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  • ID: I6219
  • Name: George Woolsey
  • Given Name: George
  • Surname: Woolsey
  • Suffix: I
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: Abt 1585 in England 1
  • Death: 21 Oct 1629 in Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands 1 1
  • _UID: 57F2DD85D528C243845BF8EE8AE121AAA8E2
  • Change Date: 2 Dec 2010 at 19:24
  • Note:
    "The Woolsey Family as I Know It" by James Walter Woolsey - 17 Sep 1979

    [An observation by Roy M. Lacy made in September 1998 - the following material is just miscellaneous information. There is no evidence to connect the following people to the actual family tree, except in name only. It is presented here as a courtesy to the late Gene Homer George and James Walter Woolsey for their tremendous family research efforts. Hopefully someone some day will find a use for this information.]

    There are several ways of spelling the name. Wolsy - Woolcy - Wolcy - Wolsey & Woolsey. Most of the family today spell it either Wolsey or Woolsey. The family members are found in most every nation today. But most are found in the British Isles and the United States of America. It has been well established the first American Woolsey came in 1623. I do not know how far they go back in the British Isles. There was a William Wolsey in 1219 and a Robert Wolcy in 1524 and a George Wolcy in 1576. All of these lived in Norfolk Co. England. These facts are found on pages 361 in the dictionary of British Sir Names by P. H. Reanery, Rutledge and Kegan Paul of London England. Printed about 1927 or 28.

    There are also many items about the Woolseys on file in the Society of Genealogists at 37 Harringtion Garden London England. On page 402, vol 7 Acts & Monuments, a William Wolsey of Cambridge Shire Co. Eng. was prisoner at Ely Goad in 1551. He was burnt at the stake, in the town of Fox, for his sins. In the dictionary of the American National Biography, start with page 796 to 814 in Vol 21. It tells of the life story of Cardinal Wolsey. On page 813 it tells of his children and names them. These facts are also found in the Library of Congress, Wash. D.C. There are many items in the Irish & Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry.

    There are many wills on file at Shotisham Archdeaconry of Norfolk Co. Eng. p 342. There are several court records of Wolcys in DeBanco Plea Roll 742, Dors. 389 & Roll 867 & 1033 at Langhale, Kirkstead. On page 182 Vol. 28 of the Norfolk Society Record pub. 1959, there are Wolseys mentioned. The Saint Lawrence Church at Ipswich is said to have records of Wolseys.

    The father of Cardinal Wolsey was Robert. He was a farmer & stock raiser. Robert sold fresh meat on the market in Combes & Ipswich. He and Joan had four sons. Robert Jr., William, Andrew, and Thomas who became Cardinal. St. Peters at Marlborough has the Cardinals hat and other items. It is believed by this compiler that the American branch is kin to Robert Jr.

    The following notes are a collection Gene Homer George gathered on the Wolsey-Woolsey family of England and America. Dated - 12 June 1979

    The following notes were copied by Edward B. Wilver in 1978 which were on file at "The Society of Genealogists" at 37 Harrington Gardens - London - BW7 4JX - England.

    To start with there were four (4) brothers, - Robert, R. ** William, Andrew and Thomas (who became Cardinal). They were the sons of Robert and Joan Daundy Wolsey.

    A Thomas Wolsey lived at Newton in Norfolk Co. He had a son - Edward who married Dorthy Wellingham in 1563 - they had, Alice - Thomas - Robert - and Elizabeth. Thomas married Thomazine at Newton.

    A Nicholas Wolsey of North Walham married Doris Wolsey, widow of Richard Wolsey of Suffield. They had a daughter - Dionev who married Nick Wollsey of N. Walham.

    A Thomas Wolsey was Rector of Polterton in Norfolk in 1637.

    A Robert Wolsey was Vicar of Ryburg from 1575 to 1580.

    A Thomas Wolsey was Vicar of Hastingham in 1636. He became a Rector in 1660. He was made Arch Deacon of Northingham in 1619. Thomas died 2 Dec 1707.

    Norwich Marriages -
    Robert Woolsey and Alice dated 2 Oct 1660
    Thomas Woolsey and Mary Manclerk dated 7 Oct 1681
    Dr. Woolsey of N. Hampton and Anne Jermy dated ?
    Joan Woolsey and George Oxborow dated 13 Jul 1601
    Edmond Wolsey and Merria Wilt Metawold dated ?

