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  • ID: I0112
  • Name: James CLAPPERTON
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: APR 1776
  • Death: 13 OCT 1875 in Forchebers, Scotland
  • Occupation: Druggist and Grocer
  • Reference Number: 112
  • Note:
    October 20th 1964

    This is a revised and veridical account concerning the Clapperton family, thanks to the courtesy of the Rt.Rev.Mgr. W.R. Clapperton, ex-Rector of Scots' College in Rome, and presently Canon of the Basilica of St-John Latran.

    Through the good office of Reverend Sister Mary Cuthbert of St-Margaret's Convent in Edinburg,with whom we had corresponded in an effort to get information regarding our forebears, this kind sister put us in communication with Mgr. Clapperton who graciously sent us a copy of a family tree in his possesion wich permits us to rectify certain assertions made in our initial essay.

    We stated in our first essay that Charles Clapperton was our forebear. We were wrong.Our forebear was JAMES. He was a « Chemist and Grocer » in Fochabers, and had a larger family that we knew of. He died in Fochabers on the 13th. of October,1875, at the age of 94½ years. He married twice.

    His first wife was Margaret Geddes with whom he had three children namely :-JOHN who came to Canada-MARGARET co-founder of St-Margaret's convent in Edinburg-and JAMES who was a priest.

    His second wife was Barbara Paterson with whom he had twelve children namely :-JANE spinster-THOMAS married to Mary Martin had 3 sons and 2 daughters.-SUZAN married to A. Davidson no issue-WILLIAM who was a priest-GEORGE emigrated to Australia,married there, had one son-ALEXANDER married to Catherine Kelly no issue-BARBARA died at age 15- ROBERT who was a priest- ARTHUR who died young-ANNE who was Sister Mary Bernard- CHARLES emigrated to Australia, married there, had one son and one daughter who never married- HENRY died young.

    JOHN the eldest son emigrated to Canada around the year 1830. He landed in Halifax, managed to secure a vessel, and started trading along the coasts of Fundy and Baie des Chaleurs. He married a French Acadian girl, Félicité Dugas, daughter of Captain Hilarion Dugas, and Euphrosine Gauthier,and settled in Carleton P.Qué. He drowned accidentely on a voyage from Carleton to Dalhousie in the early fall of 1839, leaving his widow with two sons, JAMES, aged two years, and WILLIAM aged nine months.
    In order to provide for herself and her two boys, his widow left her home in Carleton and settled in Dalhousie, N.B. which at the time was an important seaport and the main business center of the region. There she earned her livelihood by sewing, and was reputed a very able seemstress.

    Following her husband's death, she kept in close relation by correspondance with her in-laws in Scotland, so when her boys became of school age they offered to take charge of them during their years of studies, an offer she gratefully accepted. She conveyed them to Scotland herself, left them in the care of their grandparents, and returned to her home in Dalhousie. When her boys were through their studies,she went back to Scotland to bring them back.- An extraordinary thing happened on their return to Canada, and this is how the dear old lady used to relate the event : »The trip had been most pleasant and uneventful all the way,and the passengers and crew were in great humor the morning their ship dropped anchor opposite Bathurst N.B., to land passengers and unload some freight, before proceeding to it's final port Dalhousie. Grandmother had friends in Bathurst and got permission to go ashore with her two boys to visit them, intending to return to the ship in the afternoon. A sudden change of weather forced the Captain to weight anchor in order to take his vessel away from it's exposed position, and she and her two boys and three members of the crew who had rowed ashore were left behind. The sudden gust developped into a near hurricane, and before the vessel could reach a safe harbour it foundered, and all on board perished. »

    They made their way from Bathurst to Dalhousie by land, and settled once more to family life. Eventually the two boys found employment with a prosperous merchant of Carleton, Mr. John Meagher. He was a highly esteemed and charitable man. He it was who founded the convent of Carleton for the Reverend Sisters of Charity, and thus gave that region it's first important institution of learning. He was a shrewd business man and the two boys benefitted of the exellent training they received. They remained in his employ a few years before venturing into business for themselves.

    James opened a general store in Bonaventure,P.Q., around the year 1864 or 65, There he met and married a school teacher, Miss Rose Delima Labrie, native of Rimouski, P.Q.Three of his sons were born and christened in Bonaventure : they are : Charles Ernest,Sept, 2, 1873-George Edward, Feb, 2, 1875- and Joseph Oscar,Mar,28 1877. Shortly after this last date, he disposed of his business and moved with his family to Stillwater, Minn., where he settled.

