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  • ID: I1934
  • Name: Kelly WARD 1 2
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1785 in Ashe County, North Carolina 3
  • Burial: prob. Old Paran Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
  • Reference Number: 1946
  • Event: Fact Twin of William Avery Ward who died unmarried without issue at Rutherford Co., TN at home of uncle Dr. Wm. Ward. 4
  • Death: BET 1855 AND 06 JUL 1860 in White Plains, Putnam County, Tennessee 5
  • Name: Cell WARD 6
  • Event: Fact 08 OCT 1805 Grandmother, Mary Duke Ward, died.
  • Event: Fact 06 JUL 1810 Brother, William Avery Ward, age 25, died at Rutherford Co., TN.
  • Event: Fact 1815 Tax records place Kelly Ward in Ashe County, NC. 7
  • Event: Married Lidda Fact ABT 1818 Sidda (surname unknown) in North Carolina.
  • Event: Fact 21 SEP 1819 Son, Stephen D. Ward, born in Tennessee.
  • Event: Fact 20 APR 1820 Father, Benjamin Ward, made his will at Ashe Co. NC.
  • Event: Fact BET AUG 1820 AND 1830 Removed to Overton County, Tennessee.
  • Event: Fact AUG 1820 Father, Benjamin Ward's will proved at Ashe Co., NC.
  • Event: Fact BET 20 APR AND AUG 1820 His father died at Ashe Co., NC.
  • Event: Fact BET 1820 AND 1825 Son, William Ward, born.
  • Event: Fact SEP 1821 Daughter, Nancy W. Ward, born.
  • Event: Fact 14 SEP 1826 Daughter, Celia Ward, born in Tennessee.
  • Event: Fact 1829 Daughters, Adaline & Polly, were born in Tennessee.
  • Event: Fact 1830 Enum. at Overton Co., TN, page 194 of census. 8
  • Event: Sister, Elizabeth Ward Webb, died at Overton Co., TN. Fact 07 JAN 1830
  • Event: Fact BET 1830 AND 1835 Possibly an Indian trader during the 1830's and before.
  • Event: Fact 1832 Caleb Ward, one black poll Rhea Co., TN; Cpt. Kimbrel's Co. 9
  • Event: Fact 1832 Caleb Ward; (is this Kelly?) taxable in Cpt. Kimbrel's Company, Rhea County, TN 10
  • Event: Fact 1832 Son, James Ward, born in Tennessee.
  • Event: Fact 1833 Son, Mitchell Ward, born in Tennessee.
  • Event: Fact 23 JUL 1835 Uncle, Dr. Wm. Ward, died at Rutherford Co., TN, leaving a large estate.
  • Event: Fact NOV 1835 Daughter, Margaret J. Ward, was born in Tennessee.
  • Event: Fact 1840 Enum. at Overton Co., TN with his wife & children.
  • Event: Fact 1840 Not a slave holder in Overton Co., TN census records.
  • Event: Fact 08 JUN 1840 Daughter, Penina Ward, born in Tennessee.
  • Event: Mother, Celia Fact BET 1840 AND 1850 Selah Stewart Ward, died probably in Tennessee.
  • Event: Fact 1842 Putnam Co., TN formed & then unformed from Overton & Jackson Cos., then declared unconstitutional.
  • Event: Fact 1848 Daughter, Celia Ward Bilbrey, married Wm. Marchbanks.
  • Event: Fact 18 OCT 1849 Estate of uncle, Dr. Wm. Ward of Rutherford Co., TN was settled.
  • Event: Fact 21 SEP 1850 Owned six slaves at Overton Co., TN. 11
  • Event: Fact 24 SEP 1850 Enum. at 1st Dist., Overton Co., TN, with Sidda & 8 children. 12
  • Event: Fact 1851 Kelly Ward, Ex-partee, Rutherford Co, TN in settlement of Dr. Wm. Ward's estate. 13
  • Event: Fact BET 1852 AND 06 JUL 1860 Kelly Ward died between April 1852 and 6 July 1860.
  • Event: Fact 29 APR 1852 Estate of Dr. Wm. Ward distributed to Benjamin Ward's shares to his heirs.
  • Event: Fact 29 APR 1852 Petitioned court of Rutherford Co, for himself & his siblings on Uncle William's 14
  • Event: Fact AFT APR 1852 Should have received about $166 from estate of Dr. Wm. Ward, his uncle.
  • Event: Fact 11 FEB 1854 Putnam County reestablished.
  • Event: Kelly Ward died in Overton Fact BET 1855 AND 1860 Putnam, Tennessee, USA
  • Event: Fact 06 JUL 1860 Wife, Lidda Ward, enum. with children, no husband, at White Plains, Putnam Co., TN.
  • Event: Wife, Lidda Fact BET 1860 AND 1870 Sidda Ward, died.
  • Event: Fact APR 1865 Courthouse fire in Overton Co., TN.
  • Event: Fact 28 NOV 1891 Son, Mitchell, died unmarried, without issue, at Putnam Co., TN.
  • Event: Fact 29 SEP 1896 Son, Stephen, died unmarried, without issue, at Putnam Co., TN.
  • Event: Fact 13 APR 1898 Daughter, Nancy, died unmarried, without issue, at Putnam Co., TN.
  • Event: Fact 18 APR 1898 Son, William, died at Carroll Co., Arkansas.
  • Event: Fact 15 JUL 1899 Daughter, Celia Ward Bilbrey Marchbanks, died at Sebastian Co., Arkansas.
  • Event: Fact 22 FEB 1903 Daughter, Margaret Ward Caruthers, died at Putnam Co., TN.
  • Event: Fact 01 JUL 1908 Daughter, Penina Ward Willett, died without issue at Putnam Co., TN.
  • Note:
    KELLY WARD, son of BENJAMIN WARD and SELAH STEWART, was born in the area of Ashe County, North Carolina, that subsequently became Watauga County. The tax records for Ashe County indicate that in 1815 he was living at Ashe County, NC. In 1820 his father, BENJAMIN WARD, named KELLY WARD in his will, stating that NICODEMUS WARD (his brother) had to pay $400 to KELLY and his sisters and brother, DANIEL WARD, as their part of the settlement of his landed estate. Sometime between 1820 and 1829 KELLY WARD removed to Overton County, Tennessee. His mother, SELAH WARD, and his brother, NICODEMUS WARD, removed to Rhea County, then Nicodemus unexpectedly died in 1848 in Meigs County, Tennessee. His sister, ELIZABETH WARD WEBB, also removed to Overton County, Tennessee, where she died 7 January 1830; Elizabeth's husband. Note that only the author James Preston in his History of Watauga County refers to Kelly as McCaleb Ward or Caleb Ward.

