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  • ID: I10013
  • Name: John * Griffin , Sr.
  • Sex: M
  • Change Date: 17 SEP 2015
  • Birth: 1742/1743 in NC (or VA or England) 1
  • Death: 4 JAN 1840 in Carpenter's Mill place, Pike Co., AL 2 3
  • Burial: Pea River Cem., near Brundidge, Pike Co., AL 4
  • Residence: 21 AUG 1837 Pike Co., AL 5
  • Occupation: Agriculture 6
  • Note:
    I have not found the parents of the subject John Griffin. My leading candidates for his ancestors USED TO BE, as discussed below, John Griffith/Griffin (who d. 1761 in Edgecombe Co., NC) & wife Mary Hardy, mainly because the subject John named his eldest son Hardy, who was my ancestor. John & Mary (Hardy) Griffin had sons: John Griffin, Hardy Griffin, Joseph Griffin, Dempsey Griffin, Lewis Griffin, as well as daughters Melinda, Anne, Mary and Delilah based on three abstracts & transcriptions of the 1761 Edgecombe Co. will of their father kindly sent me by my correspondent, Charlene Moore.

    I once speculated that the subject John Griffin Sr. was a son of the Hardy Griffin, son of the above John & Mary (Hardy) Griffin. The given name of the subject John's eldest son, Hardy, was very suggestive of a family relationship with that elder Hardy Griffin. However, March 2009 Y-DNA test results indicate a 90% probability that Franklin Royce Griffin, Jr. (test kit #142905), a proven descendant of the subject John through son Asa, has a most recent common ancestor (no further back than 8 generations) with David Keith Braswell (kit #6943). The grandfather of the subject John would be 8 generations before Royce. Keith is a likely descendant of James Braswell (b. ABT 1671 Isle of Wight Co., VA) who had migrated to Edgecombe Co., NC by about 1715 and who died there in 1760. My correspondent and present administrator of the FTDNA Braswell project, Ann Braswell, has that Elizabeth Griffin, daughter of that other Hardy Griffin, married Dempsey Braswell, son of William & Martha Braswell of Edgecombe Co. (Nash Co. AFT 1777), NC. (Note that Hardy Griffin had a brother Dempsey Griffin.) I have entered Dempsey Braswell's ancestry into my database back to Richard (I) Braswell who d. 1725 in Isle of Wight Co., VA, as provided by Ann Braswell. [See my notes for Archibald Griffin, brother of that Elizabeth Griffin, who was the guardian for three Braswell orphans.] This and the Y-DNA test results initially suggested to me that the subject John Griffin Sr. was a descendant, through adoption or another non-paternal event, of the Braswells of Edgecombe Co., NC. I therefore added the family of the above James Braswell to my database. I've also read of the 28 Jun 1764 marriage of Lewis Griffin to Mary Braswell in Edgecombe Co. I've added that marriage to Lewis Griffin, who I have in my database as a son of the above John & Mary (Hardy) Griffith/Griffin. Mary Braswell's ancestry has also been traced back to the above Richard (I) Braswell by Elaine King Kubinski.

    Note that Keith Braswell's DNA results DON'T at all match those of proven descendants of the Bracewells of Isle of Wight Co., VA. Furthermore, Carey Bracewell, past administrator of the Braswell DNA project, wrote me that DNA results and primary records indicate that Robert Bracewell Jr. (brother of the above Richard (I) Braswell) and wife Susannah (nee Burgess) had no legitimate issue. Keith Braswell's likely patriarch, the above James Braswell, is named in Susannah Braswell's 22 Oct 1714 Isle of Wight will. But the 1692 will of Richard Towle explicitly names "my three youngest children of Susanna Braswell", which casts doubt on the legitimacy of ANY of her Braswell children. Those doubts proved to be well founded when further documents suggested, and DNA evidence proved, that Susannah bore two Braswell lines, neither of which came from the Bracewells of Isle of Wight Co. The older line was evidently from Richard Towle, but the line headed by the above James Braswell is from an unknown paramour of Susannah, which she apparently acquired after Towle. This unknown paramour in 1670 Isle of Wight Co., VA, may well have been a GRIFFIN, but Royce Griffin had no close matches in early 2009 to ANY testee in the Griffith/Griffin surname project. This may be because I have found no PROVEN descendant from the Edgecombe Co. GRIFFIN clan who has tested with the project, though there are one or two testees who MAY have such descent.

