Casselman/Castleman from Germany in 1710 and Relations

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  • ID: I0476
  • Name: Andreas-Ludwig Casselman
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 6 NOV 1698 in Adelshofen, Germany
  • Death: BET JAN AND SEP 1789 in Bedford, Bedford Co., PA
  • Note:
    ___Andreas Ludwig was born 6 Nov 1698 & baptized 7 Nov 1698 in Adelshofe n, Germany, son of Anna (Rinder) & Hans Dietrich Casselmann. Sponsors rec orded at the Lutheran Church in Adelshofen were; Andreas Weydknecht (Vill age Mayor), Andreas Huger, and Ludwig Paulus Sitzler. (Original reco rd of Lutheran Church in Adelshofen, Germany. Also translated & copi ed by Jones, Jr., Henry Z. (1985) The Palatine Families of New York. p p. 434-435.)
    He was called Ludwig and Lewis. He signed his name as "Lud wig Cas sellman" but variations were - Lewis, Lodowyck, Ludowick, and Lodowick.
    ~~~ AMERICA - NEW YORK ~~~
    ___14 Jun 1710 arrived in America at New York port with his father's fami ly & other German Palatines on ship MIDFORT. (MacWethy, Lou D. (1933) T he Book of Names. p. 58.)
    ___7 Feb 1714 took first communion as member in the Lutheran Church at We st Camp, NY, by Rev. Joshua Kocherthal. (MacWethy, Lou D. (1933) The Bo ok of Names. Kocherthal Records p. 40.)
    ___17 Jan 1716 "Andries Lodowyck Casselman" naturalized with a large gro up at Mayors Court in Albany, NY. (Albany Hall of Records, Albany, NY: A lbany Common Council Minutes Book 6, pp. 114-116.)
    ___About 1719 Ludwig married Margretha Elisabetha Schafer, called Greta Li esse, daughter of Gerhard Schafer.
    ___19 Oct 1723 one of 27 original patentees - as is his father Hans Dietri ch - of a 12,700 acre Patent near the Mohawk River in Albany Co., NY. E ach patentee to receive a 28th share of the whole. In the First Divisi on of the land, Ludwig did not draw lots but left all of his share in t he undivided lands of the Patent - as did Gerhard Schafer [his father-in-l aw]. (NY State Archives: Letters Patent Book 9, pp. 83-105.) Patent beca me known as "Stone Arabia".
    ___6 Nov 1723 one of 20 patentees - as is his father Hans Dietrich - w ho deeded a 29 th part of the Patent to Johs. Lawyer. ("Historic Stone Ar abia". ENTERPRISE AND NEWS. Feb 4, 1931. St. Johnsville, NY.)
    Note: Lands in Stone Arabia changed owners many times without bei ng formally recorded. In 1792 three men were appointed Commissioners to r e-survey the Patent. Finding about 1,500 acres of extra undivided land s, they divided it into lots and allotted it to the original 1723 patentee s' heirs or assignees. Since very few deeds had been recorded, the Commi ssioners asked everyone to produce their titles/deeds in order to determi ne the present 1792 owners. Their findings were sparse and were record ed as: "Schedule of Titles Produced 1723 to 1792." In 1930 this old sch edule and the original map of Stone Arabia were discovered and publish ed in the newspaper, ENTERPRISE AND NEWS.
    ___1733 in the Second Division of undivided lands of the Stone Arabia pate nt, "Lodewyck" received a share or title - no description given. (Dillen beck, Andrew L. (1931). "Early Stone Arabia." Proceedings of the New Yo rk State Historical Association. Vol. XXX, p. 279.) [Note: his father Ha ns Dietrich is not on this list, however his brother "Wlhelmis" is - perh aps as an heir of their father Hans Dietrich.]
    ___1 Sep 1734 one of 29 grantors [includes brother Wilhelmus] of a de ed to William Van Schellyne of Albany: 300 acres & a 29 th part of undiv ided lands of Stone Arabia. Recorded: 30 July 1767. (Albany County NY D eed Book 7, pp. 520-523.)
    ___5 Apr 1742 sold the half of yet undivided 28 th share of Stone Arabia b ought of Gerhard Schafer to Hans Jost Snell. ("Historic Stone Arabia ". ENTERPRISE AND NEWS. Feb 4, 1931. St. Johnsville, NY.) [Note: Ludwig 's wife possibly inherited this land as one of heirs of Gerhard Schafer w ho died before 6 Nov 1723 when Maria & Susana Schafer signed deed with ot her patentees to Johs. Lawyer.]