    KELLY WARD married a woman named, SIDDA or LIDDA (surname unknown), about 1821. They had ten known children: Stephen, Nancy, Celia, Polly A., Adaline, James, Margaret, Mitchell and Penina A. Ward. Stephen, William Nancy, and Mitchell died without ever having married and without issue in Putnam County, Tennessee

    In 1830 "KELLY WARD" was enumerated at Overton County, Tennessee. His household consisted of the following:
    1 Male age 30-40 years old, born 1790-1800: Kelly Ward
    1 Female age 20 - 30 years old, born 1810-1820: Lidda/Sidda Ward
    1 Male age 10-15 years old: boron 1820-1815 (probably Stephen D. Ward)
    1 Female age 5 - 10 years old; born 1820-1825 (probably Nancy Ward)
    3 Females under age 5; born 1825-1830 (Polly, Adaline, and Celia)

    On 7 January 1830 Kelly's sister, ELIZABETH WARD WEBB, wife of JOHN C. WEBB, died at Overton County, Tennessee. She left behind a husband and ten children between the ages of five and twenty-three years of age. About 1834 her husband remarried and had a large second family. [Note: In 1830 his brother-in-law, John Webb, lived nearby. In his household was a female age 50 - 70 years old.)

    In the US Census for Overton County, Tennessee, 1840 "KELLEY WARD" was enumerated with a household of 12 whites and no blacks at Overton County, Tennessee. In his household were the following:
    One male, age 40-50, born 1790-1800: Kelly Ward
    One female, age 30-40, born 1800-1810: SIDDA (LIDDA) WARD
    Two males, age 15-20, born 1820-1825: STEPHEN D. WARD and WILLIAM WARD
    Two males, age 5-10 years, born 1830-1835: JAMES WARD and MITCHELL WARD
    One female, age 15 -- 20 years, born 1820-1825: NANCY W. WARD
    Three females, age 10 - 15 years, born 1825-1830: POLLY WARD, ADALINE WARD, and CELIA WARD
    One female under age 5 years, born 1835-1840: PERNINA WARD
    [Note: No one by the name of Caleb Ward was found enumerated elsewhere in Tennessee.]

