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  • ID: I035747
  • Name: Isham Eppes
  • Sex: M
  • Note:
    March 3, 1797
    Ordered that Brooke NEAL and Edward CLANTON be appointed to examine the accounts of Isham EPPS as Guardian to William MURPHY and make return to next court.

    March 4, 1797
    Isham EPPS, Guardian of William MURPHY, orphan of William MURPHY, deceased, returned his account as Guardian aforesaid which was examined by Brooks NEAL and Abraham CLANTON, appointed by the Court for that purpose and they report that the said Guardian is indebted to the orphan aforesaid, which is due by law from Andrew SAMUEL to the said EPPS as Guardian aforesaid, and which the said EPPS now delivers in Court and relinquised his Guardianship

    Apr. 26, 1786
    Ordered that John HICKS, Dudley DARNAL, and James MURPHY work on the road from CALLER's to Black's Ferry.

    Apr 27, 1783
    The Last Will and Testament of Edward ELLIS, deceased, was presented in Court by the oath of John MACON, and on motion administration, is granted to William ELLIS, who executed the bond for that purpose with William MURPHY, his security, with the will annexed, to whom Letters of Qualification is granted.

    Nov 5, 1785 is the will of Wm. MURPHY and you already have that one.

    Aug 27, 1787
    Benjamin WARD, Sheriff, returned an Account of the sale of the Estate of William MURPHY, deceased, and the same was ordered to be recorded and the Sheriff is allowed 2 1/2 percent on said sale.

    Nov. 29, 1791
    George MURPHY, Elizabeth MURPHY, and Ann MURPHY, orphans of William MURPHY, deceased, came into Court and made choice of Thomas ROGERS as their Guardian, wo entered into bond for that purpose with William ELLIS, his security.

    March 1, 1791
    George MURPHY, orphan of William MURPHY, deceased, came into Court and made a choice of William ELLIS, Sr. as his Guardian and the said William ELLIS is appointed Guardian to Betsey and Nancy MURPHY, orphans as aforesaid, who entered into bond for that purpose with James WHITE, his security.

    On the Petition of Andrew SAMUEL, in right of his wife, relict of William MURPHY, deceased, praying to have her right in dower laid off agreeabgle to law, it is ordered that the Sheriff summon a lawful Jury with the County Surveyor, to lay off the same as aforesaid and put them in possession in thereof.

    Ordered that the Sheriff sell the Estate of William MURPHY, deceased, agreeable to law, at twelve months credit.

    May 29, 1791
    James PAINE, Sheriff, returned the following accounts of sale, to wit, William MURPHY, deceased L574.

    Aug. 30, 1792
    Ordered that James PAINE, Esquire, who was security for Andrew SAMUEL as Guardian to William MURPHY, deceased, be discharged as such and the said Andrew entered into and executed a bond for that purpose with Peter JONES, his security.

    Jue 3-1745
    Wm. CRENSHAW, Jr. 128 ac. in Amelia Co. between the lower fork of Woody Creek and upper fork of Seller Creek adj. Isham EPPES, John WALLACE, Francis EPPES, John Nance, Sr.

    Mecklenburg VA marriages
    Murphey, William & Elizabeth Eppes, 8 May 1779, Isham Eppes sec.
    Mustian, Jeffrey & Elizabeth Stegall, 5 Feb. 1787, James Chamblin sec.
    Wortman, Henry & Tabitha Eppes, 24 Nov. 1787, Isham Eppes sec.
    Basey, Jesse & Jane Perrin Giles, 19 Dec. 1791, Isham Eppes sec.
    Baugh, Daniel & Lucy Brooks, spinster, 10 Oct. 1780, John Eppes

    1757-Lunenburg Co., VA Deed Book 4, p. 384: Francis Bracey of Lunenburg Co. sells to Paul Gauthrop of Dinwiddie County.. for 50 pounds...345 acres on Butchers Creek .. land adjoining Wilkinson, Smith and Thos. Hawkins. /s/ Fra. Bressie; Witnesses: Jeremiah White, Isham Eppes, Junr. & William Yarbrough. Deed Dated 21 March 1757, Recorded 5 Apr 1757.

    Francis EPPES of Henrico b. 1659 d abt 1718. md. Ann, dau. of Henry and Katherine ISHAM of Bermuda Hundred.
    Mrs. Katherine ISHAM in her will 10-10-1686 names dau. Mary EPPES, son-in-law, Francis EPPES and grandsons Isham and Francis EPPES
    There is a long list of names and connections and one listing Ann who married William KENNON.