    A Roger Wolsey lived at Bickerstaffe, Lancashire - about 10 Kilo north of Liverpool. [when?]

    Ellen Wolsey, daughter of John Wolsey, married William Moll as his second wife. They lived at Brandfield, Suffolk Co. [when?]

    A Benjamin Wolsey lived near Bloomfield in Norfolk Co. in 22 Nov 1729.

    There is an Edmond Daudy buried at St. Lawrence Church at Ipswich. Date 1515

    Wills in Norfolk & Suffolk Co., England ...

    Norfolk - William Woolsey, Will was ADM. in Sep 1653
    William Wolsey, Will was ADM. in 1654
    Roger Wolsey, Will was ADM. in Feb 1658

    Suffolk - William Woolsey, Will was ADM. in Nov 1668
    Henry Woolsey, Will was ADM. in Dec 1695

    Wills in London, England ...

    Richard Wolsey, Will was ADM. in 1553 at Margaretting
    Peter Wolsey, Will was ADM. in 1588 at Bradwell

    Marriages on Parish Register at Norfolk ...

    John Upton & Elizabeth Wollse - 12 Nov 1699 at Norborough
    Robert Wegg & Cecila Wolsey - 27 Sep 1669 at Calthorpe
    William Woolsey & Thomasine Sranevy - 27 Feb 1676 at Ingwork
    Francis Hilling Wordson & Mary Woolsey - 29 Sep 1738 at Castle Acre
    Timothie Watts & Marie Wolsey - 12 Oct 1673 at Dischingha
    Johnathan Turrill & Marie Wolsey - 12 Feb 1682 at Buengy
    George Jepmyna & Elizabeth Woolsey - 13 Aug 1595 at St. Mary

    Marriages on Parish Register at Suffolk ...

    John Oldrin & Elizabeth Woolsey - 21 Oct 1751
    John Woolsey & Elizabeth Day - 22 Jan 1749 at Ipswich

    Deaths on Parish Register at Suffolk ...

    Elizabeth Woolsey of Doughton - B. 1713-D. 8 Dec 1791 at age 28
    Robert Woolsey of Doughton, A Carpenter B. 1729-D. 20 Oct 1793

    End of London notes
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    On page 182 in Vol. 29 of "The Norfolk Society Record", Pub. 1959

    1 - Robert Woolsey was a weaver apprentice for a Mr. William Wylkyns of Norwich, Eng.

    2 - John Wooley - Son of Lice Wolsey was also an apprentice weaver for Mr. Wylkyns of Norwich, Eng.

    3 - The above 2 men are sons of William and his second wife, Alice. William was a brother to Robert, Jr. and Andrew Wolsey.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    On page 297 in Vol. 57 of "The National Genealogical Society Quarterly" - Pub. in Dec. 1969 - the following -- "George Wolsey of Yarmouth, England was 26 years old on 23 July 1647".

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The following is found in "The History of Long Island" by Benjamin F. Thompson.

    Page 135, Vol. 1; The West India Co. of Holland was chartered by the states General of the United Belgic Province on 3 June 1621 and held power till 1645.

    Page 137, Vol. 1; The first settlements by the West India Co. on Long Island were known as "Nova Belgica" - or "New Belgium". This name was changed to "New Netherlands". Which is now part of New York city.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The following was taken from "The Irish & Angle-Irish Landed Gentry"

    In 1502, the Cardinal sent Richard Wolsey - born 1475 in Eng. to County Loth, Ireland to be the bishop of Doun & Conner.

    There was also a Charles & a Benjamin Wolsey in Aramagh County, Ireland in 1620 to 1690. The above Benjamin had a grant of land near Portadown, Ireland in 1663. Benjamin left a Will at Portadown which was proved in 1690.

    There was a Rev. William Wolsey - "MA" who was the Chaplin at Primate Boulter. He married Mary Anne Belingham in County Louth, Ireland. William became Vicar of Dundalk in 1709 to 1728. Then he was the Rector of Faughart from 1728 to his death in 1748. He had 3 sons - (3) John Wolsey - born ? and Thomas Wolsey - born ? - death 1779 and Obrien Bellingham Wolsey - born ? - death ? who married Alice Butter in Apr. 1887.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    In the dictionary of National Biography we find ...