    On 24 September 1850 "KELLY WARD" was enumerated at District #1, Overton County, Tennessee. He was fifty-five years old, born in North Carolina. He owned $750 of real property. Living with him were:
    Wife, SIDDA, age 48, born 1802 in NC; and eight children to include:
    Son, STEPHEN, age 27, born 1823 in Tennessee
    Daughter, NANCY, age 25, born 1825 in Tennessee
    Daughter, POLLY A., age 21, born 1829 in Tennessee
    Daughter, ADALINE, age 21, born 1829 in Tennessee
    Son, JAMES, age 18, born 1832 in Tennessee
    Son, MITCHEL, age 17, born 1833 in Tennessee
    Daughter, MARGARET, age 15, born 1835 in Tennessee
    Daughter, PENINA, age 13, born 1837 in Tennessee.
    Living next door to him was WILLIAM MARCHBANKS, age 35, born 1815, TN and his wife, CELA MARCHBANKS, age 24, born 1826 in TN, with a daughter CLADINA MARCHBANKS age 2; SARAH BILBREY (age 20, born 1830, TN) and JAMES WILMOTH (age 22, born 1828 TN). Also living next to KELLY WARD is ALFERD WEBB, age 21, TN and his eighteen year old wife ALLEGANY WEBB and eleven month old son THOMAS WEBB. NOTE: Could Cela Marchbanks actually be Kelly's daughter? Could Alferd Webb be the son of Kelly's sister, Elizabeth Ward Webb? (Source: 1850 Overton Co., TN Census, 1st District, p 39, #526, # 527, # 528.)
    [Note: Living at Dwellling # 530 is NOLLAND CURTISE, age 47 who was born in North Carolina and labeled "insane", living with his wife, JANE CURTISE, & children NANCY, THOMAS, JOHN, MALIP, JAMES & MARGARET. Could he be related to Anna Curtis who married Kelly's brother Daniel Ward?)

    The 1850 Slave Schedules for District 1, Overton County, Tennessee, indicate that KELLY WARD owned a family of six slaves as follows:
    60 Male Black born 1790
    40 Female Black born 1810
    12 Female Black born 1838
    11 Female Black born 1839
    9 Male Black born 1841
    4 Male Black born 1846

    In 1851 he became an Expartee in Chancery Court on behalf of the heirs of his father, BENJAMIN WARD, in the settlement of the estate of his uncle, DR. WILLIAM WARD of Rutherford County, who was brother of his father, BENJAMIN WARD of Ashe County, NC.

    The following are records found in Rutherford County Court Records relative to the settlement of Dr. William Ward's estate:
    October Term 1851, Rutherford County, TN, Chancery Court Minutes, Page 113, Book A (Note this book mislabeled as book B):
    KELLY WARD, Expartee:
    "It is ordered in this cause that the Clerk & Master take a proof to the number of children BENJAMIN WARD left and how many if any of them have died and at what time they died and report at the next term of this court if practible. Court term adjourned until tomorrow morning at 9:00 O clock." Thomas L. Williams.
    Friday morning October 24, 1851: Court met & adjournment, present the Honorable Thomas L. Williams ???? and other officers of the court. Rutherford County, TN Chancery Court Minutes, Page 113 Book A (May be mislabeled as Book B)
    Thursday Morning, April 29th, 1852: "Court met pursuant to adjournment. Present Hon. B. L. Ridley, Chancellor. KELLY WARD & OTHERS Decree Expartee: Be it remembered that this cause came on for hearing before the Hon. R. L. Ridley on this 29th day of April 1852 upon petition filed at the last term of this court & upon the report of the Clerk & Master made at the present term which report is in the words and figures following to wit:
    KELLY WARD & Others - Expartee
    In this cause, the undersigned reports that the children of BENJAMIN WARD are entitled to $1050 - less the costs -- that said BENJAMIN WARD died in 1820 and before the death of WILLIAM WARD which took place in 1833 and that the said BENJAMIN left 10 children, three of whom died before the said WILLIAM WARD, to-wit, MRS. WEBB, MRS. MARLOW, and DUKE WARD, and that DANIEL WARD, JESSE WARD, KELLY WARD, & JAMES WARD are still living, that NICODEMUS WARD died 3 or 4 years ago, that BENJAMIN WARD {JR} died 14, 15, or 16 years ago and that WILLIAM WARD died without ever having been married but the time of his death is not known. "
    -- James F. Fletcher, C & M
    "The court being satisfied that said report is in all things correct doth order adjudge and decree that the Clerk & Master after paying the cost of this proceeding out of the fund reported as in his hands, he shall pay the balance over and as follows, to-wit, to DANIEL WARD, JESSE WARD, KELLY WARD & JAMES WARD each one seventh (1/7) of the amount in his hands to the heirs of NICODEMUS WARD, one seventh to the heirs of BENJAMIN WARD (son of BENJAMIN WARD Senior) one seventh. The Clerk & Master will also pay over to DANIEL, JESSE, KELLY & JAMES WARD EACH one ninth (1/9) of the amount to which WILLIAM WARD would be entitled if he were alive, to the heirs of NICODEMUS WARD one ninth (1/9), one ninth (1/9) to the heirs of BENJAMIN WARD, one ninth (1/9) and that he retain in his hands the remaining three ninths to be paid to the heirs of DUKE WARD, MRS. SUSAN WEBB, & MRS. CELIA MARLOW in the event it shall appear hereafter that they are entitled to receive it. " (NOTE: See records for Mary "Polly" Robertson, wife of William Ward, Doctor, of Rutherford County, TN)

