m. 3 Mar. 1659, Richard Stubbs; Susanna m. 13 Dec. 1659, Samuel Smith; Esther m. 30 July 1661, John Canney, all at B. Edward, Richard, and Samuel, all at Marblehead, and it is said Christopher, wh. d. at Charlestown 1696. Tradit. tells, that he d. at sea on a passage, 1667, hither from Ireland."

    I will also quote from Savage;s book regarding what I feel are the No. 1 and No. 2 William Read's I outlined in E-mails No. 1 & 2.:

    "WILLIAM, Weymouth. freem. 2 Sept. 1635, rep. 1636 and 8, had John; William, b. 15 Dec. 1639; Esther, 8 May 1641; and prob. others, certain Mary wh. d. by rec 16 Apr. 1655. But ano. Mary, d. of one William at W. m. 11 May 1657, John Vining, by the same rec. so that some mistake may be fear. Perhaps the earlier date refers to the mo. of the m. Mary. He had also Thomas, Margaret, and James."

    Of the above I feel that this is the No. 2 William Read in my No. 1 e-mail except parts of him being freeman 2 Sept. 1635, & representative 1636 & 8 according to History & Genealogies of Weymouth these dates belong to my No. 1 William Read in No. 2 e-mail. Also the Mary that married John Vining also belongs to my No. 1 William Read, who is my 9th great grandfather.

    And regarding the above William of Boston, this has to be another William who has also been confused with the two William Read's of Weymouth.

    Now for what Savage says about my No. 1 WILLIAM READ, my ancestor. "WILLIAM, Boston, PERHAPS, br. of the first John, there by w. Susanna, had Susanna, and John b. 25, bapt, 27 Sept. 1646, a. 4 days old, as the ch. rec. says. His w. d. 12 Oct. 1653, and he m. 20 May 1654, Ruth Crook, had
    William 3 Feb. 1655, d. soon;
    Isaac, 18 Apr. 1656;
    Ephraim 23 Nov. 1657;
    Jonathan, 23 Apr. 1659;
    Timothy 11 Aug. 1660;
    William, again 7 May 1662;
    Hezekiah, 6 July 1663;
    Sarah, 26 June 1665;
    Eliz. 22 Dec. 1666; and
    Eliz again, 22 Apr 1669.
    He may have been of the first proprs. of Worcester, 1674. His d. Hannah d. 25 Nov. 1656, by rec. and dau. Susanna m. 13 Dec. 1659, Samuel Smith."

    One can see the differences and that the record of History and Genealogies of Weymouth brings to full light what the two William Read's families actually were, and Savage confirms most of No. 1 William Read.. I still will quote further from the Reed book because of its inaccuracies and yes the honorable writer should not be blamed as he only put forth what information he received and some sixty years later when the information was better the History and Genealogies of Weymouth were able to shed the right light onto these pioneer immigrants.

    "Chapter VIII. William Reade of Weymouth, and His Descendants. 1. WILLIAM READE, supposed to be the son of William Reade and Lucy Henage, was born in 1605, and sailed from Gravesend, in the county of Kent [this differs from all other sources, which say they sailed from Dorset and with Rev. Joseph Hull's Co.]in the "Assurance de Lo" (Isaac Broomwell and George Persey, masters), in 1635. He settled in Weymouth, Mass; and was made freeman Sept. 2, 1635. He bought a house and land of Zachary Bicknall [Zachary is also an ancestor of mine], for seven pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence, in 1636; which was an average porice for homesteads at that early day. Only one year before the date of William Reade's purchase, all the land in Boston Proper, with the exception of six acres in and about Charles and Beacon Streets, was sold by William Blackstone for thirty pounds. Previous to 1650, a dwelling-house in Boston, and lot of land, would not command a greater than a good cow; while, in 1857, the average of the valuation of dwelling houses was $5,500. Mr. Reade was among the early settlers of Weymouth,--it having been made a plantation, May 8, 1635; and Rev. Mr. Hull and twenty-one families settled there. He was representative from Weymouth, in 1636 and '38. The Christian name of his wife, it is SUPPOSED, was Ivis [NOTE; This name is of course incorrect]. Their children were -- William, born Oct. 15, 1639 [NOTE; Weymouth has William born 15 Dec 1639]; Esther, May 8, 1841; Thomas; [NOTE: Weymouth credits this Thomas to the other William Read]; John, 1649 [this John & year should be the other William Read, as this William Read's John was born in Boston 25 Sep 1646 & baptized at First Church of Boston 27 Sep 1646]; Mary, who married Thomas Dyer [NOTE; The only William Read to have had a Mary according to Weymouth records was No. 2 William Read and it says that she died at Weymouth 16 Apr. 1655.]; Margaret who married John Vining, Mary 11, 1757, and died May 6, 1659."

