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  • ID: I100
  • Name: SMITH Ambrose Joshua
  • Surname: Smith
  • Given Name: Ambrose Joshua
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 11 Jun 1703 in Hanover Co (latter Louisa Co.), VA
  • Death: Aug 1759 in Orange Co. (now Chatham Co.) NC
  • _UID: 86F77540165BD711A0C0D7FC461B1631666B
  • Note:
    The earliest record that I have found that uses the full name of ?Ambrose Joshua Smith? is his 1714 transportation record.

    1664 (10 Oct) - Accomacke Co., VA. Captain Edmond Bowman 1,200 acs. in Accomacke County for the transportation of 24 persons including Joshua Smith. No other Smiths listed. Cavaliers and Pioneers, by Nell Marion Nugent, Vol. I, p. 455.

    1675 - Robert Price 450 acres Middlesex County, VA, March 21, 1675, beginning and Major Burnham's to his own plantation by Joshua Smith to Mr. Humphry Jones to land of the orphans of Mr. Richard Lewis. 300 acres granted for transportation of 3 servants. Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 175.

    Some believe Ambrose Joshua Smith was born 11 Jun 1703 in New Kent Co., VA.

    1703 (23 Apr.) - King William Co., VA. Ambrose Smith 600 acres in King William County between Herring Creeks, beginning on the south side of the run of Upper Herring Creek, 1/4-mile above the mouth of the Machacomico, southwest to Turkey Perch Branch, April 23, 1703, for the transportation of 12 persons--no Smiths listed. Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol III. by Nell Marion Nugent, page 74. (close to present day Aylett in King William Co., VA)

    1703 (23 Oct.) - King William Co., VA. Thomas Thomason granted 150 acres in King William County, VA, on a branch of the Governors SW, beginning at Col. Johnson's plantation to the old field near Thomason's house October 23, 1703, part of the land granted to Benjamin Arnold, John Hurt and Ambrose Smith April 24, 1703, who assigned it to the said Thomason for transporting 3 persons to the colony. Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol III. by Nell Marion Nugent, page 74. (Also 1703 - Virginia Colonial Land Grants Patent Book 9, p. 548)

    1703 (23 Oct.) - King William Co., VA. Joseph Cockrum 800acs: King William Co. bet. the Herring Creeks; beg. at Mattepony River just below mouth of Little Branch about mile below mouth of Up. Herring Creek; to head of Wolf Trap Br.; 23 Oct 1703 p.548 for transportation of 16 persons: ...[including] Christopher Smith and John Smith. Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III. by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 74.

    1703 (23 Oct.) - King William Co., VA. Ambrose Smith 200 acs: between the Herring Creeks; adj. Cockrum, Lewis & Williams?, & Hickman;?s land for transport of four persons.Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 76. (close to present day Aylett in King William Co., VA)

    1703 (23 Oct.) - King William Co. VA. Benjamin Arnold 1770 acs. beg. on Mattapony River at mouth of the low. Herring Cr.; up the river to Byrd?s corner; by run of Middle Herring Cr; to mouth of Myery Br; by Hill?s Br; p.571. Transportation of 36 persons: .... John Smith, James Smith,...Mary Smith. Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 76.

    There are no Ambrose, Joshua or Ambrose Joshua Smiths listed in the Virginia Quit Rent Rolls of 1704. The two Smiths listed in King William County in 1704 were 1.) Christopher with 800 acres and 2.) Edmond with 150 acres.

    1714 (June 16) - King William Co., VA. John Madison and Daniel Coleman of King and Queen County, 2,000 acres in King William County in a fork of the Mattapony River for the transportation of 40 persons--Smiths named: Ambrose Joshua Smith, George Smith and William Lavender (others named). Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III. by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 151.

    ?John [Spann] was married about 1746 in Northampton County, North Carolina to Miss Sarah Smith. She was born about 1725 at Mount Royal and was a daughter of George and Elizabeth Smith. This Smith family was present at Mount Royal by 1720, but their antecedents remain unclear. George Smith died during January of 1746 leaving his daughter Sarah a slave named Aggy. This same slave is later identified by name in the John Spann household, thus confirming Sarah?s parentage.? from a posting by Joe Spann at [JB Note: The son of John Spann and Sarah Smith was the administrator of Ambrose Joshua Smith?s estate.]

