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Jim woolbright2006-04-05 21:47:54
I suspect you have the wrong Elizabeth as the wife of Wm. ' Billy' Jackson. His wife, Elizabeth, was born in 1780 and was the daughter of Cudworth (Cood) Oxendine, Charles' younger brother.

(1) 1 Cudworth (Cood) OXENDINE, youngest son of John Oxendine, b c1694, Va.
Birth: <1750, Bladen Co. N. C.(?)
Father: John "Figro" Oxendine (1695-)
Mother: Sarah
Spouse: Name unknown.

Notes: Younger brother of Charles Oxendine. Elder Jackson Family members & Oxendine descendants alledge that Elizabeth's father was a Cherokee Indian Chief whose tribe had hunting grounds in an area all the way from Central Tennessee (most of the Cumberland Plateau) to near Nashville which was close to their main villege. It was further alledged that this Chief was probably Chief Little Feather Doublehead.
A Chief Double Head was reported as being in negotations with the U. S. Government in 1790 according to Cherokee records. He was persuaded to sign over most his tribal hunting grounds to the United States on 25 Oct 1805.
Recent updates by Lisa Shea [see John Oxendine above ,and her website < > have shattered this yarn. The Oxendine Clan seems to have stemed from a single member, John, son of a mixed race marriage. Cadworth, was the youngest of a second generation of "freeborn men" in the Oxendine line "Cood" or "Cud" had Charles, David, Elizabeth and five other children, by an unkown wife. In the 1790 Census, Cud and family were still in Georgetown, ,S. C.- Prince George Parish - Roll 11, Book 1
2 free white males age 16+
3 free white males < 16
5 free white females (ageless)
Other records have an undated John "Osendine" Charleston, S. C. - Christ Church Parish ,M637 Roll: 11 Part: 1 Page: 558A {Name mis-spelled and never in any other records)
Also listed in the 1800 Census Marion Co. S. C.. Roll 49, Book 1, Page 462. with family members ten years older except two who have 'flown the coop." There are still no other families by this name in the State. In 1810 and 1820, males, Aaron, Cudworth and Charles Oxendine, are still listed as citizens of the State; Aaron in Sumter and the others in Marion Dist.
Subsequently, there were many interracial marriages, one of which was Elizabeth with William Jackson as well as two of her children who married into the Woolbright Family. Many of these folks including Negro , Indian & "Black Irish' listed as 'freeborn colored' ( until the 1850 Tenn. Census. Slaves were listed separately.
Cudworth was a taxable "Mulato" in Bladen Co. N. C. in 1768 and 1769. In 1787, this section of Bladen County became Robeson County.
The Oxendine Family was said to be of the Melungeon.Clan of Tennessee Cherokees [althugh this is actually more of a genetic rather than a n actual tribal group, contact for more on "WHAT IS A MELUNGEON?"

Research: Letha Commer Woolbright, commenting on John Roy Dillard's feature in 'The Dispatch', page 6; Cookeville, Tenn., Sunday, May 24, 1987.thru Enoch Jackson & Sentha (Centhia) Woolbrigh's son, Francis Marion Jackson.; "Robert K. Ellingwood" <>

Notation: {This information is significant to the Oxendine Lne, but not the Jackson Family Line}
The physical characteristics of a true Melungeon are NOT present in the forebearers of William Jackson of Jackson Co. Tenn nor his siblings and DNA confirm this. .  

Children: Aaron (1764-)
Archibald (1766-1869)
David (1775-1830)
Elizabeth (1780-1826)

(2) 1.1 Aaron Oxendine
Birth: 1764

(2) 1.2 Archibald OXENDINE
Birth: 1766, Pedee River, S.C.
Death: 3 Sep 1869, Benton's Creek, Mo.

Notes: First off, there is no solid proof, other than by elemination, that this Archibald is a son of Cudworth and so he is listed here tentatively with a ?. He served throughout the War of the Revolution as one of "Marion's Men" and in the War of 1812 [December 10, 1812 - April 20, 1813,]

Spouse: Patsy Shoemake.
Birth: c1775, Tenn.

Children: John F. (1805-)
Levi (1808-)
Mary P. (1810-)
Johnson M. (1813-)
Nathan L. (1820-)
Charles (1814-)
Archibald (1822-)
Elizabeth (1823-)
Patsy (1830-)
Margaret Jane (1844-)

(2) 1.3 Charles OXENDINE
Birth: 1772?

