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  • ID: I13875
  • Name: John Slaven 1
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1725 in Tyrone, Ireland
  • Death: BEF 1840 in Highland, Virginia, USA
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  • LATI: N38.3503
  • LONG: W79.5563
  • Note:
    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Name: John Slaven
    Gender: male
    Birth Place: Ir
    Birth Year: 1725
    Spouse Name: Elizabeth Stevart
    Year: 1740
    Marriage State: VA
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    Slaven Genealogy Exchange

    John Slaven

    One of the notable families in our local annals was the Slaven relatio nship, whose ancestor was John Slaven, who came from Tyrone, Ireland , about the middle of the previous century. He first settled in Rockin gham County, and then came to what is now Highland County, Virginia, a nd located permanently at Meadow Dale, on property now held by Stuar t Slaven and James Flesher. His wife was a Miss Stuart. Traces of th e old home are still to be seen near James Flesher's residence, who i s a descendant by the fifth remove.

    In reference to John Slaven's sons, we learn that Henry and Reuben wen t to Ohio and settled in the famous Scioto Valley. Daniel Slaven locat ed his home on the Clinch River, Tennessee. Isaiah Slavens married Mar tha Stuart and went to Montgomery County, Kentucky in 1792, about th e time that state came into the Union, and settled at Mount Sterling . William Slaven settled in Smith County, Tennessee.

    Stuart Slaven remained on the homestead. His wife was a Miss Johnston , a daughter of Jesse Johnston. He was one of the most prominent and i nfluential citizens of his time. Stuart Slaven's children were Reuben , for so many years one of the leading citizens of this county, and pe rhaps celebrated more marriages than any magistrate that ever held th e office in his section; Jesse, William, and Stuart; Nellie, who becam e Mrs. Adam Lightner; Mrs. Thomas Campbell; Sallie, who was Mrs. Alexa nder Gilmore; Rachel, who became Mrs. Givens and went west; and Mrs. M atilda Wade.

    Margaret Slaven was married to the late Benjamin B. Campbell. Her daug hters are Mrs. S.P. Patterson and Miss Mattie Campbell of Huntersville . Stuart Campbell of Bellington; Brown Campbell, late of Monterey; an d Luther Campbell at Dunmore are her sons.

    John Slaven, son of John from Tyrone, was twice married. The first wif e was a Miss Wade. There was one son, John Slaven, who never married . The second marriage was with Elizabeth Warwick, a sister of Andrew a nd William Warwick, on Deer Creek. Not long after the marriage he sett led on the head of the Greenbriar, and he is the ancestor of the Pocah ontas branch of the Slaven relationship. By the second marriage ther e were five daughters and two sons.

    He was a man of remarkable muscular powers, and was a Revolutionary ve teran, a noted hunter and successful trapper. He had thrilling descrip tions to give of the many bloody engagements he passed through, the ha zardous risks he ran, and the bitter privations he endured in the serv ice of his country. He lived to an advanced age, and was so weakened b y the infirmities of age as to make use crutches in moving around in h is closing days. In reference to his children the following particular s are available:

    Sallie Slaven became Mrs. Dinwiddie, and lived for a time at the hea d of Jackson's River; thence west to Hardin County, Ohio.

    Priscilla Slaven was married to Joseph Woodell of Green Bank, and live d in Pike County, Ohio.

    Anna Slaven married Patrick Bruffey, and lived near Green Bank, on pro perty occupied by John Hevener. Patrick Bruffey was a very useful an d prominent citizen; a skilled workman in stone, iron, and wood; and f illed most of the official positions in the gift of the county.

    Mary Slaven became Mrs. John Wooddell, near Green Bank. The late Mrs . M.P. Slaven, Hon. W.J. Wooddell, and J.S. Wooddell, Esq. were her ch ildren.

    Margaret Slaven became Mrs. Samuel Ruckman.

    William Slaven, son of John the pioneer, was born July 6, 1798, and wa s married in 1819 to Margaret Wooddell, daughter of Joseph Wooddell, a t Green Bank. She was born June 29, 1800.