    1724 (11 June) - King William Co., VA
    On the petition of Thomas Carr Jun? Wm. Smith, Tho. Dickason, Ambrose Joshua Smith, Wm Mackgee and Anne Arnold* of King William County and Thomas Marten of Bristol Mercht setting forth that James Tayler, Edmund Tayler, Benjn Arnold,** Rowland Thomas and the sd Ambrose Joshua Smith having obtained a Grant to take up five thousand Acres of Land in the County of New Kent and five thousand Acres more in the said County at Elk Creek, the said James Tayler has made over to the aforenamed Thos Dickason his part of the said two Tracts, and the said Rowland Thomas hath made over to the said Thomas Marten and Thos Carr his fifth part of the said two Tracts, and Sarah the Widdow of Edmund Tayler hath made over her part to the said Willm Smith and Wm Mackgee, and the petrs therefore pray agreed to divide the said Land amongst them by Lott, and pray that the Surveyor of Hanover County in wch the sd Land now lyes, may be impowerd to lay off, and divide the said two tracts of Land in distinct Surveys of one thousand Acres each and that Patents may be granted to the respective persons who shall have Right thereto; It is accordingly Order?d that the Surveyor of the County of Hanover do divide the said Land according to the prayer of the above Petition, and that separate patents be granted to the petrs for the same. p. 74

    1724 (9 Jul.) - Hanover Co., VA. Ambrose Joshua Smith granted 400 acres in Hanover County, VA on both sides of Great Rockey Creek adj. Col. Taylor's line July 9, 1724. Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 265.

    1725 - Ambrose married Judith Anderson, daughter of Thomas and Agnes Gannaway Anderson in 1725, in Louisa County VA. Judith was born in 1704 in Hanover County, VA. She died in August, 1758 in Chatham County, NC. The first recorded mention of her being Ambrose's wife was July 1, 1735, when they witness the deed between Edward MacGhee of King William County, VA and Samuel MacGhee of Hanover County, VA.

    1725 (1 Aug.) Hanover Co. VA. Thomas Dickason granted 1,000 acres on both sides of Overton Fork on Elk Creek adj. Ambrose Joshua Smith. Linda Cheek. 1993. Smith Wills-Deeds & Family Histories. p.454.

    1725 (14 Aug.) - Hanover Co., VA. Ambrose Joshua Smith was granted 2,000 acres on Elk Creek adjacent to Overton Fork (History of Louisa County, VA, Harris). (near Plum Tree in current day Louisa Co., VA)

    1725 (17 Aug.) - Ambrose Joshua Smith of Hanover County (17 August 1725) 1,000 acs (N.L.) N fork of Elk & main Sedgey Creeks; adj Capt. Carr?s corner; on Capt Smith?s lines. 5 Lbs Money. Hanover Co., VA. Deed Book Book 12, page 241.& Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 286.

    1725 (17 Aug.) Hanover Co., VA. Ambrose Joshua Smith 1000 acs. (N. L.) On both sides of Overton?s fork of Elk Creek; beg. at Mr. Dickason's and Mrs. Arnold's lands. 5 Lbs money. Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 286.

    1725 (17 Aug.) - Hanover Co., VA Thomas Dickason of King Wm. Co. 1,000 acs. (N.L.) Hanover Co. on both sides of Overton?s fork of Elk Creek: beg. At Mr. Overton?s; to Mr. William Winston & Ambrose Joshua Smith; to Capt. Carr?s; & John Ragland?s land 5 Lbs. Money. Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 285.

    1725 - Hanover Co., VA. July 5, 1734, George Brack of St. Pauls Parish, Hanover Co, VA to Champness Terry of St. Martin's Parish for 30 pounds current money, 150 acres and plantation in St. Martin's Parish adjacent to Capt. William Fleming's line, main branch of Sedgey Creek, Mrs. Barbara Winston's corner part of a greater tract granted to Ambrose Joshua Smith by patent Aug 17 1725 and by him made over to said George Brack by deed in Hanover Co VA (Hanover CO VA records 1733-1735, p. 96-98)

    1727 (21 Nov.) - Louisa Co., VA. Plat #: 563 Book: VAPB 13:194 Grantee: Pettus, Stephen , Date: 21-Nov-1727 800a adj Mr Garland, George Woodroof, Cock & Kembrow Ambrose Joshua Smith & James Nuckolls Pt 0. oak on the upper side Horsepen Swamp | Pt 1. corner white oak | Ln s42e; 70p; Garland's line | Pt 2. red oak saplings | Ln s62e; 248p; across two branches | Pt 3. corner several saplings | Ln n32e; 286p; Woodroof's line | Pt 4. corner red oak & other marked trees in Cock & Kembrow's line | Ln n75w; 36p; Cock & Kembrow's line | Pt 5. red oaks | Ln n35e; 169p; Cock & Kembrow's line | Pt 6. & Kembrow's corner two red oaks & a black oak in Ambrose Joshua Smith's line | Ln n75w; 145p; Ambrose Joshua Smith's line | Pt 7. Joshua Smith's & James Nuckoll's corner white oak sapling on a ridge | Ln n75w; 147p; James Nuckoll's line | Pt 8. white oak by a meadow | Ln s39w; 395p; |

    1727 (22 Feb.) - Hanover Co. VA. Thomas Carr Gent. of King Wm. Co: 3770 acs (N.L.) On S. Side of Northanna (Riv) on lower side gr. Rockey Creek & on both sides of little Rockey Creek adj. William Macghee, Ambrose Joshua Smith & Martin Davenport. 19 Lbs., money. Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 336.

