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  • ID: I00229
  • Sex: M
  • Title: DR.
  • Birth: ABT 1797 in (Jackson?) Tennessee
  • Death: BET 1855 AND 1856 in Madison Co., Arkansas
  • Event: Genealogy-Eubanks #2 EU #F2 - Franklin Co., IL Eubanks' Line numbering system, based on James & John's father, William H. Eubanks.--Franklin Co., IL descendants-"Eubanks Family Lineage"
  • Event: Genealogy-Eubanks #1 EU No #. is based on Dr. James Albert Eubanks' and his Arkansas & Franklin Co., IL families. Being the founder of the Arkansas Line he has no number, his first child starts with #1-"Eubanks Family Lineage"
  • Note:
    "Smothers Genealogy Database" has that James Albert Eubanks was born 1797 in Jackson, TN. Their source is unknown.

    Dr. James Albert Eubanks married two sisters, Cynthia Rea and Matilda Rea. They were the daughters of Wilson Rea, who was born in Virginia, from whence he removed to Tennessee, and from there to Franklin Co., IL. We estimate that James and Cynthia married about 1819. The Eubanks and the Rea families were probably neighbors while in Tennessee. James and Cynthia are not listed in the 1818 Illinois State Census, nor, is the Wilson Rea family, therefore, these families must have removed from Tennessee to Illinois about 1818-1820, as both families appear in the 1820 State Census There is only one female in James Eubanks' household in 1820. James' brother, John Eubanks, married Nancy Smothers, daughter of Thomas Smothers; he is found in both the 1818 and 1820 Census of the State of Illinois, Franklin county.

    1820 Census of the State of Illinois, Franklin County, pg. 63:
    #39 Willson Wray
    1 white male over 21yrs. & upwards
    11 all other whites

    #42 Thomas Smothers
    1 white male over 21yrs. & upwards
    3 all other whites

    #73 James Eubanks
    1 white male over 21yrs. & upwards
    1 all other whites

    #125 William (H.) Eubanks
    1 white male over 21yrs. & upwards
    11 all other whites

    "1830 U.S. Census Franklin County, Illinois," 1993; Microfilm M19, Roll #22, Thomas M. Dorris, Enumerator; Transcribed August 1993 by Susan (Doxsie) Dorris, Route #3, Box 302, West Frankfort, Ill. 62896.
    Census page 102:

    Eubanks, James
    3 male, under 5
    1 male, 5 and under 10
    1 male, 30-40
    1 female under 5
    1 female, 5 and under 10
    1 female, 10-15
    1 female, 30-40

    "1840 U.S. Census Franklin County, Illinois," Copied by Frank and Carol Rademacher, Printed by Frank Rademacher, 705 Cathy Lane, Mt. Prospect, Ill. 60056

    # 9 James Eubanks
    2 males--age 5 under 10
    4 males--age 10 under 15
    1 male--age 15 under 20
    1 male--age 40 under 50
    1 male--age 60 under 70
    2 females--under the age of 5
    1 female--age 5 under 10
    1 female--age 10 under 15
    1 female--age 20 under 30
    1 female--age 30 under 40

    Goodspeed's History of Madison County, Ark. (1889), pp. 1090-1091:
    "Rev. Felix G. Eubanks is a son of Dr. James and Cynthia (Ray) Eubanks, and was born September 4, 1832. His parents were natives of Tennessee. The father practiced the medical profession in Franklin County, Ill., a number of years, but in 1846 located on Richland Creek [Madison Co., Arkansas], where he lived until his death."

    1850 U.S. Census Madison Co., Ark., Richland Township, Household
    #276 James Eubanks, physician, age 53, born Tenn.
    Angeline Eubanks, age 14, born Ill.
    Cynthia Eubanks, age 12, born Ill.
    Fanny (Malinda) Eubanks, age 10, born Ill.
    Jasper Eubanks, age 8, born Ill. (William Jasper-aka James Jasper))
    Wilson Eubanks, age 2, born Ill.