    Start with page 796 to 814 in Vol. 21. It tells the life story of Cardinal Wolsey. On page 13 it tells of his children, and names them. These facts are also to be found in the library of congress.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The next several items are taken from a Wolsey Family History by John Ross Delafield, pub. in 1945.

    The branch of the family to which George Wolsey, who came to America, belonged seems to have been settled at Langhale, Kirstead, and in the neighborhood. The earliest known mention of them there is in 1417, when John Wulcy of Lang, a laborer was sued for a debt. Ref. (De Banco Plea Roa - 11 742, Dors. 389) Then in 1478 William Woley of Longstratton, & George Woley of Longstratton, a husbandman & others were sued for trespass (Coram Rege. Roll 867) The last was perhaps the same George Wulcye who in 1519 by his attorney brought an action of trespass against John Broke of Langhale. (Idem. Roll 1033, Mem. 42)

    In 1525 Richard Wuley of Langall, was a defendant in an action of trespass. (Idem. Roll 1051, Dors. 8) The following Wills mention a number of embers of this family.

    (snop. of) Will - Robert Wilsye of Langall Cumkyrksted in the County of Norfolk dated 1 July 1557. He bequeathed the following - 1 - To his sister, Alace Coke and her daughter, Margaret, also to the daughter of Robert Wulsye, each 15 Li. 2 - To the son of Wylim Wulsye and Robert Wulsye, each 15 Li. 3 - To his brother, Roger Wilsye, 20 MKs [Marks]. 4 - To his sister Agnes Wilsye, 10 MKs. 5 - To his sister Katering Wilsye, 10 Li. 6 - To his brother, Richard Wilsye, 20 MKs. 7 - To his sister, Margaret Wilsye, 10 MKs. 8 - To the daughters of Robert Wilsye, 6 Li. 9 - To his Nephews, Richard, John & Gregory Coke, each 4 Li. 10 - To George Wilsye, the son of Robert, 10 Marks. 11 - To Brother Johns child, 20 s.[shillings] 12 - To each of the children of Wylim Coke, 80 s. 13 - I Will that John Turner, my brother in law, shall take over and operate all my lands in Towns & the fields of Langall, Setheinge, Broke, or elsewhere in the hundred of Lodne & Knanering for 3 years, then he must render them to y [your] brother, Wylim to be his for ever. 14 - The Executors are Rychard Coke - John Coke - & John Turnor.
    Witness - Rie Goodwyn - Kelett Nicholas Browne - Robert Edward Spavye.
    Proved at Lodne 6, Oct. 157 - (Archdeaconry of Norfolk, F. 342).

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The Will of Agnes Wolsye of Kirsted, Norfolk Co.

    "In the name of God amen 5th of January of the 5th. year of Queen Elizabeth, I Agnes Wolsye of Kirksted in the county of Norfolk do make my last Will, I wish my body to be buried in the church yard at Kirsted. I give to my mother, the widow Westgate, my household goods, to her brother William Wolsye a neckerchief - to my sister, Katherine Wolsye, my rings - to my daughter Johane the rest of y [my] effects."
    Executor - My husband, William Purser
    Witnesses - Sir William Grenuaie, Nicholas Brown, Thomas Writ.
    Proved at Shotisham, 22 Jan. 1562 (Archdeaconry of Norfolk).

    George Woolsey, son of George & Frances:

    George was baptized at Yarmouth, in Isle of Wight, England on 15 May 1616 at the parish church of St. Lawrence. While a child he went with his parents to Rotterdam, Holland. (Note by this compiler - Delafield: neglects to tell the reader how when, or anything how come George was in America in 1623 but starts out telling about George in 1647) George was employed in New Amsterdam as a clerk & manager in the business of Isaac Allerton, of whose estate he with 3 others were appointed curator in 1659. On 9 Dec 1647, George married Recbecca Cornell in the Reformed dutch Church, in New Amsterdam. The Church record reads, "Jarge Woltzen, J. M. Van Japmuyden en Rebecca Cornell, J. D. Uytoudt Engelandt" - His birth at Yarmouth was thus again recorded. (Compiler Note - Here once again Delafield failed to record the place where George was born. For a fact it tells in the church record, but was left off in the above.)

