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  • ID: I095779
  • Name: John Pinnix
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1733 in Hanover Co., VA
  • Death: ABT 1788 in Warren Co., NC
  • Event: Fact 1755 Enlisted in Capt. Samuel OVERTON's company of Rangers during the French and Indian War.
  • Event: Fact ABT 1755 John PENIX listed as a RANGER in Samuel OVERTON's Company with rank left blank (others nearby were PVT, CPL, etc.) and year also left blank.
  • Event: Fact 1768 John PENNICKS, tithable in Trinity Parish, Louisa Co., VA.
  • Event: Fact 1770 John PENNIX, tithable in Trinity Parish, Louisa Co., VA.
  • Event: Fact 12 SEP 1770 Louisa County Court, Benjamin BROWN v. John PENIX. Defendant pleads NOT GUILTY.
  • Event: Fact 1771 John PENIX, tithable in Trinity Parish, Louisa Co., VA. Also in Trinity Parish were Zacharias COSBY and Zacharias HOGAN with John HOGAN Jr. Also GENTRY THOMASSON and James OVERTON.
  • Event: Fact 8 APR 1771 Louisa County Court, Benjamin BROWN v. John PENIX. This suit being agreed, it is DISMIST.
  • Event: Fact 13 MAR 1780 John PENIX proved in Louisa County Court by oath of William MELTON, that he had enlisted in Capt. Overton's company and had served until legally discharged and was entitled to bounty land under the Proclamation of 1763.
  • Event: Fact 13 MAR 1780 John PENIX received Land Bounty Certificate No. 1189, which he later assigned to John HOGAN.
  • Event: Fact 1782 John PENNICKS taxed in Louisa Co., VA for one white male tithe, one horse, and five cattle.
  • Event: Fact 1782 Thomas PENIS in Waddy Thomson's district (Hundred #7) for Louisa Co., VA census. 12 whites and 21 blacks beside Robt HARRIS and near Wm HOGAN, ARCHILAS HARRIS, DAVID COSBY, Robt GARLAND, LEMANDER COLE. James BURNLEY in Hundred #8 (James OVERTON's Dist.).
  • Event: Fact BET 1782 AND 1783 John PENIX taxed for 100ac in Louisa Co., VA.
  • Event: Fact 1786 John PENNIX taxed for 175ac in Warren Co., NC.
  • Event: Fact 1786 Warren Co. Census in Twilley's District: 1m21-60,2m-21,6f.
  • Event: Fact BET 1787 AND 1788 John PENIX taxed for 100ac in Louisa Co., VA.
  • Event: Note BET 1784 AND 1786 Why wasn't the 100ac tract in Louisa Co. taxed during these years??? Were the records lost???
  • Note:
    Captain Samuel Overton's Company of Rangers,
    In service in 1755 to 1756

    Samuel Overton..............Captain
    Ansolem CLARKson.........Sergeant

    John Penix
    William Watson
    Richard Foster
    Charles Jenkins
    James Ratcliff
    George Sims
    Thomas Jones
    James Melton
    Edmond Foster
    William Foster
    Peter CLARKson
    William Ahorn
    John Shepperson

    18 Dec 1780: Richard COLE, wife LAMENDER, to WILLIAM HENDRICK, all of Trinity Parish, Louisa County, for £100 Virginia, 200 acres in Trinity Parish, adjoining JAMES JOHNSON, ARCHELAUS HARRIS, WILLIAM HENDRICK... /s/ Charles Allen, JOHN “X” PENIX, WM. HENDRICK, OVERTON “X” PENIX. (Louisa County, VA. Deeds H:148)

    12 Mar 1781: An indenture from William COLE (RICHARD???) and LEMENDER, his
    wife, to William Hendrake was proved by the oaths of Charles Allen, William
    Hendrake, Sr., and OVERTON PENIX. (Louisa County, VA, Court Orders, 4:325)

    Nov 1781 Deed: WILLIAM HENDRICK, Jr. and wife Ann, of Louisa County, to
    THOMAS SMITH, of Hanover County, for £10,000 Virginia currency, 150 acres on the
    South Fork of Contrary River, adjoining ARCHELAUS HARRIS, the said Hendrick,
    CHARLES SMITH, Richard Taylor, and JAMES JOHNSON... /s/ William “X” Hendrick,
    Ann “X”Hendrick. Wit: Archelaus Harris, John GIBSON*****, JOEL WATKINS, Wm COSBY.
    (Louisa County, Va, Deeds H:190)

    Book: H, Page: 435, Grantor: ARCHELAUS HARRIS, Grantee: JOEL WATKINS, Date: 14-Sep-1784
    Archelaus Harris of Louisa to Joel Watkins of same £400 gold for tract on south fork Contrary River 341 acres adj. James Johnson, William CORLEY, WILLIAM HENDRICK, Overstreet tract. Sig. Archlaus Harris and Fanny Harris. wit. Thomas WINGFIELD, ZACHAEUS COSBY, William Rey. Rec. 132 Sep 1784.

