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  • ID: I33546
  • Name: Jesse STEPHENS , Sr.
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT. 1755 in Onslow County, North Carolina
  • Death: AFT. 1823 in Wilkinson County, Georgia
  • Note:
    Vouchers for Soldiers in the Continental Line of North Carolina (1783-1792)
    The following Stephens' were listed:
    1) John Stephens--# 3879--Wilmington District
    2) Soammey (Loammey?) Stephens---# 3365--Wilmington
    3) Moab Stephens--# 2919--Wilmington
    4) Asa Stephens--#5309--Wilmington
    5) Benjamin Stephens--# 5601--Wilmington
    6) Nathaniel Stephens--# 5600--Wilmington
    7) Jesse Stephens--# 5602--Wilmington
    8) John Stephens--# 8985--Salisbury District
    9) Mathew Stephens--# 696--Newbern District
    10) Asa Stephens--# 5439--Wilmington
    11) Robert Stephens--# 4194--Wilmingon
    12) William Stephens--# 5864--Wilmington
    13) Abrian Stephens--# 591--Wilmington
    14) Mathew Stephens--# 2184--Wilmington
    15) William Stephens--#27--Newbern

    Jesse Stephens,(Sr.), appears on the 1790 census of Wilkes County, Georgia. There is also a Benjamin Stephens,Sr. on the same census, maybe the father to Jesse. There is also another Benjamin Stephens on the same census in Wilkes County, maybe son of Benjamin Stephens, Sr. The Wilkes County record indicates that Jesse, Benjamin, Sr. and Benjamin Stephens were taxpayers in 1787 but not in 1790. The record suggests they possibly were not residing in Wilkes County in 1790. Sometime about 1790, Jesse, Benjamin, Sr., and Benjamin Stephens migrated to Burke County, Georgia area.

    South Carolina Land Grant records show that Jesse Stephens was awarded the following grants. Edgefield and Barnwell Counties are located immediately across the Savannah River from Burke County, Georgia.
    1) 1785---Jesse Stephens--500, Volume 02, Class 02
    2) 1787---Jesse Stephens--439, Volume 19
    3) 1797---Jesse Stephens--556, Volume 69, Class 02

    Georgia Tax Index, 1789-1799
    4) 1798---STEPHENS, JESSE -- BURKE COUNTY -- DISTRICT 4 -- 1798 -- PAGE 4B
    Burke County, Georgia Land Grants to Stephens' from 1785 to 1807
    1) 1785--John Stephens--200 acres--HHH, 632
    2) 1793-- Benjamin Stephens--200 acres--AAAA, 144
    3) 1796--Benjamin Stephens--100 acres--YYYY, 292
    4) 1798--James Stephens--66 acres--AAAAA, 674
    5) 1798--James Stephens--72 acres-- AAAAA, 292
    6) 1807--Jesse Stephens--103 acres--F-5, 33

    The 1805 Land Lottery of Burke County, Georgia shows the following winners:
    1) Benjamin Stephens
    2) Abigail Stephens
    3) John Stephens
    4) Orphans of Phineas Stephens
    5) Polly Stephens
    6) James Stephens

    In 1807, Jesse Stephens received a Headright Grant in Burke County, Georgia, recorded in Grant Book F-5, page 33, for 103 acres, year 1807. Shortly after 1807, Jesse moved his family to Laurens County, Georgia.

    The 1820 census of Laurens County, Georgia shows on page 16:
    Jesse Stephens, and others in the household as: one male, 0-10,(?)--- one male, 16-26, (possibly Jesse Jr.)--- one male, 45 and over (Jesse Sr.), and--- one female, 26-45, (wife Elizabeth).
    More research is needed to determine the identity of the young male age 0-10. This child could possibly be Edward Inman, orphan of Arthur Inman, who was bound to Jesse in February of 1820.
    (NOTE--I find an Edward Inman in Gadsden County, Florida who was the son of Arthur Inman. This is undoubtedly the same person bound to Jesse Stephens in Laurens County, Georgia. He possibly moved with Jesse, b. 1801. Also, this Edward Inman had a son he named Jesse E. Inman. The following is a record found in the LDS library.
    Husband's Name

