The Phillips, Weber, Kirk, & Staggs families of the Pacific Northwest

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  • ID: I28996
  • Name: Activity LOG , Archives7
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1 DEC 2003 in Keeps track of daily updates to file
  • Death: in From Dec 2003 through 4 Oct 2005
  • Note:
    Log of changes:

    4 Oct 2005:
    1. Added ancestry for John Bernard, b. 1437.
    2. Extended ancestry for Alice le Moyne, b. 1300.
    3. Extended ancestry for Margaret Knollys, b. 1416.
    4. Added Isabel (Elizabeth) le Moyne, b. 1432, as wife of John Hallywell/Halighwell, per MCA.
    5. ADDED ancestry for Margaret Sydney/Sidney, b. 1435, wife of Nicholas Gainsford, per MCA, SGM, BP.

    21 Sep 2005:
    1. Added ancestry for Agnes Hesketh, b. 1363, wife of Lawrence Fitton.
    2. Added ancestry for John de Loudham, b. 1300, per SGM.
    3. ADDED ancestry for John 5th Baron le Scrope, of Barton, b. 1437, per CP.
    4. ADDED ancestry for Amauri 4th Baron de St. Amand, b. 1431, per CP.
    5. Added ancestry for William de la Pole, d. 1328.
    6. Changed ancestry of Joan de Keynes, b. 1250, wife of Roger Lewknor, per MCA.
    7. Changed order of wives for Thomas de Lewknor, d. 1375, per MCA.
    8. Merged Beatrice & Beatrix (as 1 person) Lewknor, b. 1363, with 2 husbands.
    9. ADDED ancestry for Andrew "3rd Baron" Luttrell, b. 1313, per CP.
    10. ADDED ancestry for Thomas Chaworth, b. 1380, per CP & MCA.
    11. Changed parents for John Biset, b. 1284, & William Biset, b. 1283.
    12. Added ancestry of Agnes de la Bere (Delabar), b. 1426, wife of Robert Danvers.
    13. ADDED royal ancestry for Susanna Barnard, b. 1628, wife of William Shattuck, per MCA, SGM, etc.

    12 Sep 2005:
    1. Added ancestry for Christian Cheyne, b. 1308, wife of Alexander de Seton.
    2. Added ancestry for Alan Durward, d. 1275, per SGM.
    3. CHANGED ancestry for Muriel de Soules, b. 1280, wife of Richard Lovel, per SGM.
    4. CHANGED ancestry for Miss de Soules, b. 1297, wife of John Keith, per SGM & BP.
    5. Changed husband of Elizabeth Johnson, d. 1749, from James Stewart to brother Ebenezer.
    6. Updated ancestry of Isabella Drake, d. 1639.

    30 Aug 2005:
    1. Updated ancestry of Jane Borgate/Burgate, b. 1262, per VCH-Essex.
    2. Verified ancestry of Miles 1st Baron de Stapleton, d. 1314, per CP, SGM.
    3. Updated ancestry of Emma de Cardinam, b. 1228, per SGM.
    4. Added Emma de Craon, b. 1102, as wife of Roger de Huntingfield, per SGM.
    5. Updated ancestry (Woodthorp, Craon, to Robert II of France) of Maud de Woodthorp, b. 1256, per SGM.
    6. Extended ancestry of Beatrice de Theydon, b. 1191, wife of William de Gernon, per VCH.
    7. ADDED ancestry for Thomas FitzOtes/FitzOtto, b. 1231, father of Maud, wife of John Botetourte, per SGM.
    8. Updated ancestry of Margaret de Eyton, b. 1443, per SGM.

    24 Aug 2005:
    1. Changed mother of Elizabeth Echingham, wife of Thomas Hoo & Thomas Lewknor, per MCA.
    2. Combined Margaret/Margery de Peplsham, b. 1346, wife of Robert Cralle & William Batisford, per SGM.
    3. Changed ancestry of Nicholas Wentworth, d. 1557, per MCA.
    4. Changed parents of Margaret de Brewes/Braose (I previously had "de Tibetot"), d. 1349, per MCA & SGM.
    5. Added ancestry for John Samford/Sanford, of Melbury Sampford, b. 1185 (or 1190).
    6. Added ancestry for John Sanford, of Aston Sandford, b. 1144.
    7. Extended ancestry of Christian/Christina Sandford/Saunford/Sanford, b. 1207, wife of John du Plessis.
    8. ADDED ancestry for John Husee/Hussey, of Betchworth, b. 1266, per CP & others.
    9. Updated ancestry for Joan Hussey, b. 1355, wife of Thomas Hungerford.
    10. ADDED ancestry for William Hussey, of Sleaford, b. 1391.
    11. ADDED ancestry for Mary Hussey, b. 1395, wife of Henry Howard, per CP, MCA.

