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  • ID: I023420
  • Name: Abraham Burton
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1669
  • Death: 14 JAN 1735 in Amelia Co., VA
  • Note:

    ABRAHAM BURTON (Son of THOMAS BURTON and SUSANNA ALLEN) born 1669 and died 1736, married ANNE FEATHERSTONE, settled in AMELIA COUNTY Virginia, and had the following children:

    PHOEBE and MASON(Dau.).
    2. CHARLES BURTON (1698-1774) m.
    3. THOMAS BURTON (d. 1763) married
    .....? and had CHARLES and
    (2) CLIFTON.

    HUTCHINS BURTON (Son of HUTCHINS BURTON and SUSANNA ALLEN) who settled in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, married JUDITH ALLEN, daughter of ROBERT ALLEN, of NEW KENT COUNTY. She was born OCT. 31, 1724 (St. Peter's Parish Reg. p. 451) and married in 1742. They had only two children, CHARLES and MAGDALENE BURTON. The chances are that the name of ROBERT ALLEN'S wife was MAGDALENE.

    WILLIAM ALLEN BURTON (brother of the HUTCHINS BURTON above) married MARY WALTHALL and died in 1773 in Cumberland County. Children, DAVID, WILLIAM ALLEN, WALTHALL and a daughter MARY BURTON who married a cousin ALLEN BURTON.

    NOEL BURTON (brother of above) lived in HENRICO (d. 1757) married MARY WILTSHIRE, and had DAVID BURTON of Mecklenburg County, VIRGINIA.

    JULIUS BURTON (another brother) married REBECCA CLAYTON, and lived also in Mecklenburg County, Va. He was born in 1734.

    JOHN BURTON, the son of ROBERT BURTON and MARY NOEL, and the grandson of JOHN BURTON and RACHEL HOWCHINS --(HUTCHINS) - was born in HENRICO & possibly one time Sheriff of AMELIA COUNTY, Virginia. His wife appears to have been SARAH (possibly Sarah Cocke), and had a son JOHN BURTON and daughters, SARAH and MARTHA BURTON. SARAH HUDSON, the widow, afterwards probably married JOHN WALKER, and one of the daughters married a WARD.


    CAPT. WILLIAM BURTON (1720- 1778 ?) was one of the sons of ROBERT BURTON and his wife PRISCILIA FARRAR, a grandson of ROBERT BURTON and his wife MARY NOELL and a great grand - on of JOHN BURTON and RACHEL HOWCHINS (HUTCHINS) of New Kent County, Virginia, later of HENRICO.

    CAPT. WILLIAM BURTON married REBECCA COBBS, and after his death she became the wife of MICHAEL THOMAS. His father, ROBERT BURTON, was brother of NOEL BURTON who married JUDITH ALLEN and HUTCHINS BURTON who married SUSANNA ALLEN, and NOEL BURTON and JUDITH ALLEN were the parents of HUTCHINS BURTON, who married TABITHA MINGE (parents of COL. ROBERT BURTON of Granville County, N.C. and of COL. FRANK N. W. BURTON, who settled in WILSON COUNTY, Tennessee).

    CAPT. WILLIAM BURTON settled in ALBEMARLE, and his wife was the daughter of JOHN COBBS and his wife SUSANNA, who died in 1771 and 1772 respectively. MICHAEL THOMAS, who married the widow of CAPT. WILLIAM BURTON, alson lived in Albemarle and Bucking - ham counties in Virginia. The children of CAPT. WILLIAM BURTON were:

    1. JESSE BURTON (1750-1795) of GOOCHLAND,
    who married ANNA MARIA HUDSON
    (d. 1810) had children:

    1. ALEXANDER BURTON (d.1819)
    2. WILLIAM BURTON (Elizabeth)
    3. ROBERT BURTON, M. D.(Powell)
    6. MARTHA BURTON (Wm. Irvine)
    7. ANNE BURTON (Joel Yancey)
    8. SARAH HUDSON BURTON married
    (1801) SAMUEL JORDAN

    2. ROBERT BURTON of BEDFORD (d.1818)
    3. JOHN COBBS BURTON (1759-1776) s. p.
    4. WILLIAM BURTON of Bedford Co.
    died 1811. Married FRANCES.??
    (d. 1804) m. MANCY TIMSON.
    6. MARY BURTON m. (2) BENJ. RICE.

    The above JESSE BURTON "Of LYN CHBURG" was the ancestor of GEN. FRANCIS BURTON HARRISON, the author of the "BURTON CHRONICIES" to whom we are indebted for the data hare presanted.