    Bet. 29 April 1852 - 6 July 1860, KELLY WARD died probably at Putnam County, Tennessee where on 6 July 1860 his widow, SIDDA WARD, was enumerated at White Plains Post Office, Household #495/495, Putnam County, Tennessee. KELLY WARD was not enumerated with her. Sidda owned $2,500 in Real Property and $1,300 in Personal Property. Living with her were four of her children:
    STEPHEN WARD, age 41, farmer, born in Tennessee;
    NANCY WARD, age 40, born in TN;
    MITCHELL WARD, age 36, farmer, born in Tennessee;
    PENINA A. WARD, age 20, born in Tennessee.
    Kelly Ward had probably died by 1860 as Sidda held the real estate. LIDDA WARD, widow of KELLY WARD, in 1860 owned the following eight slaves and one slave house at Putnam Co., TN:
    50 Female Black, born 1810
    19 Female Black , born 1841
    16 Female Black , born 1844
    14 Male Black , born 1846
    10 Male Black, born 1850
    7 Male Black, born 1853
    4 Male Black, born 1856
    1 Male Black, born 1859

    In 1870 four of Kelly & Sidda Ward's children were still living on the farm in Putnam County. All were unmarried and included Stephen, Nancy, Mitchell, and Pennina. Sidda was not living in the household and had probably died by that date. In 1880 Stephen, Nancy, and Mitchell Ward continued to live together (unmarried and without issue) on the farm located at District 15, Putnam County (near Mount Airy. It is not known what became of Polly, Adaline, James, and Margaret after 1850.

    Letter furnished by Frank Rowe, Researcher.
    Nancy Ward of Jeremiah PO, Putnam Co., TN to J. G. Copeland
    "Putnam Co., Tenn.
    Jeremiah Po.
    May the 20th 1894
    Mr. J. G. Copeland
    I will rite you a few lines in answer to your letter that I received lately. You wanted to no who your Grandemother WEBB was. She was a sister to My father KELLY WARD and you wanted to No where Uncle JIM WARD P. O. was. I dont No his address but he lives in North Carlinor (it may be his P.o. is Mought Anger, Table Co). I will try and find out and rite you at once. I havent herd from any of them since along time. So I will try and find out all I can and let you no so I will close at present. Hoping to here from you soon. from Nancy Ward to J. G. Copeland.
    PS. they is not any Boddy round here that is old enough to no any thing about it.
    (Signature) NANCY WARD
    Mount Airey"
    NANCY WARD died at Algood Station in Putnam County, Tennessee, leaving a will dated 21 October 1897 in which she named her sister, Penina Willett and brother-in-law, Sam Willett.
    Note: James B. Copeland is the grandson of Elizabeth Ward & John C. Webb, through their daughter Nancy Webb & Moses Wilkerson Copeland. He was born c1845.