    Another patriarch surname, CARTER, is also suggested by the 36/37 marker match of Royce Griffin to a testee named Joseph Curtis Carter, whose lineage was apparently traced by his test contact, Carter Darnell, back to Henry Carter b. ABT 1810 in Barnwell Co., SC, who died there in 1880. Joseph's test results have no close match to any other testee in the CARTER surname project. Another brick-wall!

    My correspondent and descendant of the subject John Griffin Sr. through his son Isaac, Dr. John Barr Pugh, arranged to have his cousin, John Howell Griffin, tested (kit #158352) to confirm the above unexpected findings with Royce's test. John's September 2009 results closely matched those of Royce, and neither closely matches another testee in the Family Tree DNA GRIFFITH / GRIFFIN surname project. This is because no one with that surname has tested who descends from a patriarch from whom the subject John Griffin Sr. also descends. I'm hopeful that one will test in the future who closely matches John & Royce. Note that, like Royce, John also has close matches with Keith Braswell (and Lolan Brazell), and with Joseph Carter, discussed above. Some experienced Braswell / Bracewell researchers believe that the available documentary evidence suggests that both Lolan & Keith descend from the above Susannah (nee Burgess) Braswell and an unknown paramour.

    David G. Griffin's FTM User's Web Site has compiled considerable research on John & Mary (Hardy) Griffin's son, Hardy Griffin, who died intestate in Dec. 1794 in Nash Co., NC, after which his widow, Mary Griffin, filed a petition for her dower land at the Nov. 1806 Nash Co. Court. And since there was no will, and no recording of a division of land among his heirs, David G. Griffin notes that the search for his children has been tedious. David also documents that Hardy's son, Archibald Griffin, administered his father's estate. Nash Co. had been formed from Edgecombe Co. in 1777. If the subject John Griffin was born in 1742/43, I once thought he might have been the son of this Hardy Griffin, who's birth year is unknown to many researchers, including David G. Griffin. I've seen birth estimates for Hardy from 1708 to 1725. I'd guess he was born about 1720 with his death at age 74.

    Another reason I no longer suspect that the subject John Griffin is a descendant of the the GRIFFIN family of Edgecombe Co. / Nash Co., NC, is that the Y-DNA testees from his line do not match the results for a testee (kit #ADC02) from Thomas C. Griffin, ancestor of my correspondent Linda Harrison, as discussed in my database notes for him. Among the children of Thomas C. Griffin are sons with the given names of Thomas, Hardy, Joseph, Dempsey, and Bryant. These given names are often found in the descendants of the Edgecombe Co. / Nash Co. family, some of whom are found in Cumberland Co., NC after around 1820. Also, the Thomas C. Griffin testee (James David Griffin kit # 140101) has results which closely match those of testee Waymon Griffin (test kit # 47332) who speculates his brick-wall, John Griffin b. c1735 who m. Martha Jones in my database, PROBABLY descends from the Edgecombe Co. family.

    Dr. John Pugh told my correspondent and Pike Co., AL researcher & Griffin descendant, Linda Harrison, that DAR papers of Mrs. Jessie Strickland Ferrell indicate that the subject John Griffin was b. 1743 England & d. 1840 at age 97 and, with Mary Clark (d. 1820), was the father of Col. Jones Griffin (1784 - 1836). (See my notes for son Jones Griffin which indicate he likely was NOT the Col. Jones Griffin who d. 1842 who I also have in my database.) Pugh mentions an 1895 newspaper article, possibly based on an interview of John Griffin's grandson Thaddeus Warsaw Griffin (see my notes for him), which says that John was born either in VA or NC. (See below for more on that newspaper article.)

