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  • ID: I30428
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: 1798 in Ashe County, North Carolina 1 2
  • Reference Number: 33381
  • Event: Fact 1829 Her father, James Blevins, died at Ashe Co., NC.
  • Death: 22 MAY 1884 in Piney Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina
  • Event: Fact 07 DEC 1830 Her mother, Lydia Sizemore Blevins, died at Ashe Co., NC.
  • Event: Fact 20 OCT 1850 Enumerated at Ashe Co., NC.
  • Event: Fact 21 AUG 1860 Enumerated at Hetton PO, South Eastern District, Ashe Co., NC.
  • Event: Fact 03 AUG 1870 Enumerated at Piney Creek, Ashe Co., NC.
  • Event: Fact 05 JUN 1880 Enumerated at Piney Creek, Ashe Co., NC in Shubal Blevins, son-in-law's household.
  • Note:
    On 20 October 1850 JOHN THOMPSON and family were enumerated in the John Thompson household at Ashe County, North Carolina, in the US Census Records, Household # 986/986, page 305. John Thompson was age 32, a farmer with $400 real estate, born 1818 in North Carolina. With him were: MARY THOMPSON, age 32, born 1818 in North Carolina; WILEY THOMPSON, age 26, born 1824 in NC, a laborer; TABITHA THOMPSON, age 21, born 1829, NC; WESLEY THOMPSON, age 20, born 1830, NC, a laborer; ALVIN THOMPSON, age 15, born 1835, NC, a laborer; ADY THOMPSON, age 13, born 1837, NC; and JOHN W. THOMPSON, age one month, born September 1850. (Note that the ages of John and Mary are probably incorrect.)

    On 21 August 1860 JOHN THOMPSON and his family were enumerated in the US Census Records at Hetton Post Office, South Eastern District, Ashe County, North Carolina on page 388, Household # 1173/1175. JOHN THOMPSON was age 63, born 1797 in NC, a miller, $400 real property, $200 personal property; MARY THOMPSON was age 62, born 1798 in NC; TABITHA THOMPSON, age 31, born 1819, NC; ALVIN THOMPSON, age 26, born 1824, NC; JOHN THOMPSON, age 10, born 1840, NC; and WILEY THOMPSON, age 35, born NC.

    On 3 August 1870 JOHN THOMPSON and family were again enumerated in the US Census Records at Hetton Post Office, Piney Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina; page 20, household #136/136. JOHN was age 72, born c1798 at North Carolina, white, male, a miller, $450 real property, $150 personal property, MARY THOMPSON was age 72,a white female, born 1798 in NC, keeping house. WYLEY THOMPSON, age 45, white male, born in NC in 1805. Also in the household was their daughter Ada with her family to include: SHUBAL BLEVINS, age 22, born 1848, NC, worked on the farm; ADIA BLEVINS, age 30, born 1850 at NC, keeping house; MARY BLEVINS, white female, age 12, at home, born 1858 in NC; ELI BLEVINS, age 11, white male, born 1859 in NC; ELIHU BLEVINS, age 6, white male, born 1854 in NC; and ROBY BLEVINS, age 3, white male, born 1867 in NC.

    On 5 June 1880 MARY THOMPSON was listed in the US Census Records at Piney Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina in the household of her daughter, ADA BLEVINS, and son-in-law, SHUBAL BLEVINS, on page 5, household #42/43. Mary was a white female, age 81, born c1799 at North Carolina, mother-in-law, parents born in North Carolina. Her son, Wiley was also in the household.

