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TEMPLIN, Nina E. b: Dec 1897 in Nebraska d: 26 Apr 1901 in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
TEMPLIN, Noah b: 1832
TEMPLIN, Noah b: 23 Mar 1847 in Howard Co., Indiana d: 1 Jul 1851 in Howard Co., Indiana
TEMPLIN, Noah Columbus b: 25 Jan 2002 d: 25 Jan 2002 in Mims Chapel Cemetery, Rock Island, Marion Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Noalus Omer b: 28 Mar 1916 in Kokomo, Howard Co., Indiana d: 16 May 1985 in St. Joseph Memorial Hospital, Kokomo, Howard Co., Indiana
TEMPLIN, Nora b: Apr 1880 in Louisiana d: 28 Dec 1931 in New Orleans, Orleans Co., Louisana
TEMPLIN, Nora b: 5 Jan 1894 in Cocke Co., Tennessee d: 23 Jun 1975 in Cocke Co., Tennessee
TEMPLIN, Nora C. b: 1912 in Wisconsin
TEMPLIN, Norbert Edward b: 29 Apr 1930 in Michigan d: 22 Oct 1991 in San Bernardino Co., California
TEMPLIN, Norma b: 1908
TEMPLIN, Norma Gertrude b: 1927 in Alberta, Canada d: 1927 in Alberta, Canada
TEMPLIN, Norman C. b: 4 Jul 1938 d: 19 Jan 2014 in Freeport, Illinois
TEMPLIN, Norman Edgar b: 1 Oct 1917 in Mills Co., Texas d: 3 Jun 1978 in Tarrant Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Norman Floyd b: 20 Nov 1889 in Rainsboro, Highland Co., Ohio d: 8 Mar 1947 in Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio
TEMPLIN, Norman H. b: 4 Apr 1912 in New Jersey d: Mar 1983 in Hillside Cemetery, Scotch Plains, Union Co., New Jersey
TEMPLIN, Norman J. b: 9 Feb 1917 d: 30 Dec 1993 in Shoop's Cemetery, Lower Paxton Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania
TEMPLIN, Norman Orlando b: 27 Jun 1896 in Schuylkill Co., Pennsylvania
TEMPLIN, Norman Willis b: 30 Sep 1924 in Clarksville, Ohio d: 29 Jun 2000 in Denver, Arapahoe Co., Colorado
TEMPLIN, Olin b: 6 Dec 1861 in Camden, Carroll Co., Indiana d: 4 Mar 1943 in Lawrence, Douglas Co., Kansas
TEMPLIN, Olina Alice b: 23 Sep 1887 in Lawrence, Douglas Co., Kansas d: 5 Mar 1982 in Alameda Co., California
TEMPLIN, Olive E. b: Aug 1896 in Berks Co., Pennsylvania
TEMPLIN, Olive E. b: 14 Aug 1911 in Traders Point, Marion Co., Indiana d: 29 Mar 1995 in Marion Co., Florida
TEMPLIN, Olive May b: 27 Sep 1867 in Michigan d: 20 Jan 1955 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebraska
TEMPLIN, Oliver b: 1864 d: 1 Mar 1938 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana
TEMPLIN, Oliver Caster b: 6 Sep 1926 in Montgomery Co., Kentucky d: 22 Feb 1948 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio
TEMPLIN, Olivia Lureta b: 18 Aug 1899 in Port Carbon, Schuylkill Co., Pennsylvania d: 8 Dec 1980 in Allentown, Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania
TEMPLIN, Olla b: Aug 1882 in Louisiana
TEMPLIN, Ollie b: 19 Feb 1865 in Blanchester Cemetery, Clinton Co., Ohio d: 27 Apr 1923 in Portland Co., Oregon
TEMPLIN, Ona b: 25 Feb 1909 d: 31 May 1988 in Columbiana Cemetery, Columbiana, Shelby Co., Alabama
TEMPLIN, Ona Lorena b: 18 Oct 1915 in O'neill, Holt Co., Nebraska d: 4 Mar 1963 in Gary, Lake Co., Indiana