    My correspondent, Bill Griffin, sent me his "Outline Descendant Report for Jonathan "John" Griffin" in Sept. 2015. It has the subject John with the given name of Jonathan. It also has him b. 1743 in Kidderminster, Worcestershire Co., England, and d. 1840 in Carpenters Mill place, Pike Co., AL (see below for newspaper article source). I doubt that the subject John Griffin was born in England and had the given name of Jonathan. LDS Pedigree Resource File (PRF) MMD8-4M8 has the subject John Griffin b. in 1741 in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England - giving as its source an Ancestry Family Trees, The PRF has my John as the son of Samuel Griffin & Elizabeth Shemans, who are also given as the parents of another John Griffin (1736-1738). My John Griffin was NOT born in 1741.

    Karen Bullard, of the Troy City (AL) Library, kindly sent a scan of a 20 Mar 1895 article in the Brundidge News to my correspondent, Nick Griffin, that appears to me be based on an interview of William Ashley Griffin of Brundidge, grandson of the subject John Griffin, through his son Isaac Griffin. Thaddeus Warsaw Griffin may also have contributed but he is not a subject of the article. Brundidge is about 10 miles SE of Troy in Pike Co., AL. The article has the following on the subject John Griffin: "Was born in 1730 in either Virginia or North Carolina, probably the latter. His first wife was Miss Rebecca Welsh and belonged to a prominent Virginia family and he married her in that state. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and carried British lead in his body to the day of his death. He came to Alabama before it was admitted as a state and settled in Greene County, and while living there married the second time to Miss Henderson, a cousin of Eli and Shade Henderson. He came to Pike in 1822 and settled on the Mulkey place, close to where Bethel church now stands, about five miles north of Brundidge. He remained there until 1826 when he went to Columbus, Ga, with his son Isaac but returned to Pike in 1832. He died in 1840 at the Carpenter's mill place, two and one-half miles east of Troy, at the advanced age of 110 years."

    John appears in 1790, 1800 & 1810 Cumberland Co., NC, U.S. Census which makes it likely that his children born during this period were all born there. (My correspondent, Kay Dawson, found that a book of transcriptions of the North Carolina State Tax Lists for 1784-1787 has no listing for Cumberland Co. Kay also found a book of "Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants" but none fit with the subject John Griffin. Some researchers, including Linda Harrison, speculate that John PROBABLY was an older brother to Joseph Griffin in 1790 & 1800 Cumberland Co. (see my notes below for research by Dan Griffin that indicates otherwise). Linda Harrison found that the Govr. of NC, Benjamin Williams, deeded 200 acres surveyed 14 Aug 1794 to John Griffin in 1800. (In May 2011, following the lead given me by Dan Griffin, I found that Cumberland Co. land records have been indexed by grantor/grantee from 1754 thru 14 Jul 1985 and the images may be viewed at their USGenWeb Site. I verified the 14 May 1800 grant in Book 24 page 264 and an earlier grant to John Griffin of 200 acres on the west side of Mingo on the 10th day of ? 1790 in Book 10 pages 493/494.) Linda Harrison also has that John Griffin was taxed on 1200 acres in Cumberland Co., in 1804 and that John Griffin sold over 1136 acres on the Black River (at Mingo Swamp) in 1812, 1815 (to son Horatio), 1818 (to son-in-law "James Deans" and another to David Evans). The last was 350 acres to David Evans on 14 Nov 1818 and three deeds were proved at the Sept. 1819 Cumberland Co. Court, apparently in anticipation of John's planned migration to AL. Dan Griffin kindly sent me a list of John Griffin's deeds which included all of the above plus his purchase of 350 acres on the Black River from Hardy Bryan, as discussed below.

