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Karen Keeley2007-03-22 12:09:55
Vienna Jacques, a single woman aged 45, arrived in Kirtland, OH from Boston in 1833. She was directed by revelation to consecrate everything she had, then receive back a sufficient amount to move to Jackson Co., MO (D&C 90:28-31). Vienna Jacques married Daniel Shearer in 1838 in Missouri, just after being driven out of Jackson County along with the rest of the Saints. Not long afterwards she received her patriarchal blessing as Vienna Shearer. MORMON REDRESS PETITIONS: DOCUMENTS OF THE 1833-1838 MISSOURI CONFLICT (1992, Religious Studies Center, BYU), p. 336-337, shows a redress petition by Daniel Shearer dated 7 May 1839 at Quincy Ill., submitted to the U.S. Congress, in which he included a claim for $250.00 "Damiges of Vienna Jakes now my wife in being driven from Jackson County in the State of Missouri & Mooving from the State of Massa(c)husetts to Missouri".

Vienna crossed the plains to Utah in 1847 and Daniel Shearer in 1852. They had evidently become estranged. Daniel married again to Mary Wilkie 1 Jul 1849 in Kanesville, then to Sarah Gilbert 21 Dec 1862 in Salt Lake City.

Vienna was sealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith BY PROXY, 28 Mar 1858 in SALT LAKE CITY.

Daniel Shearer's will, 1874, mentioned his estranged wife Vienna Jaques in order to cut her out with a token amount.

Vienna was honored as the oldest living member of the church before her death in 1884, aged nearly 97.