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  • ID: I046224
  • Name: Adam Sharp , Esq.
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1765
  • Event: Fact 3 SEP 1824 Bought from estate Sampson LANIER of Rockingham Co., NC.
  • Event: Fact 1828 Bought from estate of RICHARD C. WALL of Rockingham Co., NC.
  • Event: Fact 29 OCT 1841 Bought from estate of DANIEL WALL of Rockingham Co., NC.
  • Event: Note Probably a son of Thomas and Margaret Sharp of Orange Co., NC.
  • Note:
    Abstracts Of Land Entries
    Orange Co. NC
    by Dr A.B. Pruitt (1990)

    Jan 23, 1795
    Adam SHARPE enters 6 acres in Orange Co. on waters of Back Creek; border;
    his own land; warrant issued.

    Jan 23, 1795
    Adam SHARPE enters 40 acres in Orange Co. on waters of Back Creek of Haw
    River; border George BOYD and his own land. Warrant issued


    [[[The following info was copied from an internet website many years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't copy the address.]]]

    >Adam Sharp was born 12 January 1764, in Orange Co., NC. I believe Adam to
    >be the son of Thomas & Margaret [?] Sharp, whose first official record in
    >Orange Co., NC, appears as a Taxpayer in 1755.
    >Adam would have been raised on his father’s 313 acre Granville land grant,
    >situated on the Haw River and Nelson’s Branch/Creek, between Pine Ford and
    >the Haw River. Possibly amongst Thomas Sharp's neighbors, may be Adam’s
    >uncles or cousins, for instance:
    > PHILLIPS, William, John and David
    > WATSON, James
    > TROLLINGER, John (son of Adam Trollinger)
    > THOMPSON, Ginnis
    > LEA, John
    > HOPKINS, William
    > McCULLOH
    > HOLT
    > GANT
    > POWELL
    >When Adam was 7 years old, his father sold off a portion of his original
    >Granville grant to James Freeland for £30. Could this sale indicate the
    >marriage of Adam’s older sister to James Freeland? Adam Sharp, himself,
    >sold a portion of his Orange Co. property to James Freeland about forty
    >years later. [See Deed Orange Co., NC – 1811]
    >1771 Dec. 7: THOMAS SHARP of Orange and MARGARET his wife to James
    >FREELAND, £30 - 158 ac on South side of Haw River on both sides of NELSONs
    >Branch, beginning at a post, East 100 poles to a turkey oak, North 32 poles
    >to a post oak, West 97 poles to a turkey oak, South 90 poles to a red oak,
    >East 11 poles to a post oak, South 50 poles to a red oak, West 30 poles to
    >white oak, South 92 poles to the beginning, being part of 313 ac from Lord
    >Granville to Sharp. Signed Thomas Sharp, Margaret x Sharp; Wit: John
    >BUTLER, John x DROLINGER, proved May Term 1780 by Butler.
    >Could this 1771 deed signify the date of Thomas Sharp’s decision to move
    >family to Old Tryon County, NC? No additional deed has been found for
    >Thomas selling his remaining 155 acres at that time, and it would seem that
    >Thomas retained possession of his Haw River land, as evidenced by a 1780
    >deed, which mentions Thomas Sharp’s adjoining property. Thomas Sharp is
    >shown as a Tax Payer in 1779, Orange Co., NC. This might only mean that he
    >retained the property there, but was residing in Rutherford Co., NC.
    >DB2:p144 - 1780 Feb 26: Samuel JAMES of Orange to Suffia KIDLE, £60 - 75
    >on S. side of Haw R. on Travers Cr., begin at a dogwood on W side of creek
    >corner of THOMAS SHARP, along his line W 12 ch. to a black jack, N 5 ch. to
    >a post oak, W 15 ch. to a stake, leaving SHARP’s line S 3 ½ ch. to a white
    >oak, W 5 ½ ch. to a post oak, S crossing Heinberlands Cr 30 ch. to a red
    >oak, W 16 ½ ch. to a hickory, N 45E 11 ch. to Travers Cr., down creek to
    >beginning, purchased by JAMES from the State. Signed: Samuel (x) JAMES.
    >Witness: William RAINEY; proved by Rainey May Term 1780.