    From: "Eubanks Lineage," pg. 205:
    "In the 1850 census of Madison County, Arkansas, James Albert Eubanks stated that his age was 53 {placing his birth at 1797, and that he was born in the state of Tennessee. The first official record of this man is found in the 1820 census of Franklin County, Illinois, where he is classified as a male between the ages of 19 and 25 [born 1795-1801]. One other person lived within his household, a female between the ages of 16 and 25 [born 1800-1804]. This was no doubt his first wife, Cynthia Ray/[Rea] daughter of Wilson Ray/[Rea]. The marriage had apparently occurred recently, as James Eubanks was not listed as a head of household in the state census taken two years before in 1818, and we presume James to have been one of the '10 other whites' living in the household of his father, William H. Eubanks, Sr. "It was apparently about this time that the Ray/[Rea] family arrived in Franklin County. No Rays were included by name in the 1820 census, yet we do have reference that Abraham was present as early as 1817, and Wilson appears on July 16, 1821 as a justice of the peace." [Franklin Co., IL descendants believe James and Cynthia married about 1815, probably in Tennessee. Did James and Cynthia Rea Eubanks accompany the Rea family when they came to Franklin Co., IL?]

    "The family home was located one mile east of what is now Sesser, Illinois in Franklin County. Aside from vital statistics, little is known of the early life of James Eubanks We do know that he must have been a religious man, as he participated in the founding of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. A history of the church, written in commemoration of its 100th anniversary gives some insight into the lives of the early pioneers:

    " 'Mount Pleasant Church was largely made possible by the sacrificial efforts of John Browning, a humble and consecrated pioneer of Franklin County. John Browning was born in the state of North Carolina on May 19, 1781. At an early age he came to Tennessee and from there in the year 1804 to the Illinois territory. For ten years he lived at the old Jordan Fort near the present site of the Liberty Methodist Church. For some years he guarded the mail from Shawneetown to Kaskaskia.

    " 'During a Hunting trip, John Browning discovered beautiful hill overlooking the valley of the Big Muddy. At the foot of the hill was a spring of sweet water. Here he established his homestead on the historic old Browning Hill in the year 1814, and here he lived during the remainder of his life. He was a man of strong religious convictions, who early resolved to rear his family in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Soon after he settled on the Browning Hill he began the custom of holding religious services at his home. In this sparsely settled country the settlers would come from miles around, and on summer days under a brush arbor, and in the winter before the wide mouthed fireplace, these simple, consecrated men and women offered their devotions to God.

    " 'On a beautiful summer day, July 11, 1829, a band of these pioneers met at the old Browning homestead on the hill to organize a church. Two Baptist preachers, Elders Isaac Herrin and Robert Moore, constituted the presbytery. There, on that day, The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church was organized with fourteen constituent members: David Farris, Louisa Farris, James Eubanks, Cynthia Eubanks, John Bradley, Mumford Williams, John Sandusky, John Browning, Nancy Browning, W.R. Browning, Elizabeth Ann Browning, Polly King, Patsy Browning and Jane Browning.

    " 'After its organization, the members of this Church with their own hands built a little log house of worship just West of the Browning Hill. About the year 1840 a second Church was built on the site. This church was a frame building. The framing timbers were hewed out with a broad-axe and the weather boards were driven with a froe and were shaved smooth with a drawing knife. In the years 1873 to 1874, a third church.....When the Franklin Association was organized at the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church on October 16, 1841, Mount Pleasant was one of the seven churches (that) effected its organization.

    " 'During the year last mentioned, 1841, differences in the doctrine arose in the Mount Pleasant Church. One of the pioneer preachers contended and preached that man did the will of God in eating the forbidden fruit. He was also preaching a partial atonement. These doctrines were opposed by a minority of the membership headed by John Browning. Accordingly a council was called of members from Ten Mile Church in Hamilton County and the Baptist Church of Benton. ---The council, after due and prayerful consideration, sustained the position taken by the minority membership. This caused a division of the Church, but under the leadership of said minority the Church contined to prosper.

    " 'In submitting the above historical sketch, I wish to pay tribute to --- Judge Thomas J. Layman, who was and is an eminent Authority on the history of Franklin County.
    H. L. Browning Sept. 7, 1961.'