    Book: H, Page: 427, Grantor: Thomas JOHNSON and Jane his wife, Grantee: William HARRIS, Date: 13-Sep-1784
    Thomas Johnson and Jane his wife to William Harris #121 10s on south side of South Anna River containing 1033 acres adjoining Harris Line, MICKIEs corner, road. Sig. Thomas Johnson Mr. wit. John Bourn, James Gains, B. Bradburn.

    Book: H, Page: 409, Grantor: ISHAM WATKINS and Elizabeth his wife, Grantee: John Peay, Date: 12-Jul-1784
    Isham Watkins and Elizabeth his wife of Trinity Parish Louisa Co. to John Peay of same for £73-2s-6p tract on Cub Creek adj. SAMUEL WADDY, John WINSTON, Samuel Waddy, John Peay containing 117 acres with appurtenances. wit. William SMITH, JOHN SANDERS***, Rec. 12 Jul 1784.

    Book: H, Page: 404, Grantor: ISHAM WATKINS and Elizabeth his wife, Grantee: SAMUEL WADDY, Date: 12-Jul-1784
    Isham Watkins and Elizabeth his wife of Trinity Parish Louisa, planter to Samuel Waddy for £82-3s-9p for tract on Cub Creek cont. by estimate 1301/2 acres adj. ZACHAEUS COSBY, creek, Anthony WINSTON, with appurtenances. Sig. Isham Watkins, Eliz. Watkins. wit. WILLIAM SMITH, JOHN SANDERS. Rec. 122 Jul 1784.

    Book: H, Page: 344, Grantor: Joseph Watkins, Grantee: ISHAM WATKINS, Date: 24-Apr-1783
    Joseph Watkins of Trinity Parish, Louisa Co. to Isham Watkins of same for 10,000 pounds tobacco at Shockhoe Warehouse for 2 Negroes, Roger and Henry. Sig. Joseph Watkins. wit. John BICKLEY, JOHN HOGAN****, SAMUEL WADDY. Rec. 12 May 1783.

    Book: H, Page: 486, Grantor: William Henderson and Mary his wife, Grantee: Zachariah Pulliam, Date: 13-Oct-1784
    William Henderson and Mary his wife of St. Martin's Parish of Hanover to Zachariah Pulliam of same for £136 16s current money for tract in St. Martins Parish Louisa County on Tarapin Swamp being part of tract whereon William Henderson and Mary now live adjoining MATTHEW SIMS, John MICHIE containing 121 acres. Wit. Nathaniel Henderson, Christopher Henderson, Joseph GOODMAN. Rec. 14 Feb 1785

    Book: H, Page: 391, Grantor: James Foster and Elizabeth his wife and John Foster, Grantee: William Duval, Date: 13-Jun-1784
    James Foster and Elizabeth his wife and John Foster son heir at law of Susanna Armstrong who intermarried with the said James Foster to William Duval of Henrico Co. +30 all the land where Daniel Hubbard now lives in Louisa by est. 108 acres adj. to west by John Richardson, north by Jesse Hoggard, east by Christmas and Joseph Isbell, south by Mary Foster. Sig. James Foster, John (X) Foster. wit. David ANDERSON, Aaron Fontaine, Richard ANDERSON Jr., ZACH. COSBY.

    Book: H, Page: 284, Grantor: Charles STEWARD and Elizabeth, his wife, Grantee: James WATKINS, Date: 08-Nov-1783
    Charles Steward and Elizabeth, his wife, to James Watkins for £95 tract on Pamunkey River adj. Nathaniel GARLAND***, dec'd. sd. Watkins, William Garrett, Franks run containing 23 acres with buildings, orchards, etc. wit. William Garrett, Thornton Mead, Thomas GARLAND. Sig. Chas. and Betty Steward.