    >It is a fact that prior to 1780, Adam moved with his parents to Rutherford
    >Co., NC. Rutherford Co. was not created until 1779; prior to that date the
    >area was “Old” Tryon County, NC. Some Sharps have been noted in Tryon’s
    >land surveys and 1770 court minutes. There’s a possibility that Thomas
    >had gravitated toward his wife’s family or his own brothers-in-law when
    >first settling in North Carolina. Later, perhaps Thomas decided to move to
    >Rutherford Co. where his own father or brothers had earlier settled.
    >TRYON CO., NC - 1768: Original Land Survey:
    > File #10 Samuel Sharp on Broad River
    > File #11 Samuel Sharp on White Oak Cr.
    > File #839 William Sharp on Cedar Cr.
    > File #849 John McKinney - Little Broad River
    > 1st Chainbearer: Samuel Sharp
    >1770: Deed of Sale from William Sharp to Thos. Sharp for 308 ac.
    >1779 Oct 26 - Thomas SHARP enters 100 ac. on both sides of Henton's Cr.
    >on a fork of Sedar (Cedar) Cr; border: above John Jackson MOORE's place.
    >1780 Apr. 25 - Adam Whiteside enters 100 ac. borders Isaac Henton's lower
    >line and runs down Hentons Cr.
    >According to Adam Sharp’s sworn deposition, dated 1832-1833: At the age of
    >16, on 1 Feb 1780, Adam was drafted into the NC Militia, in Rutherford Co.,
    >under command of Capt. Thomas Rober(t)son, and Col. McDowel of Burke Co.
    >From Rutherford Co., Adam marched to SC and was recruited by a force under
    >command of Col. Campbell. Adam was marched back to Lincoln, NC, where he
    >guarded baggage wagons under command of Capt. Edward Callahan, being taken
    >to Ramsour's Mill for obtaining flour. He was then marched to near the
    >south fork of the Catawba River, then back to Rutherford Co. Adam was
    >leave to visit his parents living in Rutherford, about 18 Sep 1780. On the
    >first or second night of his visit, Adam and his father were taken
    >by the Tories and were taken to Furgerson's (sic) Camp. The Commander of
    >the British forces was stationed at Gilbert Town, called the Second Broad
    >River, Rutherford Co. Adam was held prisoner for a month, until after the
    >Battle of Kings Mountain defeat of the British. Adam was liberated, and
    >again joined the army under Capt. Roberson. They marched to 6 miles from
    >the Rutherford Court house where Shelby, Campbell & Cleveland were present
    >during a military trial for captured Tories - nine were executed by
    >Adam was then marched to Burk Co. crossing the Catawba at McDowell's Ford,
    >continued to the shallow ford of the Yadkin River, Surry Co., and finally
    >the old Moravian Town, where he was discharged about the last of November,
    >1780. Then, about 1 Feb 1781, Adam was again drafted into the Militia as a
    >Private under Capt. William WHITESIDE/WHITSETT and Maj. Richard Singleton,
    >and marched to Ledbetter's Station in Montfords Cove near the border of
    >Rutherford Co. Adam remained there guarding the frontier from incursions
    >Indians. After three months, he was marched to Williams or Goodbred's
    >Station (2 miles from first encampment). After three months, Adam was
    >marched about four miles to Grants Station, where he was discharged by
    >Whiteside/Whitsett. About January, 1782, Adam was again drafted by Capt.
    >Whiteside/Whitsett, marched to Rutherford Courthouse, and required to make
    >flour barrels. Adam was again discharged by Capt. Whiteside/Whitsett after
    >another three months' service.
    > **Note: Adam made 2 declarations for a RW Pension Application: (1) made
    >to Judge James Martin, Jr. on 30 Oct 1832, wherein Adam stated his Captain
    >was William WHITESIDE, which is historically correct. (2) Adam made his
    >second deposition to (son-in-law) Rockingham Co. Justice of the Peace
    >Alexander S. Martin, on 10 Jan 1833. Adam differs in no respect in the
    >second declaration from the first - except naming his Captain as William
    >WHITSETT. The name Whiteside(s) is used predominantly in Rutherford / Old
    >Tryon Co., NC. The name Whitsett is used in Orange Co., NC,
    >with Whitside. It’s interesting whether Adam declared “Whitsett” to A. S.
    >Martin, or whether A.S. Martin wrote “Whitsett”, because he would have
    >Adam’s wife’s maiden name was Whitsett.