Notes: In the 1840, David 's brother Charles Oxendiine is about the same general age as David, living in Jackson Cty with a family.
By the 1830s, Charles Pickett Oxendine was in Tennessee. The Archibald group was also in Tennessee, and all were there with the David Oxendine Group. He died in California.
There is a least two Charles Oxendine lines in Tennessee. Charles Pickett Oxendine was born around 1805 in South Carolina, making him most likely related to the Archibald Clan. However, he could just as well be a son of David or Charles Oxendine, sons of Cood Oxendine.
However, Archibald already has a son, John F Oxendine, b. 1805 which pushes Charles P. out ot that family, at least.
By the 1830s Charles Pickett was in Tennessee. The Archibald group was also in Tennessee, and all were there with the David Oxendine Group. He died in California.
For index purposes, Chalres Pickett will be listed under Charles Oxendine, son of Cood Oxendine, appreciating that this very well may not be correct???
Charles P Oxendine, b ~1805, SC; married Martha Shumate
Levi Oxendine, b 1808; married ?? Shumate
Dicey Ann Oxendine, b 1809, SC; married William Ivey
Delilah Oxendine, b ?; married Lewis Bolton
Susan Oxendine, b ? ; married James Shumate

Children: Charles P. (1805-)
Dicey Ann (1809-)
Levi (1808-)

(2) 1.4a David Oxendine*
Birth: <1775, S. C.
Death: <1830

Notes:The 1810 Census for Tenn. was burned during the War of 1812. David and his family are in the 1820 Jackson Cty Tenn Census. The only other Oxendine in the state of Tennessee in 1820 is Archibald Oxendine, who we feel could be David's cousin.. There is no trace of David in 1830 Census, only "Omy Oxendine" alone in White Co. Tenn. with daughter, Mandy
David had a cousin by the same name in 1810, 1820 and 1860 in Robeson Co. N. C. also born c1775 also. Mis-spelled as "Oyendine" in some records

Spouse: Naomi (Omi-Omaha) Jackson
Birth: 1790-1794
Father: William Jackson
Mother: Margaraet Wilson

Notes: Naomi Jackson was the daughter of William & Margaret (Wilson) Jackson of Guilford Co., N.C. and a sister to William "Billy" Jackson that married Elizabeth Oxendine.
And the matriarch of three family lines ( Devil' Bill' Williams ; David Oxendine and William Hunter.)
Naomi Jackson ( is known in Court Records as Omi, Oma, Omaha Jackson) "took up" with David Oxendine and they were the parents of three children, Polly, Wilson and Mandy Jackson.. And while Naomi and David were together "they resided in the flat woods on the waters of Blackburn Fork".
  Naomi had an older child, Jonathan, [see under Davic Oxendine.] that were "borned" before she took up with David Oxendine. The reputed father was "Devil Bill Williams". But he were always known in the "neighborhood as 'Jonathan OXENDINE' Some records dispute this and have Polly as Jonathan's little sister who also went by Oxendine.
She eventually married William Hunter and they had a son, James Dudley Hunter, Sr. (sic.) who married Zilla Henry, and in turn, had James Dudley Hunter, Jr. who married Mary Elizabeth Oxendine, d/o Wilson Oxendine and Unknown wife.
  Naomi had described as having "dark skin, high cheekbones, long straight black hair and claimed to have "Indian blood. David Oxendine was also described as 'very dark.'
  Before July of 1822, David Oxendine moved on into Illinois and marries Hannah Righenour and has additional children. Guess since he and Naomi only 'took up'with one another ... he could 'take off',,,,*Lisa Williams, Wimberley, Texas < >

Children: Jonathan (1807-1860)
Polly (1809-)
Wilson (1818-1862)
Amanda 'Mandy' (1823-)

Other spouses: Hannah Righenour

(2) 1.4b David Oxendine* (See above)

Spouse: Hannah Righenour

Notes from first wife: Before July of 1822, David Oxendine moves on into Illinois and marries Hannah Righenour and has additional children.

Other spouses: Naomi (Omi-Omaha) Jackson

(2) 1.5 Elizabeth OXENDINE
Birth: c 1780, pdrobably Georgetown, S. C. [see notes]
Death: >1826, Jackson Co. Tenn.