    They were the parents of six sons and two daughters. Their names wer e Charles, who died seeking gold in California; William Patrick, Jame s Cooper, Henry, Nathan-- a Confederate soldier killed at Fort Donelso n; and Elizabeth, who became Mrs. Osborne of Gilmer County.

    William Slaven's second marriage was with Nancy Cline, of Lewis County , and there were five daughters and four sons by this marriage: Mary , Sarah, Caroline, Martha, Lucy, Frank, Lanty, Roland, and Perry. Will iam Slaven's descendants mainly live in Jackson, Wirt, Lewis, and Gilm er Counties, and are reported to be prosperous and good people of tha t section of West Virginia.

    While living in Pocahontas County, William Slaven was a person of mark ed prominence-- a member of the Virginia Legislature, magistrate, an d Assessor. More than sixty years ago he concluded a move to Lewis Cou nty. Assisted by John Wooddell, his household effects were carried ove r Cheat mountain to Lawyer See's near Huttonsville on pack horses, the re being only a bridle path at the time. He lived awhile on Leading Cr eek, Lewis County; thence west to Wirt County, near Burning Springs; a nd finally to Jackson County, a few miles from Ravenswood. In his ne w places of residence, after leaving Pocahontas, he was honored with p laces of trust, served the public as magistrate and deputy sheriff, wh ich at that time meant the full, active duties of sheriff. He leaves t he reputation of being always an efficient, trustworthy business man.

    Jacob Gillespie Slaven, son of the pioneer of that much named region , Head of Greenbriar, Upper Tract, Travelers Repose, married Eleanor L ockridge, daughter of Lanty Lockridge, Senior, on Knapps Creek. Thes e persons passed the most of their married lives on the head of the Gr eenbriar, in a widely known and attractive home. In their time there w as an immense travel along that road, Staunton and Parkersburg Pike. T he most of communication between western and eastern parts of Virgini a was by this route. Governor Joe Johnson and Stonewall Jackson have s topped over here to enjoy trout and venison. Everything seemed prosper ous and pleasant with Jacob Slaven until the terrible ravages of war l aid his home in ashes, and exiled the happy inmates. The family consis ted of eight daughters and four sons. We lay before our readers the fo llowing particulars concerning these sons and daughters.

    Harriet, who was greatly admired for her personal attractions, becam e Mrs. Patrick Gallaher and went to Missouri.

    Elizabeth was married to Colonel William T. Gammon, a citizen of marke d prominence. She now lives in Odessa, Missouri.

    John Randolph Slaven, late of Huntersville, married Margaret P. Woodde ll, lately deceased.

    Lanty Lockridge Slaven married Isabella Burner, and settled on Back Al legheny, where his widowed wife with her sons, Jacob, Charles, and Gra tz, resides.

    Mary P. Slaven was married to Jesse B. Slaven, at Meadow Dale, where s he died and is buried.

    Warwick Slaven married Mary Riley and lives near Green Bank.

    Martha Slaven became Mrs. J.T. Hoggsett, and lived near Mill Point a t the time of her death a few years since.

    Adalaide Eleanor Slaven was first married (by the writer) to Washingto n Arbogast. He died in 1864, of wounds received in the battle at Spots ylvania Courthouse. Her second marriage was with William L. Brown, Esq ., and lives at Green Bank.

    Margaret Eveline Slaven, now Mrs. J.H. Patterson, lives at Marlinton . Mr. Patterson is the Clerk of the Pocahontas Circuit Court. He wa s a Confederate soldier from start to finish, and shared the perils o f those who were first in battle and last in retreat.

    Sarah Slaven was first married to Peter H. Slaven and lived at Montere y, Virginia. Their son Emmett lives in Nebraska. Her second marriage w as with Arista Hartman, now living in Kansas.

    Winfield T. Slaven married Nannie P. Ruckman and lives near Marvin.

    In reference to the daughters, it is interesting to note that Eleano r and Margaret were twins. Mildred and Alice were also twin sisters.

    John Slaven and wife, the ancestral pioneers that had their home on th e beautiful banks of the upper Greenbriar, had a married life of fifty -two years, ten months, and twenty-one days. It would be well could th eir graves be identified, where unheeded o'er their silent dust the st orms of the eventful present and the recent past have raged in such om inous fury. The story of their lives helps us very much towards a prop er understanding of what it cost to make it possible for the comfort s that gladden our lives.

