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The Ancestors of Brian Doig

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  • ID: I34822
  • Name: Walter DOIG
  • Surname: Doig
  • Given Name: Walter
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1365 in Of Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland
  • _UID: 0D894F1DBE3F97418EDD97AD36E473596C97
  • Note:
    The name Dog, or Doig, is derived from the Celtic "Gille Doc," or servant of Saint Cadoc or C adog. Kilmadock Parish in Perthshire was named for churches established there by the Saint, t he seat of the Dog family. The earliest reference to the family is a Dog who fought with Si r Walter Stewart at the battle of Largs in 1263.

    This earliest ancestor is not recorded elsewhere. It is thought he was named for Sir Walter S tewart.

    A possible uncle, Alexander Dog or Doge was Vicar of Dunnychtyne (Dunnichen) in 1372. He late r held the position as Precentor or Chanter at Brechin. He died there by 3 May 1393. (REB, I , 20 in George F. Black, "the Surnames of Scotland," New York: New York Public Library, 1946 , page 213; and D.E.R. Watts, "Fasti, Ecclesiae Scoticanae Medii Aevi at Annum 1638," Edinbur gh: Smith & Ritchie, 1969, page 45.)

    The early part of the Dog/Doig family history is derived from the following sources:

    Notably, are ninty pages of research on the early Doig of Dog family by Alexander Deuchar (17 80- ), seal engraver and genealogist in Edinburgh, dated 1834. This Alexander was a direc t descendant of both the Dogs of Menteith and the later Doigs of Brechin. The original docume nts are held in the Stirling Archives in the W. B. Cook Collection. [This researcher, Kennet h Frank Doig, has a copy of Deuchar's research.]

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    -----, 1851 Scottish Census, Perthshire, Kincardine Parish, Mill of Goody - Agnes Doig.
    -----, 1851 Scottish Census, Perthshire, Menteith - James Doig.
    -----, 1861 Scottish Census, Perthshire, Kincardine Parish, Wester Boquhapple - John Doig; Mi ll of Goodie - Paul Doig; Thornhill - Christina Campbell (Doig).
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    Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
      1. Has Children John DOIG b: ABT 1395 in Of Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland
      2. Has No Children Thomas DOIG b: ABT 1400 in Of Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland
      3. Has Children Patrick DOIG b: ABT 1405 in Of Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland
      4. Has No Children Alexander DOIG b: ABT 1403 in Of Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland