The History of The Heath Family

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The history of The Heath, Mack, Massey, Morgan, Simmermon, Sledge, Laudenslager (Lautenschlager), Knauss, Koch and more.

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VINER, Ellsworth b: UNKNOWN
VOELTZ, Wilhelmina b: 16 APR 1838 in Germany d: 9 JUN 1924 in Oconto,Oconto Co.,WI
VOSEN, Anton (Anthony) b: 1839 in Horrem,Kreis Bergheim,Rheinland,Prussia (Germany) d: 21 APR 1928 in Saint Mary's Hospital,Madison,Dane Co.,WI
VOSEN, Maria b: 6 MAR 1874/1875 in Cross Plains,Dane Co.,WI d: 6 JUL 1919 in Saint Mary Of Pine Bluff Catholic Church Cemetery,Pine Bluff,Dane Co.,WI
VOSEN, Wilhelmina Regina b: 9 FEB 1898 d: 1 OCT 1962
WALDBILLIG, Joseph b: 13 FEB 1903 in Dubuque,Dubuque Co.,IA d: 31 OCT 1986 in Dubuque,Dubuque Co.,IA
WALDBILLIG, Rose Marie b: 16 JAN 1933 in Dubuque,Dubuque Co.,IA d: 5 SEP 1996 in Sioux City,Woodbury Co.,IA
WALSH, Joseph d: Bef 2008 in Deceased
WARMKA, Bertha b: 10 JAN 1872 in WI d: DEC 1966 in WI
WARNEKE, Clarence b: 14 FEB 1897 in Plymouth Co.,IA d: FEB 1975 in Kingsley,Plymouth Co.,IA
WARNEKE, Dennis W. b: 26 MAY 1947 d: 10 JUL 1977
WARRENS, Living b: Unknown
WEBER, Anne Maria b: 6 JUN 1807 in Boserath,Prussia (Germany) d: 3 FEB 1883 in St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery,Pine Bluff Dane Co.,WI
WEBER, Lorenz (Lorentz) b: Abt 1588 in Unzhurst,Buehl,Baden,Germany
WEBER, Maria b: Abt 1620 in Unzhurst,Buehl,Baden,Germany d: Aft 1641 in Stollhofen,Baden,Baden,Germany
WEINGAERTNER, Maria Anna b: Abt 1658 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany
WEINGARTNER, Anna Katharina b: 9 DEC 1738 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany d: 13 FEB 1811 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany
WEINGARTNER, Franz Anton b: 16 JAN 1716 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany d: 28 APR 1789 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany
WEINGARTNER, Franz Xavier b: 4 DEC 1778 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany d: 16 JAN 1858 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany
WEINGARTNER, Franz Xavier b: 1 NOV 1802 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany d: 14 JAN 1878
WEINGARTNER, Genofeva b: 4 APR 1804 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany d: 22 APR 1854
WEINGARTNER, Gregorius b: Abt 1650 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany
WEINGARTNER, Johann Jakob b: 14 APR 1686 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany
WEINGARTNER, Maria Klara b: 4 AUG 1807 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany d: 25 MAY 1879
WEINGARTNER, Regina b: 7 SEP 1809 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany d: 3 MAY 1889
WEINGARTNER, Ulrich b: Abt 1602 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany d: in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany
WEINGARTNER, Ulrich or Udalrci b: Abt 1620 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany
WEINGARTNER, Walburg b: 12 NOV 1805 in Stollhofen,Baden,Germany d: 9 SEP 1880
WEISS, Leo H. b: 30 APR 1912 d: 18 NOV 1988 in Sacred Heart Cemetery,Parkston,Hutchinson Co.,SD
WEISS, Michael b: 26 DEC 1874 d: 21 NOV 1953 in Sacred Heart Cemetery,Parkston,Hutchinson Co.,SD
