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HUNGATE, Emma C. b: 27 MAR 1868 in Daviess, Kentucky
HUNGATE, Emma E. b: 16 JAN 1859 in Blandinsville, McDonough, Illinois d: DECEASED in Morning Sun, Louisa, Iowa
HUNGATE, Emma Lean b: 10 JUN 1875 in Morning Sun, Louisa, Iowa d: 26 MAY 1900
HUNGATE, Emma, Wife of Grover Cleveland
HUNGATE, Emmaline b: 6 NOV 1863 in Blandinsville, McDonough, Illinois d: 30 APR 1935 in Bird City, Cheyenne, Kansas
HUNGATE, Emmaline Frances. "Emma or Emily" b: 31 JUL 1848 in Livonia, Washington, Indiana d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Emmett C. b: 5 MAR 1883 d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Emmett Granville b: 8 AUG 1916 in Floyd, Pulaski d: FEB 1978 in Prob., Mc Coy, Montgomery
HUNGATE, Emmitt Carey b: 3 NOV 1905 in Poss., , West Virginia d: 6 FEB 1991 in Prob., Beckley, Raleigh, West Virginia
HUNGATE, Enid Mae b: 30 SEP 1893 in Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma d: 14 APR 1928
HUNGATE, Ernest b: ABT 1886 in , Floyd d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Ernest b: ABT 1892 in New Harmony, Posey, Indiana d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Ernest Boyd b: 29 APR 1892 in , Floyd d: 25 FEB 1950 in Norfolk, Norfolk City
HUNGATE, Ernest Cornell b: 28 MAY 1922 in Norfolk, Norfolk City d: 17 NOV 1974 in Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina
HUNGATE, Erving "Irving" C. b: 9 DEC 1891 d: 1961
HUNGATE, Essie b: 25 FEB 1890 in Tatham Springs, Washington, Kentucky
HUNGATE, Essie Leona b: 27 JAN 1904/1905 in Dell, Beaverhead, Montana d: 23 JUL 1974 in Missoula, Missoula, Montana
HUNGATE, Essie M. b: JUL 1888 in , , Kentucky
HUNGATE, Esta Mae b: 6 JUL 1894 in Calhoun, Auburn, Iowa d: 7 JAN 1935 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
HUNGATE, Ester Or Easter Belle b: ABT 1875 in , , Kansas
HUNGATE, Esther b: 8 SEP 1904 in Clermont, Marion, Indiana d: APR 1987 in Anderson, Madison, Indiana
HUNGATE, Esther Fay b: 12 NOV 1912 in McLeansboro, Hamilton, Illinois d: 21 JUN 2008 in Benton, Franklin, Illinois
HUNGATE, Ethel b: JUN 1899 in , , Illinois
HUNGATE, Ethel b: ABT 1924 in , Floyd d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Ethel Elizabeth b: 12 MAY 1884 in White Pine, Jefferson, Tennessee d: 23 DEC 1944 in Amite, Louisiana
HUNGATE, Ethel F. b: 18 NOV 1892 in Washburn, Barry, Missouri d: 17 FEB 1977 in Independence, Jackson, Missouri
HUNGATE, Ethel May b: 30 DEC 1896 in Herman, Washington, Nebraska d: 24 OCT 1984 in Decorah, Winneshiek, Iowa
HUNGATE, Eugene Everett b: 8 FEB 1911 in Quincy, Adams, Illinois d: 12 OCT 1988 in , , Nevada
HUNGATE, Eugenia b: 3 FEB 1885 in Colfax, Whitman, Washington d: 25 JAN 1919 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California
HUNGATE, Eula Mae b: 3 DEC 1919 in Thorpe, Mcdowell, West Virginia d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Eulah b: 12 MAR 1913 in Mount Vernon, Jefferson, Illinois d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Eutha Georgia b: 15 SEP 1919 in Benton, Franklin, Illinois d: 20 DEC 2004 in Clearwater, Pinellas, Florida
HUNGATE, Eva Mae b: 5 APR 1887 in Eggleston, Giles d: 17 FEB 1949 in Coal City, Raleigh
HUNGATE, Eva May b: 25 SEP 1889 in , Henderson, Kentucky
HUNGATE, Evan Arthur b: 10 MAR 1914 in , Hamilton, Illinois d: 15 APR 1984 in Mount Vernon, Jefferson, Illinois