    "A sandstone marker in front of today's church reads:
    Mt. Pleasant Church
    First Missionary Baptist Church in Franklin County
    Organized by:
    James Browning and wife
    David Faris and wife
    James Eubanks and wife
    John Bradley and Mumford Williams
    W. R. Browning and wife
    John Sandusky, Jane Browning
    Polly King, Patsy Browning Moore
    This memorial dedicated August 17, 1913

    Ten children were born to James and Cynthia (Ray/{Rea])....."

    Pg. 208, 209
    "We learn that James Eubanks was an accomplished hunter: 'About the year 1840 James Eubanks killed thirteen deer one morning before breakfast. This may seem incredible, but the proof has been furnished the writer, who, however, was not informed at what time Mr. Eubanks got his breakfast, but presumes it was a little late.' (Ref: "History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin and Williamson Counties, Illinois, 1887, Goodspeed Publishing Co., Chicago, p. 347).

    "James and Matilda had two children....." [Actually, James and Matilda had three children: Malinda Eubanks, William Jasper "Jasper" James Eubanks (born ca 1842), and Mary Matilda "Matilda" Eubanks. They are mentioned in the Probate Records of Wilson Rea, as children of Wilson's daughter, Matilda Eubanks. These records can be found at the Courthouse in Benton, Franklin Co., Illinois. ---CJH)

    ".....about the year 1846 he [James] came to Arkansas, leaving behind some of his older children, especially those who had already married. He also left behind his youngest daughter, Mary Matilda.....The journey was to be a long and difficult one, and James could not know what hardships these youngsters might have to face in the new location. He settled near what is now Japton in Madison County, Arkansas, and practiced medicine. It is not known if or where he received any formal medical training, however, he would journey into the woods and select herbs for use as medicines, and when someone was seriously ill, Dr. James would go and virtually live with them throughout the duration of their illness.

    "No account has been found, either through tradition or official records, of a third marriage of James Eubanks (it should be remembered however that Madison County marriage records for this time period have been destroyed by fire), yet family tradition does state that a son was born to James who was named Wilson Eubanks (the younger) in honor of his older brother who had died of yellow fever in the 1840's. the 1850 census shows this Wilson to be two years old, or born in 1848, well after Matilda's death in 1843. It seems no Wilson Eubanks was destined to reach maturity, as this Wilson, while still a young boy, was accidentally shot in the leg during the Civil War and died a few days later from the wound.

    "According to tradition, James Eubanks returned to Franklin County, Illinois about 1855, and presumably died shortly thereafter as he does not appear in the 1860 census of either Madison County, Arkansas nor Franklin County, Illinois." (Actually he was found to have died in Madison County, Arkansas in late 1855 or early 1856, and so, if he went to Franklin County, Illinois he must have died after he returned to Madison County, Arkansas. --- CJH).

    "James Eubanks was perhaps fortunate to have died before the outbreak of the Civil War. The area of northwestern Arkansas which he had chosen for his new home became bitterly divided during this conflict, and the rampant violence and lawlessness suffered many hardships upon his children and grandchildren as evidenced by the following narrative written by Mrs. Raye Sapp....." There follows a long and very interesting narrative about her ancestors, William E. and Matilda Jane Counts Eubanks, entiled "Stories of the Civil War." Many other Eubanks' family members are included in this story.

    The below was gleaned from Vernon Eubanks Family Tree, Eubanks.GEDCOM:
    Elisha had several minor political offices in Franklin Co 1839-1844. Left IL in 1849 with brother James, and wife for CA.

    Received the following from Vernon "Vern" Eubanks, eubanksfam@earthlink.net:
    Accounts indicates that he left Franklin Co., Illinois, in 1849, with wife and brother, Elisha, headed for California. His wife became ill on the way, and died in Arkansas. He remained there and brother Elisha continued the journey. (This wife, of Dr. James, was probably his third wife, whose name is unknown, the mother of Wilson Eubanks, the younger, born about 1848 in Franklin Co., Illinois. Matilda had died 20 February 1843, and Dr. James probably married about 1847. CJH)