    Book: H, Page: 117, Grantor: Joseph WATKINS, Grantee: Thomas Minor, Date: 17-Nov-1780
    Nov 1780 Joseph Watkins of Louisa to Thomas Minor of same £10,000 tract adjoining Dickenson Swamp, COLEs, Jerdones Mill Rd., BYARS, Lewis, main road, Contrary River cont. 335 acres with appurtenances. Sig. Joseph Watkins. Rec. 13 Nov 1780. no witnesses.

    Book: H, Page: 25, Grantor: Bernard Mitchell and Elizabeth, his wife, Grantee: Joseph WATKINS, Date: 08-Mar-1779
    Bernard Mitchell and Elizabeth, his wife, of Louisa to Joseph Watkins of same £1,000 for tract on Contrary River adj. BYARS and DICKERSON, Waller Lewis, main road to Contrary Bridge, Dickerson Swamp, WINSTON, COLE***, Jerdons Mill road containing 330 acres. no wit Rec. 8 Mar 1779.

    17 Aug 1784 Deed: Archelaus Harris,
    wife Fanny, to Thomas WINGFIELD, all of Louisa County, for £150 Gold, 300 acres
    on the South Fork of North Anna River with a growing crop of Tobacco, adjoining
    the River... /s/ ARCHELAUS HARRIS, Fanny Harris. Wit: John LANE, Jr., Robert
    HENDRICK, Jemima Lane “X” Cross. (Louisa County, VA, Deeds H:425)

    15 Oct 1784 Deed: ARCHELAUS HARRIS, wife Fanny, to WILLIAM HENDRICK, all of Louisa
    County, for £10,000 paper money given in bond from said Harris to John LANE on
    25 Sep 1779, now paid to said Harris by said Hendrick, 200 acres on the Middle
    Fork of Contrary River, adjoining William CORLEY, MALACHI WARE, William
    Hendrick... /s/ Archelaus Harris, Fanny Harris. Wit: JOEL WATKINS, Hicks COSBY,
    Wm. HENDERSON, Jr. (Louisa County, VA, Deeds H:509)

    18 Jan 1785 Last Will & Testament: WILLIAM HENDRICK of Louisa County, made this date;
    probated 9 May 1791. Names wife Anne Hendrick, all she brought with her and the
    legacy to me from her father’s estate; son James, land bought from ARCHELAUS HARRIS;
    son BYRD DUKE HENDRICK, all land whereon I now live, except 100 acres on
    the lower end and south side of Contrary, he agreeing to pay my grandson William
    ALLEN when said William reaches his 21st birthday; daughter Mary Hendrick, the
    100 acres previously excepted; all rest to be divided evenly among all my
    children, namely William Hendrick, James Hendrick, Byrd Duke Hendrick, Mary
    Hendrick, and Urseley ALLEN. Executors: sons James and Byrd. Wit: MALACHI WARE,
    William CORLEY, Mourning Corley. (Louisa County, VA, Wills 3:403)

    9 Jan 1781 Last Will & Testament:
    Bernard HENDRICK of Amelia County, made this date; probated 14 Jan 1782. Named
    wife Prudence, three sons: Robert Hendrick, GARLAND Hendrick, and Calvin
    Hendrick; if wife is with child, that child to have an equal share. If wife
    remarries, she to have a child’s share also. Executors: Obadiah Hendrick,
    Mackness Goode... /s/ Bernard Hendrick. Wit: Ben Hendrick, Samuel Goode, Daniel
    “X” Flowers. (Amelia County, VA, Will Book3:282)

    Feb 1781 Land Grant: Ezekiel Hendrick, 112 acres in Prince Edward
    County adjoining John ARNOLD***, Hurt, John Bostick, Harris. (Virginia Land Grants

    29 Jul 1783 Deed:
    SOLOMON GORDON to John HENDRICK, both of Littleton Parish, Cumberland County,
    for £271 Virginia, 134 acres in Cumberland County, where said Gordon now
    lives, adjoining Robert CLOPTON, Moses ARNOLD, Robert NOELL, John Noell a tract
    formerly in the possession of Thomas Noel... /s/ Solomon Gordon. Wit: Henry
    Macon, Wm Powell, LAWSON Hobson. (Cumberland County, VA, Deeds, 6:158)

    19 Feb 1788 Deed: Joseph CLARK, wife Dianna, of Pittsylvania County, to
    Henry Kerby, of Halifax County, for £10, 150 acres in Halifax County on branches
    of Bradley Creek, adjoining Casey, John MILAM***, and John Edmunds... /s/ Joseph
    “X” Clark, [No wife signs.]. Wit: Joseph PETTY, Daniel Easley, Moses HENDRICK,
    John ANDERSON, Joel ECHOLS, Francis Chumbley, William COLE****, Henry HOPSON (HOBSON?), Jr.,
    William HUDSON, Joseph Hopson. (Halifax County, VA, Deeds, 14:275)