    My correspondent and Braswell researcher, Kay Dawson, kindly took digital photos of pages in "Abstracts of Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Cumberland County North Carolina". Volume II, which covered April 1779 - January 1791, had: (1) John Griffin on a jury for suit No. 35 during the 24 Oct 1787 court session; (2) John Griffin on juries for two suits, Jno. Griffin on a jury for suit No. 7, and John Griffin was fined for jury non-attendance during the 30 Apr 1788 session; (3) John Griffin was fined for non-attendance during the session before 2 May 1788; (4) John Griffin's fine during the prior session was reduced during the 2 May 1788 session; (5) Joseph Griffin was part of a jury to lay off a county road during the session before 29 Oct 1785; (6) A deed from David Mims to Joseph Griffin was proved by Jacob Levins during the 25 Jul 1787 session; (7) Joseph Griffin was assigned to a jury pool during an unknown term during 1787. Kay reported that no GRIFFIN (or variant spelling) was listed in the index for Volume I, which covered October 1755 - January 1779 in Cumberland Co.

    Ann Braswell wrote me of John's purchase of Cumberland Co., NC land in 1802 with leads as follows: "Kent, do you know who the Hardy Bryan of Johnston County is who sold John Griffin of Cumberland County in 1802 two tracts of land on Black River in Cumberland County for 100 pounds? It was witnessed by James & Elizabeth Hodges and proved by Philemon Hodges. I went to Johnston county and found Hardy Bryan adjacent to an Asa Bryan who witnessed a deed gift of a Patience Smith to her children. Because John Griffin's estate papers name heirs Asa, John, Jonathan, Hardy, Horatio, Jones, Thomas & James Dean who married Patience, administered by Issac these Bryans caught my eye. (Because James Braswell the 1st had a son named Simon I noticed the name Simon Bryan as well to put on the back burner just in case) Maybe John Griffin named his son Hardy after Hardy Bryan, and Asa after Asa Bryan, and perhaps Patience unknown who married James Smith was a Bryan too." My follow-up to these leads from Ann are discussed below. This 1802 land on Black River was apparently the land John sold (see above) in 1812-1819.

    The above sale for 100 pounds of two tracts totalling 350 acres on Black River was found in Cumberland Co., NC, DB 21 on p. 18 as made on 19 May 1802. Hardy Bryan was a resident of Johnston Co., NC, at the time. Per DB 14 pp 112-114, Hardy Bryan was also a resident there when he originally bought those same two tracts from David Bell, also of Johnston Co., on 16 Jul 1794 for only 20 pounds. Johnston Co. bordered Cumberland Co. to its NE prior to 1855, when Harnett Co. was formed from northern Cumberland. The 200 acre tract interestingly was partly bounded by William Bryan's "own line". The Cumberland Co. GRANTEE deed index has William Bryan buying 350 acres on Turkey Pen Branch in 1768 from Charles Falkner. Jean Mayo Hirsch's RootsWeb World Connect (RWWC) database "7213" has POSSIBLY the same Hardy Bryan [b. 4 Jun 1753 Johnson (sic) Co., NC] as a brother of William M. Bryan, Jr. [b. 18 Jul 1747 Johnson (sic) Co., NC].

    I found a John Griffin Sr. deeded land to John Griffin Jr. in 1758-1765 Johnston Co., NC, per the Book 6 Grantor/Grantee Index. (There were no other John Griffin listings prior to 1790 when the subject John Griffin had clearly settled in Cumberland Co.) He can't be the subject John Griffin Sr., whose son John Jr. was not born until ABT 1792. Since I have found no evidence that the subject John Griffin Sr. was ever in Johnston Co., I doubt that he named son Hardy Griffin [b. ABT 1778 in NC] after the above Hardy Bryan. I similarly doubt John named son Asa Griffin [b. 1797 NC] after Asa Bryan [b. 1750 of Johnston Co., NC per Ruthie Crandall's RWWC database ":3220669"]. Hirsch has that Asa Bryan descends from: Lewis Bryan 1729 < John Bryan ABT 1686 < Lewis Bryan Sr. ABT 1658 < John Bryan Sr. ABT 1630. She also has that Hardy Bryan descends from: William Bryan 1724 < Needham (I) Bryan 1690 < William Bryan ABT 1669 < John Bryan Jr. ABT 1650 < John Bryan Sr. ABT 1630.