    In 1899 WADE H. WATERS applied for Citizen in the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory as recorded in Application #4292, Bureau of Indian Affairs Microfilm, # 1650. This claim for citizenship was Rejected.
    Cherokee No. 1098
    Filed Sept. 5, 1896
    Ware Blevins, Ex Sol, Silver Lake, Tennessee
    A. J. Waters, Laurel Bloomery, Tenn.
    Wm. Waters, same
    Mary E. Cordell, Griggsby, N. C.
    Martha J. Blevins, Grimsley, N. C.
    Wade H. Waters, Broadford, VA
    Louisa Holloway, Broadford, VA
    John Baldwin, Silas Creek, NC"

    Affidavits of Witnesses:
    State of North Carolina
    County of Ashe
    "Before me the undersigned a Justice of the Peace in and for the County personally appeared Wesley Blevins who after being by me duly sworn states that he is 69 years of age and a citizen of Ashe County and state of NC and that he is personally acquainted with Wade H. Waters who is an applicant for citizenship in the Cherokee nation, I. T., and affiant further states that the said Wade H. Waters is the identical person he represents himself to be in his application for citizenship in said nation and that the said Wade H. Waters is a son of Martha Waters, a daughter of Zilpha Waters , a daughter of Mary Thompson, a daughter of Lydia Blevins, a daughter of Owin Sizemore, a son of Ned Sizemore, a full blood Cherokee Indian. Affiant further states that he has known the said Wade H. Waters for the pst __ years and knows that he is and has been reocognized and treated by his neighbors and acquaintances and Public generally as a person of Cherokee Indian blood and that the compleion, physical appearance, indicate that the said Wade H. Waters is of Indian Blood, that from the above facts and circumstances and from sttements made to him by the said Ancestors. Affiant states he has every reason to believe and does belive that the said Wade H. Waters is of Cherokee Indian Blood. Affiant further states that he has no interest whatever in the presentation of the claim of Wade H. Wters to citizenship in the Cherokee Nation, I. T. and that he is not related by blood or marriage to the said Wade Waaters.
    Wesley Blevins (Seal)
    Subscribed and sworn to before me this 29 Day of Aug 1899 and further certify that I am well acquainted with Wesley Blevins and know him to be a person of credibility and of truth and veracity."