    1786 Warren Co., NC Census

    Pennix, John
    State: NC
    County: Warren Co.
    Location: Twilley's District
    Page #: 002
    Census/Enumeration year: 1786
    Census type code: State Census

    Ann ROSE
    State: NC
    County: Warren Co.
    Location: Twilley's District
    Page #: 001
    Census/Enumeration year: 1786
    Census type code: State Census

    FAIN, Ann
    State: NC
    County: Warren Co.
    Location: Twilley's District
    Census/Enumeration year: 1786

    Pennix, Mary
    State: NC
    County: Warren Co.
    Location: Undesignated Terr.
    Page #: 001
    Census/Enumeration year: 1786
    Note: For the first name in this
    entry, the person who indexed the record was uncertain
    about the transcription due to
    difficulties in deciphering the original records.

    State Census NC 1784
    John PENNIX
    1 m. between 21-60
    2 m. under 21 or over 60
    6 f. all ages


    [[[EDITOR'S NOTE: The records above DEFINITELY apply to this John PINNIX family of Hanover/Louisa Co., VA and Warren Co., NC, but those below are just miscellaneous notes of possible connections... some may apply to John PENICK/PENIX of Prince Edward Co., VA, though all of these families were closely connected to our PINNIX allies in Warren Co., NC as well.]]]


    Warren County, North Carolina Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1780-1786
    Thursday February 2, 1786
    ~A Bill of Sale from Daniel Ellington to John Ellington, was proved by the oath of Wyatt Hawkins, and on
    motion the same is ordered to be registered.
    ~Grand Jury presented their bills and were discharged.
    ~William Eaton Johnston, Guardian of John Oliver, returned his account current, on oath, and on motion
    the same is ordered to be recorded.
    ~Tabitha Marshall, Guardian to many of her children, returned her account current, and on motion the same
    is ordered to be recorded.
    ~Thomas Miller, John Faulcon, and Nathaniel Macon, Esquire, being appointed to appraise and divide the
    Estate of Drury Christian, deceased, returned an appraisement on the said order, do to same again by
    ~John Weathers against John Jones - Issue Dedimus to take the deposition of Jesse Person for the Plaintiff,
    five days notice.
    ~Then the Court adjourned until tomorrow ten o'clock.
    ~Friday morning the Court met according to adjournment.
    Present: William Johnson, James Paine and Young Mc Lemore, Esquires.
    ~Ordered that Jacob Cooper be appointed Overseer of the road in the room of Thomas Mayfield, and that
    the hands of Henry Alston, Phillip Barney, William Brown, Solomon Williams at Rusbery Neck and
    Tompin, Samuel Williams at Mapole, William Alston at his home, William Sanders and Will Darnal under
    the said Cooper.
    ~Ordered that Richard Ward be continued as Overseer of the road from Shocco Pond to the crossroad
    beyond his house that leads to CAPT. PINIX'S, and that he keep the same in repair with the hands of himself,
    Robert Jones, Thomas Cook, Sugar Jones, and Abraham Smith's.

    [[[EDITOR'S NOTE: This Captain is sometimes transcribed as PENNON. Possibly PINION???]]]

    Warren County, North Carolina Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1780-1786
    Wednesday May 14 th, 1783
    ~Ordered that Edward Harris be appointed Overseer of the road from Shocco Ford around Mr. Jones' old
    field to the County line near JOHN PINION'S, and that he keep the same in repair with the hands formerly on
    the road under Richard Ward.

    Abstracts from 18th Century VA Newspapers
    Virginia Gazette 5 Sep 1766
    Samuel TARRY of Amelia Co., dec'd, a chancery suit was brought by his admrs., Peter JOHNSTON and Thomas YUILLE and Peter TARRY an infant by Peter (JOHNSTON) his next friend against John PINNOCK, Edw. BOOKER and James CLARK .


    9-1-1763 for Samuel TARRY and wife Mary to *****MARLOW DUDLEY***** of Amelia 45 L
    900 acres. wit. John PENNOCK. Recorded 2-23-1764.
    [[[***Marlow DUDLEY's mother Jane MARLOWE as widow of Maj. Robert DUDLEY married secondly James COSBY, son of David Cosby and Mary GARLAND OVERTON of Hanover/Louisa Co.]]]