    >Adam Sharp (and parents?) returned to Orange Co., NC sometime after the
    >War and undoubtedly by 26 Jan 1787, when Adam witnessed a deed by Thomas
    >Sharp, selling his land on the Reedy Fork of the Haw River. I believe the
    >1787 Thomas Sharp to be Adam's father. Thomas is shown as a resident of
    >Craven Co., SC, and may be a widower, as wife Margaret is not shown as a
    >joint seller, or releasing her dower. Adam proved the deed 17 months later
    >in Orange Co. Court, May, 1788. It should be noted that all deeds found
    >Thomas Sharp indicated that Thomas could sign his name.
    >ORANGE DEED BOOK 4, P. 456
    >This indenture made between Thomas Sharp of the State of South Carolina and
    >County of Craven of the one part & Michael Coc(le?)oies of the State of
    >North Carolina & County of Orange of the other part Witnesseth that the
    >Thomas Sharp for & in Consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds to him
    >in hand payd by the said Michael Cochelreese the receipt whereof the said
    >Thomas Sharp doth hereby ___? granted bargained & sold aliened? & Confirmed
    >& by these presents doth grant Bargain & sell unto the said Michael
    >Cockelreese his heirs & assigns for ever all that tract or parcel of Land
    >Lying & being in the County of Orange and State of North Carolina as
    >followeth (viz) on the Redy Fork of Haw River Bounded all by Claims
    >at a Gum on Reedye Runing South Seventy Eight Chains to a Black Jack west
    >twenty five Chains to a Black Jack South thirty five Chains to a post Oak
    >West forty five Chains to a Black Jack North ten chains to a Stak West
    >twenty five Chains to a Red Oak North twenty five Chains to a black Jack
    >East 25 Chains to a ___? North 15 Chs to hicory East five Chains to a Stak
    >North twenty five Chains to a white Oak East thirty five Chains to a Hicory
    >East five Chs to a stak North 15 Chains to the Creek thence Down the said
    >Creek to the first Station - Containing Two hundred & forty acres - To have
    >& to hold the above mentioned premises and every part & parcel thereof to
    >the only (proper use & behoof of him the said Michael Cockelreese his heirs
    >& assigns forever & the said Thomas Sharp from him & his heirs Doth warrant
    >& Defend the above mentioned premises & parcel of Land to the said Michael
    >Cockelreese his heirs & assigns forever against all & every other person or
    >persons whatsoever. In Witness hereof I the said Thomas Sharp hath
    >hereunto set my hand and affix my Seal this 26 of January 1787.
    >Signed Sealed in the
    >presence of Thos Sharp (Seal)
    >ADAM SHARP Jurat
    >Orange County May term 1788
    >The Execution of the within Deed was Duly proved in Open Court by the oath
    >of Adam Sharp one of the subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be
    >Registered ~ L. Benton C.C. Examined by John Allison P.R (P.K?)
    >On 4 Jul 1788, a NC land grant to Thomas Gardner for Reedy Fork of Haw
    >listed Thomas Sharp as an adjoining property owner.
    > 1788 Jul 4: North Carolina to Thomas GARDNER, 50 shillings per hundred
    >371 ac. on both sides of Reedy Fork of Haw R., bounded on W by his land,
    >S by THOMAS SHARP, E by Parish Gardner, on N. by Haw R.,.......... (See
    >NC Patent Book 64:373 in name of Thomas Garner)
    >On 15 Oct 1789, Adam married Mary Whitsett Orange Co., NC. The early
    >research on Adam Sharp had mistakenly listed Mary as "Whiteside". The
    >actual marriage bond, however, reads: WHITSIDE, a derivative of Whitsett.
    >Mary is thought to perhaps be the daughter of John WHITSETT of Orange Co.,
    >NC, who resided on Back Creek, and died c1786, Orange Co., NC. No probate
    >records have been discovered for John Whitsett to substantiate Mary’s
    >lineage or John’s approximate death date. If Mary had been the daughter of
    >John, there might be records of her being placed under guardianship, or
    >court documentation involving the division of her father’s estate. Perhaps
    >Benjamin Roney was Mary’s guardian, as he served as the Bondsman for her
    >marriage to Adam Sharp. Benjamin Roney (1740-1827), m. 1774 Catherine
    >Andrew (1756-1829) was the son of James Roney, d. 1765, Orange Co., NC and
    >may have removed from Cecil Co., Md. no later than 1755, possibly as early
    >as 1740. A son and daughter of Benjamin Roney married children of Henry &
    >Mary [Thomas] Trollinger
    >15 Oct 1789: Adam Sharp(e) m. Mary Whitside - Bondsman: Benjamin Roney.