HUNGATE, Evangeline Sarah b: ABT 1911 in , , Oklahoma
HUNGATE, Evelyn b: 30 APR 1910 in Dell, Beaverhead, Montana d: in Near, Butte, Silver Bow, Montana
HUNGATE, Evelyn Mae b: 10 APR 1916 in Milford, Seward, Nebraska d: 6 NOV 1975 in Waco, Texas
HUNGATE, Everett Earl b: 23 APR 1892 in Burlington Junction, Nodaway, Missouri d: 1 JAN 1965 in Table Rock, Pawnee, Nebraska
HUNGATE, Everett Lemuel b: 9 FEB 1911 in Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana d: 13 APR 1992 in Saint Paul, Decatur, Indiana
HUNGATE, Everett Ray b: 12 NOV 1912 in McLeansboro, Hamilton, Illinois d: 10 APR 1999 in Saint Charles, Saint Charles, Missouri
HUNGATE, Everett Riley b: 24 NOV 1913 in Summerfield, Marshall, Kansas or, Pawnee,nebraska d: 29 AUG 1974 in Moline, Rock Island, Illinois
HUNGATE, Evie Louvena b: 25 APR 1896 in , Floyd d: 1899
HUNGATE, Fannie G. b: FEB 1864 d: 20 JAN 1871
HUNGATE, Fannie Garfield b: 3 OCT 1880 in , Washington, Indiana d: BEF 1938
HUNGATE, Fanny b: ABT 1866 in , Posey, In
HUNGATE, Faye Evelyn b: 18 OCT 1908 in Harrodsburg, Mercer, Kentucky d: DEC 2000 in Martinsville, Morgan, Indiana
HUNGATE, Felton Lee b: 3 AUG 1910 in Pittsburg, Allegheny, Pennsylvania d: 3 FEB 1970 in Smithfield, Fayette, Pennsylvania
HUNGATE, Ferriel H. b: 10 SEP 1911 in Prob., , Texas d: 29 OCT 1990
HUNGATE, Fidelia M. b: 19 NOV 1865 in Daviess, Kentucky
HUNGATE, Florence
HUNGATE, Florence b: 16 JUN 1906 in , Hamilton, Illinois d: 4 AUG 1973 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois
HUNGATE, Florence b: ABT 1909 in , Floyd d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Florence Ardell b: 23 SEP 1943 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California d: 9 OCT 1988 in Encinitas, San Diego, California
HUNGATE, Florence Belle b: 15 MAR 1867 in Near, Greenwood, Johnson, Indiana
HUNGATE, Florence E. b: ABT 1878 in , , Kentucky
HUNGATE, Florence L b: 1893 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Florence L. b: 1893
HUNGATE, Florence Louisa b: 15 SEP 1857 in Noble Township, Shelby, Indiana d: 17 MAR 1925 in Waukee, Dallas, Iowa
HUNGATE, Florence Permilia b: 16 NOV 1907 in Noble Township, Shelby, Indiana d: 15 JAN 1989 in Greensburg, Decatur, Indiana
HUNGATE, Florence R., wife of Francis
HUNGATE, Florence V. b: 1 JAN 1864 in Near, Denver, Denver, Colorado d: 11 JUN 1864 in Near, , Arapahoe, Colorado
HUNGATE, Florida b: ABT 1859 in , , Illinois d: 26 MAY 1928/1929 in Benton, Franklin, Illinois
HUNGATE, Flossy May "June" b: 14 MAY 1913 in Blacksburg (Shawsville), Montgomery d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Floyd Lonzo b: 25 DEC 1895 in Dell or Lima, Beaverhead, Montana d: 1 JAN 1961 in Bozeman, Gallatin, Montana
HUNGATE, Frances b: 20 AUG 1556 in Saxton, Yrkshr, Engl d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Frances b: ABT 1586 in Saxton, England d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Frances Jane b: in , , Indiana d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Francis b: 1625 in <Of, Hatfield> d: 1645 in Battle of Chester
HUNGATE, Francis b: 16 MAY 1642 in Huddleston, Saxton in Elmet, Yorkshire, , England d: 23 OCT 1682 in Of Saxton, Yorkshire, England
HUNGATE, Francis b: 1664 in <Auddleston, Yorkshire, England> d: 27 OCT 1724
HUNGATE, Francis b: ABT 1683 in , , England d: DECEASED in Saxton, Yorks, Eng.