    1728 (28 Sep.) - Hanover Co., VA. Ambrose Joshua Smith: 400 acs. (N.L.) On both sides of Ducking Hole Sw.; adj. Capt. Carr & Mr. Joseph Bickney; on Golden Mine Creek. 40 Shill. Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 347.

    1729 (16 Mar.) - Hanover Co., VA. George Nicolas, Gent of the City of Williamsburg; 400 acs. (N.L.) adj. land formerly Cpt. William Smith?s now Capt. Wm. Fleming & Ambrose Joshua Smith?s Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. III by Nell Marion Nugent, p. 365.

    On May 6, 1730, on petition of David Woodruff that Christopher Smith deceased about 13 years ago (about 1717), surveyed 400 acres of land lying on the East-North-East River in Spottsylvania Co, VA but the said Christopher Smith never in his lifetime, nor his son, Ambrose Joshua
    Smith, since his decease, sued out any patent for the said land and praying that he may leave to enter for the same. It is ordered that Ambrose Joshua Smith, son of the said Christopher Smith, deceased, have notice to attend the board at the next court to show cause when the petitioner ought not to be admitted to an entey for ye land. Virginia Council Journals, Virginia Magazine, Vol. 36.

    1733 (20 Jun.) - Hanover Co., Ambrose Joshua Smith 400 acs. (N.L.)both sides of S or middle forks of Contrary R; Benjamin Brown?s c. (Land Patent Book 15) in Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol 23. No. 4 p. 9.

    1734 (July 4) - Hanover Co. Benj. Brown of St. Martin?s to Ambrose Joshua Smith. ?Records of Hanover County.? William and Mary College Wuart. Hist. Mag. Vol. 21. No. 1 (Jul., 1912) p. 47-63.

    1734 (July 5) - Hanover Co., VA. George Brack of St. Pauls Parish, Hanover County, VA to Champness Terry of St. Martin's Parish for 30 pounds current money, 150 acres and plantation in St. Martin's Parish adjacent. to Captain William Fleming's line, main branch of Sedgey Creek, Mrs. Barbara Winston's corner part of a greater tract granted to Ambrose Joshua Smith by patent August 17, 1725 and by him made over to said George Brack by deed in Hanover County, VA. Hanover County, VA, records 1733-1735, p. 96-98.

    1735 Goochland ? 1739 [William] Mayo was allowed to employ AMBROSE SMITH as an assistant [surveyor for Goochland County]. Professional Surveyor March 2000 Volume 20 Number 3 found at <> (27 Nov. 2006)
    1735 (1 Jul.) - Hanover Co., VA. pp. 260-263. Indent. 1 July 1735 Edward Mackghee of King William Co. to Samuel Mackghee of Hanover Co., Lease and Reseale; L42 current money; 400 acres on both sides Great Rocky 400 acres was to Capt. Thomas Carr of King William Co. granted by patent 9 July 1724 and by him conveyed to sd. Mackghee by deeds ack. in Hanover Court on (blank) day of (blank) 17 (blank). Wit: Judith Smith, A. J. Smith, 3 July 1735 ack. by Edward Mackghee.

    1735 (18 Aug) Hanover Co., NC . Ambrose Joshua Smith, 1200a Hanover County on both sides of Pritties Creek. Adjoining: Captain Joseph Martins corner, a Great Pine marked A.J.S. ref VPB 16 p182-184

    1735 (10 Sep) Hanover Co., VA. Ambrose Joshua Smith, 400a Hanover County on W side of the first Mountains. Adjoining: none. , ref VPB 16 p252-254

    1736 (17 Mar.) Louisa Co., VA. Grantee: Estes, Moses , Date: 17-Mar-1736 370 acres
    Pt 0. Estes corner pine | Ln s34w; 72p; Robert Estes line | Pt 1. oak in Robert Estes line | Ln s61e; 84p; | Pt 2. | Ln s61e; 70p; | Pt 3. oak in Roach's line | Ln n33e; 232p; Roach's line | Pt 4. Joshua Smith corner pine | Ln n46w; 80p; Ambrose Joshua Smith line | Pt 5. corner | Ln n46w; 80p; Thompsons line now | Pt 6. oak sapling in Thompsons line | Ln s82w; 172p; | Pt 7. in the aforesaid Robert's (Estes?) line | Ln s14e; 20p; Robert Estes line | Pt 8. white oak corner in his old line | Ln s45e; 22p; Robert Estes line | Pt 9. Estes corner several pines | Ln s19e; 130p; Robert Estes line |Plat #: 304 Book: VAPB 17:240

