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Ann2006-01-18 21:50:48
Life's Weaving

Reuben Isaac Yancey's birthday should be June 6, 1864 instead of June 6, 1860. He was the son of Andrew Wilson "Andy" and Margaret Elizabeth (Johnston) Yancey. Margaret was Andy's second wife. The birthday information is from Sandra Oliver, granddaughter of Reuben Isaac Yancey, daughter of Lula I. D. "Johnnie" (Yancey) Hallmark. She would like for his birthday and parentage to be corrected. She stated that the the grave stone is incorrect.

Reuben Isaac Yancey born: June 6, 1864, Dekalb County, Alabama, died: September 9, 1935, Haleyville, Winston County, Alabama, buried. September 10, 1935, Liberty Cemetery, Dekalb County, Alabama.

Sandra is not on the internet, and she asked me to let you know about this error.