    In 1906 Mary Blevins Thompson's descendant, ZILPHA L. WATERS filed Eastern Cherokees Application No. 7581for a share of money appropriated for the Eastern Cherokee Indians by the Act of Congress approved June 30, 1906 in accordance with the decrees of the Court of Claims of May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906. The application was received 23 Dec1906 by the Indian Office, Eastern Cherokees. Action taken on Application #7581 was "Rejected." It states that Zilpha L. Waters and no children were residents of Glade Springs, Virginia. Reasons for rejection: SIZEMORE Case.
    Zilpha's application states the following:
    English name: ZILPLHA L. WATERS
    Indian name: None
    Residence: Glade Spring, Washington County, Virginia
    Date and place of birth: Ashe County, NC on August 24th 1870
    By what right do you claim to share? If you claim through more than one relative living in 1851, set forth each claim separately: by Cherokee Indian blood through my mother and by the Decree of the Supreme Court of the United States of April the 30th 1906
    She was married to WADE H. WATERS, age 37 years.
    Her father was WILLIAM HOLLOWAY and LOUISA HOLLOWAY, nee LOUISA WATERS. Her father was born in Wilkes County, NC; her mother was born in Ashe County, NC. In 1851 they lived at Ashe County, NC. Both parents were listed as still living. She had never enrolled for annuities, land or other benefits.
    Children's names:
    (1) MARY L. WATERS
    (3) HARY C. WATERS
    Her siblings, ages, and if not living, date of death were:
    (1) SARAH I. HOLLOWAY, born Nov 185h 1868
    (2) GEORGE W. HOLLOWAY, born Mch 29 1872
    (3) MARY J. HOLLOWAY, born June 16 1873, died June 15 1898
    (4) NANCY R. HOLLOWAY, born Nov 25 1881
    (5) LILIE G. HOLLOWAY, born Sept 20 1884
    (6) MARTHA DINA HOLLOWAY, born Mch 11 1876
    (7) JOHN A. HOLLOWAY, born Dec 15 1879, died Dec 1880
    Her paternal grandparents were DANIEL HOLLOWAY and SARAH HOLLOWAY, born in Wilkes County, NC. Her maternal grandparents were WILLIAM P. WATERS and ZILPHA WATERS, born in Ashe Co., NC. They resided in 1851 at Ashe County, NC.
    The names of her grandparents children were listed as follows:
    WATERS Family
    (1) MARY WATERS, living, Johnson City, TN
    (2) MARTHA WATERS, deceased June 4th 1892
    (3) MARK M. WATERS, deceased Mch 25 1889
    (4) LOUIS N. WATERS, deceased March 1892
    (5) ADA WATERS, Dead
    (6) JOHN P. WATERS, living, Johnson County, Tennessee
    (7) ALBERT G. WATERS, living, Johnson County, Tennessee
    (8) LOUISA WATERS, living, Damascus, Virginia
    HOLLOWAY Family:
    (1) WILLIAM HOLLOWAY, living, Glenford, Virginia
    (2) NANCY HOLLOWAY, Dead
    Have you ever been enrolled for annuities, land or other benefits? If so state where and when: on the Roll prepared by W. H. BLEVINS and filed by R. V. BELT Atty. and Receipted for by W. A. JONES, Comm. Nov 25 1902.
    To expedite identification, claimans should give the full English and Indian names, if possible, of their paternal and maternal ancestors back to 1835: ZILPHA L. WATERS a daughter of LOUISA HOLLOWAY whose maiden name was LOUISA WATERS a Daughter of ZILPHA WATERS Daughter of POLLY THOMPSON a Daughter of JAMES & LYDIA BLEVINS whose maiden name was LYDIA SIZEMORE, a daughter of NED SIZEMORE a full blood Cherokee Indian.
    She added: by the Decree of the Supreme Court of the United States of April 30 1906 those Indians who have migrated and became citizens are to share equal part capita with the Eastern band of Cherokee and others of the same class. I accept that Decree as final.
    Signature Zilpha L. (X) Waters
    Sworn to 24 December 1906, before Notary Public Sam'l W. Keys
    Witnesses were E. M. ATKINS and S. MULLINS, who have know Zilpha L. Waters for 1 year and 1 years respectively and know her to be the identical persons that she represents herself to be.
    Signed: E. M. Atkins, Steven Mullins
    Sworn to on 26 December 1906

