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    Deed: Richard Cole, wife Lamender, to William Hendrick, all of Trinity Parish, Louisa County, for £100 Virginia, 200 acres in Trinity Parish, adjoining James Johnson, Archelaus Harris, William Hendrick... /s/ Charles Allen, John “X” Penix, Wm. Hendrick, Overton “X” Penix. (Louisa County, VA. Deeds H:148) The court record of the recording of this deed shows it was proved by the oath of William Hendrick Sr., thus establishing that the deed was to William Hendrick Jr.
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    13519 Dec 1780 Estate Accounting: Estate of James Hendrick, late of Halifax County, Decd. A current accounting of the estate was returned by Roger Shackleford, administrator... (Halifax County, VA, Wills, 1:324) Shackleford had moved from Hanover to King and Queen County, where he wrote his will a year earlier. He died sometime between this date and 1782, when Drusilla Shackleford appeared on the 1782 tax list. The 1783 tax list of King and Queen shows Drusilla with no tithables, three white souls, and four slaves. She probably still had two of her daughters in the household.1781 Among a list of 534 North Carolina militiamen paroled by Cornwallis in 1781, with their home county identified: [North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Vol.4, p150] John Hendrick, Anson County Given the large number, these are probably militiamen captured on or around the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, which was 15 March 1781. There are a total of 16 names of militia from Anson County, the rest are from a large number of different counties.9 Jan 1781 Last Will & Testament: Bernard Hendrick of Amelia County, made this date; probated 14 Jan 1782. Named wife Prudence, three sons: Robert Hendrick, Garland Hendrick, and Calvin Hendrick; if wife is with child, that child to have an equal share. If wife remarries, she to have a child’s share also. Executors: Obadiah Hendrick, Mackness Goode... /s/ Bernard Hendrick. Wit: Ben Hendrick, Samuel Goode, Daniel “X” Flowers. (Amelia County, VA, Will Book3:282) 1 Feb1781 Land Grant: Nathaniel Hendrick, 98 acres lying in both Halifax and Pittsylvania counties on upper side of Buffalo Creek, adjoining James Collins, Fremont and others. (Virginia Patents C:70-72) Nathaniel finally gets title to his land.1 Feb 1781 Land Grant: John Hendrick, 231 acres in Pittsylvania County on drafts of Allens Creek and Stinking River, adjoining Jacob Fariss, Joseph Farris, --- Smith, ---- Roberts, and Hickey’s (?) Road. Survey bearing date 13 January 1773. (Virginia Patents E:908) Note the 8-year gap twixt survey and patent.1 Feb 1781 Land Grant: John Hendrick, 250 acres in Pittsylvania County on both sides of Smith’s River, adjoining Thomas Huff. Survey bearing date 17 November 1768. (Virginia Patents D:371)
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    136This is indexed under “Kendrick”. Note the more than 12-year gap twixt survey and patent.1 Feb 1781 Land Grant: Ezekiel Hendrick, 112 acres in Prince Edward County adjoining John Arnold, Hurt, John Bostick, Harris. (Virginia Land Grants C:216) The grant clearly spells the name “Kendrick”, the “K” being different than the “H” in Hurt and Harris. However, the copyist was probably confused (as we are today) by the similarity between those letters in the original document. Ezekiel Hendrick had bought land less than 200 yards away in 1764, and is mentioned in Prince Edward records subsequent to this date. No Ezekiel “Kendrick” appears in the records. The land is just off the south bank of the Appomattox River in northwestern Prince Edward.26 Feb 1781 Provisions: A List of Certificates given sundry persons by W. Fitzgerald, Commissioner of the Provision Law for Amelia County, with date and amount thereof, included: [Abercrombie and Slatten, Virginia Public Claims, Amelia County(Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Co., no date), P70, P71]Barnard Hendrick, Nov 1780, £371/10 Obediah Hendrick, 28 Dec 1780 5 Mar 1781 Petitioners: Among sundry residents of Cumberland County petitioning to have legislation passed the previous session requiring the raising of new troops and funds for the war effort be suspended: [“Legislative Petitions: Cumberland County, 1776-1786.” Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Vol. 30, p94.]Obadiah Hendrick 9 Mar 1781 Provisions: A List of Certificates given sundry persons by Edmund Booker, Commissioner of the Provision Law for Amelia County, with date and amount thereof, included: [Abercrombie and Slatten, Virginia Public Claims, Amelia County(Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Co., no date), p84-87]Obediah Hendrick, Jul 1780, £34/4/19 Barnard Hendrick, Nov 780, £379/10 Obediah Hendrick, 23 Dec 1780, £640 Obediah Hendrick, 13 Dec 1780, £900 Inflation became rampant in Virginia currency in the latter part of 1780. The amounts given for Obediah Hendrick illustrate what was occurring in money values for relatively the same amount of impressed supplies.
