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Glen Swartz2007-06-04 13:26:13
Hi Karen,

Just passing along a note. I've tried over the years to get in contact with George B. Lint to an avail (the source for the supposed second marriage).

I'm now in contact with a Lichtenberger researcher born and living in Germany, descendant of Veit Lichtenberger, and he says there is no evidence of a marriage between Johann Conrad Lichtenberger and Anna Elizabeth Caspari. He does have the first marriage of Johann Conrad Lichtenberger, which is well documented.

So, this is creating a problem. Since he has no knowledge of the second marriage, he has not found anything on Johann Georg Lichtenberger. This then breaks the connection to Conrad back to Veit.

George has never disclosed what his evidence was for the second marriage or the connection in Germany, and at this point it is starting to appear erroneous. No doubt the work of George on Conrad back to Veit is solid, it's the connection between America and Germany that looks like it may be false.

I was wondering if you had any thoughts?

Sincerely, Glen Swartz