    20 Aug 2005:
    1. Changed mother of Josce de Dinham, d. 1301, to Isabel de Vere, per SGM, MCA.

    16 Aug 2005:
    1. Added Lucy dau. of Hugh de Corona, b. 1268, as wife of William de Baggiley/Baguley.
    2. Changed ancestry (and dates of descendants) of Grace de Tracy, b. 1115, wife of John de Sudeley, per CP, BP, SGM.
    3. Changed ancestry of Oliver de Tracy, d. 1210, per SGM.
    4. ADDED ancestry for John Bagot, b. 1366, & Maud Bagot (wife of John FitzSymond), b. 1363, per BP.
    5. Added ancestry for Jane FitzSimon, b. 1432, wife of Henry Wentworth.
    6. Verified ancestries of the Earls of Essex through 15th Earl (list "Essex," in index), per CP.
    7. Added ancestry for Isabella de Eyam & Robert de Stafford, b. 1250.
    8. Updated ancestry of Margaret Clarell, b. 1405, wife of William Gasoigne, per MCA.
    9. Changed wife of Thomas Clarell to Isabel Comyn, d. 1359, per MCA.
    10. Updated ancestry of John de Sudeley, d. 1367, per CP.

    13 Aug 2005:
    1. Changed Maud de Beauchamp (b. 1234)'s husband from Robert Marmion's 1st wife, to his father's, per SGM.
    2. Extended ancestry of Elizabeth Aske, d. 1403, wife of Thomas FitzWilliam.
    3. Updated ancestry of Margaret Daniers/Dammery, b. 1348, per SGM.
    4. Extended ancestry of Margaret de Norton, b. 1333.

    9 Aug 2005:
    1. Changed ancestry of Cecily de Dunstanville, of Tehidy, wife of William Basset, b. 1170, per SGM.
    2. Added ancestry for Margery Fastolf, d. 1341, plus tied in with Sir John Fastolf/Falstaff, b. 1377.
    3. Changed husband of Idoine (Idonea) de Vipont, Lady of Brough, b. 1262, to Roger III de Leybourne, per CP.
    4. Changed ancestry of Maud (Matilda) de la Mare, b. 1248, wife of Piers de Montfort, per SGM, MCA.
    5. Updated ancestry of Robert 1st Baron de Mohaut, of Rising, b. 1274, per CP (+SGM,MCS,AR).

    8 Aug 2005:
    1. Changed parents for Eleanor de Brereton, b. 1402, wife of John Savage, per MCA.
    2. Updated ancestry of John Corbet (3rd Lord Corbet of Caus), b. 1298, per CP.

    9 Jul 2005:
    1. Changed ancestry of Avice de Lascelles, b. 1210, per SGM.
    2. Changed ancestry of Matilda Musard, b. 1160, wife of Matthew Hathersage, per SGM.
    3. Changed parents of Alice de Furnival, b. 1260/2, wife of Thomas Foljambe.
    4. Updated ancestry of Robert de Draycote Beke, b. 1471, per SGM.
    5. CHANGED/ADDED ancestry of Hercules Foljambe, d. 1632, per SGM, MCA, etc.

    7 Jul 2005:
    1. Added ancestry for Temperance Cherry, b. 1800.
    2. Changed ancestry of William (Thomas) Walwyn, d. 1471, per SGM & VCH.

    26 Jun 2005:
    1. Updated ancestry of John Chaundos, b. 1349, per CP.
    2. Updated ancestry of John Brugge/Brydges, d. 1557, per CP
    3. Updated ancestry of William Throckmorton, d. 1628.
    4. New ancestry of Thomas Baynham, d. 16 Feb 1499/00, per VCH.
    5. New ancestry for Robert Greyndour, d. 1443, per VCH.
    6. New ancestry for William Walwyn, d. 1471, per VCH.

    25 Jun 2005:
    1. Changed parents for Katherine de Clifton, b. 1398, per MCA.
    2. Changed parents for Maud Hotham, b. 1380 (was 1360), per MCA.
    3. Changed mother for Mary Elizabeth Fitzwilliam, b. 1512 (previously 1508), per MCA.
    4. Separated Mauduits of Warminster from the Mauduits of Somerford & Mauduits of Eshot, per SGM & CP.
    5. New ancestry for Maud Mauduit (of Warminster), b. 1354, per SGM.
    6. Updated ancestry for Gilles (Egidia) Mauduit (of Somerford), b. 1308, per CP.
    7. New ancestry for Elizabeth Mauduit (of Eshot), b. 1345 (was 1310).
    8. Added Miss Mauduit, Heiress of Eshot, b. 1346, as wife of John Heron, per SGM.
    9. Changed Gamel de Tettesworth's wife to Heiress of Mottram St. Andrew, b. 1045.

    22 Jun 2005:
    1. Added Alice de Hastings, b. 1270, as wife of Walter Heron, per CP.
    2. Changed ancestry of Gilbert d' Aton, d. 1350, per CP.
    3. Verified ancestry of John Darcy, of Knaith, d. 1347, per CP.
    4. New ancestry for Joan Walrond, b. 1411, per A2A.
    5. New ancestry for Mary Walrond, b. 1338.
    6. New ancestry for Jane (Joanne) Fowell, b. 1475.
    7. Extended ancestry of Walter Reynell, of Malston, b. 1411.