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    13712 Mar 1781 Deed Proof: An indenture from William Cole and Lemender, his wife, to William Hendrake was proved by the oaths of Charles Allen, William Hendrake, Sr., and Overton Penix. (Louisa County, VA, Court Orders, 4:325) The deed proof establishes that the deed was to William Hendrick the Younger, the son, with William the Elder, the father, witnessing. The deed itself had not so distinguished.26 Mar 1781 Dismissed: The matter of John Hendrick and wife Judith vs William Womack in Chancery being heard, with consent of the Plaintiff the suit is dismissed. Plaintiff to pay Defendant’s costs of defense. (Cumberland County, VA, Court Orders, 12:152) 2 Apr 1781 Joseph Hendricks (sic) shot and had his arm broken by Indians at the Battle of the Bluffs, April 2, 1781. Wounded with broken arm while in the company of John Tucker, returning from Freeland’s Station to the Bluff in February 1782. [Census of the Cumberland Settlements 1770-90, p53.] This may be the son of Moses Hendrick, known to have been in or near the Cumberland settlement (Davidson County) Tennessee a few years later.8 Apr 1781 War Claims: “Claims against the Public on Account of Horses and Other Property Impressed or Taken for Public Service” presented to Halifax Court under oath included: [Abercrombie and Slatten, Virginia Public Claims, Halifax County(Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Co., no date), p30] John Hendrick 450 pounds of Beef, L4/10; 60 pounds of Bacon, L3; 10 pounds of Bacon, 10 Shillings. 20 Jul 1781 Deed: Thomas North to Solomon Gordon, both of Littleton Parish, Cumberland County, for L800 Virginia, 4 acres in Littleton Parish, Cumberland County, on south side of Davenport Road, adjoining William Richardson near Richardson’s Shop... /s/ Thomas North. Wit: Thos Nunnally, Obediah Hendrick , Zachry Hendrick, John “X” Davis. (Cumberland County, VA, Deeds, 6:47)23 Jul 1781 Road Order: On motion of William Meredith and for reasons appearing to the Court, the road from Angola Road into Randolph’s Road by Hendricks is discontinued. (Cumber-land County, VA, Court Orders, 12:161)3 Nov 1781 Revolutionary War: Micajah (as Mickagey) and William Wynne (as Winn) Hendrick served as Privates in Major William Cunningham’s Corps, Little River Regiment, Ninety Six Brigade, King’s Loyal Militia, and drew 61 days of British Army pay from 3 Nov 1781 – 2 Jan 1782. [Southern Loyalists, p269.] These were the two sons of Hans Hendrick of Reedy River, Ninety Six District, South Carolina. They were Tories to the bitter end, did not cease to serve in the King’s Loyal Militia until the British evacuated Charleston in December 1782.