    Historical Sketches of Pocahontas County, West Virginia
    William T. Price, Price Brothers Publishers, Marlinton, West Virginia , 1901.

    Who is this William?? John's brother?

    Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution

    Humphreys, Jonathan (Humphress) Ensign, Augusta Mil.; rec. May 21, 177 8; William Slaven succeeded him Oct. 15, 1782.

    Humphress, Jonathan, Ensign, Augusta Mil.; William Slaven succeeded hi m Oct. 15, 1782.

    And these??

    Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution

    Slaven, Cornelius, BW.
    Slaven, John, 8 CL. Pocahontas pens.
    Slaven, William, Augusta Mil., oath as Ensign in the room of Jonatha n Humphress Oct. 15, 1782.
    Slavens, John, 4, 8 and 12 CL, 12 CL,
    also Slavins.
    Slavin, Willis, 15 CL, E.



    Highland County, Virginia
    VaGenWeb Page
    Classification of Highland County Families
    Compiled from "The History of Highland County" By Oren F. Morton, 1922 .

    The families of Highland County may be classified as Pioneer, Sub-Pion eer, Recent, and Extinct. In the first we place those who arrived prio r to 1815; in the second, those later families who came prior to 1865 ; in the third, those who have come since 1865 and who are thoroughl y identified with the county. In the fourth group we place those surna mes which have disappeared from the region.

    Outline Sketch of Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families.
    We now present lists of Pioneer and Sub-Pioneer families. Following ea ch surname are the following particulars, so far as our information pe rmits. 1. The given name of the settler. 2. His residence before comin g here. 3. The year in which we find the first mention of his being he re. 4. The place of his settlement. 5. The section of the county in wh ich his descendants in the male line are chiefly or wholly found.

    Slaven. John-Ireland-1775c-Meadowdale-same locality, Crabbottom Valley /Village, and Monterey Town


    Highland County, Virginia
    VaGenWeb Page
    Highland soldiers in the Revolutionary War

    The following list has been gathered from a variety of sources. The pe rsons with starred names were surviving pensioners in 1840, George Rym er, the oldest, being 90 years of age, and Edward Morton, the youngest , 75 years.

    Slaven, John--at Yorktown

    The Soldiery of West Virginia, West Virginians Who Were Soldiers & Pen sioners in the Revolutionary War, Page 102

    Joh Slaven applied for Pension Aug 23, 1819. Commenced Feb 125, 182 2 - Pocohantas Co., VA

    West Virginians in the American Revolution, Surnames, S-T, Page 264 st%20Virginians%20in%20the%20American%20Revolution&CD=520

    Service?Virginia Va. No. 16866 and 2554 No. S. 6110
    Enlisted In Augusta County, Virginia, in 1776 as a private and serve d under Captain Michael Bowyer, Twelfth Virginia Regiment commanded b y Colonel James Wood In General Scott?s Brigade, until 1778. He was i n the battles of Germantown and Brandywine. Application for pension wa s filed in Randolph County, Virginia, 1819, and again in Pocahontas I n 1832 owing to confusion in names and pension granted In both cases . Claim was proved by evidence of Major Henry Flasher, supported by Wi lliam McCoy.

    Volume VII, Lineage Records, Page 27 ume%20VII&CD=200

    6 - John (Slaven) Slavens (1723-1801), from Co. Tyrone Ire., 1740; set tled in Augusta Co.. Va., and later in Highland Co. Am. Rev m. 1748 ; Elizabeth Stuart (1726-1800)
    5 - Isaiah 1762 - 1848), wrote name Slavens of Shenandoah Valley, Va. ; Am. Revl and War of 1812; m 1786, his cousin Martha Stuart (1765-182 2);
    4 - John (1791-1861), m 1821, Sophia A, Graham ( b 1800);


    Marriage 1 Elizabeth Stuart b: 1726
    • Married: 1740 in Virginia, USA
    • Note:
      Highland County, Virginia
      VaGenWeb Page
      Genealogies of Pioneer Families