    1736 (17 Mar.) Louisa Co., VA. Grantee: Smith, Ambrose Joshua , Date: 05-Jun-1736
    1700a on both sides the S & Middle Forks of Contrary River Pt 0. pines on the lower side the main South Fork of Contrary | Ln s58w; 234p; | Pt 1. sapling standing on the brow of a hill | Ln n82w; 10p; | Pt 2. Fork of Contrary | Ln n82w; 126p; | Pt 3. | Ln s39w; 163p; | Pt 4. | Ln s30w; 601p; | Pt 5. saplings in John Estes line | Ln n22w; 34p; John Estes line | Pt 6. oak | Ln n66w; 150p; John Estes line | Pt 7. Estes corner two pines | Ln n30e; 274p; | Pt 8. by a glade | Ln n45w; 100p; | Pt 9. shrubby white oak saplings | Ln n35e; 366p; | Pt 10. oak white oak & pine saplings | Ln n51e; 474p; | Pt 11. pines | Ln s45e; 348p; crossing the Main South Fork of Contrary | Plat #: 305 Book: VAPB 17:088

    1736 (9 Jun.) Louisa Co., VA. Grantee: Smith, Charles , Date: 09-Jun-1736 400a on both sides the S Fork of Contrary River Pt 0. Joshua Smith corner pine | Ln s30w; 383p; Ambrose Joshua Smith line | Pt 1. shrubby white oaks & a black oak sapling in Ambrose Joshua Smith line | Ln s60e; 160p; crossing the South Fork of Contrary | Pt 2. oak sapling | Ln n30e; 400p; | Pt 3. & hickory sapling | Ln n60w; 158p; | Pt 4. pines in Ambrose Joshua Smith line | Ln s39w; 18p; Ambrose Joshua Smith line |Plat #: 303 Book: VAPB 17:098

    1736 (29 Jun.) Louisa Co., VA. Grantee:, Ambrose Joshua Smith, 270a in the Fork of Contrary River Pt 0. Joshua Smith own corner shrubby white oak | Ln n71e; 140p; | Pt 1. white oaks & a pine | Ln s45e; 76p; | Pt 2. oak & pine saplings | Ln n50e; 274p; | Pt 3. Chiswells line | Ln s29e; 68p; | Pt 4. & Benjamin Browns corner pine | Ln s45w; 294p; Benjamin Browns line | Pt 5. | Ln s58w; 64p; Benjamin Browns line | Pt 6. Joshua Smith corner red oak sapling by a branch in Benjamin Browns line | Ln n45w; 80p; Ambrose Joshua Smith line | Pt 7. oak sapling & a pine | Ln s51.5w; 20p; Ambrose Joshua Smith line | Pt 8. saplings | Ln n45w; 120p; Ambrose Joshua Smith | Plat #: 306 Book: VAPB 18:339

    1737 - Louisa County. Book: A, Page: 329, Grantor: James Johnson and Mary, his wife, Grantee: James Overton, Date: 04-Aug-1748 James Johnson and Mary, his wife of Louisa Co., to James Overton of Hanover Co. #10 12s currt. money. 296 acres on both sides of the middle fork of Contrary River purchased of Ambrose Joshua Smith by deed 3 Aug. 1737... Charles Smith's line. Sig. James Johnson Mary Johnson (x) Wit. David Cosby, Jr , Edward Nelson James Overton, Jr 27 Sept. 1748 proved by oaths of Edward Nelson, James Overton. 26 Oct. 1748 proved by oath of David Cosby Junr.

    1739 (29 Jun.) - Hanover Co., VA Ambrose Joshua Smith, 270 acs. in the fork of the Contrary R. bounded by sd. Smith?s own land, Mr. Chiswell & Benjamin Brown. (p. 340 Land Patent Book 18) in Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol 25. No. 3 p. 63. [JB note: This patent may be listed above as 29 Jun 1736.]

    1740 (11 Jan.) - Hanover Co., VA ?Stol?n or stray?d on the 16th of October last, from Mr. AMBROSE JOSHUA SMITH?S Plantation on Beaver Creek in Hanover County, a chesnut sorrel horse, about 14 hand high, branded on the near buttock with the eye of a hoe; has never been dock?d, but the hair has been trim?d under his tail, which makes it like a switch tail. He is about 10 years old, is a likely horse and paces well. Whoever brings the said horse to Mr. CHRISTOPHER SMITH at Mr. JOHN SNELSON?S in Hanover County shall have a pistole reward." Virginia Gazette, 11 Jan 1740, p 4. Col. 2.