    >Adam appears to have resided amongst the Whitsett family members on Back
    >Creek, Orange, NC, which is located at the present junction of Hiway #119
    >and Interstate I-85 in present day Alamance Co. The following "Whitsett"
    >deeds came from Louise Overton, who further related that this area is where
    >the first settlers were in old Orange County. A neighbor of John Whitsett
    >of Back Creek was LEA, a name connected to the earlier records of Thomas
    >Sharp. The theory is that there were three Whitsett brothers who settled
    >Orange County; i.e, John, James and Samuel, and their surname was recorded
    >alternately as Whitsett, Whiteside, Whitsell, Whitesott, Whitset, and
    >Orange Co. Deed Book :
    >169: March 14, 1778 Richd BIRD enters 300 acres in Orange Co on both sides
    >of Back Creek; borders the claims of Jas WHITESIDE and Andw SMITH; includes
    >the improvement he purchased from John WALKER; warrent issued June 16,
    >295: May 22 1778 James CARSON enters 395 ac in Orange Co. on waters of Eno
    >River includes a survey formerly made for James WHITSETT and 95 ac added by
    >a resurvey made by Wm COURTNEY, warrent issued Aug 17 1778.
    >425: July 16, 1778 John WHITSELL enters 200 ac on both sides of Back Creek
    >of Haw River border Tho HART and John LOGUE on S; includes his improvement
    >warrant issued Nov 17 1778.
    >521: Aug 25, 1778 John McMENNIMY enters 200 acres in Orange Co. on waters
    >Back Creek; borders the claims of James WHITESOTT [sic], Patk BOYD, &
    >William WALKER; includes his improvement; warrent issued Dec 4 1778.
    >522: Aug 25, 1778 Patrick BOYD enters 150 ac in Orange Co. on waters of
    >Cr of Haw River; border: the land of Thomas HART on S and the claims of
    >WHITSET & Wm LEA; includes his improvements; warrant issued Dec 4 1778.
    >1002: Dec 31, 1778 Saml WHITSILL enters 50 ac in Orange Co. on waters of
    >Stags Cr.; border his "other" entry; warrant issued.(no date given)
    >1003: Dec 31 1778 James WHITSILL enters 460 acres in Orange Co. on Back Cr.
    >border: Richard BIRD and John WHITSILL; includes two improvements, warrant
    >issued Nov 11, 1779
    >1326: Dec 13 1780 Samuel WHITSELL enters 270 ac in Orange Co. on waters of
    >Back Cr. border on S by James WHITSELL; warrant issued June 1, 1781 .
    >1441: May 10, 1785 Joseph DIXON enters 150 ac in Orange Co. on waters of
    >Back Cr; border: John CARRIGAN and Saml WHITSELL; includes "the" school
    >house; warrant issued Aug 10, 1785.
    >1731: Oct 26 1793 Samuel WHITESELL enters 200 ac in Orange Co. on waters
    >Back Cr. border: John McMINNEMY, Richd COOPE, George BOYD, Wm BRADFORD, &
    >his own land; warrant issued Mar 10, 1794.
    >There is no existing 1790 U. S. Census for Orange Co., NC. It’s not known
    >whether Adam & Mary resided with other family members for the first seven
    >years of their marriage, or resided on inherited property. It was not
    >1796, that a land record has been found for Adam. The abstracted record
    >reflects an NC State land grant of 400 acres on the Haw & Eno Rivers,
    >Co.; however, strangely, it’s a joint grant to Adam Sharp and a Jacob
    >Thomas. A copy of this land grant should be obtained in the hope of
    >ascertaining the relationship between Adam and Jacob Thomas, and whether
    >this grant was for Rev. War service. Six years later in 1802, Jacob
    >sold his half of the grant to John Campbell – with the agreement of Adam
    >1796: State of NC to ADAM SHARP & Jacob THOMAS - 400 ac on Haws & Eno
    >Note per Louise Overton: Haw River does not flow in present day Orange
    >County: The Eno River only flows in Orange and present day Durham County.>
    >1798: Jan 23, 1795 Adam SHARPE enters 6 ac in Orange Co. on waters of Back
    >Cr; borders his own land.