    ___5 Apr 1742 sold his 28 th part of undivided lands to Hans Jost Snell. [ As did brother Wilhelm in Jan 1742.] ("Historic Stone Arabia". ENTERPRI SE AND NEWS. Feb 4, 1931. St. Johnsville, NY.)
    ___1744 Ludwig & Margaretha Elisabet Casselmann with children, Johann Die terich, Johannes, Conrad, Johann Jacob, Anna, David, Elisabetha, and Soph ia are recorded in the Lutheran congregation of Stone Arabia by Rev. Pet er N. Sommer, the resident minister in Schoharie, NY, who administer ed to the Stone Arabia area about twice a year 1743-1751. Their son Willi am & family are also recorded. (Dillenbeck, Rev. Andrew Luther. (1931 ). Lutheran Trinity Church of Stone Arabia, N.Y., p. 22.)
    ___ 27 Mar 1744 a signer [original signatures] of the Lutheran's deed to R eformed members for half of church lot #20 in Stone Arabia, NY. (Co py of original deed from Margaret Reaney Memorial Library, St Johnsvill e, NY.)
    ___27 Feb 1745 contracted to sell his land at "Stoneraby" to William Johns on; 200 for 280 acres, the mill, etc. ... "also whatever he does not ta ke along with him." Lodowick attested to [owed] a mortgage of 70 whi ch Johnson wanted investigated ..."to settle with him ere he goes." (Let ter from William Johnson to Edward Collins: In Burton Historical Collecti on of the Detroit Public Library, Detroit, MI. Prepared by the NY Divisi on of Archives & History. (1921). The Papers of Sir William Johnson. V. 1, pp. 451-452.)

    ~~~ VIRGINIA ~~~
    ___17 Mar 1748 in the Diary of Matthias Gottschalk, a Moravian itinerant m issionary, on his travels in VA & MD: " the South Branch...a Germ an named Kasselman, in whose house I felt a peculiar grace ...Mr. Kasselm an accompanied me three miles, he took me across the South Branch ...". ( The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. 1903. Vol. X , p. 66.) F or meetings ... "Mr. Kasselmann, I believe, would be willing to permit t he use of his house." (ibid., 1904. Vol. X I , p. 226.)
    ____17 Aug 1749 two land grants, #28 of 300 acres & #29 of 404 acres, on W appacomo or Great South Branch of Potomac in Frederick Co. VA from Lord Fa irfax. (Frederick County VA: Northern Neck Grant Book G, p. 281-282.) N ote: William Castleman also received a grant on 23 Aug 1749.
    ___15 May 1753 granted Town Lot #49 of 1/2 A. & Commons Lot # 48 of 5 A. in Town of Winchester, VA. (Frederick County VA: Northern Ne ck Grant Book H, p.366.) Note: William Castleman & Jacob Castleman al so granted lots.
    ___17 Jun 1754 "Castlemans wagon" to be kept & used near Wills Creek & Red stone by Col. Washington's Regiment. (Abbot, W.W. (Editor). The Pape rs of George Washington. Series 1, 1748-Aug 1755: Letter from John Carly le to GW, pp. 140-141.) "The Castleman family was among the earliest fa milies to settle in Frederick County." (ibid. Footnote 7. p. 144.)
    ___Mar 1756 suit by Henry Heath vs. Lodowick Castleman ; debt; to next C ourt on motion of defendant. (Frederick County VA Court Order Bo ok 7, p. 25.) In the Court Order Book of Apr 1762 it is noted that the pa rties agreed to dismiss this case. [Henry Heath was a doctor.]
    ------1757 on Virginia Tax list to pay with 25 pounds of tobacco. (Green e, Katherine G. 1926. Winchester, Virginia. and It's Beginnings 1743-181 4. p. 388.)
    ___12 Apr 1757 paid for his horse hired by Col. Geo. Washington's Regime nt [Regiment also hired horses from William Castleman & Jacob Castleman ]. (DLC:GW, Reel 30, Series 4.)
    ___27 Sep 1757 Lewis Castleman is one of a number of people (including "yo ung Mr. Castleman") in Winchester, VA, possessing sundry goods (listed wi th each person) suspected to have been purchased or stolen from the Soldie rs. Reported that Lewis Castleman said, "items were left at his hou se by an Indian, at the time some were imprisoned in the town." (Abbot, W .W.: The Papers of George Washington. Colonial Series 4, p. 425.)