    17 Jun 2005:
    1. Added 2nd wife and information for Renaud de Chatillon, Prince of Antioch, d. 1187, per SGM.

    16 Jun 2005:
    1. Changed Isabel Basset (wife of Thomas Shirley & Gerard Braybrooke), d. 1393, to Isabel de Meynell, per SGM.
    2. Added information for William St. John, of Faumont, b. 1236, from CP & SGM.
    3. Changed parents of Emma de Meynell, b. 1180, per SGM.
    4. Added ancestry for Isabel de Meynell, d. 1393, per SGM, MCA, & CP.

    14 Jun 2005:
    1. Updated ancestry of William de Forz, d. 1260, plus other Counts of Aumale per CP.
    2. Updated information on Earls of Atholl (list "ATHOLL," from my index), per CP

    10 Jun 2005:
    1. Eliminated "Margaret Sawyer" as 2nd wife of John Savage, d. 1386, and mother of Dorothy.
    2. Changed father of Dulcia (Alice) Savage, d. aft. 1480, from John III Savage to John IV Savage, per SGM.
    3. Verified ancestry of Edward 5th Baron de Cherleton, b. 1371, per CP.
    4. Removed William de la Pole, d. 1328, from any known parents, per SGM, CP.
    5. Verified ancestry of Hawise de la Pole, b. 1290, per CP.
    6. Changed mother of William 1st Earl Douglas, b. 1327, to Beatrix de Lindsay, per CP.
    7. Eliminated Dornagilda Comyn, b. 1295, from files.
    8. Changed Eva de Torrington (wife of Oliver Tracy & Thomas London) to Eve FitzWarin, b. 1183, per SGM.
    9. Changed parents for Thomas de Tracy, b. 1230, per SGM.

    10 Nov 2004:
    1. Changed ancestry of Matilda de Hilton, b. c1335, wife of John Hotham, per CP.
    2. Added ancestry for Bertram de Monboucher, b. c1345, per SGM.
    3. Changed husband of Emma Darel, b. c1157, from Marmaduke to his father Robert de Thweng, per CP.
    4. Updated the ancestry of Marmaduke 1st Baron de Thweng, d. 26 Feb 1322/3, per CP.
    5. Changed ancestry of Maud Hilton, b. c1350, wife of John Constable, per SGM.

    27 Aug 2004:
    1. Identified Ida de Ros, b. c1230, as wife of Roger Bertram, Robert Neville, & John FitzMarmaduke.
    2. Changed husband of Christine Bertram, b c1218, from Robert de Ros to his son William de Ros.
    3. Changed mother of Juliane FitzMaurice, b. c1262, per PA3.
    4. Added Aveline de Faucomberge, b. 1218, as wife of Giles de Goushill/Goxhill per SGM.

    1 Jul 2004:
    1. Changed mother of Mary Elizabeth FitzWilliam, b c1508.
    2. Changed parents of Neil (Niall) Earl of Carrick, Regent of Scotland, d. 1256.
    3. Updated parents & grandparent of Geoffrey de Marisco, Justiciar of Ireland, d. 1245, per SGM.

    16 Jun 2004:
    1. Changed parents of John (Smith) Bland, b. c1578.

    10 Jun 2004:
    1. Changed grandfather of Maria of Bulgaria, d. bef. 1118, from Samuel to Ivan, per SGM.
    2. Changed wife of Richard Sherburne from Agnes Stanley to Agnes Harington, b. 1388, per SGM.

    24 Feb 2004:
    1. Extended ancestry of Avice Heiress de Tanfield, b. 1205, per CP & SGM.
    2. Changed mother for Engelbert III Duke of Carinthia, b. 1100.
    3. Changed ancestry of Ramiro II Ramirez Lord of Monzon, b. 1076, per Turton.
    4. Added ancestry for Diego Lainez de Vivar, b. 1020, per Turton.
    5. New mother for Garcia III King of Navarre, b. 960, per Turton.
    6. New mother for Sancho II (Abarca) Garces King of Navarre, b. 938, per Turton.
    7. Added ancestry for Gerard I Count of Rheineck, b. 1075, per Turton.
    8. Updated ancestry of Arnold V Count of Loos, d. 1139, per Turton.
    9. Updated ancestry of Siegfried Count of Rittegau & Northeim, d. 1004, per Turton.
    10. Updated ancestry of Bruno II Count of Brunswick, b. 965, per Turton.
    11. Added ancestry for Spondana Princess of Picts, b. 662, per Turton.
    12. Split Andre de Montdidier, Sgr de Ramerupt, d. 1105, & Andre de Baudemont , d. 1142, into two people.
    13. Changed wives of Walter II Comte de Brienne, d. 1158, per SGM.
    14. Added ancestry for William 2nd Baron Stourton, b. 1430, per CP.
    15. Added ancestry for John Chidiok, "6th Baron FitzPayn", b. 1401, per CP.
    16. Ellen/Eleanor Montagu, b. 1360, identified as 1st wife of John Dinham, d. 1428, per SGM.
    17. Eliminated Janet Forrester & her ancestry as wife of Robert Maxwell, b. 1340, per CP.
    . . . .(Janet m. Robert Maxwell, great grandson of this Robert Maxwell)
    18. Verified ancestry of Herbert 1st Lord Maxwell, of Caerlaverock, b. 1388, per CP.