    >Note: Alamance County between present day Haw River, NC and Mebane, NC
    >1799: Jan 23, 1795 Adam SHARP enters 40 ac in Orange Co. on waters of Back
    >Cr of Haw River; border: George BOYD and his own land; warrent issued.
    >1802: Jacob THOMAS of Rowan Co., sold his ½ of the NC Grant to John
    >CAMPBELL of Orange Co. with agreement of ADAM SHARP. Wit: Wm. MEBANE, G.
    >1800 U.S. CENSUS – ORANGE CO., NC – p. 532
    >SHARPE, ADAM – 4101-1011
    >Adam Sharp is enumerated on the 1800 census. Adam shows 4 males under the
    >age of 10; 1 male between 10-16; 1 male 26-45; 1 female under age of 10; 1
    >female 16-26; and 1 female 26-45. Adam was 36 years old; wife Mary was
    >about 32; daughter Margaret was 9; sons Thomas, James, John & Samuel were
    >all born between 1793 and 1800. The original census was semi-alphabetized
    >so the surrounding names are not necessarily near neighbors.
    >Groom: John BASON Bride: Catey WHITESIDES
    >Date: 25 November 1800 Bondsman: John Collins
    >ORANGE CO., NC – MARRIAGE BOND #000095301
    >Groom: George CAMPBELL Bride: Susanah MEBANE
    > Date: 29 April 1802 Bondsman: ADAM SHARP
    >DB10:281-282: 18 Nov 1800 – Samuel WHITSETT sold to George CAMPBELL, both
    >of O.C. - £100 – 100 ac. on Back Creek, being part of 190 ac granted by NC
    >to Samuel Whitsett on 10 Jun 1799, adjoining William BRADFORD, Thomas
    >LINCHE, BOYD. /s/ Samuel (x) Whitsett. Wit: Hugh SHAW, Jno. CAMPBELL .
    >Proved Feb, 1803 by John Campbell
    >DB10:280-281: 21 Dec 1802 – Jacob THOMAS of Rowan Co., NC sold to John
    >CAMPBELL of Orange Co., NC - $100 – 200 ac, being ½ of tract on Haw & Eno
    >Rivers as Deed/Grant #1400 from NC to ADAM SHARP & said Jacob Thomas for
    >ac, dated 9 Jun 1796, adjoining John Campbell. Adam Sharp agrees to
    >enter in with said Thomas in securing the land & premises to Campbell.
    >Jacob (x) Thomas, Adam Sharp. Wit: William MEBANE, G(eorge) CAMPBELL.
    >Proved Feb, 1803 by John Campbell.
    >DB10:282-284: 21 Dec 1802 – Jacob THOMAS of Rowan Co., NC sold to John
    >CAMPBELL, Merchant of O.C. - $1,100 – total 614 ac in various tracts on
    >Creek. (1) 128 ac - Formerly John CARRINGTON, purchased by Thomas on 2 Oct
    >1787, adj. formerly John GRIFFIN/now Peter WALKER. (2) 98 ac - NC Grant
    >#1407 to Thomas, dated 24 Aug 1794. (3) 150 ac -Formerly John CARRINGTON,
    >purchased by Thomas on 2 Oct 1787. (4) 88 ac - NC Grant #1406 to Thomas,
    >dated 28 Aug 1786. (5) 150 ac - NC Grant #1225 to Thomas, dated 5 Apr
    >1797, adj. formerly Joseph THOMPSON. /s/ Jacob (x) Thomas. Wit: William
    >MEBANE, G(eorge) CAMPBELL. Proved Feb, 1803 by George Campbell.
    >DB10:284-285: 11 Apr 1801 – Thomas FULTON sold to George CAMPBELL both of
    >O.C. - $500 – 150 ac on Back Creek, adjoining “land of ADAM SHARP &
    >being a tract granted by NC to Patrick BOYD on 9 Nov 1784, & conveyed to
    >George BOYD, & then to Fulton. /s/ Thos. Fulton. Wit: James MEBANE, Jnr.,
    >Robert MEBANE. Proved Feb 1803 by James Mebane, Jr.
