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EAGLE, Jacob Chief b: ABT 1810 in of Lewiston area,,,of ID d: in ,,,aft 1847
EASTMAN, Maybelle Rose b: 3 MAR 1898 d: AFT 1999 in Ft Worth,,TX,aged over 101
EASTMAN, William b: ABT 1870 in ,,,OR/WA maybe
EATON, Irene b: 29 MAR 1791 in probably,Tolland,CT d: 20 FEB 1865 in Orenco,Washington,OR
EATON, Samuel (brother_of William) b: 1755 in of by 1791anyway,,CT d: 1838 in Ellisburg,,NY,BernieYoungDoc.s
EELLS, 8_kids 4_dau_1_son@1915 b: ABT 1880 in Skokomish maybe,,WA prob
EELLS, Cushing OregonMissionary D.D. b: 16 FEB 1810 in Blandford,,MA,ofWallaWalla1860 d: 16 FEB 1893 in Tacoma,Pierce,WA
EELLS, Edwin E ofWala_Walla1860 b: 27 JUL 1841 in Tshimakain,SpokaneDistrict!,WA,near Ford WA d: AFT OCT 1915 in Tacoma,,WA,lastKnownResidnc
EELLS, Myron history_author b: 7 OCT 1843 in TshimakainMision,Stevens now,WA,near Ford WA d: 4 JAN 1907 in Skokomish,Mason,WA
EELS, Joseph father_@_Cushing b: ABT 1775 in ,,MA prob
ELLIOTT, Samuel Hayden b: 1 JAN 1829 in Somerset,,KY d: in Hillsboro,Washington,Oregon,our best guess
ELLIS, Catherine b: 25 DEC 1802 in ,,VA,1880censusLorena d: 3 APR 1867 in Salem,Marion,OR
ELLIS, James b: ABT 1770 in ,,,of VA maybe
ELLIS, Sophia b: ABT 1820 in possibly either,IN,TN,MO d: in probably,,Oregon
ENGLISH, Alice b: ABT 1830 in of,,MI,maybe
ENOS, A sister_of John b: ABT 1830 in maybe either,,WY,MT d: AFT 1916
ENOS, Amy Emma b: ABT 1857 in probably of,Ravalli,MT d: 1899/1909 in ,,WY,maybe
ENOS, Caroline Boiver Boisvert b: ABT 1830 in maybe,Ravalli,MT,bef 1831 d: 1921 in probably,Lake,MT,formal probate
ENOS, Frank b: ABT 1850 in probably of,Ravalli,MT d: ABT 1875 in ,,WY,maybe
ENOS, Harriet half-sister of_John_Enos b: ABT 1850 in maybe either,,WY,MT
ENOS, John b: ABT 1815 in probably,,MT,or born ca 1820 d: OCT 1915 in probably,,WY
ENOS, John Jr. b: ABT 1850 in probably of,Ravalli,MT d: ABT 1875 in ,,WY,maybe
ENOS, Louis b: 10 OCT 1859 in maybe either,WY,MT,or born 1862 d: 1948 in ,,WY,maybe
ENOS, Louise sister_of John b: 1832 in maybe of,Ravalli,MT,or 1833 d: 1916 in Flathead Res,Lake,MT,St Ignatius?
ENOS, Mary b: ABT 1830 in maybe of,Ravalli,MT d: 1918
ENOS, Mary b: 1856 in probably of,Ravalli,MT d: 1923 in ,,WY,maybe
ENOS, Mary Ann b: ABT 1855 in probably of,Ravalli,MT d: 1907 in ,,WY,maybe
ENOS, Philsette Phyllisette Phil b: 1859 in probably of,Ravalli,MT d: 1929 in ,,WY,maybe
EPLER b: ABT 1830 in ,,,of Oregon probly
EPPES, Beverly Rion b: 2 SEP 1846 in ,,,England maybe
EPPES, Elizabeth Athelina Routh b: 23 OCT 1835 in ,,Quebec maybe
EPPES, Frances Maria Sophia b: 22 APR 1844 in ,,England
EPPES, Harriet Alice b: 31 DEC 1839 in ,,,England/Canada?
EPPES, John St._Hy Randolph b: 18 JUN 1838 in ,,,England/Canada?