    10-3-1763 from John PINNOCK of Amelia to Samuel TARRY*** of Amelia for
    600L, a certain tract of land of 512 acres in Amelia on the lower side
    of Knibbs Cr. and bounded by Ann RUSSELL's branch and Edward BOOKER's
    back line, George BOOKER, the mill pond. Edward BOOKER's spring branch,
    Ann RUSSELL's spring branch. If John PINNOCK shall pay Samuel TARRY the
    just sum of 600 L by 10-1-1769, then this deed becomes void. signed John
    PINNOCK. Wit. Abram GREEN, William TOWNS***, George BOOKER.
    Recorded 2-23-1769.

    Deed: 10-22-1764 from David SHORT of NC to Thomas TABB*** of Amelia for 200
    L 743 acres. wit. John PENNOCK, William BRANCH, William GILES, Recorded
    [[[Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
    Bute County, North Carolina 1767-1779
    May 16, 1771, Ordered that Christopher Robertson, William Bagley, Izram Cogwell, Turner Harris, John Pownell, Robert Cheek, Nathaniel Peebles, Aaron Fuzzel, Thomas Estridge, Henry Cooke, Nathaniel Henderson, Urbaine Nicholson, JAMES ARNOLD, MATHEW DUTY and Roger Thornton view the way for a road to be cleared beginning where *********TABB CLANTONs path turns out of the SHOCCO Road the most convenient way by Nathaniel Peebles' plantation, thence a direct course up to the path that goes from Turner Harris to Ephraim Estridges, and that Nathaniel Peebles be overseer of the same and that he open the same with the hands belonging to Turner Harris, Izram Cogwell, John Pownell, Robert CHEEK, Christopher Robertson, Thomas Norman and the hands of the said Nathaniel Peebles.

    May 10, 1775, A deed from James Arnold and wife to Solomon Arnold was proved by the oath of John ESTES***, a witness thereto and on motion the same is ordered to be registered. (***SEE GALLANT ESTES) ]]]

    84. 14 May 1791; Feb. Ct. 1792. JOANNA FINNIE of Franklin Co. to WILLIAM ALSTON of Warren Co. Sale of a negro, for 61Pds/5 Va.money. Wit: WILLIAM RANSOME (Jurat), DIANA TABB*** & SARAH TABB***.

    99. 28 May 1792: May Ct. 1792. JOHN SHORT***, 11 yr. old orphan of MARTIN SHORT, dec'd., apprt, to JOHN MILAM*** by WILLIAM JOHNSON, Esq., Presiding Justice, & to be taught business of a planter, etc.

    123. (A) Will of THOMAS MILLER***. 9 July 1792; Aug. Ct. 1792. Names: Wife POLLY; Sons ALLEN, WILLIAM & THOMAS; Dtr. JENNETT: Sons JAMES PAINE MILLER & JOHN MILLER; children all minors; his Mother now living; land on Hubb Quarter Cr. formerly property of JNO. AUSTIN FINNIE***; land on Haw Tree Cr. bought fr. RICHD. ELLIS; an unsettled "subject in trade'; money due for selling goods on commission for ALLEN LOVE & Co.; negroes fr. Estate of ALLEN LOVE, dec'd. Extrs: Friends JAMES PAINE, JAMES FRAME, JOHN FAULCON & GEORGE NICHOLSON. Wit: WILLIAM MALONE (Jurat), WM.N.NORSWORTHY & JOHN FAULCON (Jurat).

    Nov. 1787
    A Deed from Benjamin DUKE to Edward PARRISH and proved by the oath of Thomas MILLER***, and the same is ordered to be registered.

    WILLIAM CLANTON SR. WILL: (Dated 3 March 1773, p. 266, Bute Co., NC, Recorded May court 1774) Daughter: DEAREST DONALD wife of ALEXANDER DONALD***; MARY FANN wife of WILLOUGHBY FANN; Daughter: TABITHA CLANTON; Daughter: LEWRANIA SHEFFLE, wife of James Sheffle; To son, EDWARD CLANTON land adjoining BURRELL ROBERTSON and Roanoke River to old County Line, Pidgeon Roost Creek near MOSELEY's Road to head of Briery to the Little Creek, adjoining Samuel YEARGIN. To son WILLIAM CLANTON remainder of land not devised to Edward, upper part. Executors: Two sons EDWARD & WILLIAM CLANTON. Witness: ALLAN LOVE****, JAMES CARTER, Samuel YEARGIN. (WARREN CO. RECORDS, by Kerr, V. 1, p. 38)