    20 Feb 2004:
    1. Added Nigel de Plumpton, b. 1216, as 2nd husband of Amice (Avicia/Alice) de Clare, b. 1220.
    2. Attached parents for Alice Mowbray, b. 1187, wife of Robert de Plumpton.
    3. Identified Hawise (Alice) Trussell (AKA Tursell), b. 1270, as daughter of William Trussell.
    4. Added ancestry for Joan de Neville, Heiress of Mirfield, b. 1249, wife of Thomas Heaton, per SGM.
    5. Inserted new generation in ancestry of Elizabeth Jocelyn, b. 1428, per SGM.
    6. Changed mother of Eva Pecche, b. 1273, wife of Robert Tudenham.
    7. Identified (tentatively) Eve Criketot as Eve (Eva) Pecche, b. 1240, per SGM.
    8. Added tentative Roeulx ancestry for Payne de Roet, b. 1315, per SGM.

    11 Feb 2004:
    1. Added Miss de Lacy (dau. of Hugh de Lacy), b. 1168, as wife of William FitzAlan, per SCaAtCP.
    2. Changed ancestry of Petronella (Pernel) de Grandmesnil, b. 1130, per CP & SCaAtCP.
    3. Verified ancestry of Robert IV de Beaumont, 4th Earl of Leicester, b. 1158, per CP.
    4. Changed ancestry of Helwise (Heloise) de Stuteville, b. 1156, wife of Hugh Morville, per SGM.
    5. Changed ancestry of Robert IV de Stuteville, Master of Cottingham, d. 1205, per SGM.
    6. Changed ancestry of Robert V de Stuteville, of Cottingham, d. 1213, per SGM.
    7. Merged Ralph d'Aubigny father of Gunnor into Ralph d'Albini, b. 1126, per SGM.
    8. Merged Sibyl de Valognes, mother of Gunnor, into Sibyl de Valognes, b. 1138, per SGM.
    9. Added ancestry for Elizabeth (Isabella) de Brabant, b. 1281, per LDB.
    10. Verified ancestry of the Earls of Kent (list "Kent," from my index), per CP.
    11. Added ancestry for John Blennerhasset, of Frenze, b. 1434.
    12. Verified ancestry (added wives, etc.) of Walter Dennis, of Olveston, b. 1437, per SGM.
    13. Updated ancestry of Earls of Devon (list "Devon," from my index), per CP.
    14. Changed wives of Hugh de Courtenay, b. 1358, per PA2.

    8 Feb 2004:
    1. Changed ancestry of John de Weyland, of Blaxhall, b. 1265, per SGM.
    2. Added father attached to ancestry for Richard FitzWalter, b. 1428.
    3. Removed parents from Beatrice de Teyden, b. 1174, wife of Robert de Brus, per CP.
    4. Added ancestry for Hugh 1st Baron Neville, of Hallingbury, b. 1276, per CP.
    5. Added ancestry for Robert de Keynes/Kaynes, b. 1265, per SGM.
    6. Added ancestry for Humphrey FitzAlan, 15th Earl of Arundel, d. 1438, per CP.
    7. Added ancestry for John 1st Baron Dinham, of Nutwell, b. 1433, per CP.
    8. Changed father of Joan de Okeston, b. 1258, to be Richard Earl of Cornwall, per SGM.

    29 Jan 2004:
    1. Updated ancestry of Walter Montgomery, of Cubley, b. 1260, per SGM.
    2. Changed Henry 4th Baron de Ferrers of Groby's wife to Joan de Poynings, b. 1356, per PA2.
    3. Changed mother of Isabella de St. Philbert, b. 1343.
    4. Updated ancestry of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester & Hertford, b. 1291, per CP.
    5. Added Emma de Lathom, b. 1290, as 1st wife of John de Stanley, per SGM.
    6. Added Isabel de Fissacre, b. 1245, as wife of Richard de Hydon, per SGM.
    7. Merged Isolda de Bathonia into Isolde de Pyn, wife of Henry Pomeroy & Roger Bodrugan, per SGM.
    8. Changed generation for Joan de Valletort, b. 1195, wife of Henry de Pomeroy, per SGM.
    9. Merged Harding FitzEadnoth de Meriet into Harding FitzEadnoth, of Bristol, b. 1065, per SGM.
    10. Identified Isabel de Meriet, b. 1295, as wife of William d'Aumerle, per SGM.
    11. Changed ancestry of Edward de Pomeroy, of Sandridge, b. 1388, per SGM.
    12. Merged James de Newmarche, into James de Newmarch, of Cadbury, b. 1180, per SGM.
    13. Updated ancestry of Richard Foliot, of Norton, b. 1160, per SGM.
    14. Added father for John Doreward, b. 1350, per SGM & me.
    15. Extended ancestry of Diego Gomez de Toledo, b. 1334.