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    13826 Nov 1781 Deed: William Hendrick, Jr. and wife Ann, of Louisa County, to Thomas Smith, of Hanover County, for £10,000 Virginia currency, 150 acres on the South Fork of Contrary River, adjoining Archelaus Harris, the said Hendrick, Charles Smith, Richard Taylor, and James Johnson... /s/ William “X” Hendrick, Ann “X”Hendrick. Wit: Archelaus Harris, John Gibson, Joel Watkins, Wm Cosby. (Louisa County, Va, Deeds H:190)The price paid reflects the rampant inflation that had gripped the Thirteen Colonies during the latter part of the Revolution. 3 Jan 1782 Revolutionary War: Micajah Hendrick and William Wynne (as Wayne) Hendrick served as Privates in Major William Cunningham’s Troop of Mounted Militia, Ninety Six Brigade, King’s Loyal Militia, and drew 91 days of British Army pay. Micajah’s signature on payroll witnessed by Captain John Hood. Wynne’ssignature witnessed by William Parker. 3 Jan 1782 – 3 Apr 1782. [Southern Loyalists, p271] 9 Jan 1782 Last Will & Testament: Zachariah Hendrick of Cumberland County, made this date; probated 26 May 1783. Named wife Elizabeth, life interest in all estate, real and personal, and then to son Elijah. If Elijah dies without issue, then reversion to son James. If James dies without issue, then to divided equally among all children then living. Also legacies to son William; son James; son Elijah; daughter Elizabeth; daughter Martha; daughter Rebecca; “my wife’s mother.” Executors: two sons Obediah and John, and my wife Elizabeth. /s/ Zachariah Hendrick. Wit: John Stanley, Wm. Richardson, Pheby “X” Richardson, Jonathan “X” Taylor, Joseph Starkey. (Cumberland County, VA, Court Orders, 2:315) 23 Jan 1782 Deed: Massanello Womack to William Hendrick, both of Cumberland County, for £200, 102 acres in Cumberland County, adjoining William Womack, Sr., William Womack, Jr... /s/ Massl Womack. Wit: None. Acknowledged by Womack and Dower relinquished by wife Elizabeth Womack on 22 Jul 1782. (Cumberland County, VA, Deeds, 6:117)23 Jan 1782 Revolutionary War Claims: Claims against the Public “for property impressed or taken for publick use,” certified by oath before the Charlotte County Court included: Gustavus HendrickForage for 2 horses; 2 bushels of Corn; 64 bundles of Fodder; 4 bundles of Fodder; 2 Diets; 2½ bushels of Corn; 5 bushels of Corn; 9 bushels of Oats; 2 bushels of Corn; 20 pounds of Dried Meat; 20 pounds of Flour; 1½ bushels of Corn; 300 pounds of Fodder, 20 bushels of Corn; 1 bushel of meal; 3 bushels of Corn; 2 Horse Collars; 4 days of Horse Hire; 1½ bushels of Corn; 3 Diets, ½ bushel of Corn; 1 peck of meal., [for a total of] £6/15/9. [Abercrombie and Slatten, Virginia Public Claims, Charlotte County (Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Co., no date), p9] The Charlotte Court had a more efficient procedure for handling War Claims than
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    139most of the other Virginia counties. Each claimant was required to summarize all claims, and, using the standard prices specified by the State, present a total bill or claim. Obviously Gustavus Hendrick was levied upon often, given the repetition of items. There was, however, contrary to State specifications, no distinction made between supplies and services for Continental Troops and those for State Troops and Militia. 30 Jan 1782 Probate: Estate of John Easley, late of Halifax County, Decd. Among the purchasers at the public sale of the Estate was John Hurt Hendrick, who paid £0/2/5 for a pair of leather breeches. (Halifax County, VA, Wills, 2:2-5)9 Mar 1782 Revolutionary War Claims: “Claims against the Public on Account of Horses and Other Property Impressed or Taken for Public Service” presented to Halifax Court under oath included: [Abercrombie and Slatten, Virginia Public Claims, Halifax County (Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Co., no date), p22] Moses Hendrick 7 Diets, £0/8/9; 9 Diets, £0/11/3; 9 Forrages, £0/6/9; 116 pounds of Bacon, £5/16; 12 gallons of Brandy, £6; 12½ bushels of Indian Corn, £0/6/3; 25 sheaves of Oats, £0/8/4; 3 quarts of Brandy, £0/07/6; 1 12-gallon cask, £0/3/0; 17 Forrages; 9 Diets, £1/4/0; 300 pounds of Beef [no amount given]. John Hendrick7 gills of Whiskey, £0/1/1½.. When Cornwallis’ British Army pursued General Greene’s Continental Army north from South Carolina in the Winter of 1781, Greene’s goal was to cross the