    Dan Griffin contacted me in May 2011 and had PROPOSED that Joseph Griffin of 1790 & 1800 Cumberland Co., NC, was LIKELY the father of his brick-wall, Henry Griffin b. 1788 who married Edith Utley in Cumberland Co. (on 5 Dec 1810 per Chris Coffield's RWWC database for Henry Griffin URL below:
    and who is listed as born in NC in census records. Dan's extensive deed research indicates Joseph's land, bought first in 1787 on Beaver Dam Branch, was basically adjacent to that of William Utley's on Goodrich Creek in Cumberland Co., in the far northwest corner of the county.

    Dan also located the land of the subject John Griffin, at Mingo Swamp & Black River, to be on the opposite side of the county. Dan tells me Y-DNA tests of one testee from his Henry Griffin (pedigree G71) do NOT closely match those of the two current testees from the subject John Griffin. Interestingly, Joseph sold his Beaver Dam Branch land in 1800 and bought land on Carvers Creek - just 10 miles or so from John's Mingo/Black River land. Dan doesn't know what that means, given the above Y-DNA mismatch.

    John Griffin is next found in AL - 1820 Bibb Co. (per 1822 marriage record; no AL census extant in 1820), 1830 Dale Co. (per census, age 80-90, b. 1740-50) & 1840 Pike Co. (per census, age 90-100, b. 1740-50). John received two claims in the 1832 GA lottery, presumably being a Rev. War vet., for land at Dahlonega, GA, site of the 1828 gold rush. [See the above story that John and Isaac lived in Columbus, Muscogee Co. (formed 1826), GA, from 1826 to 1832, when they returned to Pike Co., AL. Sons Asa & Hardy were in 1820 Hall Co., GA.] Sons Asa, Hardy, Jonathan, & Jones also drew claims in 1832. Linda Harrison has that John & last wife Dorcas followed son Isaac, there in 1830, to Pike Co. John Pugh told Linda that John Griffin was there by 1822, apparently based on the above Brundidge News article. Linda found that John Griffin of Dale Co., AL, first bought 40 acres in Pike Co. on 21 Aug 1837 (see below for more details). Linda has found no evidence that any of John's children, other than Isaac, came to Pike Co. Linda has copies of John's estate papers, administered by son Isaac, which were filed there on 31 Oct. 1840 and name as heirs sons Asa, John, Jonathan, Hardy, Horatio, Jones, Thomas & (son-in-law) James Dean. Linda also notes that the appraisement of his estate was filed on 28 Nov 1840. See notes for son Hardy who said his father died 4 Jan 1842 in a Pike Co. deed of sale. John may have have instead died 4 Jan 1840 assuming the x-count for the male in John's 1 Jun 1840 household means he had died by the time his household was enumerated. See below for more on that census record.

    John Griffin bought 40.025 acres of public land in Pike Co., AL at S34-T10N-R21E (the same section where son Isaac bought land) on 21 Aug 1837.

    Dr. John Pugh found that on 1 Oct 1784, a Mr. John Griffin was issued 94 pounds sterling for pay and bounty due him for service as a private in Ross' troops, Middleton's Regt., Sumter's Brigade, State troops from April 1782.