    27 Jan 2004:
    1. Updated ancestry of Elizabeth 6th Baroness Ferrers, of Groby, b. 1419, per CP.

    23 Jan 2004:
    1. Added ancestry for Joanetta (Jane) Beckwith, b. 1435, wife of William Gasoigne, per SGM.
    2. Changed mothers for Agnes Gascoigne, b. 1397, wife of Robert Constable, per SGM.
    3. Updated ancestry of Ermentrude FitzWalkeline, Heiress of Anslow, b. 1227, per SGM.
    4. Added Mary Berkeley, b. 1505, as mistress of Henry VIII, per SGM.
    5. Updated/extended ancestry of Reynold Perot (AKA. Reginald Perrott), of Harlington, b. 1265, per CP.
    6. Tentative ID of Bertha de l'Aigle, b. 1044, as wife of Henry de Ferrers/Ferrieres, per SGM.
    7. Verified ancestry of Robert de Ferrers, 6th/Last Earl of Derby, b. 1239, per CP.
    8. Verified ancestry of William 7th Baron Ferrers, of Chartley, b. 1412, per CP.

    22 Jan 2004:
    1. Changed generation for Anne Sttaford, b. 1435, wife of William Berkeley, per SGM.
    2. Verified ancestry of Richard Neville, 2nd Baron Latimer, b. 1468, per CP.
    3. Changed generation for Joyce Stafford, b. 1462, wife of Marmaduke Constable, per SGM.
    4. Changed ancestry of Ursula de Waldegrave/Walgrave, b. 1240 (merged dupes Walgrave & Waldegrave)
    5. Added some ancestry for John Fray, Chief Baron of The Exchequer, b. 1395, per SGM.

    16 Jan 2004:
    1. Attached William de Morville, of Bradpole/Wraxall, b. 1109, to parent.
    2. Added ancestry for Nicholas le Archer, of Stoke Archer, b. 1235.
    3. Changed ancestry of Maud de Solers, Heiress of Hope & Pauntley, b. 1273, per SGM.
    4. Identified place of origin of Maud de Curveville, b. 1088, wife of Robert de Vipont, per SGM.
    5. Changed Roger le Brun's name to Jordan le Brun, b. 1247.
    6. Changed generations for Walter Giffard, Lord of Boyton, b. 1152, per SGM.
    7. Attached John 1st Baron Devereux, of Lyonshall, b. 1335, to parents, per CP.
    8. Extended ancestry of William 1st Baron Deverois (AKA Devereux), of Lyonshall, b. 1240, per CP & SGM.
    9. Changed ancestry & wife of Walter de Cormeilles, b. 1160, per SGM.
    10. Verified/Changed descent of Robert Warren, of Newton, b. 1485, per SGM.
    11. Extended ancestry of Philip IV de Columbers/Columbiers, of Nether Stowey, b. 1209, per CP.
    12. Attached Henry de Columbaris/Columbiers, b. 1155, to parents.
    13. Added ancestry for John de Erleigh (AKA. Erlegh), of Beckington, b. 1308.
    14. Changed ancestry of Griffin (Geoffrey) Warren, Ancestor of Ightfield, b. 1225, per SGM.
    15. Added ancestry for Ranulf de Warenne, of Whitchurch, b. 1135, per SGM.
    16. Added Clemence le Boteler, b. 1175, as wife of Nicholas de Verdun & mistr. of John King of England.
    17. Changed ancestry of Alianore de Warenne, b. 1238, per SGM.

    13 Jan 2004:
    1. Changed ancestry of Thomas 3rd Baron de Sutton, of Holderness, b. 1316, per CP.
    2. Added ancestry of John 1st Baron Sutton, of Dudley, b. 1400, per CP & PA.
    3. Added Margaret le Boteler, b. 1278, as wife of Geoffrey Warburton, per SGM.
    4. Merged Ada de Furness into Ada of Workington, b. 1160, per SGM.
    5. Updated ancestry of Isabel le Boteler, b. 1261, wife of Henry le Boteler, per SGM.
    6. Added some ancestry for Joyce Martival, Heiress of Noseley, b. 1310, per SGM.
    7. Changed ancestry of Hugh Bradshagh/Bradshaw, d. 1381.
    8. Changed father of Roger Lane, of Hereford, b. 1559.
    9. EXTENDED ancestry of Ralph Lane, of Orlybere, b. 1509.
    10. Added some ancestry for John de Haudlo, & Crundale, d. 1346, per CP.
    11. CHANGED ancestry of Margaret 2nd Baroness de Verdon, b. 1362 (was 1347), per CP.
    12. Verified ancestry of James Harington, of Old Hall, 5th Baron Verdon, b. 1447, per CP.
    13. Added tentative ancestry for Bewes 1st Baron de Knovill, of Blanchminster, b. 1345, per CP.
    14. Changed all references to "Blackmere, Cornwall" to "Blakemere, Weobley, Herefordshire" (sorry).