Dan River in Halifax County, Virginia, and establish a line of defense behind that deep water stream, and that he did. Having frustrated Cornwallis, Greene was resupplied and reinforced by Virginia, and then took the Patriot Army south of Dan to engage Cornwallis at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. The plantations of Moses Hendrick and John Hendrick were within ten miles northwards of the Dan. Hence in late January-early February, 1781, the Continental Army and Virginia State Troops and Militia were located en masse immediately south of the Halifax Hendricks, and the Hendrick plantations were levied upon to furnish a variety of supplies. “Diets” were meals fed soldiers. Virginia paid for supplies taken for both Continental and Virginia Troops, but Continental warrants paid by Virginia were to be rebated by Congress, hence the designation “Continental” relative to some charges. Inasmuch as none of the Hendrick supplies impressed were designated “Continental,” the items were used by Virginia State Troops or Militia. 18 Mar 1782 Revolutionary War Claims: At a Court of Claims held at the courthouse of Pittsylvania County for adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for public use, among claims certified were: [Abercrombie and Slatten, Virginia Public Claims, Pittsylvania County (Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Co., no date), p14, p21]
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    140Benjamin Hendrick1 Musket for State use, £1/5. Obediah Hendrick32 bushels of Wheat, 300 pounds of Beef for Continental Use, £18/18. 30 Mar 1782 Personal Property Tax Lists filed with Commonwealth: Cumberland County Obediah Hendrick – 1 White Tithable, 2 Slaves, 2 Horses, 6 Cattle Zachariah Hendrick – 1 White Tithable, 10 Slaves, 3 Horses, 22 Cattle 26 Apr 1782 Revolutionary War Claims: “Claims against the Public on Account of Horses and Other Property Impressed or Taken for Public Service” presented to Amelia Court under oath included: [Abercrombie and Slatten, Virginia Public Claims, Amelia County (Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Co., no date), p5] Bernard Hendrick’s Estate 1 Horse, age 4 years, taken by for Continental Use, 23 Jun 1781, £6027 Apr 1782 Revolutionary War Claims: “Claims against the Public on Account of Horses and Other Property Impressed or Taken for Public Service” presented to Amelia Court under oath included: [Abercrombie and Slatten, Virginia Public Claims, Amelia County (Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Co., no date), p35] Benjamin Hendrick2 Beeves, 425 pounds of meat, taken Sep1781, £5/6/3. 29 Apr 1782 Revolutionary War Claims: Claims Against the Public on Account of Horses and Other Property Impressed or Taken for Public Service: The Cumberland County Court received the following, among a large number of claims by others: (Cumberland County, VA, Court Orders, 12:191) Obediah Hendrick32 bushels of Wheat taken on 7 Dec 1781, by Ben Walker, Commissioner, worth £0/14/0, and for use of Virginia State Troops (Cumberland County, VA, Court Orders, 1`2:191) 8 May 1782 Marriage: John Birchfield and Elizabeth Hendrick. Married by Rev. Nathaniel Hall. (Halifax County, VA, Ministers’ Returns, 1:9) It isn’t clear to me who she was, whether a widow or a daughter of a Hendrick.27 May 1782 Revolutionary War Claims: Claims Against the Public on Account of Horses and Other Property Impressed or Taken for Public Service: The Cumberland County Court received the following, among a large number of claims by others: (Cumberland County, VA, Court Orders, 12:235)
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    141Obediah Hendrick 2 bushels of Wheat taken on 7 Dec1781, by Ben Walker, Commissioner, worth £0/8/0, and for use of Virginia State Troops Zachariah Hendrick 1 bushel of Oats, and three diets taken on 19Aug1781, by James Merieweather, Lt., 1stRegiment of Dragoons, worth £0/5/9, for Continental use. 9 Jul 1782 Revolutionary War: Micajah Hendrick and William Hendrick served as Privates, Major William Young’s Troop of Militia Dragoons, Ninety Six Brigade, inside the British Defensive Perimeter at Charleston, South Carolina, and drew 93-days of British Army Pay 9 Jul - 9 Oct 1782. [Southern Loyalists, p336]10 Oct 1782 Revolutionary War: Micajah Hendrick and William Hendrick served as Privates, Major William Young’s Troop of Mounted Militia, King’s Loyal Militia, in Charleston, and