    1741 (1 Jun) - Hanover Co., NC. Ambrose Joshua Smith, 4372a Hanover Co on both sides of Pritties Creek. 1200a part thereof formerly granted unto the sd Ambrose Joshua Smith by our Letters patent bearing Date the 18th Day of August 1735 and the residue thereof never before Granted. pt A) Beginning at Capt (Joseph) Martin's 2 pines by the side of a small branch and along his line S32E 116P at 58 Pritties Creek, in all his corner several pines and other saplins S32E 102P at 36 a large branch, in all pine and 3 white oaks S51E 64P 2 white oaks joined at the root by a small branch, thence N56E 692P at 70 the sd large branch, in all several marked trees and thence N24E 58P David Watts's corner pine thence along his lines S77W 46P Spanish oak on the Edge of a branch N75W 60P 2 pines, N33E 84P at 26 a fork of Pritties Creek, in all 2 Shrubby white oaks, N41W 124P at 26 the Middle fork, in all stake by a Meadow and a great Pine marked AJS, S64W 158P at 38 the Main Fork of Pritties Creek, in all several pine N41W 115P white oak saplin and a pine N40E 167P his corner gum and pine by a small branch in Gough's and Hickman's line thence on the same N50W 392P theirs and Rippon's corner 2 white oaks thence on Rippons line N50W 326P William Coursey's corner stake between several pines in Rippon's line thence on Coursey's lines S30W 165P 2 pine Saplins N52W 70P 3 pines S30W 346P his corner 2 pines and a white oak in Thomas Ballard's line thence on his lines S30E 109P stake S16 30'W 233P his and John Mackdaniel's corner pine thence on Mackdaniels line S47W 45P his corner white oak bush thence a new line S47W 18P white oak in Doctor Tulloh's line thence on his line S53E 235P 2 pinesS72E 68P his corner 2 pines thence on new lines S72E 164P pine S13E 11P to the Beginning. ref VPB 19 p993-995

    1742 - Louisa Co., VA. Hanover County is divided, and the upper portion is formed into a new county called Louisa. The first justices were Robert Lewis (presiding), Christopher Clark, Ambrose Joshua Smith, Abraham Venables, Charles Barrett, Richard Johnson, Thomas Meriwether, Robert Harris, John Car, Joseph Bickley, Joseph Fox, John Starke, Joseph Shelton, and John Poindexter, Gents.

    1742 - Hanover Co., VA. Book: A, Page: 56, Grantor: Philip Wilson, Grantee: James Coleman, Dat e: 14-Mar-1742 Philip Wilson of Fredericksville Par., Louisa Co., Planter to James Coleman of St. Thomas Par., Orange Co., Gent. 29.10s for 400 acres on west side of Little Mountain in afsd. Par. .... William Cradock's corner; granted to Timothy Dalton by patent; by him conveyed to sd. Wilsonby deed proved in Hanover Co. by Joseph Martin and Ambrose Joshua Smith.

    1742 (14 Mar) - Louisa Co., VA Ambrose Joshua Smith makes a motion concerning the road from which crosses a branch called Turkey Run which is next to his plantation. Louisa County Road Orders 1742-1748. Nathaniel Mason Pawlett. p.6.

    1743 (9 May) Louisa Co. VA Deed: William Hendrick of Hanover County for 20 pounds of VA money 400 acres in Louisa Co. On the South fork of Contrary Creek adjoining Charles Smith, Christopher Smith, John Poindexter, Benjamin Brown, Ambrose Joshua Smith /s/ William ?W? Monkus Wit. Thos Prestwood Jr. Anne ?O? White Louisa Co. Deeds A:68.

    1745 - Louisa Co., VA. Ambrose was one of the church wardens for Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA (Louisa County, VA, Fredericksville Parish Minutes, p. 7, January 28, 1745.)

    1745 (23 Apr.) - Louisa Co. VA. A bridge is ordered over Pritty?s Creek below Ambrose Joshua Smith?s Mill. Louisa County Road Orders 1742-1748. Nathaniel Mason Pawlett. p. 16.

    1745 - Louisa Co., VA. Book: A, Page: 203, Grantor: Robert Roe and Thomas Walker, Grantee: Co l. James Pattern, Date: 13-Apr-1745 Robert Roe and Thomas Walker of Louisa Co. to Col. James Pattern of Au gusta Co. 25 for 200 acres on both sides of the main fork of Pritties Creek... Gough's and Hichman's line...south fork of Pritties Creek; part of 300 acres granted to David Watts by patent 5 Jun 1736; made over to Robert Row by deed 11 Jul 1743, recorded Louisa Co. mortgaged by said Row to said Thomas Walker by deed recorded 1744. sig. Robert Rowe. Wit. A. J. Smith, Benjamin Henslee, James Goodall. 24 Sep 1745 proved by oath of Ambrose Joshua Smith.

    1746 (January 26-27) - Louisa Co., VA. Ambrose Joshua Smith of Louisa County to John Dix on of Hanover County, Gentleman, Lease and release 2,086 acres on both sides of Pritties Creek--1,986 acres part of a tract of 4,372 acres granted to said Smith by patent June 5, 1741 and 100 acres, the residue sold to said Smith by Robert Rowe and Thomas Walker--Captain Martin's corner by side of a branch--Thomas Henry's corner--Col. Patton's line--upper side of Pritties Creek near the mouth of Gum Branch down the creek--Gough's and Hickman's line--Col. Patton's corner--Maj. Henry's corner--Patton's line--Thomas Ballard's corner--John McDaniels' corner--Dr. Tullock's line--Signed Ambrose Joshua Smith. Witnesses: Benjamin Henson--Thomas Lankford--John Hawkins, Adck. January 27, 1746/47 by Ambrose Joshua Smith, Gentleman. Judith, his wife, relinquished right of dower. Louisa County, VA, deed book A, p. 268-272.