    Ancestry.com, "Chip off the Old Block," by Patricia Wolfe, pvwolfe@iland.net:
    Benjamin, Hughbanks with Variations, Troyer and Significant Others.
    Name: James Albert EUBANKS 1 2
    Sex: M
    Birth: 1797 in Jackson, Tennessee 2
    Death: ABT 1855 in Franklin Co, Illinois 2
    Census: 1818 Franklin Co., Illinois

    Wilbur Grundy Eubanks son of Sophronia Counts & James Eubanks b 14 Jan 18 80 Purdy MO. His account reads

    "My ggfa Eubanks emigrated from England to America and settled in Maine. His nationality was a mixture of English, Irish & Scotch. The descendants moved south, some to the Carolinas, TN and some maybe to OH. My grandfather Eubanks moved to Benton IL where father was born. Grandmother died when father was a young boy and a few years after grandfather married a widow, Mrs Ray who had a son Fayette about the age of father. About 1854 father's 2 older brothers Bill & Felix were married and moved from Benton IL to AR and took homestead & were neighbors of gfa/gmo Counce." Complete text is in Eubanks file in posession of Donna Douglass. In the1820 Census Illinois Franklin Co, James Eubanks lists 1M 19-25 1 F 16-25.

    1830 Census Illinois Franklin Co James pg 102; William Jr; William Sr;

    John all on pg 97 William Hamilton Co p245 White Co: James p36, James p3 7, John p36, Morton p36, William p 36, William p 35.

    1840 census has a male 60-70 in the household who is probably Wilson Ray.

    James was an accomplished hunter. In 1840 James Eubanks killed 13 deer one morning before breakfast. This may seem incredible but the proof has been furnished the writer who however was not informed at what time Mr Eubanks got his breakfast
    but presumes it was a little late--Hx Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin & Williamson Co IL 1887. The family home was located 1mi E of what is now Sesser, Franklin Co, IL. James was a religious man; participated in the founding of the Mount
    Pleasant Baptist Church. (Hx of church is on file).

    Removed to Richland Creek, Madison Co AR in 1846 per Goodspeeds Hx. Another account indicates he left in 1849 with wife and brother Elisha headed for California. His wife became ill on the way and died in Arkansas. He remained there and brother Elisha continued the journey. It is not known if or where he received any formal medical training. He would journey into the woods and select herbs for use as medicines and when someone was seriously ill, Dr. James would go and virtually live with them throughout the duration of their illness. James may have returned to Franklin Co IL about 1855 and died before 1860 -- he is not in AR or IL census. (No, he died in Arkansas - CJH)

    1850 Census, Madison Co AR Richland Twp: (lived in separate households - CJH)
    James Eubanks physician 53 b TN

    Angeline Eubanks 14, Ill
    Cynthia 12 ILL
    Fanny 10 Ill
    Jasper 8 Ill
    Wilson 2 Ill

    James Rea 30 Farmer TN
    Peggy 29 IL
    Cynthia 10 IL
    Levina 8 IL
    James 4 AR
    Elizabeth 2 AR
    John 10 mo

    War Eagle Twp
    Henry Ray 25 Farmer TN
    Sarah 24 AL
    John 3 AR
    William 2 AR

    1860 Madison Co AR
    J.D. Ray 42 TN;
    Margaret 41 et al

    Menard Co IL Mary Eubanks m Theodore Rogers 2 Oct 1854

    James Eubanks m Nancy Robertson 22 Apr 1826 White, Illinois

    James Eubanks m Mathilda Rea 30 Nov 1839 Franklin, Illinois

    Mathilda Rea 1810 Franklin Illinois

    According to the Eubanks book the only children of James were: Caroline 18 16, Abe 1825, William E 27 Jul 1827, Cynthia Adaline 1830, Felix Grun dy 4 Sep 1832, Angeline 1836, James Jasper 13 Sep 1837, Malinda Fannie 183 9, Wilson 1848 and that other names are probably grandchildren. Info fr om Lin
    Shoemaker: 1st wife: Abraham, William, Felix Grundy, Polly, Peggy, Jane, A nn, Adeline;
    2nd wife Qult, Marion, Jasper;
    2nd or 3rd wife Wiltse

    (Above-Notes were all from Donna Douglass,)