    Edward INMAN (AFN:1TTH-ZVR)
    Born: Abt 1812 Place: South Carolina
    Died: 1894 Place: Gadsden County, Florida
    Wife's Name Zella BRYANT (AFN:1TTH-ZW0)
    Born: Abt. 1827 Place: <South Carolina>
    Died: Abt 1849 Place: Gadsden County, Florida Florida
    1. Martha INMAN (AFN:1TTH-ZX6)
    Born: Abt 1838
    2. Elizabeth INMAN (AFN:1TTH-VH0)
    Born: Abt 1840
    3. Benjamin INMAN (AFN:1TTH-ZZD)
    Born: Abt 1842
    4. Jesse E. INMAN (AFN:1TTJ-00J)
    Born: 1849
    Died: 1910
    Place: Sycamore Cemetar, Chattahoochee, Gadsden, Fl
    5. Arthur INMAN (AFN:1TTH-RJN)
    Born: 22 Mar 1849 Place: Gadsden County Fl
    Died: 5 Mar 1928
    Place: Gadsden County Fl, Providence Cemet, Greensboro, Gadsden, Fl

    Edward Inman appeared on the 1845 Voter List in Gadsden, County, Florida

    Legal and Church records of Laurens County,Georgia, show the following history of Jesse Stephens, (Sr.) :
    Jesse Stephens--1807--The earliest record of Jesse Stephens residing in Laurens County, Georgia is proven in the records of the Poplar Springs North Baptist Church showing Jesse as a charter member.
    Jesse Stevens---1808-Member of the first Grand Jury of Laurens County.
    Jesse Stevens---Key 25, pages 220-221, December 2, 1809---David McDaniel of Laurens County, sold to Jesse Stevens of Laurens County, 2nd L.D., L.L. # 149. Witnessed by John Thomas, Justice of Peace. $280.00.
    Jesse Stevens---Key 25, pages 221-222, December 9, 1809---John Gilbert of Laurens County, sold to Jesse Stevens of Laurens County, 2nd L.D., L.L. #148, $130..00 Witnesses: David Scarbrough, Hugh Thomas, and Alexander Blackshear.
    Jesse Stephens---Key 25, pages 170-171, September 1809, Grantor Lewis Smith, of Washington County, sold to grantee David Scarbrough of Laurens County, 2nd L.D., L.L. #173, $150.00. Witnesses Jethro Weaver and Jesse Stephens
    Jesse Stephens--Key 3, page 11, August 1809---Named as a Commisioner of the road from the upper to the lower end of the county.
    Jesse Stephens---Key 6, pages 19, April 3, 1810,--Thomas Gilbert estate. $7,000.00 bond with Eady Gilbert, John Gilbert, John Ray, Charles Ray, Jesse Stephens and John Griffin as securities. Both Gilberts and John Ray were administrators.
    Jesse Stephens---Key 10, pages 16-17, April 3, 1810-- Itemized inventory of the Gilbert estate prepared by appraisers Jesse Stephens, David Scarbrough, and John Mathis.
    Jesse Stephens--On July 5, 1810, Jesse Stephens, David Scarborough, and John Mathis served as appraisers of the estate of of Thomas Gilbert, dec'd. Copy of appraisal in hand.
    Jesse Stephens--Key 26, page 117, May 28, 1811---Hugh McDonald of Elbert County, sold to Jesse Stephens of Laurens County, 2nd L.D., L.L. #142, $250.00.-- Witnesses: David Scarborough, Beverly Stephens, and Ebenezer Stephens.
    Jesse Stephens-- Key 42, pages 58-60, Spetember 1811,-- Plaintiff was John Howard. His Attorney was Robert Rutherford. Defendents were David Scarbrough, Sr. and Jesse Stephens. Debt. Note given to Lewis Smith. Verdict for plaintiff. Clerk Amos Love. Sheriff Isaac Kirksey. Judge Peter Early.
    Jesse Stephens--Key 29, page 37, August 15, 1812---Jesse Stephens affidavit, before Justice of Peace Neill Monroe, attesting to the Scarbrough and Milton to Bracewell land sale of July, 1812.
    Jesse Stephens--Key 29, page 35-36, July 31,1812----Jeremiah and Sarah Melton, Rachael, David, Elias, Polly, John, and James Scarbrough of Wilkinson County, all heirs of the deceased Ephraim Scarbrough of Wilkinson County, Sold to Richard Bracewell. 2nd L.D., 1/2 of L.L. #127. $100.00 Witnesses: Jesse Stephens and Ebenezer Stephens