    I did not find a Rev. War pension application for any John Griffin residing in AL in the index of applications in the National Archives (published by the National Genealogical Society in 1977). The above 1832 GA land lottery claims are evidence of the subject John Griffin's Rev. War service. The 1840 Pike Co., AL census has the household of John Griffin (with age 90-99 x-male and age 90-99 1-female only) with the special listing of John Griffin age 97 (b. ABT 1743) as a pensioner for his "revolutionary or military service."

  • Note:
    I'm guessing that the above 1782 Sumter Mr. John Griffin was serving in South Carolina and was the man described in the following record kindly sent me by my correspondent and Griffin researcher, Karen Griffin: "Chain of title for Edward Brown; Lease and release 30 and 31 Apr. 1785; John Griffin, son and heir at law of Jones Griffin, dec'd., to Horatio Griffin, both of the District of Ninety Six, for 10 pounds sterling, 100 acres (it being part of a 200 acres tract of land, originally granted to Edward Brown 12 June 1751, and given by the sd. Brown in his last will and testament to Gabriel Elemons and conveyed by the sd. Elemons to John Bates by lease and release and from thence to Jones Griffin, father of the above John Griffin, (by other deeds of conveyances dated 20 Apr. and 1 May 1778), in Ninety Six District on the north side of Saludy River on Bigg Creek and bounded E by John Musgrove; N by Wallis Jones; W by sd. Bigg Creek. Signed John Griffin. Wit: Phil. Waters and Isaac Mills. Proved before W. Malone, Clk. Ct. 6 Sept. 1787 [Newberry Co., SC, Deed Book A;405.]" I've read that the household of a John Griffin was counted in 1790 Edgefield Co., SC, which was established within District Ninety Six in 1785. [I found a count of 1-2-3-0-0 for that 1790 John Griffin.] Since my ancestor, the subject John Griffin Sr., was counted in Cumberland Co., NC, in 1790, 1800 & 1810, he's likely NOT the John Griffin of 1790 Edgefield Co., SC (who's said by researcher Estelle Cromer to have d. ABT 1830 in Edgefield Co.) BUT, I'm struck by the fact that the subject John Griffin Sr. had sons with the rather unusual given names of Jones and Horatio, names of men in the above 1785 District Ninety-Six, SC, record. MAYBE they all have a common ancestor. Two male Griffin descendants of a Jonas Griffin b. c1750 (of Edgefield Dist./Co., SC) have tested for the FTDNA Griffith/Griffin project but their results ( don't match the results for the above discussed testees from the subject John Griffin Sr. Edgefield Co. was part of Judicial Dist. Ninety-six in 1785. Karen Griffin (whose husband descends from brick-wall William Griffin d. 1817 Laurens Co., SC & wife Elizabeth Wharton, who also have an FTDNA testee kit #141349) believes the lines of Jones Griffin and Jonas Griffin are not related, and that no one from the Jones Griffin line has tested yet. Therefore, I have added to my database a PROPOSED family of the Jones Griffin dec'd named in the above 1785 Newberry Co., SC deed.

    The Wiregrass Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution ( is located in Enterprise, Coffee Co., Al. Its current president, Perry Vickers, kindly contacted me in March 2011 to invite me to the chapter's Grave Marking Ceremony for the subject John Griffin on 15 May 2011 at the Pea River Cemetery. That is the cemetery, which dates back to the time John Griffin died in 1840, where Perry says two of his sons are buried in marked graves next to unmarked graves, one of which is believed, by one who knows the cemetery well, to be John's grave. The cemetery is said to be located near Brundidge in Pike Co., AL. Linda Harrison says it's located near Williams Church on the Brundidge-Tennille Hwy. A map shows the cemetery bordering the north side of County Road 58 (Tennille Rd.), just east of where the south section of County Road 149 ends, 2.9 km (1.8 miles) from Williams Chapel United Methodist Chuch and 9.3 km southeast of the town of Brundidge . (Another Pea River Presbyterian Church Cemetery is located near Clio, Barbour Co., AL,) I found Find A Grave memorials and tombtone photos at that cemetery for John's son, Isaac Griffin (1796-1868), Isaac's wife Margaret Griffin (1802-1864), and Isaac & Margaret's son, Burwell Griffin (1832-1861). The earliest of the 30 Pea River Cemetery memorials in Mar. 2011 at Find A Grave is for a man allegedly buried there (no tombstone photo) after his death in Aug. 1848. Perry Vicker's brother-in-law, who lives in Troy (Pike County seat), knows many of the Griffin kin who now live in Pike Co. and is the one who tracked down the grave site where they are very sure John Griffin is buried in an unmarked grave.