drew 84 days of British Army pay 10 Oct – 31 Dec 1782. [Southern Loyalists, p337] The British officially evacuated Charleston, ending their two and one-half year occupation of South Carolina, on 10 Dec 1782, taking with them those Tories who had elected to remain subjects of the King. The expatriates were first taken to St. Augustine, East Florida, then in British hands. Then the majority were resettled in Nova Scotia after the British returned Florida to Spain in 1783. Micajah Hendrick and William Hendrick apparently remained on the British Army payroll until the end, but did not go to either Florida nor Nova Scotia. Micajah soon appeared in Pittsylvania County, Virginia (see below). Where William went immediately after the end of the Revolution is not apparent, but both sons of Hans Hendrick had resumed their lives on the old homesteads on Reedy River, by then Laurens County, South Carolina, by 1792 when they were enumerated in the First Federal Census. 13 Oct 1782 Last Will & Testament: Robert Kent [Sr.] of Halifax County, made this date; probated 17 Jun 1783. Named wife Mary; sons John and Peterfield Kent; sons Robert and Obadiah Kent; personal estate to be divided among “my children” Luke Kent, William Kent, John Kent, Peterfield Kent, Alexander Kent, Candace Arnold, Mary Posey, and Caty Hendrick. Executors: sons Robert Kent and Obadiah Kent. /s/ Robert “R” Kent. Wit: Abraham Easley, Christopher “X” Watson, Benjamin Ward. (Halifax County, VA, Wills, 2:114) Robert Kent had earlier been in the part of Goochland that became Cumberland County at about the same time as Adolphus Hendrick. He bought land in Halifax on Poplar Creek in 1764 and settled there. Which Hendrick married his daughter is not known. However, John Hendrick had witnessed a deed for land adjoining Robert Kent in 1769.13 Nov 1782 Deed: Elijah Graves and [Lucresy] his wife of Mecklenburg, to Benjamin Hendrick of Granville County, North Carolina, £183:10s, about 367 acres, bounded
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    142by the mouth of a branch on the north side of Howard’s old mill pond, Allin, Greenwood, the Beverpond Creek, John Monrow, a pond near Monrow’s house, Grassey Creek, Howard’s line… Witness: James Owen, Henry Montague, William Graves Jr., Henry Graves. [Mecklenburg Deed Book 6, p292, abstracted] This land is in the southeastern part of Mecklenburg, within a mile or so of the Granville County, NC border. Grassy Creek runs about 8 miles south from the Roanoke across the border into Granville. From the patents and deeds to the named landowners, this was on the west side of Grassy Creek about a mile north of the Virginia – North Carolina state line. Benjamin Hendrick had gone to South Carolina ten years earlier. When did he return north? Also note that a 1784 land grant to Elijah Graves for land about a mile north of the state line on the west side of Grassy Creek adjoined “Hendrick”. 19 Dec 1782 Marriage Bond: William Hendrick to Ann Henderson [ Louisa County Marriages] This is apparently William Hendrick Sr. remarrying. His son William was already married to his own wife (also named Ann) more than a year earlier. This explains the wording of William Hendrick Sr.’s will a couple years later, which implies he was recently married.31 Dec 1782 End of Revolutionary War: Virginia Hendrick men who served in Virginia units during the Revolution (1775-1782) who did not apply for pensions or who did not live to apply for pensions: [Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, 1775-1783, John H. Gwathmey (Originally published 1938. Reprint- Genealogical Publishing Company, 1973), p369.] * Those whose pensions or other records are mentioned elsewhere. Persons known to have been from other colonies are omitted from the list, as is Col. James Hendricks (who is not a member of this family.) Alexander Hendrake, Inf. (bnll) Ezekiel Hendrake, Pittsylvania County militia (E) *Moses Hendrake, Pvt. (WD), pension Logan Co, Ky. Amos Hendricks, 13thCL *Benjamin Hendrick, 15thContinental Line, wounded (Died Jan 1778) *Daniel Hendrick, Sgt., 8 CL Charlotte pension *Elijah Hendrick, Sgt., (WD), Corp. 5th and 11th CL, 7th CL Jacob Hendrick, (Rom.) James Hendrick(s), 5thCL James Hendricks, Pvt. 5thCL, (Rom.)John Hendrick(s), 3rd, 4th, and 5thContinental Line, from Louisa County John Hendrick, Ensign, Norfolk Militia, 1776 (E) John Hendrick, Ensign, Hanover County Minutemen, apptd. 3 August 1776 (SP) John Hendrick(s), 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 14thContinental Line, from Pittsylvania County