    Jesse Stephens--Key 27, page 89-90, July 31,1812----Jeremiah and Sarah Melton, Rachael, David, Elias, Polly, John, and James Scarbrough of Wilkinson County, all heirs of the deceased Ephraim Scarbrough of Wilkinson County, sold to David Scarbrough. 27 1/2 acres known as Scarbrough's Island on the Oconee River. $500.00. Witnesses: Jesse Stephens and Ebenezer Stephens
    Jesse Stephens--Key 3, page 64, August 1816---Stephens appointed to view road alteration proposed by Jacob Carraker.
    Jesse Stephens--Key 3, page 65, August 1816---Jesse Green named to view proposed road by Jesse Stephens' house and Stanley Mill.
    Jesse Stephens--Key 5, page 2, July 1817---Selected for jury pool for trial of slave George.
    Jesse Stephens---Key 37, page 5, October 1817,-- Grand Jurors for next term were Jesse Stephens and others.
    Jesse Stephens-- Key 49, page 23,--April 1819,--- Plaintiff was Aquilla Coney. Defendant was Benjamin Faircloth. Witnesses were David Scarbrough, Jesse Stephens, and Richard Faircloth.
    Jesse Stephens---Key 37, pages 127-128, October 1819, Grand Jurors were Jesse Stephens and others.
    Jesse Stephens---Key 49, page 25, October 1819,---Plaintiff was Terrel Higdon. Defendant was Benjamin Stephens. Witness was Jesse Stephens.
    ****Jesse Stephens-- Key 1, page 132, February 1820,--Edward Inman, orphan of Arthur Inman, bound unto Jesse Stephens.****
    Jesse Stephens---Key 37, pages 172-173, March 1820--Grand Jurors for next term were Jesse Stephens and David Scarbrough and others.
    Jesse Stephens---Key 43, pages 230-232, September 1821--Plaintiff was William P. Downman. His attorney was Lott Warren. Defendants were David Stephens and Jesse Stephens. Debt case of $175.00 on three promissory notes given to Richard Bracewell.
    Jesse Stephens---Key 38, page 56, March 1822,--Next term Grand Jurors were Jesse Stevens and David Stevens....and others
    Jesse Stephens, Sr.--Key 32, page 89-90, June 15, 1822---Stephens, of Laurens County, sold to Ebenezer Stephens of Laurens County, 2nd L.D., 135 acres of L.L. #149. $50.00. Witnesses: John Thomas and Stephen Parramore.
    Jesse Stephens-- On January 29, 1822, Jesse Stephens, Ebenezer Stephens, and Jacob Carraker served as appraisers of the estate of Elias Scarborough, dec'd. David Scarborough was administrator. Copy of document in hand.
    Jesse Stephens--Key 2, page 5, January 1822, ---David Scarbrough granted letters of administration on the estate of Elias Scarbrough with Jethro Weaver as security. Thomas Mathers, Joseph Carraker, Ebenezer Stephens, John Perry and Jesse Stephens to appraise estate.
    Jesse Stephens--Key 31, page 258-259, January 7, 1823---Stephens of Laurens Co., sold to Stephen Parramore of Laurens, 2nd L.D., 1/3 part of L.L. #142 and #149, a total of 135 acres. $250.00. Witnesses: Thomas King and Justice of Inferior Court, Amos Love.
    Jesse Stephens--Key 32, page 96, July 22, 1823---Stephens of Laurens County, sold to William Fordham of Laurens,2nd L.D., L.L., #148, originally surveyed by Garland Hardwick. $400.00. Witnesses: Stephen Parramore and Hardy B. Stanley.
    Jesse Stephens--Key 73, page 82-83, September 7, 1823--Jesse Stephens, of Laurens, sold to Beverly Stephens of Laurens. For the price of $250.00, Land sold was 2nd L.D., 135 acres in L.L. # 142. Deed witnessed by Joseph Dykes and Justice of Peace Stephen Parramore.