    8 Jan 2004:
    1. Updated ancestry of Fulk VI 2nd Baron FitzWarin, of Whittington, b. 1280, per CP & SGM.
    2. Attached Jean de Molanwelz Sire de Roeulx, b. 1085, to parents.
    3. Attached Jordan de Say, of Clun, b. 1090, to parents.
    4. Added ancestry for Bartholomew Toret, of Morton Toret, d. 1135, per SGM.
    5. Changed ancestry of Joan (Jonet) Cunningham, Heiress of Polkellie, b. 1295, per SGM.
    6. Added Isabel de Pershale, b. 1363, as wife of Robert Francis.
    7. Updated/extended ancestry of Robert Francis, of Promverk, b. 1342.
    8. Changed ancestry of Thomas le Despenser, of Arnesby & Burton, b. 1159, per SGM.
    9. Changed ancestry of Gerard II Count von Egisheim, d. 1098, partially per Turton.
    10. Updated/extended ancestry of Eberhard IV Count of Lower-Alsace (Nordgau), b. 910, per Turton.
    11. Attached Richilde Countess of Egisheim, b. 1030, wife of Baudouin VI of Flanders, to parents.
    12. Merged Elisabeth de Morialme, b. 1190, wife of Nicholas Conde AND Robert VII Bethune.
    13. Added Joan House, b. 1406, as wife of Elias Doreward, per SGM.
    14. Added husband & father for Margery Maunton (AKA. Lyhart), wife of James Hobart, per PRO-CAT.

    7 Jan 2004:
    1. Tentative ID of Godeheut de Toeni, b. 1192, as wife of William de St. John, per SGM.
    2. Added ancestry for Jean I Chatelain de Lille, d. 1200, per LDB.
    3. Changed ancestry of Eustace III Canivet Sire de Roeulx (was Roeux), b. 1164, per LDB.
    4. Updated/Extended ancestry of Agnes Toft, b. 1246.

    6 Jan 2004:
    1. Attached Agnes de Thornhill, b. 1263, to parents.
    2. Changed ancestry of Adam de Swinburne, b. 1265.
    3. Added ancestry for William Stirling, 1st Laird of Keir, b. 1393.
    4. Renumbered Archambaud VII Seignuer de Bourbon, b. 1140 (was VIII per LDB), per SGM.
    5. Added ancestry for Gautier III (Gaucher) Seigneur de Salins, b. 1100.

    5 Jan 2004:
    1. Inserted Guy I Comte d'Auvergne, d. 989, into Auvergne line, per LDB.
    2. Inserted Renaud de Corbeil, b. 1020, into Corbeil line, per LDB.
    3. Merged Neel I de Cotentin, b. 1010, with Niel IV de St. Sauveur, b. 1008.

    3 Jan 2004:
    1. Changed ancestry of Beatrice di Parodi (AKA. de Montferrat), b. 1140, per SGM.
    2. Added Adelais Dame de Venisy, b. 1160, as wife of Gaucher de Joigny, per LDB.
    3. Added Ermengarde de Montaigu, b. 1073, as wife of Thomas de Coucy, per LDB.
    4. Added father for Alberic de Coucy, Seigneur de Boves, b. 1015, per LDB.
    5. Changed ancestry for Kunigunde von Monschau, d. 1214, per LDB.
    6. Attached Otto II Duke of Swabia, b. 996, to parents, per LDB.
    7. Changed ancestry of Gottschalk Count van Zutphen, b. 1025, per LDB.
    8. Changed mother of the children of Jean I Duke of Brabant, b. 1252, per LDB.
    9. Changed ancestry of Aymon de Bourbon, b. 1080, partially per LDB.
    10. Merged Hermengarde de Bourbon into Ermengarde de Bourbon, b. 1057, per LDB.
    11. Added Emmeline de St. Suzanne, b. 982, as wife of Hugh de Lavardin, per LDB.
    12. Changed ancestry of Jean I Sire de Toucy, b. 1207, per LDB.
    13. Added wives for John I "le Sage" Count of Burgundy, b. 1190, per LDB.
    14. Added wives for Hugh IV Comte de Rethel, d. 1277, per LDB.
    15. Added husbands for Alix (Alice) de Champagne, d. 1246, per LDB.
    16. Updated ancestry of Isabelle de Grandpre, b. 1245, per LDB.
    17. Changed mother for Guy II 'le Rouge' de Vignory, b. 1030, per LDB.
    18. Added wives for Raoul III "The Great" Count of Valois & Vexin, b. 1015, per LDB.
    19. Changed generations for Mathilde (Mahaute) de Bethune, b. 1039, per LDB.
    20. Changed ancestry of Everard I de Mortagne, Castellan de Tournai, b. 1060, per LDB.
    21. Merged duplicate line (Everard I Radulf, Duke of Mortaigne) into #20 above.
    22 Split Ida d'Avesnes, b. 1160, into Ida, b. 1155, and Ida, b. 1184, per LDB.