    Charles Featherstone (c.1637—1682) [6616.2]

    Charles Featherstone, a prominent citizen of Henrico County, was born about 1637 according to a Henrico County deposition. He appeared as a headright for Maj. Abraham Wood when he secured a patent to 1,557 acres at Fort Henry in Charles City County on 9 June 1653. Charles himself held a patent to 700 acres on the north side of the Appomattox River along Timsbury Run on 30 September 1672.
    Charles married Rebecca Stratton, then the widow of Anthony Patram.
    Charles Featherstone died before 2 October 1682 when Henrico County recorded the inventory and appraisement of his estate. By then his wife had married Samuel Newman (c.1657 ).
    Charles Featherstone had in his possession when he died a horse belonging to Joseph Tanner. Newman refused to return the horse and in the October Court 1683 Tanner sued Newman for trespass. The court impaneled and swore in a jury to consider the matter. Their verdict favored Tanner and the court granted him a judgement against Newman for the horse.
    Henrico County ordered Samuel Newman to make a bond to the benefit of the orphans of Charles Featherstone on 1 August 1694. Henry Featherstone reached his twenty-first birthday after 20 August 1702 when he acknowledged receipt of his inheritance and discharged Newman of his guardianship.
    On 20 April 1687, Samuel Newman secured a patent to 559 acres on the south side of Swift Creek in Henrico (now Chesterfield) County. Among his collection of twelve headrights were Edward Stratton Sr., Edward Stratton Jr., and Charles Featherstone.
    Rebecca (Stratton) Patram Featherstone Newman was “loving sister Rebeckah Newman,” was a legatee of the 1698-will of her brother Edward Stratton. In 1726 when she was seventy-seven, Rebecca (Stratton) Newman made a deposition in Henrico County court about Charles Featherstone’s four children. She acknowledged that she personally knew Charles Featherstone, that he had the four children identified below, and that his son remained in good health. We do not know the purpose of the deposition.
    Children of Charles and Rebecca (Stratton) Featherstone:
    Anne Featherstone [6616.2.1] married Abraham Burton I before February 1691/2 when he appeared in Henrico County court to acknowledge that he had received Anne’s share of her father’s estate. Abraham was the son of Thomas Burton and his wife, Susanna. Abraham was the beneficiary of 100 acres in his father’s 1685-will. His father died when Abraham was young and Abraham petitioned Henrico County June Court 1687 to chose a guardian other than his mother. “It appearing that he is a very lazy and peremptory boy, he is ordered still to abide and remain with his said mother and stepfather.”
    Many boys in the Burton family were for the most part juvenile delinquents and Abraham and some sons were no exception. Some believe Thomas Burton’s wife was Susanna Hatcher because William Hatcher left a life estate in 226 acres of land and other property to Thomas Burton Jr. Such bequests often showed a family relationship yet no other records support this presumption. Thomas Burton gave each of his four sons 100 acres of land in January 1685/6. Abraham sold his portion to John Stewart, his stepfather, in December 1692 and Anne relinquished her dower right.
    During September 1730 Abraham Burton secured patents to two tracts in Prince George (now Amelia) County: 400 acres on Flat Creek and 200 acres on Deep Creek. In March 1708/9 Abraham bought 200 acres on Swift Creek from Thomas Jefferson and his wife, Mary Field. Until at least 1723, Abraham made his home on the south side of Swift Creek. Sometime afterwards, he left his son Charles on the land and moved the rest of his family across the Appomattox River to present-day Amelia County and settled on Deep Creek. He was probably there before April 1727 when he witnessed the Prince George County will of Robert Jones Jr. Abraham was appointed a surveyor in the newly-formed County of Amelia at the first court of 9 May 1735 and he served until his death before 13 August 1736 when they appointed his replacement.
    Abraham, who was born about 1669 , died in Amelia County before September 1736 (will dated 13 May 1736 , recorded 14 Jan. 1736/7). He had twelve slaves when he died. His 400-acre Flat Creek plantation was later in the hands of his grandson, Abraham Burton III who sold it to Thomas Tabb in October 1765. Abraham’s wife died in Amelia in 1745 (will dated 22 Dec. 1745 , recorded 17 Jan. 1745/6).
    The descendants of Abraham Burton were in Chesterfield and Amelia Counties. Tracing them more than a couple of generations is impossible because distinguishing them from their other Burton cousins with the same names is hard.
    Abraham Burton II [6616.2.1.1] inherited 200 acres on the Appomattox River at the mouth of Deep Creek in Amelia County from his father. He secured a patent to 200 acres on Deep Creek in September 1730 that he sold to George Worsham of Chesterfield County in April 1755. Mary, wife of Abraham Burton, relinquished her dower right two years later.