    William EPPES md______Worsham and had ISHAM and probably Anne, who md. before 1739 to Edward OSBORNE. An Isham EPPES had a dau., Elizabeth, who died about 1755. Lewellen EPPES died about 1743-4

    John and Isham of Prince George were alive in 1721
    Isham EPPES, Burgess for Pr. Geo. 1755
    Maj. Isham EPPES of Pr. Geo. alive 1779.

    Isham Epps found in:

    U.S./International Marriage Records, 1340-1980

    Gender: The gender of Isham Epps is male.
    Birth Year: 1794
    Birth Location Code: VA

    Spouse: Sarah Harris
    Birth Year: 1795
    Birth Location Code: VA

    Source Number: 25054.002
    Source Type: Pedigree chart
    Number of Pages: 3

    Isham Epps 1820 census Williamson Co., TN
    2 m under 10
    1 m 26-45
    2 f under 10
    1 f 16-26

    Joshua EPPS living next door
    2 m. 10-16
    1 m. 16-26
    1 m. 45
    1 f. 45

    Isham Epps found in:

    U.S. Selected Counties, 1830 Census Index
    State: NC
    County: GRANVILLE CO.
    Page #: 046
    Census/Enumeration year: 1830


    NAME Eppes, Isham.
    DATE 1762
    SOURCE Chesterfield Order Book 3, p. 231.
    Suit brought by Isham Eppes against John Worsham to abate due to plaintiffs death, 4 June 1762.
    NOTE Part of index to Chesterfield County Wills and Administrations (1754-1800)
    PLACE Chesterfield County (Va.)
    COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.

    NAME Eppes, Richard.
    DATE 1752
    SOURCE Chesterfield Order Book 1, p. 166.
    He appointed guardian to his daughter Sarah Eppes, 3 Jan. 1752.
    NOTE Part of index to Chesterfield County Wills and Administrations (1754-1800)
    PLACE Chesterfield County (Va.)
    COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.

    Eppes, Richard.
    DATE 1762
    SOURCE Chesterfield Will Book 1, p. 355-358.
    Will - dated 1762 Proved 5 July 1765, and his estate in Amelia & Henrico Cos. to be Appr. (O.B. 3, p. 673) further proved 2 Aug. 1765. (O.B. 3, p. 680)
    NOTE Part of index to Chesterfield County Wills and Administrations (1754-1800)
    PLACE Chesterfield County (Va.)
    COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.

    NAME Eppes, Sarah.
    DATE 1748.
    SOURCE Deeds, Etc., 1748-1750 (Reel 8)
    p. 10. Will pro. July 1748.
    NOTE Part of index to Henrico County Wills and Administrations (1662-1800)
    PLACE Henrico County (Va.)
    FORM Wills. aat.
    COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.

    NAME Eppes, William.
    DATE 1734.
    SOURCE Deeds & Wills, 1725-1737 (Reel 7a)
    p. 440. Accounts rec. May 1734.
    NOTE Part of index to Henrico County Wills and Administrations (1662-1800)
    PLACE Henrico County (Va.)
    FORM Estate administration records. aat.
    COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.

    NAME Eppes, Lewis.
    DATE 1745.
    SOURCE Misc. Court Records, Vol. 4, [1738-1746] (Reel 2)
    p. 1361. Guardian bond for Anne Eppes rec. Feb. 1745.
    p. 1405-1406. Guardian bond for George Eppes rec. 2 Mar. 1746.
    NOTE Part of index to Henrico County Wills and Administrations (1662-1800)
    PLACE Henrico County (Va.)
    FORM Estate administration records. aat.
    COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.

    John Scott [1600.S1.5] received from his father 221 acres that the elder John Scott had patented 16 June 1714.
    John married Amy Goodwyn by 8 May 1721 when Thomas Goodwyn of Southwark Parish, Surry County, gave 150 acres to John Scott Jr. who had married his daughter Amy.
    Amy Scott, administrator, delivered the inventory of John Scott Jr and it was recorded 12 May 1724. Her father gave “4 Negroes, Will, Bess, and her children Harry and Sary” to Amy Scott and her son Thomas Scott 13 October 1724.
    Amy married second Isham Epes.
    Thomas Scott [1600.S1.5.1] married and was the father of nine.
    John Scott [1600.S1.5.2] (-1783) left a will in Sussex County naming six children Elizabeth, Martha, Theophilus, Thomas Epes, John, and Claiborne Scott (will dated 20 Jan. 1783 , recorded 21 Aug. 1783). The marriages of three daughters not named in the will are in Southampton County.
    Elizabeth Scott [1600.S1.5.2.1].
    Martha Scott [1600.S1.5.2.2].
    Theophilus Scott [1600.S1.5.2.3] married Mary Vasser in Southampton County 1 September (bond) 1783.
    Thomas Epes Scott [1600.S1.5.2.4] married Nancy Blow, daughter of Henry Blow, in Sussex County 21 February (bond) 1789.
    John Scott [1600.S1.5.2.5].
    Claiborne Scott [1600.S1.5.2.6].
    Mary Scott [1600.S1.5.2.7] married Richard Blow 20 February (bond) 1774.
    Amey Scott [1600.S1.5.2.8] married Thomas Ridley 9 April (bond) 1778. They were the parents of three.
    Susanna Scott [1600.S1.5.2.9] married Howell Briggs 10 November (bond) 1774. They were the parents of seven.
    Elizabeth Scott [1600.S1.6] married Samuel Chappell. See their family