    Elizabeth Stephens--Key 32, page 97, September 8, 1823---Stephens renounced before Justice of Peace, Henry Bohannon, her right of dower to land sold by Jesse Stephens, Sr. to William Fordham on July 22, 1823.

    In 1803 Wilkinson County was created and encompassed all of western Laurens County. These new lands were granted under a lottery system to all eligible residents of Georgia. In 1807 Poplar Springs Baptist Church was established in central Wilkinson County. This church which is now located in Laurens County and is still in existence, is the oldest church congregation west of the Oconee River in Georgia. By the end of that year nearly two-thirds of Wilkinson County was cut off to form the new county of Laurens. The county was named in honor of John Laurens. Laurens was Gen. George Washington's aide and was killed at Combachee, South Carolina after the British surrender at Yorktown. (Taken from "History of Laurens County"--by Scott Thompson)
    Information obtained from the book:
    " Poplar Springs North-- Baptist Church"
    Laurens County, Duplin, Georgia
    By: R.M. Johnson
    Poplar Springs Baptist Church was organized in 1807 and Jesse Stephens was a charter member. Records of the church indicate that Jesse bought land in 1809 described as Lot #148 and #149. On August 8, 1807, Jesse serving as a charter member, was selected to be the first Church Messenger to the 1807 Hephzibah Baptist Association. Church records also show that on August 22, 1807, Jesse was chosen as a delegate along with David Watson and Joseph Yarborough. On June 2, 1818, David Watson, Jessey (Jesse) Stephens, and Jeremiah Coney were appointed to contract with some competant person or persons for the completion of the meeting house. Poplar Springs Church records furthur show that Jesse was a member of the first Grand Jury held in Laurens County in 1808.
    Jesse and family built a home on Lot # 148 (202 1/2 acres) and later sold the property to William Fordham, another member of the Church. It is described as; William bought from Jesse Stephens, a Charter Member of Poplar Springs North, Baptist Church, the property on the north-west intersection of present Highways 441 and 338, known by many as the "Knight Place" (named for a later owner), and owned today by Allen Thomas. Allen Thomas currently (1997) lives in the original house built by Jesse Stephens in the early 1800's.

    The membership roll of Poplar Springs North-- Baptist Church reads as follows:
    1) Stephens, Benjamin, May 1816 - accepted by letter to October 1832 - dismissed by letter.
    2) Stephens, Elizabeth, Unknown - first on roll of 1846 - accepted by letter to October 20, 1848 -dismissed by letter.
    3) Stephens, Elizabeth, August 23, 1884 to - unknown.
    4) Stephens, Jane, October 21, 1843 - accepted by experience to December 5, 1843 - dismissed by letter.
    5) Stephens, Jesse, Charter Member 1807 to October 4, 1823 - dismissed by letter.
    6) Stephens, Martha, Unknown to February 21, 1835 - dismissed by letter.