    I will conclude for today with quotes from History of Norwich Connecticut From Its Possession By The Indians to The Year 1866, also Brief Sketch of The Life of The Author By Frances Manwaring Caulkins, & Published by The Friends of The Author in 1874. From Page 197 the following:

    "XXX. READ (or Reed)

    "The marriage of Josiah Read to Grace, the daughter of William Holloway, took place at Marshfield in November, 1666. At this time he had probably cleared his home-lot and prepared his domicile in Norwich. About the year 1678, he removed from the town-plot to a farm "over Showtucket," and was probably the first permanent settler upon that gore of land which was then called the Crotch, but afterward Newent. He had a brother JOHN, at that time living "near Pease's farm," within the present limits of Bozrah."

    "It is PROBABLE that the brothers JOSIAH and JOHN READ married sisters. The farm of William Hollooway in Marshfield fell to his two daughters. It was sold, one half in 1670, by "Josiah Reed of Norridge, in the Colony of Connecticut," as the inheritance of his wife Grace, and the other half in 1673, by "Hannah Read, formerly Holloway," whom we suppose to have been the wife of John. The only proof, however, is the coincidence of name."

    "A third brother, HEZEKIAH Read, was considerably younger than the others. The father, whose Christian name has not been recovered, died in 1679, leaving Hezekiah a minor, who, in accordance with his own request, was committed by the court to the guardianship of his brothers, Josiah and John, "for his good education in the fear of God, good literature, and some particular calling.""

    "John and Hezekiah Read do not come again within the range of our history. It is probable that they removed from the town, as in the next generation we find only five of the name enrolled as householders, and these were Josiah and his four sons, Josiah, Jr., William, John and Joseph, --all of them "farmers in ye Crotch of ye Rivers.""Josiah Read, the elder, died July 3, 1717.""Mrs. Grace Read, his wife, died May 9, 1727.""William Read died Aug. 13, 1727, leaving a wife, Mary, and an estate valued at L407."

    I will close for now as you most certainly have much to digest. This is brought forward to enlighten others into the REAL descendants of the 2 or 3 William Read's as there is so much disinformation at rootsweb. I know that if I did not have the sources of History & Genealogies of Weymouth and History of Norwich by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, I would not know what to believe.

    Hal [Harold L. Smith]
  • _TMPLT:
  • FIELD:
  • Name: Page 1
  • Birth: 1607
  • _SDATE: 1 JUL 1607 in Batcombe, Somerset, England
  • Note: Age 11 at marriage if birth was 30 Aug 1618.
  • Christening: 30 AUG 1618 St. Peters, Canterbury, Kent, England
  • Immigration: 1635
  • _SDATE: 1 JUL 1635 Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
  • Note: Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635 with Rev. Joseph Hull's Company, sailing on or near March 20, 1635 Weymouth, Dorset -- 6 May 1635 Boston Massachusetts
  • Event: painted the portrait of Gov. Richard Bellingham. Literature 1641
  • _SDATE: 1 JUL 1641
  • Note:

    Vern had wondered who was in possession of the canvas painting of former Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was painted according to Charles X. Harris by William Read, of Batcombe, Somerset County, England, Weymouth & Boston, Massachusetts and Norwich, New London County, Massachusetts. I will put forth what it says at the beginning from page 912 as follows:

    "BELLINGHAM, Richard 1592 (?) - 1672. Governor. Through the courtesy of MR. THOMAS R. CLARKE, OWNER, of the canvas, MR. CHARLES X. HARRIS, brought it to Boston, for examination on February 10, 1925. The hair is brown, the cap black, the eyes brown, the cloak scarlet, edged with black velvet, the coat the dead black of broadcloth. The stretcher is of thin hardwood, and measures 19 X 21 3/4 inches. The portrait has never been rebacked, and bears this inscription:

    Govr Ri Bellingham Effiegies
    Delin Boston Anno Dom 1641
    Aetatis 49, W. R.

    This is the story, and the whole story as described in the above website. Now where was it in 1925 when it was owned by Mr. Clarke and then bought to Boston, Massachusetts for examination by Charles X. Harris does not show in the story. However in 1869 when Alexander M. Burrill a noted legal writer who died in 1869 in New Jersey. It was then in possession of the heirs of Alexander M. Burrill and Thomas R. Clark or Clarke then obtained it from the heirs but the time that he obtained it, is not mentioned.

    Go to and search for "Govr Ri Bellingham Effiegies"
    Click on: The Founders: Portraits of Persons Born Abroad Who Came to the Colonies in ... - Page 912
    by Charles Knowles Bolton - Biography & Autobiography - 2006 - 440 pages

    "The pedigree of the portrait follows at the death of the Governor, passed to his widow, at her death, in 1702, to her nephew, Capt. Edward Pelham [1639-1730] of Newport, inherited it at the death of his son Edward Pelham Jr. In 1741, it went to his daughter Penelope, wife of Joseph Crowley, of Newport. From her it passed to her daughter, Henrietta wife of Lt. Jaheel Burrill, who moved the portrait to New York, where he died in 1839. At the death of Mrs. Burrill in 1841, it passed to their son, Alexander M. Burrill, a noted legal writer who died in 1869 in New Jersey. Mr. Clarke obtained it from the heirs."

    "All that is known and conjectured regarding "W.R." is contained in the following statement by Mr. Charles X. Harris."