    William acquired a property in Maria,P.Q., around the year 1864 or 65, built a house and a store, and took his mother with him as his housekeeper. On January 26, 1866, he married Mary-Ann LeBel, daughter of notary Joseph G. LeBel of New Carlisle,and Maria Meagher, sister of John Meagher mentionned above. They had eight children, 5 sons and three daughters. Beside his store, he developed an important salt fish business which he operated up to the last years of that century. On Chrismas day 1897, he had the grief of losing his beloved mother who died at the advanced age of 92 years and four months.

    On December 22, 1897, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly as Member for the County of Bonaventure, which duty he performed till November 4th ,1904, in which year he was defeated, and retired from active politics. In 1905 he was named Crown Lands Agent for the western division of Bonaventure,and retained this position until his death, May, 31, 1922, at the age of 83 years and 4 months.
    His widow lived 14 years after his death, and died at the home of her son Thomas, in Grand Cascapedia, P.Q., on the 26 October, 1936. She was 97 years and 7 months.



    J. Henry - November 20 -1866-------February 6 1952.
    Married first to Virginia Bourret, May 20 1891. They had one daughter,
    Ruth Marion, who married Walter Young and left no descendants. His
    Second wife was Sophia ……? She had a son, Clarence, who took the name
    Clapperton. He married and left two daughters-no sons

    M.Theresa- June 16 1868 - April 25 ---1940
    Married Henry MacIntyre in Maria, P.Q. April 14 -1890
    Had a large family, many of whom died young.

    J.W.Herbert- unmarried-March 23 -1891---June 10 -1951

    John E.---- September 3 -1894.

    Kathleen--- Nun----April 17 - 1896 May 29 - 1918

    J.A. Wilfred-June 19-1897 July 27---1961.

    Irene- September 20 -1898

    Robertine- October 31-1899 May 26 -1962

    J.H. Robert- January 23 -1901 November 26 -1904.

    J.G.Leo----March 13 -1902 September 19-1902

    C. Henry-November 23 -1903 December 21 -1902

    J. D. Charles-May 6 -1905

    A.Evelyn---July 12 -1906 May 10 --1957

    William-January 31-1908 January 31-1908

    M. Theresa-June 18 -1909

    JOHN.A. October 24 -1870 March 1-1894
    Died in Quebec at the close of his University Course, aged 24.

    October 19---1872 June 11 -1955
    Married Ellen Mill in Maria P.Q. October 11- 1898
    JOHN-married Bernadette Leblanc-no family-adopted a daughter
    ALMA-married John Nadeau-1 daughter
    ROBERT-married Elsie Brown-6 sons-4 daughters
    EVELYNE-married Antonio Martin-2 sons -4 daughters
    PERCY-married Elsie Boudreau-1 son -2 daughters
    HECTORINE-Nun-Sister Jean Thomas of the Sisters of Charity,Quebec
    WILFRED-married Leona Robertson-1 son-2 daughters
    HAROLD-not married
    AMELIA-married Gerard Arsenault 1 son -2 daughters
    GERTRUDE-married Leonard Corriveau-2 sons 1 da
    ALBERT-not married- died prisoner of war in Hong-Kong

    MARGIE-=married Claude Martel-no family

    SUSAN B.- July 29 -1874 June 10-1935
    Married Thomas Mill in Maria, September 26 - 1898
    FLORENCE-married Henry A Leblanc-7 sons 3 daughters
    EDWARD- not married died young.
    MAURICE-not married died young
    JESSIE-married HectorLeblanc-3 sons 3 daughters
    CLARENCE-married Imelda Leblanc-no family
    LEONARD-married Jacqueline Dubé-7 sons
    RITA-not married -registered nurse
    FREDERICK- married Germaine Bernard-3 sons 5 daughters

    CHARLES- August 3 ou 8 -1876 January 1 -1919
    Married May Duthie-no family

    AMELIA J.- March 15 1878---April 19-1911
    Married Edgar Cyr 4 daughters
    Berthe --- Nun
    Amélia-married Jean Marie Bernard-no family