    >Kay Rockett indicated that she found a record of Adam Sharp serving as the
    >“Administrator” to the estate of John Whitsett, son of James Whitsett, Sr.,
    >d. 1788, Orange Co., NC & Mary [Moore] Lowe Whitsett. However, Adam does
    >not appear as Co-Executor or Witness to the LWT. If Adam was later
    >appointed, it would be shown in court records. The “Administrator”
    >information must be verified.
    >3 April 1806:
    >In the name of God Amen, I John WHITSITT of the County of Rockingham and
    >State of North Carolina being in a very low state of health but of perfect
    >mind and memory do hereby make this my last will and testment and do direct
    >as followeth.....first I recommend my soul to Almighty God who gave it and
    >my body to be decently interr'd and my will and desire is that my whole
    >property be given up to my loving wife Fanny WHITSITT until her death or
    >marriage and then to be equally divided between my sons Samuel WHITSITT and
    >John WHISITT and that they live with her on my plantation until her death
    >marriage, and my desire is that they should continue to live together and
    >have schooling sufficient for common business, and I do hereby appoint my
    >loving wife Fanny WHITSITT my sole Executrix of this my last will and
    >testament revoking all former wills by me heretofore. Made and given under
    >my hand and seal this third day of April in the year of our Lord one
    >thousand eight hundred and six.
    > Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of R. MARTIN, William EAGLE,
    >and John GODSEY.
    >Note: John Whitsett was the son of James Whitsett, Sr., b.1747; d.1788,
    >Orange Co., NC & Mary (Nancy) [Moore] Lowe Whitsett, a widow, daughter of John
    >and Mary HENRY of Rockingham Co. and Dorchester Co. Maryland. John
    >Whitsett first married Judey Lowe on 19 Oct 1796, Rockingham Co., NC; a few
    >months before he died, John Whitsett remarried to Frances “Fannie” Napier ,
    >the daughter of Ashbrook Napier. A witness to John Whitsett’s LWT was John
    >Godsey who on 5 April 1807, married the widow, Fannie [Napier] Whitesides
    >(sic). Rockingham Co., NC Court Records – November 1807, state that John
    >Godsey was appointed as the guardian of John Whitsett, orphan of John
    >Whitsett, Sr. John WHITSETT Jr., born 1805 Rockingham Co. NC, died 1829
    >Jones Co. GA, and married Martha Broach, the daughter of George & Rachel
    >[Martin] Broach & granddaughter of Robert & Martha Martin, Sr. John’s
    >Samuel WHITSETT, born 11 March 1799 Rockingham Co. NC, died 7 Oct 1863
    >Washington Co. AL, having moved to Alabama sometime between 1824 and 1832.
    >M:127 – 26 Aug 1806: Benjamin McFarlin [McFarland] sold to ADAM SHARP of
    >Rockingham Co., NC - $100 – 469 ac on both sides of Jacobs Creek, adjoining
    >Hays, James Hailey, and Alexander Martin, Esq. Witness: A.[braham]
    >Philips, John J. Birkle.
    >On August 10, 1808, eldest daughter Margaret Sharp was married to neighbor,
    >Alexander Strong Martin, only child of NC Governor Alexander Martin & Mrs.
    >Elizabeth Strong.
    >DB14:548: 22 Jan 1808 – John BASON of Orange Co., NC sold to ADAM SHARP
    >Rockingham Co., NC - $600 – 2 tracts on Haw River. (1) 137 ½ ac - Bason
    >bought of Peggy SEVER & others, adj. Henry DROLLINGER and LONG. (2) 65 ac
    >Bason bought of Thomas DICKSON (Dixon) on N. side of Haw River adj. Jane
    >BRYAN & main road leading from Hillsborough to Salisbury on the South; East
    >by Joseph BAKER; on North by James ANDERSON & Pine Branch. /s/ John BASON.