HUNGATE, Francis b: 19 SEP 1871 in , Green, Indiana d: AUG 1872 in Prob., , Indiana
HUNGATE, Francis Marion b: ABT 1862 in Salem, Washington, Indiana d: DECEASED
HUNGATE, Francis, Wife of David Doran d: 29 MAR 1931 in , , Texas
HUNGATE, Frank b: 21 APR 1884 in Rose Hill, Mercer, Kentucky d: 28 JAN 1960 in McCreary, Garrard, Kentucky
HUNGATE, Frank b: 25 NOV 1889 in , Hamilton, Illinois d: FEB 1940 in , Hamilton, Illinois
HUNGATE, Frank Elmore b: 1 AUG 1878 in Keene, Wabaunsee, Kansas d: 28 SEP 1964 in Alhambra, Los Angeles, California
HUNGATE, Frank Evamont b: 31 OCT 1872 in Macomb, McDonough, Illinois d: 25 OCT 1955 in Encinitas, San Diego, California
HUNGATE, Franklin Ward b: in , McDonough, Illinois d: 1922 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
HUNGATE, Fred b: 17 JUN 1889 d: 4 FEB 1959 in Greenwood, , Indiana
HUNGATE, Fred Earl b: 15 APR 1914 in Mapleton, Cass, North Dakota d: 30 MAY 2003 in Kaiser Sunnyside Hospital, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
HUNGATE, Freda Jane b: 1 OCT 1903 in Flannigan Township, McDonough, Illinois d: 2 MAR 1937 in West Frankfort, Franklin, Illinois
HUNGATE, Frederick "Fred" William b: 23 OCT 1879 in Near, Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington d: 5 SEP 1954 in Colfax, Whitman, Washington
HUNGATE, Fredrick "Fred" b: 18 JAN 1893 in Lima, Beaverhead, Montana d: 2 DEC 1965 in Fort Harrison, Lewis and Clark, Montana
HUNGATE, Garold Allyn b: 9 OCT 1913 d: 19 AUG 2006 in Fillmore, Ventura, California
HUNGATE, Gary d: 6 months of age
HUNGATE, Gene Herndon b: 16 OCT 1940 in Coal City, Raleigh, West Virginia d: 12 NOV 2007 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio
HUNGATE, Genettie Jane "Janie" b: 9 APR 1900 in , Hamilton, Illinois d: 2 AUG 1981 in Benton, Franklin, Illinois
HUNGATE, Geneva b: 20 MAY 1900 in Clermont, Marion, Indiana d: 28 NOV 1986 in Pendleton, Madison, Indiana
HUNGATE, George b: ABT 1518 in of Saxton, Yorks, Eng. d: 8 SEP 1556 in , , England
HUNGATE, George b: 13 JUL 1846 in Livonia, Washington, Indiana d: 1 JUN 1884 in White River Township, Barry, Missouri
HUNGATE, George Adolphus b: 24 MAR 1869 in , Hamilton, Illinois d: 12 JAN 1924 in IOOF Cemetery, McLeansboro, Hamilton, Illinois
HUNGATE, George Arthur b: 11 MAR 1932 in McLeansboro, Hamilton, Illinois d: 3 SEP 1932 in McLeansboro, Hamilton, Illinois
HUNGATE, George Edward b: 24 MAR 1866 in Mount Union, Henry, Iowa d: 29 MAR 1948 in Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai, Idaho
HUNGATE, George Foster b: 11 FEB 1853 in , McDonough, Illinois d: 15 MAR 1906 in Lima, Beaverhead, Montana
HUNGATE, George Henry b: 20 SEP 1918 in Cambria, Montgomery d: 26 APR 1991 in Salem, Salem
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