    This compiler wishes to put down as briefly as possible the rest of the Delafield Story. In 1664 George purchased a tract of land on Long Island near what is now Jamaica. But previous to 1664, George had purchased a lot in Jamaica from his brother in law Charles Bridges. But sold said lot in 1668. This address now is known as 75 Pearl St. George & Rebecca had 7 children - Sarah - George jr. - Thomas - Rebecca - John - Mary - & William.

    George lest [left ?] a Will in what is now known as Queens County, N.Y. George died 17 Aug 1698. Is buried on Long Island, N.Y.

    End of Delafield Story.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The compiler has learned there is no St. Lawerence Church in Great Yarmouth. There is one located in Ipswich. Here is not where George & Francess children were baptized. John, 2 Oct 1611 - Robert, 13 Mar. 1613 and George, 15 Mar. 1616. Shortly after George was baptized the family moved to Rotterdam, Holland in about 1619. George Sr. went into business of handling tobacco. Here follows verbatim the Duthc Record of Georges death and how his children were farmed out.

    From Index of Deaths in Rotterdam

    Record #134 of record book #269
    From Index of deaths recorded, 21/28 Oct. 1629
    Mr. Wolse in de Hoofsteeg over de lastdrager. (Meaning) - Mr. Wolsey - living in the lost over the garage or barn.

    Record in Orphans Court of Rotterdam - dates, 18 Dec. 1630. Mr. Pietersz, An Eng. Minister in this town & Johan Sanders, and Eng. merchant, both living within this town. By the last Will & testament of sirs Joris Wolsey, an Eng. tobacco merchant, who lived in this town made and agreement with the said Mr. Pietersz & Mr. Johan Sanders to take over the care of (2) of his children, namely, John & Robert.
    Request made by - Phillips Versions,, a Notaris with witnesses -

    Fanchina Robbechdser, the mother, married once again in 1630 to a Mr. Robert Hunt.

    Page 402 in Vol. 7 of "Acts & Monuments"

    A William Wolsey of Cambridge Shire Co., Eng. was a prisoner at Ely Gaol in 1551. He was burnt at a stake in the town of Fox for his sins.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    In the Compendium of American Genealogy

    Timothy Wolsey - B. 1629 - Death 1718
    Was Town Clerk in Jamaica, Long Island - was known as a Select Man.
    Timothy married Ann Flint in 1665 at Jamaica, Long Island
    He was a Capt. in the English Army
    Ann was Born 1643 & Death 1685 on Long Island

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The following is just a presumption on my [J. W. Woolsey - 1979] part. I have no facts.

    As yet I know not what ship little George and his Uncle Benjamin Wolsey came to America on. But this Isaac Allerton, an English merchant, who had come to America on the May Flower in 1620, set up shop on Manhattan Island as soon as the West India Company took over in 1623. By having George, who could speak the Dutch language, great progress was made in his enterprise. The records do not have too much of George. Tho he made manager of Isaac Allertons business in 1659. George was married in the Dutch Reformed Church in New Amsterdam on 9 Dec. 1647 to Rebecca Cornell. And here again is found recorded on the Church record, "George was born at Great Yarmouth, England on 27 Oct. 1610."

    The only presumption in the above is "I believe George was escorted to America by hi Uncle Benjamin Wolsey - who was a brother to George who died in Holland in 1629.: All the rest of the above is fact which can be proven. The Orphans Court record in Rotterdam (Of which I have a copy) lets one know that George was not present at the time the record was made. Because he was in America. But the question is, did he come by his self or wit [with] some one? For the past 200 years and more most Family Genealogists have believed that Benjamin Wolsey to be Georges Father. I too did believe this. But the more research I do the more I know this is not so. The fact that George did work for Isaac Allerton for 24 or 25 years make one wonder. And another fact is that Allerton and George, Sr. knew one another in Holland before they [the] May Flower made its famous voyage. Times were hard in Holland. Many children were sent to America to work out their ship passage for some one.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Father: Richard Woolsey

    Marriage 1 Francis Roberts b: Abt 1586 in England
    • Married:
    • Change Date: 2 Dec 2010
    1. Has Children George Woolsey b: 27 Oct 1610 in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England c: 15 Mar 1616
    2. Has No Children John Woolsey c: 27 Oct 1611
    3. Has No Children Robert Woolsey c: 13 May 1613

    1. Abbrev: George-Mallory Family
      Title: George-Mallory Family
      Author: Gene Homer George
      Publication: George~1, 12 Nov 2009

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