      Descendants of John Slaven
      1 John Slaven d: 1781
      . + Elizabeth Stuart m: Abt 1748
      ..... 2 Comfort Slaven b: 1751
      ....... + William Higgins
      ..... 2 William Slaven
      ..... 2 Elizabeth Slaven b: 1755
      ....... + John Galford
      ..... 2 John Slaven b: 1760
      ....... +Sarah Wade
      ..... *2nd Wife of John Slaven:
      ....... + Elizabeth Warwick
      ..... 2 Isaiah Slaven b: 1761
      ....... +Martha Stuart m: 1785
      ..... 2 Reuben Slaven b: 1763
      ..... 2 Daniel Slaven
      ..... 2 Stewart Slaven d: 1832
      ....... +Isabella Johnson m: 1792
      .......... 3 Matilda Slaven
      ............ +John Wade
      .......... 3 Reuben Slaven b: 1795 d: 1878
      ............ +Rebecca A. Tallman m: 1818
      ................ 4 James Slaven b: 1820 d: 1871
      .................. +Marietta V. Duncan
      ................ *2nd Wife of James Slaven:
      .................. +Mary Warwick Vance m: 1855
      ................ 4 Rachel Slaven
      .................. +Adam H. Fleisher
      ................ 4 Stewart C. Slaven b: 1824 d: 1907
      .................. +Sarah J. Fleisher m: 1846
      ...................... 5 Charles H. Slaven b: 1848
      ........................ +Carrie E. Arbogast m: 1876
      ...................... 5 Howard H. Slaven
      ........................ +Eleanor Patterson
      ................ 4 Jesse Slaven b: 1826
      .................. +Mary P. Slaven m: 1852
      ................ *2nd Wife of Jesse Slaven:
      .................. +Mary H. Byrd m: 1868
      ................ 4 Thomas H. Slaven b: 1829 d: 1908
      .................. +Margaret C. Fleisher m: 1849
      ................ 4 Margaret C. Slaven
      .................. +Aud L. Lindsay m: 1853
      ................ 4 Peter H. Slaven b: 1834 d: 1871
      .................. +Sarah M. Slaven m: 1865
      ................ 4 Matilda J. G. Slaven
      .................. +Jacob H. Lindsay m: 1855
      ................ 4 Rebecca A. Slaven b: 1838
      .................. +James H. Patterson m: 1856
      ................ 4 William B. Slaven b: 1840
      .................. +Emma Kelly
      .......... 3 Sarah Slaven
      ............ +Alexander Gilmer
      .......... 3 William Slaven b: 1798 d: 1832
      ............ +Nancy Kline
      .......... *2nd Wife of William Slaven:
      ............ +Margaret Wooddell m: 1819
      .......... 3 Elizabeth Slaven b: 1800 d: 1856
      ............ +Thomas Campbell
      .......... *2nd Husband of Elizabeth Slaven:
      ............ +Stewart
      .......... 3 Jesse Slaven
      .......... 3 Stewart Slaven
      .......... 3 Rachel Slaven
      ............ +William Given
      .......... 3 Eleanor Slaven b: 1808
      ............ +Adam Lightner
      .......... 3 Margaret Slaven
      ............ +Benjamin P. Campbell m: 1834
      ..... 2 Sarah Slaven
      ....... +John Didwiddie m: 1801
      ..... 2 Priscilla Slaven
      ..... 2 Henry Slaven
      ....... +Elizabeth Houchin m: 1792
    1. Has Children William Slaven b: 6 JUL 1798
    2. Has No Children Henry Slaven
    3. Has No Children Reuben Slaven
    4. Has No Children Daniel Slaven
    5. Has No Children Isaiah Slavens b: 1762 in Virignia
    6. Has No Children Daniel Slaven
    7. Has No Children Stuart Slaven
    8. Has No Children Margaret Slaven
    9. Has No Children John Slaven
    10. Has No Children Sallie Slaven
    11. Has No Children Priscilla Slaven
    12. Has No Children Anna Slaven
    13. Has No Children Margaret Slaven

    Marriage 2 Elizabeth Warwick

      1. Author: Lyman Chalkley
        Title: Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

        Source Medium: Electronic

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