    James DONALD*** against Charles BALLOW for debt. Summons to
    Alexander TRENT as witness for James Donald. Account of Charles
    BALLEW with James Donald, merchant in Warwick. 1747 certified
    before SAMUEL TARRY***. [Albemarle Co, VA Court Papers 1744-1783 by
    Benjamin B. Weisinger, III, pg 5; 1749 Folder]11

    Nottoway Co., Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
    3 May 1798
    Thomas PENNIX, exec. of John PENNIX decd. (compl.) in chanc. against Robert DONALD the elder, Andrew Donald, Thomas Donald the younger, ALEXANDER DONALD the younger, and Robert Donald the younger, surviving partners of James and Robert Donald & Company; and Dicey BAGLEY, admx. of James Bagley decd. (defs).
    VGPI 25 May 1798.

    [[[EDITOR'S NOTE: Since these PENIXes with the DONALD family are obviously the family of John Penix of Prince Edward Co. (who married Mary MALLORY), there must have been a fairly close relationship between John PENIX of Prince Edward Co. and our John PINNIX of Louisa Co., VA/Warren Co., NC as John Pinnix's son Overton Pinnix married Malinda GIBSON, dau of Lucretia FANN Eppes Gibson whose brother Willoughby FANN married Mary CLANTON whose sister Dearest CLANTON married Alexander DONALD Sr.]]]

    Book: D1/2, Page: 472, Grantor: Charles DONALD, Jr. and Sarah his wife, Grantee:
    Thomas Donald, Date: 08-Mar-1773
    Charles Donald, Jr. and Sarah his wife to Thomas Donald for 5s for 200 acres on
    south Fork of GOLD MINE CREEK, adj. John TISDALE, William Lipscomb, Anne COSBY,
    Waller, John POINDEXTER

    Book: D1/2, Page: 476, Grantor: Robert Anderson, Grantee: Andrew Cochran, Robert
    Donald and Co., m, Date: 07-Dec-1772
    Robert Anderson of Louisa to Andrew Cochran, Robert Donald and Co., merchants of
    Glasgow, £223 4 11 Anderson owes to the Merchants. In trust tract whereon sd.
    Anderson now lives cont. 142 acres on Peters Creek; the other tract of 200 acres
    being part of a tract purchased by Anderson by trustees of John Dabney, also in
    trust a horse, beds & furniture to be paid before 14 Dec. next with interest
    from 8 Oct 1770. Sig. Robt. Anderson wit. Nathl. Anderson, William Phillips.

    Book: D 1/2, Page: 480, Grantor: TISDALE, John Jr., Grantee: DONALD, Charles Jr
    & Wife, Date: 01-Apr-1773
    [no abstract]

    Book: D1/2, Page: 490, Grantor: Charles Donald Junr. and Sarah his wife,
    Grantee: John Tisdale Junr., Date: 12-Apr-1773
    Charles Donald Junr. and Sarah his wife to John Tisdale Junr.' #100; 200 acres
    in the north fork of goldmine Creek, John Poindexters, William Bigger and
    Thomsons lines. Sig. Chas. Donald and Sarah Daniel (X) (sic). .


    ...Edmund BOOKER of Gloucester, Essex and Amelia. The maiden name of his wife is unknown, as are the spouses of his daughters; however, also note the OVERTONS of Old Rappahannock Co VA with Abraham COMBS (d 1684 St. Mary's Co MD); and three Combs-Clement connections: (1) the 1788 marriage of Rachel CLEMENTS & Henry COMBS in Montgomery Co VA; and (2) the Clement-Combs-Evans-Hammock connections in Amelia (see below) and later in Wilkes Co GA; and (3) in Charles Co, MD. Combs Researcher Rue Avant adds that Rebecca (Rebekah) BOOKER, b ca 1728, was the daughter of Edmund and Rebecca LEAKE Booker; and m by 1757, Samuel OVERTON (s/o Capt. James and Mary Elizabeth GARLAND Overton). Frances BOOKER'S Clement husband not yet identified (See also Overton Families)

    28 Sep 1758 (Amelia Wills) Will of Edmund BOOKER, Sr. Dtd 10 Nov 1757. Prvd. 28 Sep 1758. Legatees: wife, Jane, daughter Frances CLEMENT, sons Edmund, John, William and Edward, and daughter Rebecca OVERTON. (Virginia Families, The Booker Family, Vol. 1, p. 175)