    >Wit: John CAMPBELL, G(eorge) CAMPBELL. Proved Nov 1813 by George
    >**Note: Bason/Sevier/Dixon were heirs of Adam Trollenger per Property
    >***Note per Louise Overton: Bason Road, Haw River, NC: This road runs over
    >to I-85 near Mebane.>
    >Adam Sharp is enumerated on the 1810 Census, having in his household: 4
    >males aged 10 –16; 2 males 16 –26; 1 male 45+; 3 females under 10 years of
    >age; 1 female 16 – 26; and 2 females aged from 26 to 45. Adam would have
    >been age 46; wife Mary, age about 42; daughter Margaret had already left
    >home, and is married to neighbor Alexander S. Martin; the 2 males aged
    >were probably sons Thomas & James; 4 males aged 10-16 would have included
    >sons Samuel & John; the 3 females aged under 10 would have included Mary
    >possibly Celia. Unaccounted for are 8 persons: 2 (?sons) born 1795-1800;
    >(?daughter) born 1800-1810; 1 female, born 1785-1794; and 1 female, born
    >before 1765! It would appear that Adam’s household included either a
    >widowed mother or sister. If widowed sister, perhaps the additional
    >children were hers.
    >****Adam Sharp’s neighbors in both directions were: Nalon Wright, Thomas
    >Overton, George Overton, Thomas Brent, Lewis Bradfield, John Brent, Francis
    >Fore, John Gilliland, Martin Roberts, Dudley Porter, Fredrick BASON, Peter
    >Oliver, John Halladay, Thomas Neal, John Lacy, Robert Gilliland, John
    >Sheppard, Thomas Searcy, ALEXANDER MARTIN, John Reagan, Thomas Shackleford,
    >JOEL FAGG, James Saunders, William Hand, Samuel Fagg, Charles Fagg, Isaac
    >Oliver, Thomas Henderson, George Gates, Thomas Godsey, Junr., Thomas
    >Senr. Robert Martin, Senr., Robert Martin, Junr., John Godsey, Robert
    >Napier, James Lowe.
    >DB13:442-443: - 29 Jan 1811: ADAM SHARPE of Rockingham Co., NC sold to
    >LONG of Orange Co., NC – $500 – 143 ac - S. W./side of Haw R. being part
    >of a tract purchased by Adam DROLINGER of Lord Granville and conveyed to
    >Adam SHARP – adj. corner of Drolinger, south to Freeland, East to Jacob
    >Long. /s/ Adam Sharpe Wit: Conrad LONG, John TROLINGER. Proved Feb, 1811
    >by Conrad Long.
    >DB13:442: - 28 Jan 1811: ADAM SHARPE of Rockingham Co., NC sold to JAMES
    >FREELAND, Senr. of Orange Co., NC – $500 – 64 ac - N/side of Haw River adj.
    >Jane BRYAN and main road leading from Hillsborough to Salisbury on the
    >South; Joseph Baker, Jr on the East; James ANDERSON & Pine Branch on the
    >West; down the Haw River to Adam SHARP’s line to said great road. /s/
    >Sharp Wit: D. TURRENTINE, James McCADDAM. Proved Feb, 1811 by James
    >**Note per Louise Overton: This is where my mother lives, on old Freeland
    >land. The old Salisbury Road is present day #70>
    >DB14:636-637: 25 April 1814 - ADAM SHARPE of Rockingham Co., NC sold to
    >William GANT of Orange Co., NC - $15.00 - 1 ac on E/side of Haw River,
    >TROLINGER’s Ford on Haw River. /s/ Adam Sharpe. Wit: Joseph BAKER,
    >1811...John ELLINGTON, Richard Overton, ADAM SHARPE, Richard VERNON
    >N:308 #1578 - 21 Feb 1810: ALEXANDER S. MARTIN purchased from JAMES
    >STRONG - 50 ac, on prong of the Persimmon Branch, adj. Russell & Walker's
    >lines. Witness: ADAM SHARP, Joseph Roberts. .
    >O:279 – 5 Feb 1812: John Matlock, High Sheriff sold to ADAM SHARP - £17 –
    >194 ac. By virtue of Court execution against D & A Napier by ARTHUR HAYS
    >sum of 17£, 17 sh, 9 p. – 2 parcels. (1) 154 ac, adj. Samuel Hays, James
    >Jones, Robert Napier, Benjamin McFarlind’s corner now Adam Sharp (2) 40
    >adj. formerly Samuel Hayes corner on James Lowe’s line, James Hayes,
    >line, Benjamin McFarlind’s line. Witness: Alexander S. Martin, Theopholus
    >Q:113 – 30 April 1816: ADAM SHARP released to Robert Boak due to Court
    >order in favor of Plaintiff Boak vs Adam Sharp for quit claim deed release
    >for 194 ac tract on Jacobs Creek, adjoining Samuel Hays, James Lowe, Robert
    >Napier and Benjamin McFarland’s corner. Witness: Robert Menzies, Samuel
    >Harris, Judge of Superior Court of Law & Equity.