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    143Leonard Hendrick, (Pitts) Peter Hendricks, 8 CL Solomon Hendricks 8 CL , Tennessee pension Stephen Hendrick, Amelia County, Provisioner (E) William Hendricks, Shelby Co., Ky. Pension Zachariah Hendricks, inf (nblll), pension Patrick Co. nbll = name appears on Army register but had not received bounty land CL = name appears on muster roll of a Continental Line regiment Rom. = persons paid at Romney in 1775 who may have served in the Revolution E = Index of Revolutionary records in he Virginia Archives. Pitts = Militia paid at Pittsburg in 1775 (perhaps Dunmore’s war vets not Rev. vets) 31 Dec 1782 Revolutionary War: List of soldiers receiving land bounty warrants in Ohio Military District. [Virginia Army and Navy Forces with Bounty Land Warrants for Virginia Military District of Ohio…, Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh] #3 Elijah Hendricks, Sgt., 3 years, 200a, issued 3Aug1782 #2714 Moses Hendrake, soldier, 3 years (assigned to Thomas Aselin), 100a, issued 5Mar1785 #4300 Benjamin Hendrick (to Zachariah Hendrick, heir at law), 100a, issued 2Jul1787 A soldier had to serve in the regular army (not the militia) for at least three years to be eligible for a bounty land warrant. The Military district of Ohio included Kentucky.1782 Taxables: Hendricks listed on Virginia Tax List this year: Amelia County List of Christopher FordWm. Hurt (of Caroline County), 9 White, 6 Black Benjamin Hendrick, 7 White, 4 Black Zachary Hendrick, 1 White, 0 Black John Hendrick, 5 White, 2 Black Prudence Hendrick, 5 White, 10 Black Obediah Hendrick, 4 White, 1 Black Daniel Hendrick, 4 White, 0 Black Stephen Hendrick, 1 White, 0 Black Charlotte CountyJohn Hendrick, 4 White, 4 Black Gustavus Hendrick, 9 White, 6 Black Cumberland County Zachariah Hendrick, 12 White, 10 Black Obadiah Hendrick, 4 White, 3 Black
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    144William Hendrick, 1 White, 0 Black Halifax County John Hendrick, 3 White, 2 Black Hanover County* List of John Lawrence, GentlemanJohn Hendrick, 7 White, 22 BlackLouisa County Bird Hendrick, 0 White, 0 Black William Hendrick, 1 White, 4 Black William Hendrick, 2 White, 4 Black John Hendrick, 1 White, 0 Black Lunenburg County Gustavus Hendrick, 1 White, 6 Black Pittsylvania County** Absalom Hendrick, 2 White, 0 Black Humphrey Hendrick, 8 White, 5 Black Nathaniel Hendrick, 5 White, 3 Black Obediah Hendrick, 1 White, 9 Black John H(?). Hendrick, 6 whites, 1 black * Moses Hendrick should have been listed here. **Benjamin Hendrick should have been listed here – he was on the tax list in both 1781 and 1782. 25 Jan 1783 Marriage: Sarah Hendrick, daughter of Gustavus Hendrick, to John Eubank in Charlotte County. (Revolutionary War Pensions, F-W19232, R937) John Eubank served in both the 7thand 5thVirginia Regiments of Foot, Continental Line, then was transferred to the 1stContinental Light Dragoons. He died in 1790. His widow, likely remarried and widowed again (which would have made her eligible for a pension for John’s service) applied for a pension in 1838, being age 80 and living in Lunenburg County. Eubank was in Lunenburg County by 1783 when he was occupying his father-in-law’s land and in 1787 when his young brother-in-law Benjamin was tax listed within his household (see below). John Eubank’s will was dated 2 July 1790 and proved 13 January 1791 (Lunenburg Will Book 3, p385) naming wife Sarah, sons John and William, and daughter Mary. I could find no record of a subsequent marriage by Sarah, though she must have remarried, since she is not listed later as a head of household under her own name. 4 Feb 1783 Deed: Robert Lumpkin, heir at law, and Ann Lumpkin, widow of Moore Lumpkin of Charlotte County, to John Hendrick of Charlotte County, 12,000 lb tobacco,