    1 Jan 2004:
    1. Added parents for Aliz (Marie) de Beaujeu, b. 1115, per LDB.
    2. Changed parents for Agnes de Thiers, Dame de Montpensier, b. 1135, per LDB.
    3. Merged dupe (Herve de Semur) into Herve I de Donzy, b. 1005.
    4. Eliminated Blanche de Chalons & her father Hugh for Adele de Savoy, b. 1124, per LDB.
    5. Changed father of Maurice I de Craon, b. 1075, per LDB.
    6. Changed generation for Isabel de Meulan de Beaumont, b. 1145, per LDB.
    7. Changed generation for Clemence de Mayenne, b. 1162, per LDB.
    8. Added extra husbands for Emme de Laval, b. 1195, per LDB.
    9. Updated ancestry of Guy IV Seigneur de Laval, b. 1090, per LDB.
    10. Eliminated duplicate Hildegarde de Baugency line for Hildegarde de Beaugency, b. 1056.
    11. Changed generation for Mahaut (Mahaud) de Burgundy, b. 1152, per LDB.
    12. Changed mother for William II Comte de Nevers, & Auxerre, b. 1070, per LDB.
    13. Added Elizabeth de Champagne, b. 1130, as wife of William IV de Montmirail, per LDB.
    14. Added Mathilde (Mahaut) d'Avesnes, b. 1182, as wife of Louis IV de Chiny, per LDB.
    15. Inserted Louis I Comte de Chiny, b. 995, into Chiny line, per LDB.
    16. Changed generation of Ermengarde de Namur, b. 978.
    17. Possible ID of Caravicina de Rethel, b. 1057, as wife of Ponce de Trainel, per LDB.

    30 Dec 2003:
    1. Changed/EXTENDED ancestry of John Bethune, of Holkettle & Balfour, b. 1418.
    2. Added Adelaide de Picquigny, b. 1115, as wife of Dreux de Mouchy.
    3. Changed parents of Barthelemy "le Riche" de Vendome, b. 1090, per LDB.
    4. Changed wife of Foulques de Nevers to Petronille de Chateaurenaud, b. 1037, per LDB.
    5. Changed wife of Geoffrey II Seigneur de Preuilly to Almodis de Blois, b. 1020, per LDB & SGM.
    6. Changed parent of Gosbert de Preuilly, Seigneur du Bouchet, b. 1125, per LDB.
    7. Added Alix de Garlande, b. 1210, as wife of Adam de Villebeon, per LDB.

    29 Dec 2003:
    1. Attached Andrew Beauchamp, b. 1160, to parents.
    2. Added ancestry for Guillaume de Villehardouin, Seigneur Lezinnes, b. 1210, per LDB.
    3. Added ancestry for Geoffrey de Bruyeres, Lord of Karytaina, b. 1223, per LDB.
    4. Added ancestry for Othon II (Otto) de la Roche, Duke d'Athene, b. 1170, per LDB.
    5. Merged Roger de Berkeley, b. 1150, with Roger FitzNicholas, husbands of Hawise Paynel.
    6. Added Margaret Paveley, b. 1295, wife of Hugh Poyntz, per CP.
    7. Added doubts to Margaret Paveley, b. 1257, wife of Hugh Poyntz, per AR & MCS.
    8. Changed mother of Emma d'Arques, Heiress of Folkstone, b. 1074, per SGM.

    26 Dec 2003:
    1. Added tentative parents for Eudes Comte de Chartres, b. 860.
    2. Changed parent of Ermengarde de Burgundy (AKA. Dijon), b. 893, per SGM.
    3. Changed parents of Wiltrud (Amalrada) von Ringleheim, b. 870.
    4. Changed ancestry of Ludmilla (Ragnhildis) von Friesland, b. 863, per SGM.
    5. Changed ancestry of Renaud I Comte de Roucy, & Rheims, b. 925, per SGM.
    6. Added Gerlinde de Aquitaine, b. 679, as wife of Adalbert Duke of Alsace.
    7. Added Ava de Tours as wife of Unroch III of Friuli, partially per SGM.
    8. Changed ancestry of Cunigunde of Parma, b. 797, wife of Bernard King of Italy, per SGM.
    9. Changed ancestry of Suppo Margrave of Spoleto, b. 836.
    10. Merged Thierry II & Dietrich II Dukes de Lorraine, b. 1055, per SGM.
    11. Changed mother of Gisele de Lorraine, b. 1096, per SGM.
    12. Added ancestry for Ralph FitzWilliam, of Brompton & Withycombe, d. 1212.
    13. Changed ancestry for John Lewknor, of Goring & West Dean, b. 1425.
    14. Changed mother of Margaret Dalyngridge, b. 1363, per SGM.