    >S:430 – 17 March 1817: John BASON sold to ADAM SHARP - $100 – 95 ac on
    >Jacobs Creek, granted Bason from Robert Cumming, adjoining formerly Widow
    >Shorts’ line. Witness: Thomas L. Sharp, Daniel Mathews. Proved by
    >August 1819 Session.
    >The 1815 Rockingham Tax List shows: Adam Sharpe - 360 acres, $1800, 1 pole.
    >He's on the same John Odineal list as Alex. S. Martin, but 38 names away.
    >Next to Adam Sharpe is James Sharpe, and 2 names from him is Mary Sharpe.
    >On October 17, 1815, son James Sharp married Mrs. Mary “Polly” [Phillips]
    >Patrick, the widow of Ebenezer Patrick and the daughter of Abraham & Sarah
    >[Lanier] Phillips.
    >On 16 November 1818, daughter Mary Sharp was married in Rockingham Co., NC
    >to Samuel Strong, probably the son of John & Sarah [Grogan] Strong, and
    >thus, grandson of Thomas Strong, Sr. & Elizabeth [Lewis] Strong .
    >1820 U.S. CENSUS – ROCKINGHAM CO., NC, Page 582
    >SHARPE, ADAM - 000302-11101=0301=211-101
    >Adam Sharp is enumerated on the 1820 Census, having in his household: 3
    >males 16 –26; 2 males 45+; 1 female under 10 years of age; 1 female 10 –
    >1 female 16-26; and 1 female 45+. 3 are engaged in Agriculture; 1 person
    >engaged in Manufacturing; and 6 slaves. Adam would have been age 56; wife
    >Mary, age about 52. 3 males aged 16-26 might have been sons Thomas, John
    >and Samuel; 1 female under 10 might have been Celia <her birth has been
    >estimated between 1810-1815. Unaccounted for are 3 persons: 1 male aged
    >45+; 1 female aged 16-26; and 1 female 10-16. Adam Sharp’s neighbors in
    >both directions were: SAMPSON LANIER, Moses LOMAX, George Burges, Abner
    >STONE, Polley ALLEY, Sally Barker, Capt. Joel FAGG, Isabella Sharpe, Capt.
    >James LUMBRICK, Elijah SHELTON, William Simpson, William Goff, Charles
    >Amos GRIFFIN, Jacob Riddle, Cornelius Maberry, Thomas Lloyd, John Orren,
    >John Wade, Elisha Wade, Richard Groce < ADAM SHARPE >ALEXANDER S. MARTIN,
    >OBEDIAH FIELDS, Lydia Barker, Paton S. Wray.
    >On February 9, 1821, son Thomas L. Sharp married Nancy E. Smith in
    >Rockingham Co., NC, the daughter of John & Sally Smith, and granddaughter
    >Joshua Smith.
    >On January 17, 1822, son Samuel Sharp married Mariah Joyce in Rockingham
    >Co., NC, the daughter of Elisha & Sarah [Shackelford] Joyce, and
    >granddaughter of ALEXANDER JOYCE (d.1778) & Jane Hamilton.
    >On January 14, 1823, in Orange Co., NC, son John Sharp married Deborah
    >Fossett/Faucett, the daughter of William & Martha [Hamilton] Faucett

    Father: Unplaced Sharps

    Marriage 1 Mary Whitsett b: ABT 1771
    • Married: ABT 15 OCT 1789 in Orange Co., NC
    1. Has No Children Part II Sharp
    2. Has No Children James Sharp b: ABT 1790
    3. Has Children Margaret Sharp b: ABT 1792
    4. Has No Children John Sharp b: ABT 1795
    5. Has No Children Mary Sharp b: ABT 1797
    6. Has No Children Thomas L. Sharp b: ABT 1799
    7. Has No Children Samuel Sharp b: ABT 1801
    8. Has No Children Celia Sharp b: ABT 1810

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