    ___19 Nov 1757 At a called Court - Lodowich was charged with murder of Jam es Haines, a VA soldier; he & witnesses (named) were examined and the Cou rt decided he should be jailed & tried by the Court in Williamsburg, V A. (Frederick County VA Court Order Book 7, p. 321.) Note: Haines di ed 10 Nov 1757 at Ft. Loudoun in Winchester. He was in Col. George Washin gton's Regiment - as were the witnesses. Found no further record of the t rial or the verdict.
    ___10 Mar 1758 suit by Michael Ernest vs. Lodowick Castleman; debt; dism issed on motion of plaintiff.
    ___Sep 1758 suit by Jacob High vs. Lodowick Castleman & Robert Worth; ____ __ ; find for plaintiff. (Frederick County VA Court Order Bo ok 8, p. 41 & p. 116.) Note: cause of suit not given.
    ___12 Mar 1759 Ludwick of Hampshire Co. leased to David Castleman of Frede rick Co. for 5 shillings; Lot # 29 of 404 acres on Great South Bran ch of Potomac River, grant from Lord Fairfax 17 Aug 1749. Sold & Record ed 12 March 1760 to David Castleman for 70. (Hampshire County VA Deed Bo ok 1, pp. 27-29.)
    ___Apr 1759 suit by John Blagg vs. Lodowick Castleman; complaint; parti es failed to appear. (Frederick County VA Court Order Book 8, p. 225.)
    ___18 Jul 1759 Ludwick of Hampshire Co. leased to Jacob Castleman of Fre derick Co. for 5 shillings; Lot # 28 of 300 acres; also 119 acres a pa rt of Lot # 29, on Great South Branch of Potomac River, grants from Lord F airfax 17 Aug 1749. Sold & Recorded 12 Mar 1760 to Jacob Castleman for 7 0. (Hampshire County VA Deed Book 1, pp. 25-26.)
    ___5 Sep 1759 one of 12 people as defendants in suit by "Our Sov. Lord t he King"; both sides heard; suit "dismis'd". (Frederick County VA Cou rt Order Book 8, p. 313.)
    ___1760 on Virginia Tax list to pay with 22 pounds of tobacco. (Green e, Katherine G. (1926). Winchester, Virginia, and It's Beginnings 1743-1 814. p. 393.)
    ___Between 1759 & 1761 Ludwig married Mary (Bush) Wallace Hancock, twi ce a widow, with five young children.
    ___9 Jun 1761 leased to Robert Craigen of Frederick Co. for 5 shilling s; Lot #49 of 1/2 acre & #48 of 5 acres in the Town of Winchester ... g rant from Lord Fairfax 15 May 1753. On 10 Jun 1761 Ludowick & wife Mary ( her mark W) of Hampshire Co. sold to Robert Craigen for 70. Proved in Fr ederick Co. Court 4 Aug 1761 and the Court ordered Nathan & Benj. Kuykenda ll to visit Ludowick's home in Hampshire Co. to examine his wife Mary to c onfirm her release: Recorded 12 May 1762. (Frederick County VA Deed Bo ok 6, pp. 543-547.)
    ___Sep 1762 suit by Lodowick Castleman vs. John Gale; continued to next C ourt. (Frederick County VA Court Order Book 10, p. 271.)

    ~~~ PENNSYLVANIA ~~~
    ___1761 cleared & improved a 300 acre plantation on Dunnings Creek abo ut 4 miles from the Town of Bedford in Cumberland Co. PA. (reference fr om Bedford County PA Deed Book A , p. 497.)
    ___25 Jul 1763 acquired ticket from George Groghan for Lots # 11,12, 13 on north side of broad street between Fort Bedford & Bedford Brid ge in Town of Bedford. (reference from Bedford County PA Deed Bo ok A, p. 481.)
    ___17 Jun 1767 Survey # 3881 on his 300 acres on Dunnings Creek, down t he Creek & includes his improvements. [Survey # 3879 for Paul Waug, Sr... "adj. Ludwig Casselman"...on Dunnings Creek. p.112.] (Whisker, James B. ( 1985). The Bedford County Archives. Vol. 1, p. 93.)
    ___1768 Tax: Cumberland Co., Bedford: 2 horses, 4 cattle, 300 acres Unwar ranted, 30 cleared.
    ___1769 Tax: Cumberland Co., Bedford: 4 horses, 3 cattle, 200 acres Warre nted, 30 cleared.
    ___1770 Tax: Cumberland Co., Bedford: 2 horses, 2 cattle, 150 acres Lan d, 20 cleared. (Schaumann, Merri L. (1972). Tax Lists-Cumberland County P ennsylvania 1768, 1769, 1770. pp. 13, 24, 162.)