EPPES, Susan Beatrice b: 24 OCT 1849 in ,,,Jamaica?
EPPES, William Isham Randolph b: 20 FEB 1875 in ,,Quebec
EPPES, William Randolph Maj._BritishArmy b: 1795 in ,,England d: 11 AUG 1849 in ,,,Jamaica
ERMATINGER, Anne b: AFT 1815 in ,,Ontario,Canada d: 1889 in Montreal,,Quebec
ERMATINGER, Charles Jr b: ABT 1801 in Sault Ste Marie,,Ontario,Canada
ERMATINGER, Charles Oakes Northwest_Co.Man b: 1776 in Montreal,,Quebec d: 1853 in Montreal,,Quebec,lastKnownResidnc
ERMATINGER, daughter b: BEF 1825 in ,Severn District,Ont,Canada
ERMATINGER, Edward b: 1797 in ,,Elba,Italy d: 1876 in St Thomas,,Ontario,Canada
ERMATINGER, Edward b: BEF 1815 in ,,Ontario,Canada
ERMATINGER, Frances b: ABT 1804 in ,,Ontario,Canada d: 1884 in Hochelaga,,Quebec
ERMATINGER, Frances Maria b: 3 JUN 1843 in Columbia R. area,,,USA probably
ERMATINGER, Francois Francis Frank b: 1798 in Lisbon,,,Portugal d: 1858 in St. Thomas,,Ontario,Canada
ERMATINGER, Frederick William b: 1811 in ,,Ontario,Canada d: 1869
ERMATINGER, George b: 1770/1780 in ,,,Canada probably d: 1841 in Sault St Marie,,Ont,Canada
ERMATINGER, George b: ABT 1814 in b 1806-1822,,Ontario,Canada
ERMATINGER, James b: 1808 in ,,Ontario,Canada d: 1890 in Simcoe,,no provice said,Woodhouse Twp
ERMATINGER, Jane b: ABT 1820 in ,,Ontario,Canada
ERMATINGER, Jemima b: ABT 1808 in ,,Ontario,Canada
ERMATINGER, Lawrence b: 23 AUG 1828 in Ft Kamloops,,BC,Canada d: in ,,OR/WA,USA maybe
ERMATINGER, Lawrence Edward Laurenz b: 1736 in of London Englnd,,,Switzerland ? d: 1789 in ,,,Canada maybe
ERMATINGER, Lawrence Edward the_3rd b: ABT 1772 in ,,Elba,Italy d: in ,,,Canada maybe
ERMATINGER, Madeline Madeleine b: ABT 1808 in ,,Ontario,Canada
ERMATINGER, Mary Malee SA?MA?MAE b: APR 1838 in Tobacco Plains,,MT d: ABT 1940 in ,,MT
ERMATINGER, William b: ABT 1812 in b. 1798-1822,,Ontario,Canada
ESCALOOM, Frank Isaiachalkis Iskalome b: ABT 1815 in of,Walla Walla,WA d: 3 JUN 1850 in Oregon City,hanged?,OR,convicted@murder
ESKIMO_INUIT, Marie b: ABT 1775 in Arctic area,,,Canada
ETIENNE, Etteyne b: ABT 1800 in possibly,an ancestor from,Quebec,Canada d: in Frenchtown,Walla Walla,WA,lastKnownResidnc
ETTEYNE, Etienne b: ABT 1800 in possibly,an ancestor from,Quebec,Canada d: in Frenchtown,Walla Walla,WA,lastKnownResidnc
EVANS b: ABT 1770 in ,,,of VT maybe
EWING b: ABT 1790 in possibly of,St Louis,MO,by 1835
FABEAU, Anne Ann or_Tabeau b: ABT 1785 in possibly,,Ontario,Canada
FAIRBANKS, Joshua b: ABT 1770 in ,,MA prob
FAIRBANKS, Myra to_Ore.Terr_1838 b: 26 MAY 1805 in Holden,,MA d: 1878 in ,,WA probably,age 73
FAIRES, Elizabeth b: 16 OCT 1882 in ,,MO d: 14 JAN 1964 in ,Marion,Oregon
FAIRFIELD b: ABT 1860 in maybe of,,Oregon
FARIES, Hugh b: 1779 in of,,,Canada d: 1852
FARIES, Walter Hugh b: ABT 1810 in of,,,Canada