WELLING, Frank Albert b: MAR 1878/1879 in WI
WELLING, Peter b: 1852/1853 in Prussia (Germany)
WENDLIN, Magdalena
WENDSCHLAG, Ernest J. b: 30 NOV 1911 d: 20 SEP 1980
WERHMAN, Katherine
WERLA, Florentinea Katherine b: 23 MAY 1900 in Roxbury Township,Dane Co.,WI d: 23 MAY 1974 in Sauk-Prairie Memorial Hospital,Prairie Du Sac,Sauk Co.,WI
WERTJES, Herman John b: 20 SEP 1932 d: 10 JUN 1991
WHITBY, Warren Francis b: 17 SEP 1918 in Brooklyn,New York City,New York Co.,NY d: 27 FEB 1968 in Travis Air Force Base,Solano Co.,CA
WHITING, Gladys d: 10 JUN 1977
WIDNER, Harold Adrian b: 4 APR 1913 in Homer,Dakota Co.,NE d: 12 SEP 1966 in Sioux City,Woodbury Co.,IA
WIENKES, Bernard Heinrich b: 18 APR 1826 in Hanover,Germany d: Aft 1880 in Highland Tonwship,Iowa Co.,WI
WIENKES, Clair b: 14 MAR 1920 d: 26 NOV 1999 in Highland Township,Iowa Co.,WI
WIENKES, Michael b: 14 AUG 1884 d: DEC 1978
WIENKES, Mike b: 30 JUN 1963 d: 7 MAY 2000 in Las Vegas,Clark Co.,NV
WIEST, George
WINKERS, Alma Or Helen b: 26 JUN 1912 in WI d: 16 SEP 2001 in Montfort,Grant Co.,WI
WINKERS, Angeline b: 3 AUG 1880/1890 in Highland Township,Iowa Co.,WI d: 7 DEC 1960 in Montfort,Grant Co.,WI
WINKERS, Bill b: Unknown
WINKERS, Child b: Bef 1903
WINKERS, Engelbert b: 28 AUG 1903 in Eden Township,Iowa Co.,WI
WINKERS, Henry J. b: 21 AUG 1901 in Montfort,Grant Co.,WI d: 11 OCT 1992 in Montfort,Grant Co.,WI
WINKERS, Henry John (John Henry) b: 12 FEB 1843 in Hanover,Germany d: 11 FEB 1925 in Montfort,Grant Co.,WI
WINKERS, Irvin b: Unknown
WINKERS, John Henry b: 19 JUN 1872 in Highland Township,Iowa Co.,WI d: 11 OCT 1953 in Montfort,Grant Co.,WI
WINKERS, Kathleen Elizabeth b: 12 APR 1925 in Cobb,Iowa Co.,WI d: 20 OCT 1975 in Montfort,Grant Co.,WI
WINKERS, Kathryn Bertha b: 12 APR 1925 in Cobb,Iowa Co.,WI d: 8 JUL 1992 in Alexandria,Campbell Co.,KY
WINKERS, Mary b: 25 JUN 1879 in Cobb,Iowa Co.,WI d: in WI
WINKERS, Mary Anna b: 26 DEC 1850 in Hanover,Germany d: 25 DEC 1952 in Highland Township,Iowa Co.,WI
WINTER, Ann b: Abt 1599 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany
WINTER, Apollonia b: 13 MAY 1663 in Stollhofen,Baden,Baden,Germany
WINTER, Catharina b: 3 JUL 1661 in Stollhofen,Baden,Baden,Germany d: Aft 1696
WINTER, Hans b: Abt 1573 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany
WINTER, Jacob b: 20 NOV 1619 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany d: Bef 1677
WINTER, Jacobus b: Abt 1625 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany d: Aft 1647
WINTER, Jakob (Jacobus) b: Abt 1588 in Stollhofen,Baden,Baden,Germany d: Aft 1620
WINTER, Johann b: Abt 1587 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany d: Abt 1646
WINTER, Johann Hans b: Abt 1575 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany d: Aft 1600 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany
WINTER, Marcellus (Marzolar) b: Abt 1590 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany d: Aft 1620
WINTER, Margretha b: Abt 1593 in Baden,Germany
WINTER, Margretha b: Abt 1671 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany
WINTER, Nikolas b: Abt 1631 in Stollhofen,Baden,Baden,Germany
WINTER, Salome b: 24 OCT 1619 in Leiberstumb,Buehl,Baden-Wuert,Germany