    1746 (23 Apr.) - Louisa Co. Reference is made to Ambrose Joshua Smith?s Mill on Pritty?s Creek in the location of a bridge over said creek. Louisa County Road Orders 1742-1748 by Nathaniel Mason Pawlett. p. 16. <>

    1746 (25 July) Goochland Co., VA. SMITH, AMBROSE I. Description: 50 acres on the north side of the Fluvanna River adjoining Edward Scot.

    1747 - Louisa Co., VA. Ambrose Joshua Smith, October 30 and 31, 1747, of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, to John Dixon of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County, lease and release--613 acres, 13 acres at the mouth of Turkey Run (Pritties Creek) purchased of Joseph Martin, 600 acres the remaining part of said Smith's patent for 4,372 acres--1,986 acres conveyed last January to said John Dixon--1,786 acres conveyed the same day to John Henry, Gentleman, and 200 acres the residue does not belong to Thomas Henry, which said 613 acres, lying on both sides of Pritties Creek with plantation whereon said Smith now lives with water, grist mill, the stones and all the material utensils. Signed Ambrose Joshua Smith. Witnessed: James Jones--Thomas Watkins--Charles Rose--Joseph Martin--Benjamin Henson--Bartlett Henson. Prov. November 24, 1747 and March 22, 1748. Louisa County, VA, deed book A, p. 297-299.

    All the other deeds after 1747 from Louisa County, VA, name Ambrose Joshua Smith's line, but in the deed between John Thomson of Hanover County and John Sutton of Carolina County, Ambrose's corner is mentioned. It was at that time in the possession of said Sutton. July 1751, Louisa County, VA, deed book A, p. 455-456.

    In 1749, Louisa County, VA, Ambrose Joshua, Charles, Francis, and Christopher Smith all owned land near each other.

    1749 - Edgecombe Co., NC. John Pearson of Edge. Co. To Hugh Hardy of Edge. Co. 2 June 1749 20 pound of current money of VA 225 acres on Fishing Creek and is the same land sd. Pearson purchased from William Barrentine. Wit. A. J. Smith, Judith Smith, Judith Smith Jr. Reg. Edge. Co. Aug 1749 Court by B. Wynns C. Ct. p. 397.

    By 1750 Ambrose and Judith were in Edgecombe County, NC. He was Captain of the local militia and his brothers (? nephews?) Charles, Christopher, William and Peter were all in his company. He was Esquire Justice of Edgecombe County in 1752. By 1754 he had moved out of the county. Ambrose and Judith were supposedly killed by Indians in the same raid during the uprising of 1758.

    1751 (2 Sep.) - Edgecombe Co., NC. Ambrose Joshua Smith of Edge. Co. To William Little of Anson Co., 2 Sep. 1751 for 120 pounds VA money 4 negroes Wit. John Bradford, W. Hurst. Reg. 25 Oct. 1751 James Hasell C.J.

    1752 (28 Apr.) - Edgecombe Co., NC Ambrose Joshua Smith and Judith his wife of Edge. Co. To William Eaton of Granville Co., esquire 28 Apr 1752 60 pounds current money of VA 100 acres more or less in Plumbtree Island, joining William Killingsworth decd., Samuel Ssaxton, Thomas Green, and Plumbtree Swamp land conveyed by Barnaby Melton to John Rivers 18 May 1723. Wit. Samuel hackney, William Washingtonn Proved 29 Apr. 1753 James Hasell C.J. p.238.

    1752 (10 Oct.) - Edgecombe Co. NC. Ambrose Joshua Smith of Edge. Co., to William Eaton of Granville Co., esquire 10 Oct 1752 40 pounds lawful money of NC 606 acres on both sides of Chocoat Creek joining Richard Covington, Marmaduke Kimbourough, Henry Robertson and John Killinsworth a Granville grant to the sd. Smith. Wit. Samuel Smith, Edward Moore, Alexander Donald. Proved 25 Oct. 1752 James Hassel C.J. p. 321

    1754 - Edgecombe Co., NC. Militia list formed from Bertie Company in 1741. Ambrose Joshua Smith, Captain, removed out of county.

    1755 - Not stated NC. William Saxon of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County, VA, Planter, and Mary his wife, to George Barkley of City of Glasgow in Kingdom of Great Britain, December 1, 1755. 92 acres and plantation in Fredericksville Parish adjacent upper side of the South Fork and James Nuckolls'line--Thomas Dickensons--one water grist mill said land purchased by said Saxon of Ambrose Joshua Smith, then in the County of Hanover, now in the province of North Carolina. Signed: William Saxon. Witnessed: Patrick Belches--John Poindexter--Archulus Yancey--John Watkins--Thomas Perkins. Prov. January 27, 1755, Louisa County, VA, deed book B, p. 88-90.

    E-mail from Thomas E. Smith ?Polecat Creek where Ambrose and Christopher lived around 1754 to 1760+ is in the southeast portion of current Guilford County NC. At the time they lived there it was Rowan County.?