    Researcher, John Luddy Burke, Jr. posted the following information at RootsWeb World Connect Project about Ned Sizemore as follows:
    NED SIZEMORE was "Noted as a preacher and reverend. The ancestor of most of the Whitetop Band of Cherokee, as told in the following story. This is from an old article in "The Plow" written by Danny Miller, entitled "The Blevins Family--Early Settlers at Whitetop, The Descendents of OLD NED SIZEMORE". "About 1774 JAMES BLEVINS married LYDIA SIZEMORE, daughter of a full blooded Cherokee Indian. EDWARD (Old Ned) SIZEMORE. JAMES and LYDIA may have resided for a time in the Laurel Springs area of Ashe County, near Cranberry, since this is where the Sizemores lived. James and Lydia, however, moved at sometime to the Whitetop area in Grayson County, where they lived until their deaths and where many of their descendants still live. The Sizemore family connections with the Blevinses and other large families in this area (the Harts, Osbornes, Stampers, and Millers, to name a few) are fascinating. In the early 1900's, the federal government instituted a program to reimburse descendants of the Cherokee for the lands taken away from them in the Great Smoky Mountains when the Cherokee Nation was forced to move westward. At this time also--in the late 1800's and early 1900's--all of theSizemore descendants in the Ashe-Grayson area, having as always claimed Cherokee Indian blood, formed an organization known as the Whitetop Band of Cherokee Indians in order to demand the rights of the group in a formal body. At the formation of the organization there were over two thousand members, all Sizemore descendants. WILLIAM H. BLEVINS, son of ARMSTRONG BLEVINS, and grandson of LYDIA SIZEMORE BLEVINS, was elected "Chief" of this Band and worked to procure the government's reimbursement for the Sizemore claimants. In 1908, the federal government's Special Commission Court of Claims began to take testimony from the Sizemore descendants reguarding their Indian blood in order to establish grounds for the disbursement of money. These testimonial affidavits are filled with wonderful information about the Sizemores and Blevins families. Most of the people were in their sixties or older, and thus would have been born in the 1850's or earlier. CELIA HART for example, testifying at Wessels, NC, stated: "I am 73 years of age, and live in Ashe Co., NC, and claim Indian blood through my father WELLS BLEVINS . . . He died about 40 years ago. He moved from below the Blue Ridge in Wilkes County as a boy, but was born in Ashe County. WELLS BLEVINS was a son of JIM BLEVINS who married LYDIA SIZEMORE, a daughter of Ned Sizemore...I have seen Ned Sizemore, and have seen Lydia Sizemore . . . She was a red-faced woman with dark hair . . . My grandmother's father was always called a full blooded Indian. He was left when they drove him out." . . . "FRANCES M. WOODY, age 82, in 1908, described Old Ned Sizemore as "a great big-boned fellow. His hair was long and straight, he had a beard, and his complexion was dark, and he had high heekbones . . . Old Ned Sizemore's wife claimed to be a white woman. I believe she was a Blevins." Despite the efforts of the Whitetop Band of the Cherokee Indians, however, the Sizemore claims were all rejected by the federal government on the grounds that it did not appear "THAT ANY ON THE CLAIMANTS OR THEIR IMMEDIATE ANCESTORS EVER LIVED AS INDIANS WITH THE CHEROKEE NATION OR WITH THE EASTERN CHEROKEES". Old Ned Sizemore, however, was undoubtably a Cherokee, although he was not living with the Indian Nation when they were forced on their "Trail of Tears"......"
    (Transcribed by Sheila Anderson-Lewis)

    Father: JAMES B. BLEVINS b: 1770 in Montgomery County, Virginia
    Mother: LYDIA SIZEMORE b: 1773 in Ashe County, North Carolina

    Marriage 1 JOHN THOMPSON b: 1797 in Lincoln, North Carolina, USA
    • Married: ABT 1818 in (North Carolina) 3
    1. Has Children ZILPHIA THOMPSON b: 16 SEP 1819 in Ashe County, North Carolina
    2. Has No Children Sarah Sally THOMPSON b: 1821 in Ashe County, North Carolina
    3. Has Children Samuel THOMPSON b: 1823 in Ashe County, North Carolina
    4. Has No Children Wiley THOMPSON b: ABT 1824 in Ashe County, North Carolina
    5. Has Children James THOMPSON b: 1826 in Ashe County, North Carolina
    6. Has No Children Tabitha THOMPSON b: 1828 in Ashe County, North Carolina
    7. Has Children Wesley THOMPSON b: 31 MAY 1831 in Ashe County, North Carolina
    8. Has Children Alvin THOMPSON b: 1835 in Ashe County, North Carolina
    9. Has Children Ada THOMPSON b: 17 JAN 1839 in Piney Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina
    10. Has No Children John W. THOMPSON b: ABT 1840 in Ashe County, North Carolina

    1. Title: 1870 US Census, Ashe Co., NC
    2. Title: 1860 Hetton PO, South Eastern District, Ashe Co., NC US Census Records
      Page: John Thompson household, page 388, #1183/1185
      Text: Mary Thompson, age 62, N. Carolina
    3. Title: Eastern Cherokee Application NATF83
      Publication: Location: National Archives, Washington, DC;
      Source Medium: Official Document

      Page: #7581
      Text: Yilpha A. Waters, daughter of Louisa Holloway whose maiden name was Loouisa Waters a daughter of Zelpha Waters a daughter of Polly Thompson a daughter of James & Lydia Blevins whose naiden name was Ly idia Sizemore a daughter by Ned Sizemore full blood Cherokee Indian
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