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Campbell, Living
Carl, Johann Friedrich b: in Kassel
Cavanaugh, John
Choressel, Christina b: ABT 1565 in Odernheim am Glan [Bad Kreuznach]
Claas, Anna Catharina b: 1750 in Singhofen [Rhein-Lahn] d: 12 Jan 1801 in Plaggenburg [Aurich]
Clas gnt. Scholtis, Johannes b: ABT 1560 in Krastel (Bell) [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: ABT 1597 in Hundheim (Bell)
Clas, Christina b: ABT 1595 in Dudenroth (Braunshorn) [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Clas, Gertrud b: ABT 1545 in Krastel (Bell) [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: 26 Feb 1596/97 in Krastel (Bell) [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Clas, Hamann b: 1510 in Krastel (Bell) [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Clas, Jacob d: 12 Jul 1595 in Krastel (Bell) [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Clas, Johann Peter b: 7 Apr 1605 in Hundheim (Bell) d: 11 Jan 1659 in Hundheim (Bell)
Clas, Maria b: 15 Nov 1584 in Hundheim (Bell) d: ABT 1629 in Hundheim (Bell)
Clemann, Anna Barbara b: 11 Feb 1677 in Goedenroth [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: 18 Feb 1752 in Goedenroth [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Clemann, Johann Adam b: ABT 1650 in Braunshorn [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: BEF 1691
Clemann, Johann Peter b: ABT 1620 in Braunshorn [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Closs, Johann Peter
Closs, Johann Peter b: 1751 in Kindenheim
Coerper, Andreas b: 24 Aug 1679 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach] d: ABT 1743 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach]
Coerper, Anna Apollonia
Coerper, Anna Maria b: 14 Sep 1673 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach] d: 4 Jun 1700 in Waldboeckelheim [Bad Kreuznach]
Coerper, Anna Martha b: 9 Jul 1671 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach]
Coerper, Hans Wilhelm b: 12 Jul 1668 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach] d: 30 Jan 1732 in Weinsheim [Bad Kreuznach]
Coerper, Johann Jacob b: ABT 1648 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach] d: 14 Jan 1717 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach]
Coerper, Johannes b: ABT 1600 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach] d: 22 Feb 1666 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach]
Coerper, Maria Catharina b: 8 Mar 1686 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach]
Coerper, Mathes b: BEF 1580 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach] d: BEF 1621 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach]
Coerper, Sebastian b: 17 Jul 1681 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach] d: 10 Jan 1745 in Boos [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, (Knabe) b: ABT 1600 in Duchroth [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, Agnes b: 10 Jul 1757 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 11 Jan 1815 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Agnes b: 21 Dec 1765 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Anna Catharina b: 1647 in Weinsheim [Bad Kreuznach] d: 27 Jun 1708 in Roxheim
Conrad, Anna Catharina b: 28 Aug 1754 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Anna Christina b: 26 Jun 1741 in Bad Kreuznach
Conrad, Anna Elisabeth b: ABT 1671 in Weinsheim [Bad Kreuznach] d: BEF 1725
Conrad, Anna Elisabetha b: 3 Sep 1690 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: 22 Jun 1756 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Anna Margaretha b: 1653 in Weinsheim [Bad Kreuznach] d: 8 Feb 1716 in Hargesheim [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, Anna Margaretha b: 2 Apr 1715 in Hargesheim [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, Anna Maria b: 18 Jun 1752 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Anna Sybilla b: 17 Jun 1720 in Bad Kreuznach d: 15 Nov 1723 in Bad Kreuznach
Conrad, Apollonia b: 7 Mar 1717 in Hargesheim [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, Balthasar b: ABT 1625 d: BEF 1674 in Weinsheim [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, Balthasar b: 4 Jul 1725 in Bad Kreuznach d: 29 Dec 1802 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Casimir b: 5 Jun 1732 in Bad Kreuznach
Conrad, Casimir b: 27 Mar 1765 in Nijmegen {Niederlande}
Conrad, Conrad b: 27 Oct 1756 in Nijmegen {Niederlande}
Conrad, Elisabeth Gertrud b: ABT 1662 in Riesweiler [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: 4 Mar 1739 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Eva Catharina b: 15 Nov 1711 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: 11 Sep 1714 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Florentine Wilhelmine b: 25 Dec 1776 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Friedrich Jacob b: 4 Sep 1753 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 18 Nov 1794 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Friedrich Wilhelm b: 4 Aug 1764 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Gabriel b: 4 Mar 1728 in Bad Kreuznach d: BEF 1742