    Elizabeth Tanner [3522.1.4.3], the daughter of Lodowick and Frances (Branch) Tanner, married William Osborne Sr. in Amelia County 15 June (bond) 1744. His surety was Richard Booker. Elizabeth and William moved to Amelia County where they reared five children.
    Osborne acquired several tracts in what is now southern Amelia County. He bought 210 acres on the north side of Deep Creek from Peter Irby in November 1751 and 575 acres on Woody Creek of Deep Creek from Edward Thweatt and George Thweatt in October 1762. Five years later, in May 1767, he bought 400 acres on Cellar Creek from Curtis Cates. Robert Munford sold William 600 acres on Little Creek of Deep Creek for £550 in April 1774 and as William Osborne Sr. he gave this land to his son Branch Osborne in February 1783. Just a few years before his death, William bought 63 acres from Peter Ellington.
    In 1782 Amelia County listed William Osborne Sr. head of a household of two with twenty-one slaves. In 1785 still two white souls were in his family.
    William died in Amelia County in 1786 (will dated 22 Oct. 1786 , recorded 25 Jan. 1787) and left his wife the 663 acres where he was then living. Elizabeth died in Amelia County in 1794 (will dated 7 April 1794, recorded 27 Nov. 1794).
    Abner Osborne [3522.] lived first near his father on Cellar Fork of Deep Creek. Here he bought 290 acres from Joseph Tucker and his wife, Prudence, in 1774 and 200 acres from Thomas Clarke in March 1777. In November 1779 Abner bought 200 acres in Nottoway Parish from John Perkinson and sold the land to Josiah Duncan in September 1780. Godfrey Tucker sold Abner 275 acres there on Winticomack Creek in December 1782. Abner added to his Winticomack Creek plantation with a 236½-acre purchase from William Foster in September 1783. Abner deeded 190 acres on Deep Creek to William Greenhill in October 1785 and the next month sold 524½ acres — the Foster and Tucker land, as resurveyed — to Rice Newman for 25,000 pounds of tobacco. Elizabeth Osborne relinquished her dower right in the latter deed.
    Abner was head of a household of two whites and thirty-six blacks in Amelia County in 1782. The list called him “Capt.” In 1785 three were in his family.
    In June 1793 and 1794 the Nottoway County court recommended to the governor and Council the name of Abner Osborne and two others for the office of county sheriff. In 1800 Amelia County taxed Abner on three horses and eight slaves more than twelve years of age he had in the county. Abner Osborne died in Nottoway County (will dated 1805). He had two farms on the Namozine and West Creeks and owned “Presque Isle” on the James River which he left to his grandson, Abner Osborne Watkins. The remainder of his estate he left to his wife, Elizabeth, and his son-in-law and daughter Conrad Webb and Lucy Osborne.
    This may have been the Abner Osborne who built “Silent Shades” in Nottoway County. This home was later owned by Richard Osborne who served in Co. E, 3rd Virginia Cavalry of the Confederate Army. Richard was an avid fox hunter.
    William Osborne Jr. [3522.] wed Frances Finney in Amelia County 12 March (bond) 1777. William Osborne married later Ann Sterling.
    William Osborne served during the Revolution from Amelia County and was an ensign in Capt. Thomas Short’s Company.
    William Osborne inherited 570 acres on Woody Creek. In November 1780 William Osborne Jr. bought 58 acres on the north side of Mallorys Creek from Isham Clay. In 1782 William Osborne Jr. was head of a household of six whites and fifteen blacks in Amelia County. The next year, in March 1783, he bought 150 acres in Amelia (now Nottoway) County from John Gray of Wake County, North Carolina. During August 1784 he bought 100 acres from Charles Knight for 5,600 pounds of tobacco. Amelia County enumerated William Osborne Junr. with eleven white souls in 1785.
    William Finney Osborne [3522.] was named in his grandfather’s will of 1786.
    Branch Osborne [3522.] inherited £50 from Lodowick Tanner and 1,263 acres from his father. He bought 150 acres in Amelia County from James Watkins in June 1782 and his father gave him 600 acres in February 1783. In 1782 Branch was head of a household in Amelia County of four whites and twelve blacks. By 1785 only one white soul was listed in his household.
    According to 1823-records of Nottoway County, a Branch Osborne married Mildred C. Carter, an heir of Raleigh Carter. It was probably this Branch Osborne who had guardian Wiley Jones. In December 1810 Jones mortgaged four slaves in Nottoway County to Osborne who promised to place them with his sister, Jane T. (Osborne) Jones. One Branch Osborne married Maria G. Pride in Amelia County 24 November (bond) 1849.
    Michal Osborne [3522.] wed Rice Scott. He was the brother of James Scott who married Elizabeth Osborne. Rice was named for his maternal grandfather, Rice Williams. They lived perhaps on the 1,000 acres on both sides of Mountain Creek which Thomas Scott gave his son in November 1768. Prince Edward County divided the estate of Rice Scott in 1796. Michal died in Prince Edward [/1799].
    Edward Scott [3522.].
    Martha Williams Scott [3522.] (2 May 1727) married William Munford.
    Robert Scott [3522.].
    Frances Scott [3522.] (2 Dec. 1721) must have died before her parents.
    Ann Scott [3522.] (2 Dec. 1723) must have died before her parents.
    Elizabeth Archer Osborne [3522.] (15 June 1755 - 12 Dec. 1781) was named for her maternal great-grandmother, Elizabeth Archer. She married James Scott on 8 February 1773. He was living in Prince Edward County in 1771 when he deeded some slaves to his son, James Scott. Elizabeth’s father, William Osborne Sr., mentioned her in his will of 1786. Nine years later, in 1795, James Scott, on behalf of himself and his children, sued Abner and Branch Osborne, the executors, over their father’s estate. The suit did not mention Elizabeth and she was perhaps dead.
    James died in Prince Edward County (will recorded 17 Feb. 1792).
    Frances Branch Scott [3522.] married a cousin, Capt. Archer Jones, in Amelia County 28 November (bond) 1793. See their family
    After Archer’s death, Frances married Capt. Thomas Epes in Amelia County 1 September 1814. Rev. James Chappell conducted their wedding. Epes, the son of Col. Francis Epes Jr., had previously married Catherine Williams in Amelia County 23 December (bond) 1788. Capt. Thomas Epes built “Poplar Hill” which still stands in Nottoway County. It is on land originally patented to Isham Epes. Thomas Epes was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates representing Nottoway County (1800-02). Thomas’ and Frances’ only son was Richard F. Epes who married Fannie Dunn.
    Agnes Branch Scott [3522.] married Osborne Lockett on 20 February 1801. See their family
    Thomas Scott [3522.].
    William Scott [3522.].
    Elizabeth Archer Scott [3522.] married Paschal Greenhill Leigh 26 November 1800. They were the parents of nine children.
    James Scott [3522.].