Notes: It has long been a family yarn that Elizabeth's father as probably a lesser Cherokee Chief and said to be a Melungeon. (rather than Chief Little Feather Doublehead as some family contented . Recent in depth studies suggest that all this is a fanciful yarn (See Cudworth Oxendine above)
Contributors to the saga: "Robert K. Ellingwood" <] ; Jason Lawless <; Bobby Jackson < Ancestry World Tree project, 2001.] The more likely candidate for fatherhood is Cudworth (Cood) Oxendine with John Oxedine as her grandfather. [From: Lisa Shea, website: indian/sitemap.html See also Charles Oxendine above. Most researchesr has her place of birth as " in Indian Territory, NorthCentral Tenn.
Another source has Williiam "Billy Jackson's wife as Elizabeth GIBSON, b. 1775, Indian Terr. S. C.,, possibly a transpositon of names with non-blood relatives. 1. See 1850 Jackson County Census: Hetty McGipson/Gipson Price is living with Amanda Oxendine. Hettie was a sister-in-law of Elizabeth ‘Betsie’ Haney, d/o Betsey Woolbright Haney and older sister of Jesse Woolbright, (Aunt of Samuel and Margaret Woolbright.)
2. William Washington Hunter, s/o James Dudley Hunter , Sr. & Arzella 'Zilla' HENRY, married an Elizabeth GIBSON. This is a likely source of the reputed "second wife "Elizabeth Gipson/Gibson" of William 'Blly' Jackson who married Elizabeth Oxendine, b. c1780 in S. C. , d/o of Cudworth Oxendine. and who only had one wife. [Actually, Wm. Hunter’s second wife was Elizabeth Cannon, not Gipson.]
3. From Evyonne Andrews Eddins <>; The surname “Gibson/Gipson” is given within the Cherokee Application made by William Zoph Jackson and his brothers in 1904 when they applied for benefits. A descendant of Hiram Jackson, has come to the conclusion that Elizabeth Oxendine i.e. Elizabeh Gibson/Gipson is one and the same person due to “Americanizing” the surname. (through research with a Certified Native American genealogist)
Additionally, there is very strong oral and written familial history that her name maiden name was Oxedine.
Elizabeth was listed as free person of color in 1840 census and as white person in 1850 census at 70 years of age. Indians were frequently classified as people of color prior to 1850 in public reports. Charles Oxindine listed in 1840 census as free man of color. Her decendends all have stright black hair, dark eyes and completion with Indian features for several generations.
David Oxendine, a brother(?), was listed in 1820 census with two slaves. Proabably the David that "took up with Naomi Jackson, her sister-in-law. {sic.) and resided in the flat woods on the waters of Blackburn Fork". and the parents of Wilson and Mandy. Oxendine. Naomi had "dark skin, high cheekbones, long straight black hair" and claimed to have "Indian blood". [Testimony from a copy of a Chancery Court Record .. 222 pages, Jackson Co., Tenn ] .
Naomi is a daughter of William & Margaret (Wilson) Jackson of Guilford Co., N.C.. and a sister to William 'Billy' Jackson that married Elizabeth Oxendine. Naomi had two older children, Jonathan and Polly that were "borned" before she took up with Davic Oxendine. Their reputed father was "Devil Bill Williams". But they were always known in the "neighborhood as Jonathan and Polly Oxendine".
Lisa Williams of Weatherby, Texas desended from her brother, David Oxendine who "took up with Naomi Jackson. From Lisa Williams, Wimberley, Tex.
<> and @ home:

Spouse: William 'Billy' JACKSON
Birth: 1775, 1774/ Guilford Co., N.C.
Death: 1862/ 1865, Gainsboro, Tenn.
Burial: Both Buried In The Woodford Pippin Cem. Jackson Co.Tenn.
Father: WILLIAM JACKSON (1737-1792)
Mother: Margaret Wilson (1744-1810)

Notes: Listed in the 1830 and 1840 Census as Head of Household with occupants being shown as 0-0 denoting "freeman of color" (whether it be Native American, Melungeon, Asian, Black, i.e. anything except white). By 1850 Census, this practice was discontinued..
Some records have a first wife as Elizabeth Gibson [Gipson] but BIlly Jackson only had one wife! This is the results of some confusion of relatives of the same or similiar name having wifes with like names. {see more under his wife's notes on this subjcet.)

'Old Hickory' Jackson was not a blood relataive?