    1755 (7 Nov.) - Rowan Co. NC. Granville to Ambrose Joshua Smith for 10 sh sterl, 640 A on both sides of the upper fork of Polecat Creek. Wit. Jno Haywood and Richard Williams. Proved in court Oct. 1756. 3:409.

    1755 (2 Dec.) - Rowan Co., NC. Ambrose Joshua Smith to Peter Dicks for 43 pounds VA money, 640 A on both sides of the upper fork of Polecat Creek. Wit. Kitt Smith and Charles Saxon. Proved in Court Oct. 1756. 3:411.

    1756 (June 22) - Anson Co., NC. John Span of Johnson Co., to Ambrose Joshua Smith of Rowan, for ? 150 of VA money ...3 tracts: (1) 400 A on Great Pee Dee, on Walkers Island, about 2 miles below mouth of Rockey River (2) 100(?) A below mouth of Brown?s Cr, Youngs Island... (3) 300 A below mouth of Dry Cr... granted to Robert Parks by three patents 28 Sept 1745 & 14 Ma 1745 ... Made over to John Span 14 Oct 1747 & proven 14 Sept 1749 ... registered in Bladen Co. Book C., folio 126, June 26th 1750... John Span (seal), Wit: Stephen Cade, John Culpepper, Abraham Hay (A). pp. 262-263.

    1756 (Aug 7) - Anson Co., NC. Ambrose Joshua Smith of Rowan Co,. To Benjamin Dumas of Anson Co., for ? 150 VA money... 2 tracts containing on the whole 900 A... on S side of great Pee Dee ... 1st tract, 400 A on NE side Walkers Island, 2 miles below mouth of Rockey River... 2nd tract, 500 A on lower end of Youngs Island, above mouth of Brown Creek, granted to Robert Park by two patents, 28 Sept 1745 and 14 Mar 1745 made over to John Spann 12 Oct 1747 proved before the Chief Justice 14 Sept 1749, recorded in Bladen Co., Book C, folio 126, 26 June 1750... sd. Tracts with 300A on Little River made over John Spann to Ambrose Joshua Smith 22 June 1756... A.J. Smith (seal), Wit: Jno. Tamer, Saml. Firth. pp. 282-283.

    1758 (July 20) -Rowan Co., NC. From State - Granville to Ambrose J. Smith for 302 acres in Rowan County, NC. Rowan County, NC, deed book 4, p. 357-359.

    1758 - Orange Co., NC. Ambrose Joshua Smith, July 20, 1758, 450 acres in Orange County, NC, in the Parish of St. Matthew's on both sides of Horse Branch between Rocky River and Bear Creek, joining near a small glade, both sides of both forks of Horse Branch and both sides of two small branches. Signed A. J. Smith. Witnessed: Richard Bigers--Robert Caller. Entered June 11, 1754, surveyed November 19, 1756. Granville District, SC, book 11, p. 32.

    He and his wife were killed by Indians in 1758.

    1759 (June) Orange Co., NC. Ambrose Smith is one of twelve men appointed to lay off one section of a road from the Plantation of Alexander Mebane to the County trading path leading to the new Warehouse on Peedee River. This particular jury was summoned to meet at the Courthouse in Corbintown. Orange County Court, NC, Court minutes. 25-189

    1760 - Orange Co., NC. Third Tuesday in August, 1760, in Corbin Township, letters of administration to John Spann on the estate of Joshua Ambrose Smith bond, 300 pounds. Bondsmen: Benjamin Blake and Benjamin Saxon. Orange County Court, NC, Court minutes. 39-216.

    1760 (Nov.) - Orange Co., NC. Estate of Joshua Ambrose Smith to be sold Monday, 15th December. Orange County Court, NC, Court minutes. 42-222.

    Ambrose Joshua Smith's estate was appraised and recorded May Court, 1763, in Orange County, NC, return made by John Spann, Jr. He left 640 acres in Rowan County, NC, and 450 acres in Orange County, NC (later Chatham County). Bondsmen on his estate were Benjamin Blake and Benjamin Saxon. The estate was to be sold on Monday, December 15, 1760.

    An Inventory of the Estate of Ambrose Joshua Smith Deceased as Returned. __

    One tract of land lying in Orange County containing 450 acres; 1 tract lying in Rowan County containing 640 acres; 5 cows and calves; 8 young cattle; 7 horse kind; 17 hogs; 3 feather beds and furniture; 3 pots; 1 looking glass; 2 pewter basons; 8 plates; 2 butter dishes; 7 spoons; a teapot; 4 earthen dishes; 2 plates; 2 butter potts; 1 box iron and heator; 1 brass candlestick; 1 salt sallor (cellar); 1 box of seals;2 wright; 1 box of money seals; 2 flax; 1 gun syte; 1 frying pan; 1 cut saw; 1 hand saw; 1 ____ and 1 marrow; 1 auger; 1 chisel 1 drawing knife; 1 share and colter mattock; 1 _____; 2 iron weges; 5 flint plates; 6 wooden plates; 1 pr. of fire tongs; surveying instruments; 2 setsrazon, hone and strap; 1 wheel flax; 1 pr. of gard wheels; 1 chest ofdrawers; 1 pr. of mill stones and iron works; 1 case bottles; 1 loom;2 man saddles; 1 pr. of cotton cards; 2 bells; 3 chairs; 4 books and grindstones; 1 candle mould; 1 pr. of pot hooks; 1 pr. of flask hooks,3 read books; 4 knives; 6 forks; 1 pr. of iron, brass, some shoemaker tools; money due ? 1..17. Signed Joseph Boggs. Exor. John Spann, Jr., Orange County, NC, estates 1758-1785, p. 112.