    John Kelsoe, past president of the Wiregrass Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, wrote present president Perry Vickers in Mar. 2011 that the subject John Griffin is documented in the 1840 census as a Revolutionary War pensioner, as discussed above. John Griffin is also said to be documented by the Alabama Dept. of Archives as a Revolutionary pensioner buried in Pike County. Kelsoe concludes John Griffin's pension file must have been lost to history before it could be preserved by an archivist. Perry Vickers stated that they had found records that John Griffin served with the 2nd South Carolina Regiment. Kelsoe wrote the State Archives of South Carolina and ordered copies of pay vouchers and indents issued for John Griffin's service, which the SAR would deem acceptable as proof of service.

    On May 11, 2011, Perry Vickers sent me and Dr. John Pugh ten (numbered 2 thru 11) scanned images of the records they received. They all appear to be for the 1782 John Griffin of Sumter's Brigade in South Carolina, discussed above, because that record (image #10) is included with the others from the SC Archives. Most significant to me is the 18 July 1785 State of Carolina pay record (image #2): "Mr. John Griffin his Account of Duty in the Militia as Private since the reduction of Charles Town". Record (#3) indicates John Griffin was paid for Duty to Col. Anderson, who I've read commanded the State Militia after that siege. I've read that the siege of Charles Town by the British was known as the Reduction of Charles Town and it ended on 12 May 1780 when Charleston fell to the British. This John Griffin probably served until the British surrendered at Yorktown in Oct. 1781. Image #8 is a claim signed with John Griffin's mark on 12 Nov 1781 (year is hard to read) for his service of 10 months in Lt. Col. Charles Middleton's Second Regiment. The award certificate for that service appears to be the document in image #10. The remaining records appear to be "indents" for his other service, including providing supplies, between Oct. 1781 and Apr. 1783. One document (image #4) is dated 17 Feb 1787 at South Carolina 96 District. See my database notes for this John Griffin, who APPEARS to have died before 1820 in Edgefield Co., SC. If true, that would explain why he too wasn't able to apply for a Rev. War service pension provided for by Federal law prior to 1832. To repeat, I don't believe that the John Griffin of SC is the subject John Griffin.

    Marriage 1 Rebecca (alleged spouse) Welsh b: in of VA
      1. Has Children Hardy * Griffin b: ABT 1778 in NC
      2. Has No Children Jones Griffin b: ABT 1784 in Cumberland Co. (probably), NC
      3. Has Children Horatio Griffin b: ABT 1787 in NC
      4. Has No Children John W. Griffin , Jr. b: ABT 1792 in Cumberland Co. (probably), NC
      5. Has No Children daughter Griffin b: ABT 1795 in Cumberland Co. (probably), NC
      6. Has Children Isaac Griffin b: 17 JUN 1796 in Cumberland Co. (probably), NC
      7. Has Children Asa Griffin b: 1797 in Cumberland Co. (probably), NC
      8. Has No Children Jonathan Griffin b: ABT 1800 in Cumberland Co. (probably), NC
      9. Has No Children Thomas Jonathan Griffin b: ABT 1803 in Cumberland Co. (probably), NC

      Marriage 2 Dorcas Henderson b: ABT 1785
      • Married: 6 AUG 1822 in Bibb Co., AL 7

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