Family claims that he was a cousin of Pres. Andrew Jackson is not well supported by history. Andrew Jackson's father, of Scottish ancestory, migrated from Boneybefore, Carrichifergur, County Antrim, the Ulster area in Northern Ireland to America in 1765. His father was Hugh Jackson, a comfortably well-off linen weaver and merchant. Andrew Jackson, Sr. did have a brother named Hugh who served the Kind of England in the colonies prior to the Revolution - went back to England and wanted to come back to the colonies - He was impressed with the opportunities it presented.  His wife refused to come, thus he stayed in England. Andrew, Sr. took up residence along the Catawba riverin S. C. near the Waxhava Creek, on Liget’s Branch near the headwaters of Twelve Mile Creek.
He was also supposed tho have a third brother, Samuel /James , the Sailor? who moved soon from Philidelphia on to Virginia, to finally settle in Amelia Co. with descendants migrating into Guilford Co. N. C. where he “supposedly” died. This Samuel / James Jackson is recognized as a brother of Andrew Jackson, Sr. by The Hermiage.
Four of Elizabeth’s sisters were already in the Waxhaws, married and settled. In Feb. of 1767, with Elizabeth about to bear her third child, Andrew strained himself by lifting a log, it was said, and took to bed in great pain and died a few weeks later.
His son and namesake, Andrew, Jr. was born 15 March 1767 in N. C. just across the then state line from the current Union Co. S. C. His older brothe, Hugh, died from heat exhaustion at Battle at Stone Ferryi in the Revoluntionary War. Young Andrew and his sixteen year old brother, Robert, joined up and were captured in another battle. HIs mother managed to scronge up food and care for the wounded American prisoneers held by the British. Later, the sons came down with smallpox. Robert died and she was able to get young Andrew released and he managed to survive. HIs mother later died during another disease epidemic.
Andrew Jackson, Jr., knew little of his family due to his father’s death shortly after his birth. With his mother and two brothers also gone, he spoke infrequently of what he knew. **
There is little written evidence to support any kinship with President Andrew Jackson. However, there is strong traditional oral history, not only with the families of descendants of Andrew Jackson, but also within families of Andrew’s brother William of Jackson Co., Tenn. (ref: Reda Bilbry) William was a contemporary of Andrew's time and Andrew's brothers and parents are known. William's parents have been established. The only common factor is that both came from Ireland and they had a common era of bithdates and a strong oral history of a relationship ( as does most Jackson Families tht ever lived in Tennessee). While there is no factual proof of a blood relationship, I will, in turn, grant there is The Possibility?
That Andrew and William Jackson had a brother, John Jackson , is supported not only by Chancery Court records but is also confirmed by an exact match with DNA analysis.
'Billy' spent much of his early manhood as a drifter, looking for a wife and a place to settle. He rode into Jackson County from Louisiana by horseback shortly after it was established in 1801 and settled down near the post village of Williamsburg (Fort Blount) which was located on the old North Carolina Military trace about two miles east of the Cumberland River near the Big Salt Lick. In 1828 he purchased land on Dobson Branch. He also apparently was involved in land surveying. In the census of 1840, his household is listed as 'free persons of color' since he was married to an Indian. Census of 1850 lists him as 75 years old, white and born in South Carolina and living in the home of one of Claborne's sons. Decendents said he claimed to be Irish and Black Dutch (Spanish influence from occupation of Holland and stranded Spanish and Portegese sailors from naval wars and shipwrecks off costal Ireland during the 16th & 17th centuries.)
"We know from family history that our lineage came from Ireland - (letter received from distant cousin in Ireland written to Nollie Robertson, grand daughter of Duke Allen Jackson, son of Thomas Jefferson Jackson." (sic.)....Evyonne Eddins
In some states early 1800s Federal Census returns enumerated Black Irish as a “Free Person of Color” especially if married to Indians which tended to infuriated them causing the Census Bureau to change enumeration categories. During the early years, “Free Person of Color” designated anyone who was not White. “Slaves” were shown separately.
Jackson Co was named for Andrew Jackson, member of the first Tennessee Constitutional Convention, Congressman, Senator, and 7th US President but he was not related to anyone in Jackson Co. Tenn..

Wm. was reputed to have lived 104 years ( c1879.) However, this does not square with the family tale of him being weak and sick and commenting to his daughter-in-law Margie and daughter Fannie about the two things in the world that would delight him the most - a meal of young, tender beef and to see Claborne home from the war. Neighbors killed a young calf and fixed him all the beef that he could eat. Shortly after he finished his supper of beef, Clayborne arrived home, having walked all the way from the Confederate Army camp on Lookout Mountain (his enlistment having expired 15 June 1862). They sat up talking most of the night. This further weakened Pappy Bill and he died the next morning. District 12 Census of 1850 has him and Elizabeth, ages 75 and 70, born in S. C. living in the home of Claborne and Marga. Both are listed as illerate.

Reda Bilbrey & Pearl Campbell, (From John Roy Dillard's feature in the Dispatch, 24 May 1987. Mary Frances Fowler, Gracie (Lee) Cotter, grand daughter of Barb (Jackson) Sutton, Opel Fox Robinson, Nelson Womack. Jackson Co. land records of 1824-1830. Also, from The Jackson County Family History Book:200 Years of Memories, by the Jackson County Historical Society, courtesy of Virginia Potter, <>


Marr: 1805, Jackson Co. Tenn. near the Cumberland River

Children: Hirum (1805-1855)
Dave (1808-)
Race (1810-)
Enoch Appa (1812-1889)
Fannie (1813-)
Claiborne (1819-1870)
William Zophus (Zoph) (1820-1865)
Martha C. (Patsy) (1824-)
Thomas J.