    ___10 May 1769 Lewis of Cumberland Co. to George Woods for 20 ... a cert ain improvement & tract of land made in 1761-2 on south side of Dunnings C reek ...a house 20X18 one story and half, a small field fenced & tille d, a meadow sowed with timothy [no acreage given]. Proved 18 Feb 17 90 by Andrew Steel a witness. Recorded 13 Aug 1790 by David Espy. (Bedf ord County PA Deed Book C, pp. 325-326.) Note: this may have been a mor tgage and was recorded after Ludwig's death.
    ___Apr 1771 suit by Lewis Castleman vs. Isaac Brown; debt of 30. (Bedfo rd County PA Civil Court Docket.)
    ___1772 on Quit Rents for Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA; 2 horses, 1 catt le, 488 acres, 50 acres improved. (Waterman, Watkins and Co. (1884). Hist ory of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties in Pennsylvania. p. 67 .)
    ___1773 & 1774 Taxable for Bedford Twp, Bedford Co. PA. (PA Archives. Se ries 3, Vol 22, p. 18, p. 60.)
    ___29 Nov 1777 Lewis & wife Mary of Bedford Twp & Co. to George Woods & Th omas Smith for 300, 300 acres settled & improved in 1761 on Dunnings Cr ., adjoining Paul Waugh, about 4 miles from Town of Bedford - as of Surv ey # 3881 entered 17 June 1767 in Land Office of PA. Proved: 22 May 17 83 by Thomas Vickory who swore he recognized one witness' signature. Reco rded 22 May 1783 by David Espy. (Bedford County PA Deed Book A, pp. 497- 498.)
    ___27 Jul 1781 Lewis of Bedford Twp & County to Thomas Anderson for 15, l ots # 11, 12, 13 [each 60 ft. x 230 ft.] in Town of Bedford on North si de of broad street between Fort Bedford & Bedford Bridge...acquired tick et or Instrument on 25 July 1763 from George Groghan. Proved 27 July 17 81 by Lewis who personally came before David Espy, Justice of Court. Reco rded 9 May 1783. (Bedford County PA Deed Book A, pp. 481-482.)
    ___1783 on Supply Tax list in Bedford Twp & County: 300 acres, 2 horse s, 1 cattle. Taxed 1.5.0. (PA Archives. Series 3, Vol 22, p. 205.)
    ___1784 on Returns for Bedford Twp & County: __ Acres, 1 Dwelling hous e, 9 Whites, __ Blacks. (PA Archives. Series 3, Vol 22, p. 273.)
    ___30 Jan 1789 Lewis/Ludwig's Will was written & signed with his mar k: he gave every thing he owned ..."to my Lawful wife Mary Castleman . .. to dispose of as she thinks proper or necessity compels her to ~~ N B: said plantation of Lewis Castleman lies joining Brushs Creek & Dunnin gs Creek." Proved: 5 Sep 1789 by witnesses, Michael Smyth & John Chrism an before David Espy, Registrar. (Original Will at the Courthouse in Be dford, PA.)
    ___Ludwig Casselman died between 30 Jan & 5 Sep 1789 in Bedford County, P A. at 90+ years of age.

    Father: Hans-Dietrich Casselman b: 13 NOV 1662 in Adelshofen, Germany
    Mother: Anna Rinder b: 2 AUG 1668 in Zurich area, Switzerland

    Marriage 1 Margaretha-Elisabetha Schafer b: FEB 1698/99 in Hilgenroth, Germany
    • Married: ABT 1719 in Schoharie Valley, NY
    1. Has Children William Casselman b: ABT 1719 in Albany Co., NY
    2. Has No Children Dieterick Casselman b: ABT 1722 in Albany Co., NY
    3. Has Children Johannes\John Casselman b: ABT 1724 in Schoharie, Albany Co., NY
    4. Has No Children Conrad Casselman b: ABT 1726 in Albany Co., NY
    5. Has Children Jacob Casselman , Sr. b: 1728 in Albany Co., NY
    6. Has No Children Anna Casselman b: ABT 1730 in Albany Co., NY
    7. Has No Children ?Elisabet Casselman b: ABT 1732 in Albany Co., NY
    8. Has Children David Casselman b: 1734 in Albany Co., NY
    9. Has No Children Elisabet Casselman b: BEF 1744 in Albany Co., NY
    10. Has No Children Sophia Casselman b: BEF 1744 in Albany Co., NY

    Marriage 2 Mary (Bush) Wallace Hancock b: UNKNOWN
    • Married: BEF JUN 1761 in VA or PA
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