    PARHAM BOOKER [BK.1.4.4] (6 Nov. 1764 - 27 Jan. 1833) was named for his distant cousin Parham Booker [BK.3.2.3] of Halifax County. This second PARHAM BOOKER had a large family in 1782. This was eighteen years before Parham Booker [BK.1.4.4] made his marriage bond to wed Elizabeth Lewis OVERTON [BK.] in Amelia County 15 May 1800. She was the daughter of Mary Overton who consented to the marriage. Rev. John Skurrey married them 29 May 1800.
    In October 1801 Parham emancipated sixty-five-year-old Dick that he had purchased from the estate of Efford Booker [BK.8.1.3].
    Parham went into business with Edmund MORTON in Petersburg, Virginia. In 1802 when their company, Booker & MORTON, closed, Parham was left owing Buchanan & Dunlop £1,500. To secure the debt, Parham put up 111¾ acres on the Appomattox River his wife inherited, 74 acres Parham got from Sarah Booker, and thirteen “Negro” slaves.
    Elizabeth (Overton) Booker was evidently unhappy about the division of her father’s estate. On 10 May 1847, she appointed Richard Randolph “of the city of Williamsburg, Va.” to demand from the Land Office in the south of Ohio all the warrants, patents, etc. the state of Virginia gave to her father for his service in the Revolutionary War. She also directed him to recover everything to which she may be entitled as an heir of “Capt. Overton.”
    Parham died in Amelia County (will dated 21 Nov. 1830, recorded 28 Feb. 1833). He identified three children in his will. They buried both Parham and Elizabeth at their home, “Cedar Grove.”

    Marriages of Warren and Bute Cos. NC
    William DUKE and Elizabeth PINIX 8 Jan. 1782. bm. Benjamin Duke, Thomas MACHEN cc. wit.
    Thompson Ellington and Frances Lancaster 9 Oct 1849. John C. OVERTON bm, John W. White wit.
    Isaac Ricks POPE and Elizabeth KEARNEY 23 Oct 1773 bm. Isaac WINSTON, Thos. MECHEN wit.

    Warren Co., NC
    Will of Hannah Thomas dated 1 Jan. 1766. Recorded Jan Court 1766. Sons:
    Nathan Thomas and John Giles Thomas. Dau. Agness GREEN and Sarah
    WINSTON. Mentions "all my children now alive and rest a residue of my
    estate in NC." Exrs. Sons, Nathan and John Giles Thomas. Wit. John
    POPE***, Joseph MaGEEHEE, John WINSTON.
    Warren Co., NC Records Abstracted 1764-1779
    WB A pg 175 Account of Sale of Estate of Isham Edwards, dec'd. Lucy
    Edwards, adm'trix. Sold by James Ranson, Sheriff. Mentions: William
    Tabb, Esq. Lucy Edwards, William WINSTON, Charles Stevenson, Joel
    Edwards, Henry McMillion, Edward Jones, Stephen Lowe, Jonathan Davis
    dep. Sheriff. Recorded May Court 1771.
    Warren Co., NC WB A pg. 46
    Will of John WINSTON dated 8 June 1768. Recorded Nov. Court 1768.
    Mother Sarah WINSTON, to be exe'trix and to have plantation where she
    now lives, for life, then to my sister Mary WINSTON. To brother, George
    WINSTON, land adj. HUTCHISON.
    Wit. William Bletcher, George WINSTON, John Dent.
    Warren Co., NC
    Account of Sale of Estate of Thomas Dickson dec'd. Recorded August Court
    1778. Henry Hill Esq, Sheriff. Mentions: Mrs. DICKERSON, Capt. John
    Dickson, Capt. John DICKERSON, Anthony WINSTON, Joseph MeGEE, John
    WINSTON, Thomas Owensby, Benjamin Morgan, William Bettice, Isaac
    WINSTON, John Dent, James Morris, Henry Hill, Robert Morgan, Michael
    Dent. Rec. August Court 1778.
    Louisa Co., VA Guardian Bonds, Inventories, Accounts 1767-1814
    Pg. 5 Acct. William WINSTON orphan of Samuel WINSTON, Aug 7, 1767 by
    Waddy Thompson . pd. for schooling, boarding and clothing 12 mos.,
    cotton to make blanket for negro child, 1768 boarding and clothing 12
    mos. Ret. to court Aug. 8, 1768.
    Louisa Co., VA pg. 282-283. We, Samuel Ragland, George Pottie, James
    OVERTON, Nathaniel ANDERSON of Louisa Co., are firmely bound unto Thomas
    Johnson, Gent. for the sum of 1000 pd. Nov. 9, 1788 Condition, said
    Samuel RAGLAND is appointed Sheriff by commission of Gov. 23 Oct. last
    Louisa Co., VA Oct. 14, 1765
    Samuel OVERTON of Hanover Co. and Elizabeth, his wife, to Samuel Ragland
    of Louisa Co. 400 pd. curr. money 400 acres land devised to James
    OVERTON by his father, William OVERTON. The said James dying intestate
    and without issue, the land decended to the said Samuel OVERTON as
    eldest brother and heir at law of the said James OVERTON....John Carr's
    Corner in the fork of Elk Creek along Raglands to Francis Jordan's
    Corner....DICKERSON's line...Cosby's Corner near the south fork of Elk
    Creek....Carr's Corner near main road....north side of the fork of Elk
    Creek. Oct 14, 1765 Ack. Samuel OVERTON
    Cty. Louisa, Book: 1, Page: 62, Archelous YANCEY, Type: Will, Date: 12-Jun-1764
    will Archelous Yancey, St. Martins Parish, to wife all estate real and personal during her widowhood. If she marries all to be sold and equally divided among children then living. William CRENSHAW and son Stephen Yancey to be exors. 4 May 1756. Wit. Francis CLARK, ISAAC CLARK, Joseph CLARK, James OVERTON Jr. Rec. 12 Jun 1764.