    "The reason for believing that the initials stand for WILLIAM READ, who in 1641 painted an oil portrait of Governor Bellingham and lettered it on the back of the original canvas, that has never been relined are as follows."

    "At the time this portrait was painted in Boston in 1641, there were THREE persons named WILLIAM READ of maturity living in the Colony."

    "1. William Read of Woburn, Massachusetts was an uneducated man, who signed his name with an X mark."

    "2. William Read of Weymouth, Massachusetts, was a FARMER with unknown affiliations."

    "3. WILLIAM READ of BATCOMBE, England, came to Weymouth in 1635, resided there until 1646, when he removed to Boston where he lived until 1674. He died at or near Norwich, Connecticut in 1679. The year following his arrival in Massachusetts Bay Colony, he was elected a member of the General Court which brought him in touch with Bellingham, who officiated there from the year of his arrival in 1634 until the time of his death in 1672. BOTH were members of First Church of Boston for twenty-six years."

    "In 1665, the year the map of The Massachusetts Bay Colony was drawn by WILLIAM READ, there were two persons named William Read, of Boston, Massachusetts, William Read of Batcombe, England and William Read, a cloth merchant and sea captain. There is no record of this sea captain being in Boston before 1661. He died at sea on a return trip to this country, from Ireland in 1667. He never held office in our Colony."

    "WILLIAM READ of Batcombe was well known through longer residency and association with BEllingham, BOTH members of the General Court, and as William Read is the ONLY artist so far recorded with the initials 'W.R.', it would seem, most reasonable, that WILLIAM READ of Batcombe was the artist who painted the portrait of Bellingham, and later in 1665 was selected among the artists of Boston to draw up a map of The Colony Massachusetts by order of the General Court, and was paid for making it by the Treasurer of the same court. A copy of this map is believed in the British Museum. Charles X. Harris."

    The following is the website showing a short bio of William Read of Batcombe and indicating that he indeed was an artist:

    William Reade, 8th great grandfather of Vern Taylor.
  • Death: 13 JUN 1669 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut
  • Note:
    William Reade #2 (&Avis) died between Jan and Apr 1658:
    On 11 Jan. 1657-58, "William Read payd Thos. Dyer 2s 46d. for 2000 bolts" cut on the Town Common. On 6 Apr. 1658, "the Townsmen ordered that the Widow Read shall have liberty to take in a garden plott before her House."
  • Burial: JUN 1669
  • _SDATE: 15 JUN 1669
  • Ancestral File #: 4GT1-HD
  • Ancestral File #: 8Q7F-DC
  • OBJE:
  • FILE: C:\Users\Vern\Photos\Richard_Bellingham.jpg
  • FORM: jpg
  • Title: Gov of Massachusetts painted by William Read
  • Note: painted by William Reade
  • _SCBK: Y
  • _PRIM: Y

    Father: John? READE b: AFT 1570 in , Somerset, England
    Mother: Widow b: AFT 1580 in , Somerset, England

    Marriage 1 Susannah HAYME b: 1606 in Gillingham, Dorset, England
    • Married: 12 OCT 1629 in Gillingham, Dorset, England
    1. Has No Children Hannah READE b: 1632 in Gillingham, Dorset, England
    2. Has No Children Susannah READE b: 1634 in Gillingham, Dorset, England
    3. Has No Children Margaret READE b: 20 JAN 1636 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts c: 20 JAN 1636 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
    4. Has No Children William READE b: 15 OCT 1639 in of Middleboro, Plymouth, Massachusetts c: in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
    5. Has Children Esther (Easter) READE b: 8 MAY 1641 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
    6. Has Children Josiah READE b: 1643 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts c: 1643 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
    7. Has Children John READE b: 25 SEP 1646 in Windham, Windham, Connecticut c: 27 SEP 1646 in of Norwich, New London, Connecticut

    Marriage 2 Ruth CROOKE b: 1636 in Hammersmith, Middlesex, England
    • Married: 20 MAR 1654 in Boston, Sulfolk, Massachusetts 2

    1. Abbrev: Ancestral File (TM)
      Title: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ancestral File (TM). June 1998 (c), data as of 5 JAN 1998une 1998 (c), data as of 5 JAN 1998.
      Name: Footnoteune 1998 (c), data as of 5 JAN 1998
      Name: ShortFootnote
      Name: Bibliographyune 1998 (c), data as of 5 JAN 1998.
        Name: Family History Library
        Salt Lake City, UT 84150 USA

        Name: Family History Library
        Salt Lake City, UT 84150 USA
    2. Abbrev: IGI - International Genealogical Index
      Title: International Genealogical Index [IGI] (Salt Lake City: Family History Library)istory Library
      Name: Footnoteistory Library)
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        Stockton, CA 95207
        Good library!
        Hours: T-Th 10am-9pm.
        Closed last two weeks of Decenber
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        Name: Stockton Family History Center
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        Good library!
        Hours: T-Th 10am-9pm.
        Closed last two weeks of Decenber
        Closed at 5:00 pm 1st Thursday of the month, staff mtg.
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