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    145land in Charlotte County (no acreage)… (Charlotte County Deed Book 5, p40, abstracted) See 1 March 1783 and 6 Nov 1780. This may be a confirmation of an earlier agreement between Moore Lumpkin and John Hendrick.15 Feb 1783 Deed: William Boyd, Jr., wife Rhoda, to John Boyd, father of said William, all of Antrim Parish, Halifax County, for £100, 100 acres in Halifax County, adjoining Luke Kent, Cunningham, Hendrick, and John Boyd, being the same tract that said William inherited from said John by deed... /s/ John Boyd. Wit: William Douglas, Catharine Douglas, Littleberry “X” Strange. (Halifax County, NC, Deeds, 14:8) This is apparently on or near Mirey Creek, and the Hendrick’s land would be John Hendrick or the orphans of James Hendrick. 25 Feb 1783 Juror: Obediah Hendrick was a juror in the trials of Jesse Thomas vs. John Mayoin Case, and John Charlton vs. John Land in Trespass, Assault & Battery. (Cumberland County, VA, Court Orders, 12:320-321) 1 Mar 1783 Deed: John Hendrick and Judith his wife of Charlotte County to Bernard Todd of King William County, £450, 450 acres on Horsepen branch of Cubb Creek purchased of John Venable and Moore Lumpkin. No witnesses. (Charlotte County Deed Book 5, p38, abstracted) This is the son of Zachariah Hendrick. The land was apparently acquired in two transactions – one was evidently a confirmation deed executed just a month earlier by Moore Lumpkin’s heirs (see above) and recorded on the same day as this sale. The transaction from John Venable was overlooked, but Venable had bought land on Horsepen branch from Samuel Goode in 1779, see DB 3, p396. (Did not check deed book 4 or any later entries in Deed Book 5) This is certainly John Hendrick, son of Zachariah. He had earlier been in Cumberland County but is not in the 1782 Cumberland Census, and he is in the 1782 Charlotte census. He apparently bought land in 1779 from Venable and n in 1780 from Lumpkin. He would buy land in Cumberland in July 1783 (see below) and be back there for the 1783-85 tax lists. Horsepen branch of Cubb Creek is in what is now Appomattox County, very close to the Cumberland border. It’s quite a distance from the land Gustavus Hendrick held in Charlotte, which was on the opposite side of the county on the Lunenburg line. 30 Mar 1783 Personal Property Tax Lists filed with Commonwealth: Cumberland County: Obediah Hendrick, himself, 2 slaves, 3 horses, 8 cattle William Hendrick, himself, 2 whites under 16, 4 horses, 2 cattle Zachariah Hendrick, himself, 10 slaves, 5 horses, 22 cattle John Hendrick, himself, 8 slaves, 2 horses, 4 cattle
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    14615 Apr 1783 Lunenburg County tax lists: List of tithables taken by John Powell (district bordering Charlotte County):. John Eubank - 1 tithe Gustavus Hendrick (Charlotte) – 4 tithes A separate list of taxable property taken by John Powell: John Eubank, G. Hendrick – 2 whites, 6 blacks The first list seems to indicate Gustavus was not himself tithable in Lunenburg, but the second list does. Since he seems to have actually resided in Charlotte and his son Gustavus was not yet old enough to be tithable the second list is probably in error and therefore likely predated the first list. John Eubank was married to Gustavus Hendrick’s eldest child.10 Apr 1783 Deed: Josiah Jackson, of Amelia County, to Ann Ashurst, relict of Jacob Ashurst, Decd., and her son Henry Ashurst, for £400, 202 acres in Amelia County on both sides of Mayes branch, being the plantation whereon said Jackson lives, adjoining John Chumley, Benjamin Lockett, William Ford, Stephen Ford, Widow Hendrick, Thomas Ligon, and Richard Ogilby... /s/ Josiah Jackson. Wit: William “X” Flournoy, Francis Ashurst, Jacob Ashurst. (Amelia County, VA, Deeds 16:249)Widow Hendrick is probably the widow of Bernard Hendrick, not yet remarried. 18 Apr 1783 Revolutionary Car Claims: At a Halifax Court of Publick Claims, among the claims certified by James McCraw, late Deputy Sheriff, was Moses Hendrick, 550 pounds of Beef, £5/10. (Virginia Publick Claims, Halifax County, 41) 26 May 1783 Probate: Estate of Zachariah Hendrick, late of Cumberland County, Decd. The Last Will & Testament of Decedent exhibited in Court by Obediah Hendrick, John Hendrick, and Elizabeth Hendrick, executors named therein, and was proved by Joseph Starkey and William Richardson, two of the witnesses thereto, and ordered recorded. Executors qualified with Daniel Allen and Nathan Womack, their securities. (Cumberland County, VA, Court Orders, 12:332)30 May 1783 Deed: John Hendrick, Carpenter, to Ambrose Compton, planter, both of Amelia County, for £50, 50 acres in Amelia County, adjoining John Hendrick

    Father: John Penick b: ABT 1696 in New Kent Co., VA
    Mother: Elizabeth Pate? Rose? HARRIS? Bullock? Winston? b: ABT 1702

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