    Jesse was selling his land in Laurens County in the early 1820's and was dismissed by letter from the Poplar Springs Church possibly to another church of unknown name. It is resonable to assume that Jesse moved to another area.
    It has been reported that Jesse sold his home in 1823 and moved to Wilkinson County, Georgia, about eight miles north of his property in Laurens County. He built his home in a settlement which was named Stephensville, reportedly after Jesse.
    An article was written by Dr. John C. Belcher and published in the Dublin, Georgia newspaper of August 29, 1989. Dr. Belcher's article stated: " Jesse Stephens was one of the early settlers of Laurens County who amassed quite a bit of land in the vicinity of Poplar Springs North Baptist Church. He sold most of his holdings in the community in the early 1820's and moved into the edge of Wilkinson County on the banks of Big Sandy Creek where the two most important roads of the day crossed. The trading post or settlement at the spot was identified by the Indians as "Lick Skillet". The first "bridge" over the Big Sandy at this point was made by stacking fat lighter wood in the stream bed. The Indians were believed to have made this bridge which perhaps served only as a footpath before the wagons of the whites came through the region. One of these roads is now known as the Toomsboro Road, but 150 years ago was the major highway from Dublin to Millageville. This artery of transportation was intersected by an Indian trail that ran from Louisville, crossed the Oconee at Ball's Ferry and went on west to near present day Allentown where it forked with one leg going to Macon and the other to Hawkinsville. The Big Sandy Creek is a substantial stream that could very well been used to freight goods by flatboats. Stephens may have beleived he was establishing a future Metropolis when he located at the spot where the two heavily travelled roads crossed. He built a home and may have opened a general store at the spot. Two Stephens families were reported to have lived in the community. They may have been related, perhaps even brothers, but spelled their names differently. The Stephens family did not remain long in the community before moving again to a place near Millageville where the Stephens Pottery was established. "
    Jesse's home in Stephensville is now occupied by the Lance Rogers family. Jesse' home in Laurens County is described by the following exerpts from an article printed in the Atlanta Constitution in 1956 stating the following: " This home is the oldest in Laurens County still used as a residence. Early county records show that the house was sold in the land lottery of 1806 and that it was built by slave labor. The house is built of pine from the near-by forest lands. It is held together by wooden pegs driven into the hand planed boards with homemade tools. The original chimney was built with bricks made from clay taken from the banks of a stream flowing not far from the house. Records show that among early owners of the house was a prominent Englishman named Jesse Stephens, who started the Stephens Pottery industry in Georgia and founded Stephensville."
    Pottery makers in early times were primarily involved in brick-making as well as producing earthenware containers.
    This home is presently occupied by the family of Allen Thomas.

    It is known that Jesse's wife's given name was Elizabeth. The records above show that an Elizabeth Stephens was still in the Poplar Springs Church until 1848. It is not known who the Elizabeth Stephens that joined the Church in 1884 is connected to.

    A summary of events in the life of Jesse Stephens appears to be as follows: Jesse was probably born in North Carolina about 1760-1770. He appears in Wilkes County, Georgia on the 1790 Census living in the same Militia District with Benjamin Stephens, Sr. who may have been his brother. Later, Jesse is found a few miles south in Burke County, Georgia along with Benjamin and wins land in the Lottery, He moved to Laurens County, Georgia during its establishment. He settled there in 1807 and was a prominent member of the Poplar Springs Noth Baptist Church. Jesse remained in Laurens County until the early 1820's when he began to sell his land holdings and then moved a few miles north into Wilkinson County and founded the community of Stephensville. After a short stay there he moved even further north, about 30 miles and founded Stephens Pottery in Baldwin County. It is believed that this was Jesse's final move and is the location of his death and burial.

    More About JESSE STEPHENS, SR.:
    Fact 1: Veteran-Revolutionary War
    Fact 2: 1790, Wilkes County, Georgia Census
    Fact 3: 1804, Tax Digest, Burke County, Georgia
    Fact 4: 1807, Headright Grant, Burke County, Georgia
    Fact 5: 1807, Served on first Grand Jury of Laurens County, Georgia
    Fact 6: 1809, Bought land, Laurens County, Georgia
    Fact 7: 1810, Apprasied estate of Thomas Gilbert
    Fact 8: 1811, Bought land, Laurens County, Georgia
    Fact 9: 1816, Court appointment to view road
    Fact 10: 1817, Selected for jury
    Fact 11: 1822, Appraised estate of Elias Scarborough
    Fact 12: 1822, Sold land to Ebenezer Stephens of Laurens
    Fact 13: 1823, Sold land to Stephen Parramore
    ------William Lackey Stephens;

    Father: Benjamin STEPHENS , Sr. b: ABT. 1735 in Onslow County, North Carolina
    Mother: Susannah SALYER b: ABT. 1735 in Onslow County, North Carolina

    Marriage 1 Elizabeth ? b: ABT. 1760 in NC
    • Married: ABT. 1775 in NC
    1. Has Children Ebenezer STEPHENS b: ABT. 1775 in GA
    2. Has Children Beverly STEPHENS b: AFT. 1785 in Laurens County, Georgia
    3. Has Children Richard STEPHENS b: 1797 in NC
    4. Has Children Jesse STEPHENS , Jr. b: ABT. 1801 in Burke County, Georgia

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