    Father: William Henry (Alex) EUBANKS b: ABT 1773 in Albemarle, Stanly Co, North Carolina
    Mother: Betsy NALLY b: 1765 in Virginia (? source? - CJH)

    Marriage 1 Cynthia REA b: 1802 in Tennessee
    Married: ABT 1820

    Wilson John EUBANKS b: ABT 1820 in Franklin Co., Illinois
    Margaret EUBANKS b: ABT 1821 in Illinois
    Abraham EUBANKS b: 1825 in Ilinois
    William E. "Bill" EUBANKS b: 27 JUL 1827 in IL
    Cynthia Adeline EUBANKS b: 1830 in Illinois
    Felix Grundy EUBANKS b: 4 SEP 1832 in IL
    Angeline EUBANKS b: ABT 1836 in IL
    Caroline EUBANKS b: 10 AUG 1836 in Tennessee
    James Jasper EUBANKS b: 13 SEP 1837 in Benton, Franklin Co., Ilinois

    Marriage 2 Mary Matilda REA b: ABT 1800 in Unknown
    Married: 30 NOV 1839 in Franklin Co. IL
    Note: Illinois Marriage Index 1763-1900, Vol 1, Pge 38, Franklin Co., Illinois

    Malinda "Fannie" EUBANKS b: ABT 1839 in Illinois
    Nancy Elizabeth EUBANKS b: 11 FEB 1843 in Franklin Co., Illinois
    (A third child-William Jasper Eubanks, aka James Jasper Eubanks) - CJH)

    Marriage 3 b: UNKNOWN
    Married: BEF 1848

    Younger Wilson EUBANKS b: ABT 1848 in IL

    Title: TITLE
    Note: NAME From GEDCOM file of Donna Douglass.
    Media: Book
    Title: EubBrian.FTW
    Media: Other
    Text: Date of Import: Dec 30, 1998

    I am putting below an Ida Neal whose mother was a Eubanks. She died in California, but has not as yet been identified.

    Name: Neal, Ida H.; Birth: 03/17/1873 (March 17, 1873); Mother's Maiden Name: Eubanks; Sex: F; Birth Place: Arkansas; Death Place: Los Angeles(70); Residence: Covina; Death: 11/30/1961 (November 30, 1961); Age: 88 yrs.

    SOURCES: "Eubanks Lineage Book, Descendants of Dr. James Albert Eubanks", "As Given By The Living Descendants In Questionnaires, Letters And Interviews;" Copyright 1969, Northwest Arkansas Eubanks Family Association, Eskel Eubanks, Acting President, Privately Published, Huntsville, Arkansas, 1969. Final compilation, format, editing, printing, and additional research by Larry C. Bohannan, Century Enterprises, Genealogical Services, P.O. Box 312, Huntsville, Ark. 72740. We have tried to contact Mr. Bohannan and Century Enterprises only to have our mail returned marked "This company is no longer in existence." 1850 U.S. Census of Madison Co., Richland Township, Arkansas.

    EUBANKS LINEAGE BOOK, Descendants of Dr. James Albert Eubanks
    The numbering system, of these lines, is very confusing. To begin with: The children of Dr. James Eubanks are numbered, in Arkansas [the first section of the book], in the order in which information was found identifying them as a child, not by age! The "Eubanks Lineage" book was written by the descendants of Dr. James Albert Eubanks who moved from Franklin Co., IL to Madison Co., Arkansas. His children have no apha character in front of their number. Their numbers start with one thru nine; Mary Matilda Eubanks was given the number "0" for the tenth child found; the 11th child found was not given a number but an alpha character, a capital "A", given to Wilson Eubanks, the elder; "B" was given to (John?) Eubanks; "C" was given to Wilson Eubanks, the younger; we have, since the book was printed, found another child, William Jasper Eubanks, to whom we had given the alpha character "D". Later we changed his number to "2" for Arkansas, & "F22" for the Franklin Co., IL lines. We believe him to have been a son of Mary Matilda Rea, and brother of Mary Matilda "Matilda" Rea Eubanks. We have addressed the problem of him being given the wrong mother, Cynthia Rea, among his notes. The second section of the book covers the descendants in Franklin Co., IL. They assumed that the father of Dr. James Albert Eubanks and his brother, John Eubanks, was William H. Eubanks, Sr. They put an "F" for Franklin Co., IL in front of the numbers. William H. Eubanks had nine children; James was given the number "F2", and John was given the number "F3". (Mary) Matilda therefore has two numbers: "0" for the 10th child found, of Dr. James Albert Eubanks in the Arkansas lines and "F20" in the Franklin Co. lines. Since she was left in Illinois when Dr. James removed to Arkansas, we will only recognize the Franklin Co., IL numbering system here. Another change they made in the numbering system in Franklin Co., IL was to give numbers only to the male children in the line; the female children were given a small alpha character, therefore William Smith Eubanks and (Mary) Matilda Eubanks' daughter, Nancy Elizabeth Eubanks, was given the number "F20d" in the line of Dr. James Albert Eubanks, and "F34d" in the line of John Eubanks, as "d" being the fourth female child.