Conrad, Gottfried b: 26 Jan 1747 in Bad Kreuznach
Conrad, Hans d: in Duchroth [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, Hans Georg b: ABT 1622 in Riesweiler [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Hans Philipp b: 1667 in Weinsheim [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, Heinrich Jacob b: 21 Mar 1762 in Nijmegen {Niederlande}
Conrad, Hermannus Thomas b: 7 Jul 1768 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 26 Oct 1781 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Isaac b: 16 Jan 1770 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 31 Mar 1823 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Johann Adam b: ABT 1651 in Weinsheim [Bad Kreuznach] d: 8 Feb 1710 in Hargesheim [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, Johann Adam b: 26 May 1719 in Bad Kreuznach d: BEF 16 Feb 1721 in Bad Kreuznach
Conrad, Johann Andreas b: 8 Nov 1771 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Johann Balthasar b: 8 Jan 1762 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 16 Dec 1813 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Johann Friedrich b: ABT 1681 in Hargesheim [Bad Kreuznach] d: 22 Sep 1758 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Johann Friedrich b: 31 May 1739 in Bad Kreuznach
Conrad, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm b: 17 Nov 1782 in Goch
Conrad, Johann Gabriel b: 29 Jan 1701 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Johann Georg b: ABT 1669 in Weinsheim [Bad Kreuznach] d: BEF 1714
Conrad, Johann Hector b: 22 Apr 1703 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Johann Heinrich b: 2 Nov 1704 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Johann Henrich b: 20 Feb 1770 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 9 Jul 1788 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Johann Jacob b: 24 Feb 1760 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 11 Feb 1824 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Johann Michael b: 25 Sep 1718 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Johann Nicolaus b: 23 Jul 1729 in Bad Kreuznach d: 6 Apr 1789 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Johann Paul b: 12 Jan 1679 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: 21 Aug 1749 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Johann Paul b: 7 Feb 1706 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Johann Peter b: 7 Mar 1763 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 7 Nov 1834 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Johannes b: 1662 in Weinsheim [Bad Kreuznach] d: 19 Mar 1715 in Hargesheim [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, Johannes b: 23 Jan 1713 in Hargesheim [Bad Kreuznach] d: 22 Oct 1794 in Nijmegen {Niederlande}
Conrad, Johannes b: 4 Mar 1759 in Nijmegen {Niederlande}
Conrad, Johannes b: 10 Sep 1767 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Lorenz b: ABT 1654 in Riesweiler [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: 13 Jan 1733 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Magdalena b: ABT 1658 in Weinsheim [Bad Kreuznach]
Conrad, Maria Catharina b: 28 Apr 1715 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Maria Catharina b: 26 Jul 1773 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 18 May 1853 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Maria Elisabeth b: 1709 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: 26 Mar 1758 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck]
Conrad, Maria Elisabeth b: 28 Dec 1783 in Goch
Conrad, Maria Magdalena b: 25 Oct 1698 in Ellern [Rhein-Hunsrueck] d: 21 Feb 1755 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Maria Magdalena b: 19 Mar 1765 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 28 Mar 1803 in Plaggenburg [Aurich]
Conrad, Nicolaus b: 15 Feb 1756 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 26 Jun 1756 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Nicolaus b: 25 Aug 1759 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 23 Jun 1760 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Paulus b: 5 Jul 1761 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 10 Apr 1762 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Sabina Margaretha b: 4 Jan 1723 in Bad Kreuznach
Conrad, Sabina Margaretha b: 13 Jun 1744 in Bad Kreuznach d: 30 Jun 1747 in Bad Kreuznach
Conrad, Sophia Catharina b: 21 Jan 1775 in Pfalzdorf (Goch) d: 30 Jan 1779 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Conrad, Susanna Catharina b: 24 Jun 1763 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Corell, (Anna) Catharina Elisabeth b: 8 Sep 1772 in Pfalzdorf (Goch)
Corell, (Knabe) b: 26 Mar 1738 in Offenheim [Alzey-Worms]
Corell, Abraham b: 26 Jun 1664 in Nack [Alzey-Worms]
Corell, Anna Catharina b: 6 Nov 1744 in Offenheim [Alzey-Worms]
Corell, Anna Maria b: ABT 1652 in Nack [Alzey-Worms]
Corell, Anne Christina b: 1768 in Offenheim [Alzey-Worms]
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