    Like his father, Abraham was a county surveyor. He appeared as a juror often and was sometimes plaintiff or defendant in minor legal tug-of-wars. Like many of his Amelia neighbors, he lent his hands to clear county roads. Burton lived at the Appomattox River and they called the bridge between Amelia County and Henrico (now Chesterfield) County Burtons Bridge. During August 1744 the Amelia County Court decided the bridge needed repairs and ordered two citizens to meet with Henrico about repairing it.
    Once, Abraham Burton beat and slandered William Green who brought two separate actions against Burton. In August 1745 a jury awarded Green £2 and court costs for the assault and battery charge and, during February 1745/6, they gave Green 20 shillings plus costs for his “scandalous words”.
    Abraham’s wife was Mary Bevill, daughter of Essex Bevill and his wife, Elizabeth Webster, both of whom mentioned daughter Mary Burton in their wills. The births of four children of Abraham and Mary (Bevill) Burton are in the Bristol Parish Register.
    We have included more about the family of Essex Bevill below at Digression: Bevill Family.
    In June 1750 Abraham Burton Sr. deeded to Abraham Burton Jr. 150 acres on the lower side of Beaverpond Branch of Deep Creek. This was land he held by patent since May 1735.
    From Edward Bevill, et. al., Abraham got 248½ acres on Winticomack Creek in September 1751. Today, Burtons Branch flows into Winticomack Creek. Edward apparently still held land in Chesterfield County in 1756 for he is charged with two tithables there that year.
    In December 1757 not long before his death, Abraham mortgaged two slaves to Archibald Buchanan, Alexander Spiers & Co. Abraham died in Amelia County in 1758 (will dated 31 Jan. 1758 , recorded 24 Aug. 1758). He held one tract of land at his death that he left to his wife, Mary, for life and then to son Peter. Mary lived later in Mecklenburg County.
    Abraham Burton III [6616.] (28 Jan. 1727/8 ) sold 150 acres in Amelia County to Thomas Bottom Sr. in April 1754 and bought 247 acres on Bevills Branch from Edward Bevill in August 1754. As Abraham Burton Jr. of Amelia County, bought 150 acres in Chesterfield County from Thomas Neal Sr. in February 1754/4. He paid tax on two tithables in Chesterfield County in 1756.
    With a wife, Ann, Abraham sold 247 acres on Bevills Branch to William Walthall Sr. in March 1762. His bride was likely Ann Neal, a daughter of Thomas Neal who left 1 shilling to Ann Burton in his 1764-will in Chesterfield County.
    In 1769 Amelia County appointed Abraham Burton a constable.
    By 1770 one Abraham Burton was married to Obedience (Hamblen) Powell, widow of Henry Powell of Amelia County (will dated 8 Oct. 1763, recorded 22 Nov. 1764). Obedience and Henry were the parents of Mary Powell who wed Henry Dickenson. In January 1770 John Scott and Obedience Burton, executors of the estate of Henry Powell sold 250 acres that had belonged to Henry Powell to John Tabb.
    In November 1771 Abraham Burton sold five black slaves to John Ford for £200. He bought 200 acres on Flat Creek from John James Trabue in October 1771 that he mortgaged to John Tabb during April 1772.
    Contemporaneous with this Abraham Burton was another of the same name in Mecklenburg County who came from Amelia in 1762.
    Abraham Burton of Mecklenburg was clearly related to the Amelia Burtons. Although we have tentatively placed him as a son of Abraham Burton III, he probably would have been too old to have been a son of a man who was just thirty-five years of age in 1762. He likely gave his name to Burtons Creek in Mecklenburg County.
    Abraham Burton IV [6616.] of Amelia County bought 350 acres on both sides of Allens Creek in Lunenburg (now Mecklenburg) County from Elisha Brooks on 7 September 1762. Burtons Branch now flows into Allen Creek there.
    Abraham appeared in St. James Parish of Lunenburg County in 1764 with three tithes and 350 acres. Living with him was William Palmer Jr. Burton sold his 350 acres on Allens Creek to John Wilson in August 1766 and in October of the same year bought 65 acres on the south side of Allens Creek from Edward Bevill. During May 1767 John Coleman sold 220 acres on Allens Creek to Burton for £30. It was to this Abraham Burton that Mary Burton of Amelia County — possibly his grandmother — made a deed in 1767 in Mecklenburg conveying a slave. Abraham Burton was head of a household of three with twelve slaves in Mecklenburg County in 1782. He was living in the same census district as Edward Bevill, a former neighbor of the Burtons in Amelia County, and he witnessed the 1777-will of Ann (—) Bevill Bott, Edward Bevill’s mother. Burton added his name to a poll list in Mecklenburg in 1777. This Abraham Burton had wife, Ann —, according to the will of their posited son, Peter.