    22 Dec 2003:
    1. Added Joan Bodrugan, b. 1310, plus updated ancestry, as wife of John Whalesburgh, per SGM.
    2. Changed parents for Alice de Vernon, b. 1162, wife of Henry Pomeroy.
    3. Updated ancestry of Alice de Nonant, b. 1137, wife of Robert Martin.
    4. Updated ancestry of Alice de Nonant, b. 1292, wife of John de Beauchamp.
    5. Extended ancestry of Agnes de Sully, b. 1080.
    6. Changed ancestry of Philippa (Philippe) Malbank, b. 1173, per SGM.
    7. Updated ancestry of Nicholas IV 2nd Baron Poyntz, b. 1278, per CP.
    8. Changed wives of Malcolm II of Scotland, b. 954.
    9. New wife Gergerga von Gleiberg, b. 972, as wife of Henry von Schweinfurt, per SGM.
    10. Changed ancestry of Herbert of Gleiberg, b. 947, per SGM.
    11. Merged Konrad II of Swabia with Kuno Count of Ohningen, per SGM.

    16 Dec 2003:
    1. Added ancestry for John Dishington, Lord of Ardross, d. 1482, partially per SGM.
    2. Updated ancestry for Beatrix (Marguerite) de Faucigny, b. 1150, per SGM.
    3. Changed ancestry for Hue (Agnes) Amboise, Heiress of Shenton, wife of William Harcourt.
    4. Changed ancestry for Elias Doreward, b. 1390, per PRO-CAT.
    5. Changed mother for Somerled King of the Isles, d. 1164.
    6. Reworked ancestry of Gervase (George) de Clifton, b. 1411, per SGM & CP.
    7. New mother for Joan de Keynes, b. 1242, wife of Roger Lewknor, per SGM.
    8. Updated ancestry of William Martel, of Martells Hall, b. 1189, per PRO.
    9. Updated ancestry of the Earls of Oxford (see my index under "Oxford,"), per CP.
    10 Updated ancestry of James 6th Lord Ross, of Halkhead, d. 1633, per CP.
    11. Added ancestry for Agnes Melville, b. 1454, wife of Robert Ross.

    10 Dec 2003:
    1. Added ancestry for Margaret Belville, b. 1385, wife of Edward de Pomeroy.
    2. Added ancestry for Roger FitzNicholas, Lord of Hull, b. 1154.
    3. Changed/extended ancestry of Robert Mortimer, of Thorpe le Soken, d. 1485, per SGM.
    4. Extended ancestry of John Bluet, of Raglan, b. 1345, per SGM, Visitations, etc.
    5. Extended ancestry of Agnes de Lindsey, b. 1115, per SGM.
    6. Added Adela de Vernon, b. 1044, wife for Nigel IV de St. Sauveur, per SGM.
    7. Added Godhilda Bore, b. 965, as wife for Nigel II de St. Sauveur, per SGM.
    8. Added Daughter of Richard I de Normandy, b. 949, as wife of Roger de St. Sauveur, per SGM.

    9 Dec 2003:
    1. Added Janet Hay, b. 1498, as wife of John Bethune/Betoun, per SGM.
    2. Added Marjory Scott (+ancestry), b. 1389, as wife of John Melville, per SGM.
    3. Added Margaret Melville, b. 1354, as wife of John (Roger) Boswell, per SGM.
    4. Changed mother of Katherine de Venables, b. 1305, wife of William Marney, per SGM.
    5. Eliminated dupes: Rutpert I Count of Upper Rhine & Wormsgau & Robert of Hesbaye + wives.
    6. Eliminated dupes: Guerin Count of Thurgovie & Guerin of Thurgovie + wives.

    3 Dec 2003:
    1. Added ancestry for Herve Seigneur de Chatillon, d. 999.
    2. Added father for Ellen Langford, b. 1326.
    3. Attached (tentatively) Geoffrey (Odo/Eudes) de Chaumont, d. 1079, to father.
    4. Changed wife of Ralph de Brereton, b. 1224, to be Miss de Hastings, b. 1234.

    1 Dec 2003:
    1. Attached Emma of Bavaria, b. 810, to parents.
    2. New mother for Margaret Wake, Baroness Wake, b. 1299, per CP, SGM, AR.
    3. Reversed the order of the two wives of Jean de Brienne, d. 1296, per SGM.
    4. Added Maud Princess of England, b. 1134, as 1st wife of Waleran de Beaumont, per CP.
    5. Changed 1st wife to Margery d'Oyly/Oilly for Waleran de Beaumont, Earl of Warwick, per SGM.
    6. Updated Earls of Warwick (see my index under "Warwick,") per CP.
    7. Verified the Dukes of Clarence (see my index under "Clarence,") per CP.

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