    Book: A, Page: ?, Grantor: Archabald Carver and Hannah, his wife, Grantee: John Almand, Date: 31-Aug-1752 Archabald Carver and Hannah, his wife, of Louisa Co., to John Almand o f Caroline Co. Lb 40. 400 acres on the fork of Contrary River...Mr. Chiswell's corner...Col. Meriwether's line...Ambrose Joshua Smith's corner...William Cliff's corner. Sig: Archebald Carver and Hanah Carver Wit: Thomas Banks, Jr. Johnny, James Southworth. 24 Oct 1752 ack. by Archabald Carver and Hannah, his wife.

    Book: A, Page: 411, Grantor: William Carr, Grantee: , Date: 22-Feb-1751
    William Carr of Spotsylvania Co., Gent. for good will, Love and affect ion to my son in law, William Crenshaw of Louisa co., and my beloved daughter, Susanna, his wife. 400 acres on north side of North branch of James River.... John Waller Junr's corner on north side of sd. River... Nicholas Meriwether Junr's corner ..... Ambrose Joshua Smith's line ... Martin's line; part of an inclusive patent to sd. Carr 29 Jun 1739 containing 4,024 acres. Sig. Wm. Carr Wit: Mary Carr, Jno. Chiles,Susanh. Brookes (x). 26 Feb 1750 (1751) acknowledged by William Carr.
    Louisa County, Va. Deed Records - Book B

    Book: B, Page: 87, Grantor: Robert Jones and Mary his wife, Grantee: Benjamin Edmondson, Date: 27-Jan-1755 [date blank] 1755 Robert Jones and Mary his wife of Essex Co., carpenter, to Benjamin Edmondson of Essex Co., planter 15 for 185 acres on branches of Contrary and North East Creek being the land sd. Jones bought of John Cumpton of deed of lease and release 2 Jun 1742 adj[ecent]. John Tomson, Estes, Roaches, Ambrose Joshua Smith. Sig. Robert (X) Jones, Mary (x) Jones. wit. Joseph Edmondson, Henry Kidd, Benja Paul. 27 Jan 1755 acknowledged by Robert Jones.

    Book C, p. 42 Date: 25 Sep 1783 Grantor: Aaron Evans and wife Ruth Evans of Chatham Co.
    Grantee: Presley Cox of Halifax Co., NC Amount: 218 pounds and other good causes and considerations him thereunto moving he the said Aaron Evans... Description: 450 acres in Chatham Co. bounded beginning on the middle ground between Rockey River and Bear Creek at a water oak near a small [...] thence turning South [...] Ford of Horse Branch to a stake between a white oak Black oak and pine to [...] thence East Crossing two small Branches to a white Oak Sapling thence North crossing a small branch to a Hickory, thence West Crossing Horse Branch to the first being a tract of land granted to Ambrose Joshua Smith by Deed from the Right Honourable John Earl of Granvil[le] bearing Date 20 July 1758...the said Ambrose Joshua Smith died without Will the said track or tenement of land and premises Sell by Hardship Sell to on Kitt Smith his son Relations being thereunto had and also the Reversion and Reversions remainder and remainders rents and services there: of and tho all the Estate Right ...of the said Kitt Smith for the same premises above mentioned were part and parcel thereof the said land to have and to hold did covenant and grant to the said Presly Cox warrant unto the said Presly Cox Witnesses: Wm Alston, Thomas Day Recorded: Nov 1783 (North Carolina, Chatham, Deeds)
  • Change Date: 16 Sep 2008 at 16:44:32

    Father: SMITH Christopher b: BEF 1682

    Marriage 1 ANDERSON Judith b: ABT 1700 in Virginia
    • Married: ABT 1725
    1. Has Children SMITH John "Little River" b: BEF 1720/1721 in Rowan Co., NC
    2. Has Children SMITH Nicholas b: bef. 1722
    3. Has Children SMITH Christopher "Kit" b: 1730 in Louisa Co. VA
    4. Has Children SMITH Judith Jr. b: ABT 1732
    5. Has No Children SMITH Francis b: ABT 1732
    6. Has No Children SMITH Zachariah Sr. b: 19 Aug 1734 in Rowan Co., NC
    7. Has No Children SMITH William b: ABT 1738
    8. Has No Children SMITH Charles H b: ABT 1740 in Louisa Co., VA
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