    GEORGE A.-March 25 -1883
    Married Lydia Verge in Carleton-September 10-1912
    1 son -7 daughters
    Mary- married Edward Guité in New-Richmond, July 4-1932
    1 son -5 daughters
    Beatrice-married Benoit Michaud in New Richmond June 10-1938
    2 sons 2 daughters
    Benoit Michaud died in Campbellton,N.B.Aug.29,1949
    Florine-married Dr. Paul Lacroix in New Richmond July 12 1939
    2 sons 4 daughters
    Hilda- married Laval Routhier in New-Richmond, Oct. 12-1942
    3 sons 2 daughters
    Marguerite-married Marcelin Normand in New- Rich. June 29 1942
    1 son 3 daughters
    Aimée-married Gerard Corriveau in New-Rich.June 29 1942
    1 son 5 daughters
    Gage-Dr.-married Marguerite Rioux in Chandler P.Q.Oct.2 1954
    3 sons 3 daughters
    Therese-married René Dubé in Quebec-January-30 1960
    2? Daughters

    Il y a aussi copie de la lettre écrite par Félicité Dugas a son beau- pere lors du déces de son mari John Clapperton, celui qui est arrivé le premier au Canada. Je ne sais pas qui a écrit cette copie a la machine originalement. Peut-etre l'oncle George Clapperton?
    Donc, voici je la retape telle quelle;

    CARLETON CHALEUR BAY October 16 .1839

    My Dear Father,

    It is with with the utmost grief I have to announce to you the melancholy
    news of the unfortunate and untimely death of my dear Husband,and your affectionate Son, John Clapperton, who was drowned at this place on the Eleventh of last Month, oposite our own House and in the presence of a number of his Friends who could render him no assistance, he embarqued about Two oclock in the afternoon on Board of a Boat on his way to Ristyaneke(Ristigouche), and having wet his feet, was leaning over the side of the Boat in the act of wringing his stockings, when he fell overboard, and before the Boat could be put about he sunk to rise no more and altho it is now upwards of a month the Body has not yet been found, words cannot paint to you my distress, being left with my two dear little Boys, who are still continually calling for their dead Father,poor dear Children they may well lament for him for never was there a more affectionate Father or a more tender Husband, he was just about building a Small House and had already purchased a small piece of land. I am now left in a manner destitute, having been obliged to heave myself upon the protection of my Brother, who has a very large family to maintain, having my Mother and two Sisters living with him, had he lived it was his intention to have made a quantity of Timber during the Winter to send to you in the Spring.
    I wrote my Sister Margarett in August last I trust she has received my letter, I hope she will not forget me in my distress. I hope to receive a Letter from her, shortly,and fondly trust you will be pleased to write and as soon as you receive this advising me how to act pardon me my dear Father if I have to request you would send me in the Spring a few articles of Clothing for my dear little Boys.
    I am still in hopes we may the satisfaction of finding the Body when I will immediately inform you trusting to hear from you soon,and with kind love to all your worthy family believe me
    My Dear Father
    Your Most Affectionate Daughter
    Felicite Clappertonne
    Mr James Clapperton.

    Écrit sur Word par Charles Mill le 18 Octobre 1999 Les copies que je possede sont trop sombres pour les numériser.
    La premiere partie de l'histoire des Clapperton a été préparée par Oncle George Clapperton

    Marriage 1 Margueret GEDDES
    • Married: 22 JAN 1809 in Bellie, Moray, Scotland
    1. Has Children John CLAPPERTON b: 18 MAY 1810 in Fochabers( Moray) , Scotland
    2. Has No Children Margaret CLAPPERTON b: 19 NOV 1811
    3. Has No Children James CLAPPERTON b: 17 SEP 1813

    Marriage 2 Barbara PATERSON
    • Married: 15 OCT 1818 in Bellie, Moray, Scotland
    1. Has Children George CLAPPERTON b: 24 FEB 1825
    2. Has Children Thomas CLAPPERTON b: 13 AUG 1824
    3. Has No Children Barbara CLAPPERTON b: 23 JUN 1829
    4. Has No Children William CLAPPERTON b: 18 JAN 1821
    5. Has No Children Robert CLAPPERTON b: 6 JUN 1831
    6. Has No Children Anne CLAPPERTON b: 25 JUL 1835
    7. Has No Children Susan CLAPPERTON b: 15 AUG 1819
    8. Has No Children Jane CLAPPERTON b: 12 OCT 1822
    9. Has No Children Alexander CLAPPERTON b: 26 AUG 1827
    10. Has Children Charles CLAPPERTON b: 25 JUN 1837
    11. Has No Children Arthur CLAPPERTON b: 11 MAY 1833
    12. Has No Children Henry CLAPPERTON

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