    John CRENSHAW, Pltf. vs John PENIX, Deft. Sept 1753. O. B 1751-55, p. 133

    Book: E, Page: 225, Grantor: Trevilian James & Sarah, Grantee: Gibbons, Thomas,
    Date: 14-Dec-1778
    £200 for 200 acres. Beginning south side of Cuffies creek white oak sapling
    David Saunders corner in pines, due S; 182P; to pointers in Solomon Trower,
    S74E; 176P; white oak sapling on Jeremiah Self's line; N23E; 116P; pine; N45W;
    135P; pine on said PINE'S corner; N76W; 124P; to beginning.

    Book: B, Page: 311, Grantor: Benja. Brown, Jr., Grantee: John Tisdale, Date: 26-Jun-1759
    Benja. Brown, Jr. of Hanover Co. to John Tisdale of Louisa Co. £100 for 446 acres on the South Anna River. Sig. Ben Brown, Jr.

    Book: B, Page: 311, Grantor: Benja. Brown Junr., Grantee: John Tisdale, Date: 26-Jun-1759
    Benja. Brown Junr. of Hanover Co. to John Tisdale of Louisa Co. #100 for 446 acres on the Southanna River. Sig. Ben. Brown Junr.

    Book: B, Page: 311, Grantor: Brown, Benjamin, Grantee: Tisdale, John, Date: 25-Jun-1759
    Benjamin Brown Jr. of Hanover and John Tisdale of Louisa £100 445 acres in Louisa on the South Anna River. At three pines on South Anna River, N 74 deg 30' east 102 poles to a double pine, then N 31 deg W 100 poles to marked trees, S 77 deg E 312 poles to pine, then S 1 deg E 207 poles to pine on said river up the same by the meander thereof making on a straight line 395 poles to the beginning.

    Father: John Penick b: ABT 1696 in New Kent Co., VA
    Mother: Elizabeth Pate? Rose? HARRIS? Bullock? Winston? b: ABT 1702

    Marriage 1 Mary??? Overton??? b: ABT 1738
    • Married: ABT 1756
    1. Has Children John Pinnix b: ABT 1757
    2. Has Children Elizabeth Pinnix b: ABT 1759 in Hanover or Louisa Co., VA
    3. Has Children Overton Pinnix , Capt. b: 6 MAY 1760 in Hanover Co., VA
    4. Has Children William Pinnix b: ABT 1762 in Hanover Co., VA?
    5. Has Children Susannah Pinnix b: ABT 1765
    6. Has Children Garland "Gallant" Pinnix b: ABT 1768 in Hanover Co., VA
    7. Has No Children dau (Mary???) Pinnix b: ABT 1771 in Louisa Co., VA
    8. Has No Children son (Alexander???) Pinnix b: ABT 1773
    9. Has Children Catherine Pinnix b: ABT 1776 in Louisa Co., VA
    10. Has No Children dau Pinnix b: ABT 1779
    11. Has Children Sarah Pinnix b: ABT 1784
    12. Has Children Yadkin Co. NC Area Unplaced Pinnixes

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