WINZENREID, Gladys b: 20 DEC 1900 d: NOV 1988
WIPPERFEURTH, Johann Josef b: 9 JAN 1819 in Fliesteden,Kreis Bergheim,Rheinland,Prussia (Germany) d: 19 JUL 1897 in Springfield Corners,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFEURTH, Michael Josef b: 29 SEP 1852 in Fliesteden,Kreis Bergheim,Rheinland,Prussia (Germany) d: Aft 1930 in Westport Township,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFEURTH, Peter Josef b: 20 DEC 1808 in Fliesteden,Kreis Bergheim,Rheinland,Prussia (Germany) d: Bef 1880 in Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFEURTH, Sebastian b: 8 MAR 1775 in Coeln,Kreis Coeln-Stadt,Rheinland,Prussia (Germany) d: 19 JUN 1861 in Fliesteden,Kreis Bergheim,Rheinland,Prussia (Germany)
WIPPERFEURTH, Werner b: 2 OCT 1828 in Fliesteden,Kreis Bergheim,Rheinland,Prussia (Germany) d: 16 MAY 1908 in Springfield Township,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, Adam b: 28 DEC 1859 in Fliesteden,Kreis Bergheim,Rheinland,Prussia (Germany) d: 14 MAY 1929 in Madison,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, Agnes b: 28 APR 1864 in Springfield Township,Dane Co.,WI d: 1 MAY 1966 in Madison,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, Clemens b: 21 OCT 1883 in Dane Co.,WI d: 19 JUN 1955 in Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, Dolores May b: 12 MAR 1922 in Springfield Township,Dane Co.,WI d: 25 JAN 1998
WIPPERFURTH, Elizabeth Jane b: 24 JUN 1931 in Westport Township,Dane Co.,WI d: Aft 1967 in Sun Prairie,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, Florence Gertrude b: 5 FEB 1920 in Dane,Dane Co.,WI d: 20 AUG 1970 in St. Mary's Hospital,Madison,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, Henry Herbert b: 2 APR 1902 in Springfield Township,Dane Co.,WI d: 26 MAR 1971 in Methodist Hospital,Madison Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, Herman b: 17 JUL 1866 in Fliesteden,Kreis Bergheim,Rheinland,Prussia (Germany) d: 8 JUN 1929 in Waunakee,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, James Joseph b: 7 SEP 1947 in St. Mary's Hospital,Madison,Dane Co.,WI d: 11 DEC 2004 in Ft. Lauderdale,Lauderdale Co.,FL
WIPPERFURTH, Jeanne M. b: Abt 1952 d: Aft 2002 in Waunakee,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, Jerome Michael b: 28 DEC 1918 in Springfield,Dane Co.,WI d: 25 NOV 1998 in Waunakee,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, John M. b: 30 NOV 1889 in Springfield Township/Waunakee,Dane Co.,WI d: 21 MAR 1967 in Madison General Hospital,Madison,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, Karen E. b: Abt 1949 d: Aft 2004 in Waunakee,Dane Co.,WI
WIPPERFURTH, Kenneth J. b: Abt 1944 d: Aft 2004
WIPPERFURTH, Lois b: 5 SEP 1942 in Waunakee,Dane Co.,WI d: 8 SEP 1953 in Waunakee,Dane Co.,WI
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If anyone has anymore info to add to this please contact me. If you use my info please list the sources I have listed. This tree is still in the works so there might be some errors and corrections needed to be made. Please let me know. I don't allow my tree to be downloaded out of respect to all those who have helped me with my research.

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