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Fred Krauss2003-07-29 10:32:43
This marriage is recorded in Mecklenburg Co, VA as being married June 12 1919 Robert age 23 in Book 1 page 129

Carrie Thomas Hayes b 2-18-1890 d 2-2-1989 burried Oakhurst Cemetery Clarksville, VA with her husband Robert Alvis Yancey. Gravestone for Carrie shows Carrie Thomas Hayes, WIFE of R.A. Yancey, Feb. 18, 1890-Feb. 2, 1989. Robert's gravestone shows Robert A. Yancey, Virginia, PVT BTRY A I.BV CONV CENTER, WORLD WAR I, July 29, 1896-April 29, 1953

Son Robert Hampton Yancey d 7-26-2003 burried 7-29-2003 Westhampton Memorial Park Henrico, Co., VA

Also you have this is same family listed twice once as Robert A Yancey then as Robert Alvis Jackson Yancey, both with same birth date for Robert as 7-29-1896. But you have wife's name wrong on the Carrie B Hayes