FAVELL, John b: ABT 1745 in ,,,of Canada later d: in maybe,,,of Manitoba
FAVELL, Mary b: 1775 in Henley House,on Albany River,Ontario,Canada d: 19 MAR 1810 in Brandon House,,Manitoba,of childbirth
FENLAY, apparently unrelated b: ABT 1740 in by 1797 maybe of,,,Canada
FENLAY, Francois (not_kin_Jocko?) b: ABT 1760 in possibly either,Manitoba,Quebec,Canada d: in dtr married,Cowlitz,WA,in 1839
FERRELL, W. W. b: ABT 1860 in ,,,of ID d: ABT 1940 in Ferrell,,ID,is one guess
FINDLEY, Alexander b: 1790 in Greensburg,Westmoreland,PA d: 1817 in Charleston,Clark,IN
FINDLEY, Daniel Milton David b: JAN 1831 in reportedly,Scott,Indiana d: 20 MAR 1851 in ,Linn prob,OR prob
FINDLEY, David b: MAR 1761 in Belfast,Antrim,Ireland d: SEP 1838 in ,Warren,IL
FINDLEY, David Jr. b: ABT 1810 in ,,,PA/IN prob d: in ,,,OR prob
FINDLEY, Elizabeth b: ABT 1815 in ,,,IN prob
FINDLEY, Hugh b: ABT 1795 in ,Armstrong maybe,,PA maybe
FINDLEY, Hugh b: 1813 in ,Clark,IN d: in ,,,aft 1830
FINDLEY, Isabelle b: 5 JAN 1814 in Charlestown,Clark,IN
FINDLEY, Jane Carson b: 29 OCT 1816 in Charleston,Clark,IN d: 26 JUL 1884 in Prescott,Walla Walla,WA
FINDLEY, John b: 25 OCT 1801 in ,Armstrong,PA d: 26 APR 1858 in ,,OR prob,@56y6m1d
FINDLEY, Margaret 1845OreTrail b: 30 JAN 1815 in ,Clark,IN d: 24 NOV 1873 in ,Linn,OR
FINDLEY, Nancy b: ABT 1810 in ,,,PA/IN prob
FINDLEY, Nancy b: 1816 in ,Clark,IN d: 1897 in ,Henderson,IL
FINDLEY, Prudence b: ABT 1800 in ,,,PA prob
FINDLEY, Sarah Ann b: ABT 1805 in ,,,PA/IN prob
FINDLEY, William R. b: 4 NOV 1820 in ,Clark,IN d: 26 JUL 1890 in LowerSodaSprings,SantiamWagonRd,OR
FINLAY, Francois (not_kin_Jocko?) b: ABT 1760 in possibly either,Manitoba,Quebec,Canada d: in dtr married,Cowlitz,WA,in 1839
FINLAY, Jacques Raphael Jocko b: 1768 in Nipawin,Ft Finlay then,Sask,Canada d: 1828 in Spokane House,Spokane,WA
FINLAY, James (maybe_confusion for_same_Jocko?) b: ABT 1735 in ,,Scotland d: 1797 in Montreal,,Quebec,Canada
FINLAY, related somehow b: ABT 1770 in later of either,maybe,WA,MT
FINLAY, Xavier b: ABT 1760 in possibly either,Sask,Quebec,Canada
FINLAYSON, Roderick Hudsons_Bay_Co. (?son_of_Alex?) b: 16 MAR 1818 in LochAlsh,Ross & Cromarty,Scotland,Durnish d: 30 JAN 1892 in Victoria,lastKnownResidnc,BC,Canada
FINLEY b: ABT 1810 in maybe,,MT
FINLEY, (see_at_spelling Finlay\Finley (in_this_file) b: ABT 1800 in possibly,an ancestor from,Quebec,Canada d: in Frenchtown,Walla Walla,WA,lastKnownResidnc
FINLEY, Angelique b: ABT 1815 in ,,,WA probably
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info. from Jean A. Roth, Seattle Gen Soc, --and Nancy Prevost . email Additions&Corrections:or Warren Forsythe, Box 1299, Ellensburg WA 98926-1299

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