    Father: BENJAMIN WARD b: ABT 1750 in Virginia (of Cumberland & Pittsylvania Counties)
    Mother: CELIA (SELAH) STEWART b: ABT 1755 in Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, Virginia

    Marriage 1 Sidda (Mrs.) WARD b: 1801 in North Carolina
    • Married: ABT 1818 in prob. Ashe County, North Carolina
    1. Has No Children Stephen D. WARD b: 21 SEP 1819 in Hawkins County, Tennessee, USA
    2. Has Children William WARD b: BET 1820 AND 1825 in Hawkins County, Tennessee, USA
    3. Has No Children Nancy W. WARD b: 07 SEP 1821 in Hawkins County, Tennessee, USA
    4. Has Children Celia WARD b: 14 SEP 1826 in Hawkins County, Tennessee, USA
    5. Has No Children Adaline WARD b: 1829 in Overton County, Tennessee
    6. Has No Children Polly A. WARD b: 1829 in Overton County, Tennessee
    7. Has No Children James WARD b: DEC 1832 in (Overton Co.,) Tennessee
    8. Has Children Mitchell WARD b: 12 SEP 1833 in Overton County, Tennessee
    9. Has Children Margaret J. WARD b: 13 NOV 1836 in Overton County, Tennessee
    10. Has No Children Penina A. WARD b: 08 JUN 1840 in Overton County, Tennessee

    1. Author: John Preston Arthur
      Title: A History of Watauga County
      Publication: Name: Everett Wadey Company, 1915; Location: Boone, NC Public Library;
      Source Medium: Book

      Page: 351
    2. Title: Ashe County, NC Will Book 1799-1910
      Publication: Location: North Carolina State Archives;
      Source Medium: Microfilm

      Page: Will of Benjamin Warad, 18 April 1820, proved August 1820; Will Book A:20
      Text: "the said Nicodemus Ward shall pay to my son Kelly Ward & Daniel Ward & my two daughters Selah Ward & Elizabeth (Ward) Webb four hundred dollars each"
    3. Title: Overton County, TN Census 1850
      Publication: Location: US Archives at San Bruno, CA;
      Source Medium: Census

      Page: 1st Dist, p 39, # 527/528 Kelly Ward
      Text: age 55, $750 real estate, born NC
    4. Author: Lennis Isaacs
      Title: These My People
      Publication: Name: 1978; Location: Boone, NC Public Library;
      Source Medium: Book

      Page: 3
    5. Title: Overton County, TN Census 1850
      Publication: Location: US Archives at San Bruno, CA;
      Source Medium: Census

      Text: KELLY WARD, age 55, NC; Sidda 29, Stephen 28, Nancy 25, Polla A. 21, Adaline 21, James 18, Mitchell 17, Margaret 15, Pollina 13.
    6. Author: Lennis Isaacs
      Title: These My People
      Publication: Name: 1978; Location: Boone, NC Public Library;
      Source Medium: Book

      Page: p 3
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    8. Title: Overton Co., TN Census 1810
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    9. Title: Rhea Co., TN Tax Lists 1832
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      Source Medium: Census
    10. Author: Carol Wells, Editor
      Title: Rhea County, Tennessee Tax Lists 1832-1834 & County Court Minutes 1829-1834; Volume D
      Publication: Name: 1996, Heritage Books, Inc.; Location: Sutro Library, San Francisco;
      Source Medium: Book

      Page: 6
    11. Title: 1850 Slave Schedule, District 1, Overton Co., TN
    12. Title: Overton County, TN Census Records 1850
      Publication: Location: National Archives at San Bruno;
      Source Medium: Census

      Page: 528-77 KELLY WARD
      Text: Kelly age 55 NC; Sidda 49, Stephen 28, Nancy 25, Polly A. 21, Adaline 21, James 18, Mitchell 17, Margaret 15, Polina 13. They live next to William & Cela Marchbanks and Alferd & Allegany Webb. Hol land (Nolland) Curtisse lives nearby.
    13. Title: Rutherford County, TN Chancery Court Records
      Publication: Location: Tennessee State Archives; Nashville, TN;
      Source Medium: Microfilm
    14. Title: Rutherford Co., TN Court Records
      Publication: Location: Rutherford County Court; Murfreesboro, TN;
      Source Medium: Official Document
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