    Peter Burton [6616.] was Jr. to distinguish him from Peter Burton. He apparently never married and when he died in Mecklenburg in 1796 (will dated 11 Feb. 1796 , recorded 11 July 1796), he left his estate to his father, Abraham, or if he was already died, to his mother, Ann.
    Thomas Burton [6616.] was living in Georgia in 1796 according to the will his brother wrote that year.
    Abraham Burton [6616.] was a beneficiary of the 1796-will of his uncle, Peter Burton.
    Robert Burton [6616.] (24 Aug. 1732 ) lived first on the 175 acres on Bevills Branch his father deeded him in June 1757. Perhaps unsatisfied with life there, he bought 175 acres on Sweathouse Branch of Deep Creek from Wood Jones in September 1757 and sold the 175 acres on Bevills Branch to his brother Abel Burton in January 1758. Robert was in Lunenburg County in September 1762 when he sold his 175 acres on Sweathouse Creek to Thomas Whitworth.
    Abel Burton [6616.] bought 125 acres next to his father from Daniel Coleman in June 1757 and 175 acres from his brother Robert one year later. Abel married Ann Cousins and was living in Amelia County in 1782 with a family of seven with eight blacks. In 1788 he bought 43½ acres from Archer Cheatham. Able was still in Amelia County in 1800.
    Frances Burton [6616.], daughter of Abel Burton, married Herod Tucker Crowder in Amelia County 25 May (bond) 1795. “Herod,” a less than flattering name, was more likely “Harwood.” Herod married second Elizabeth Smith there on 1 September (bond) 1810.
    Ann Crowder [6616.] married John Tanner in Amelia County 25 April (bond) 1816. Her father, Herod Tucker Crowder, consented.
    Frances Crowder [6616.] married Grief Tally in Amelia County 4 September (bond) 1824.
    Rebecca Crowder [6616.] married James Coleman in Amelia County 5 December (bond) 1818.
    Peter Burton [6616.] inherited the home plantation after the death of his mother. He served from Amelia County during the French and Indian War.
    Stewart Farley sold 50 acres on Neals Branch to Peter Burton of Raleigh Parish on 22 February 1759. Farley and his wife, Mary (Cousins) Farley, gave 50 acres on Neals Branch to Peter Burton in March 1764. Burton and his mother sold one acre and a mill on Winticomack Creek to William Walthall in April 1767. Peter married Martha Ann Cousins.
    In 1766 and 1769 , Abel Burton and Peter Burton held neighboring tracts on Winticomack Creek. In June 1772 Peter Burton, his wife, Martha, and his mother, Mary, who was then in Mecklenburg County, sold 170 acres in Amelia County to William Walthall Sr. Peter was dead before December 1775 when a deed for land on Neals Creek described the property as next to land belonging to Peter Burton’s orphans.
    Peter Burton was head of a household of 12 whites and six blacks in Mecklenburg County in 1782.
    Robert Burton [6616.], presumably Peter’s eldest son, sold 37 acres on Neals Branch to John Booth during September 1783.
    William Burton [6616.], a speculative son of Peter Burton, was an executor of the will of Stewart Farley and had power of attorney from Farley’s children in 1819. He was possibly the William Burton who was head of a household of ten with four slaves in 1782. Six were in his family in 1785.
    Elizabeth Burton [6616.] (April 1726 ) was a legatee of the 1732-will of her grandmother Bevill. She married a Thompson. No Thompson with wife, Elizabeth, was in Amelia County.
    Phoebe Burton [6616.] (11 Sept. 1730 ) married William Worsham. William Worsham was head of a household of five whites and 10 blacks in Amelia County in 1782.
    This William Worsham died in Amelia County (will dated 23 May 1783 ). He mentioned wife, Phoebe, and named the following children in his will. Phoebe was head of a household of five whites in Amelia County in 1785.
    Peter Worsham [6616.].
    George Worsham [6616.].
    Elizabeth Worsham [6616.] married David Meredith in Amelia County 29 May (bond) 1797. Her brother-in-law John Lawson Scott was his surety.
    Mary Worsham [6616.] married John Lawson Scott in Amelia County 21 September (bond) 1788.
    Wilmoth Worsham [6616.] married Richard Foster. In January 1778 Richard Foster bought 30 acres next to land of his own in Amelia County from John Foster, Booker Foster, and James Foster. During November 1779 he bought 100 acres from Frederick Ford of Mecklenburg County. Amelia County listed Richard Foster head of a family of seven whites and two blacks in 1782.
    Amelia County unrecorded deeds reveal that Richard Foster and “Willie,” his wife, mortgaged land in 1809 and 1813.
    Mayson Burton [6616.], a daughter.

    Father: Thomas Burton b: ABT 1634
    Mother: Susannah Hatcher b: ABT 1641 in Henrico Co., VA

    Marriage 1 Ann Featherstone
    • Married: 1 FEB 1690 in Henrico Co., VA
    1. Has No Children Abraham Burton