    1. Priscilla6 Anderson (James5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Richard1) (Source: James Anderson, 1751 Will of James Anderson, (Will Book 9, Page 772, Surry County, Virginia).) was born Abt. 1728 in "Arnols", Surry, County, Virginia, and died Aft. 1752. She married James Moss Abt. 1744.

    Notes for Priscilla Anderson:

    Priscilla Anderson would have been born of her fathers Surry County Plantation called "Arnols". This was located in what is now the southwest corner of Surry County, Virginia. The grounds for stating that she married a Moss is by process of elimination of the daughters of James. Grant Anderson recalls (1909) that one of James' daughters married a Moss. The Albemarle Parish register provides the Christian name James for her husband.

    The Albemarle Parish register records the birth of Amy, born 09/24/1745, daughter of James Moss and Priscilla, christened 10/27/1745 with godparents Henry Moss, Mary Eppes, and Mary Moss.

    Caution there is another James Moss in Sussex with wife Anne throughout the period 1740 to 1762.

    James and Priscilla probably went south to the Carolinas about 1750 as did many people of the area

    June 3, 1745
    William CRENSHAW, Jr., 128 acres in Amelia Co. between the lower fork of Woody Creek and upper fork of Seller Creek, adj. Isham EPPES, John WALLICE, Francis EPPES, John NANCE, Sr.

    Basey, Jesse & Jane Perrin Giles, 19 Dec. 1791, Isham Eppes sec.

    Baugh, Daniel & Lucy Brooks, spinster, 10 Oct. 1780, John Eppes

    Will Granville Co., NC
    Isham EPPES 1834

    Father: John Eppes b: 1626 in VA
    Mother: Mary Kent b: ABT 1625

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