    Father: WILLIAM HENRY EUBANKS , SR., son of Alex Eubanks? b: 1770 in Albemarte, Stanly Co., NC ("Smothers Genealogy Database")
    Mother: Unknown Lady [--?-- Marcy?]

    Marriage 1 Cynthia Rea b: BET 1790 AND 1800 in TN (Vern Eubanks-Eubanks.GEDCOM)
    • Married: ABT 1819
    1. Has No Children Wilson Eubanks , the elder b: BET 1820 AND 1825 in Franklin Co., IL
    2. Has Children Margaret "Peggy" Eubanks b: ABT 1821 in IL
    3. Has No Children Jane Eubanks b: BET 1822 AND 1830
    4. Has Children Abraham "Abe" Eubanks b: ABT 1825 in IL
    5. Has No Children (John?) Eubanks b: BET 1825 AND 1830 in IL
    6. Has Children Mary "Polly" Eubanks b: BET 1826 AND 1827 in IL
    7. Has Children William E. "Bill" Eubanks b: 27 JUL 1827 in Franklin Co., IL
    8. Has Children Felix Grundy Eubanks , Sr. b: 4 SEP 1832 in IL
    9. Has Children Angeline "Ann" Eubanks b: SEP 1831 in Sesser, Franklin Co., IL
    10. Has Children Cynthia Adaline "Adaline" Eubanks b: DEC 1836 in IL

    Marriage 2 MARY MATILDA "MATILDA or TILDA" REA b: BET 1800 AND 1810
    • Married: 30 NOV 1839 in Franklin Co., IL 1
    • Note:
      Copy of Marriage Record:
      "State of Illinois
      Franklin County - I do hereby certify that I solemnized the rights of Matrimony between James Eubanks and Miss Matilda Rea on this day 30th November 1834. John Dillon J.P."

      SOURCES: County Court Records in Benton, Franklin Co., IL. "Archives Marriage Record Index," Franklin Co., IL; published by the Franklin Area Historical and Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 427, West Frankfort, Illinois 62896. © 1985. "Marriage Records, Franklin County, Illinois, First Book 1836-1848, (Some Earlier)"; Abstracted and Indexed by Frank & Carol Rademacher, 705 Cathy Lane, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056, Franklin County, Illinois; Second Edition, 1979, © 1973 Frank & Carol Rademacher. Family Tree Maker, CD228 Marriage Index: IL, IN, 1790-1850, © 1995 Genealogy.com.
    1. Has Children Malinda "Fannie" Eubanks b: 18 AUG 1837 in Franklin Co., IL
    2. Has Children William Jasper James "Jasper or James" Eubanks b: 14 SEP 1841 in Benton, Franklin Co., Illinois
    3. Has Children MARY MATILDA "MATILDA or TILDA" EUBANKS b: 11 FEB 1843 in Franklin Co., IL

    Marriage 3 Unknown Lady [--?--]
    • Married: ABT 1847
    1. Has No Children Wilson Eubanks , the younger b: ABT 1848 in Franklin Co., Illinois

    1. Title: Marriage License and Marriage of James Albert Eubanks and Mary Matilda "Matilda" Eubanks
      Author: County Courthouse in Benton, Franklin County, Illinois
      Media: Civil Registry
      Text: (Image)
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