TEMPLIN, Ona Mildred b: 23 Jan 1886 d: 15 Jul 1886 in Williams Cemetery, Columbiana, Shelby Co., Alabama
TEMPLIN, Opal b: 27 Apr 1906 in Wells Co., Indiana d: 2 Jan 1995 in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio
TEMPLIN, Ophelia Gertrude b: 8 Jan 1874 in Union Twp., Ross Co., Ohio d: 1907 in Browns Chapel Cemetery, Clarksburg, Ross Co., Ohio
TEMPLIN, Ora Elaine b: 19 Jan 1921 in Columbus, Chattahoochee Co., Georgia d: 24 Mar 2000 in Fort Gratiot, MI
TEMPLIN, Ora I. b: Jul 1890 in Pennsylvania
TEMPLIN, Ora Pearl b: 14 Aug 1900 in Texas d: 22 Apr 1992 in Fairland, Burnet Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Oraine b: 20 Feb 1927 in McFalls, Burnet Co., Texas d: 26 Feb 1927 in Marble Falls, Burnet Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Oran James b: 17 Dec 1958 d: 17 Dec 1958 in San Geronimo Cemetery, Seguin, Guadalupe Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Orden Edward b: 14 May 1929 in Glencoe, Mcleod Co., Minnesota d: 18 Mar 2004 in Arizona
TEMPLIN, Oren b: 16 Feb 1872 in Blanchester Cemetery, Clinton Co., Ohio d: 6 May 1872
TEMPLIN, Orilla Catherine b: 4 Jun 1851 in Howard Co., Indiana d: 12 Sep 1852 in Howard Co., Indiana
TEMPLIN, Orlando b: 15 Nov 1815 d: 1870
TEMPLIN, Orville Harry b: 17 Nov 1904 in Gibraltar, Robeson Twp, Berks Co., Pennsylvania d: 14 Sep 1971 in Mohnsville Cemetery, Mohnsville, Berks Co., Pennsylvania
TEMPLIN, Orville James b: 1 Apr 1934 in Guadalupe Co., Texas d: 4 Aug 2007
TEMPLIN, Oscar b: 1868
TEMPLIN, Oscar b: 1869
TEMPLIN, Oscar Clark b: 13 Sep 1902 in Union Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio d: 17 Mar 1988 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio
TEMPLIN, Oscar Ellsworth b: 28 Apr 1870 in Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa d: 16 Aug 1955 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co., Oklahoma
TEMPLIN, Oscar Floyd b: 13 May 1858 in Highland Co., Ohio d: 10 Sep 1932 in New Market, Highland Co., Ohio
TEMPLIN, Ottilie Alvine b: 16 Feb 1877 in Fayette Co., Texas d: 6 May 1977 in Gonzales Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Ottilie Emilie b: 19 Feb 1860 in Hohenkirch, West Prussia, Prussia, Germany
TEMPLIN, Ottis Larmie b: 11 Aug 1904 d: 20 Oct 1972 in Newport, Cocke Co., Tennessee
TEMPLIN, Otto b: 1832 in Prussia, Germany d: 1885 in Fayette Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Otto b: 31 Dec 1868 in Germany d: 1937 in Valley View Cemetery, Genoa, Nance Co., Nebraska
TEMPLIN, Otto b: 28 Apr 1888 in Fullerton, Nance Co., Nebraska
TEMPLIN, Otto b: 8 Sep 1890 in Hendricks Co., Indiana d: 13 Sep 1890
TEMPLIN, Otto b: 1914
TEMPLIN, Otto Charles b: 23 Feb 1882 in Germany d: 8 Feb 1977 in Highland Park, Wayne Co., Michigan
TEMPLIN, Otto Charles Emil b: 3 Jun 1870 in Germany d: 1 Nov 1933 in Independence, Buchanan Co., Iowa
TEMPLIN, Otto Clarence b: 16 Jan 1917 d: 3 Aug 1971 in Manatee Co., Florida
TEMPLIN, Otto E. b: 3 Dec 1888 in Scranton, Lackawanna Co., Pennsylvania
TEMPLIN, Otto Emil Frederich Wilhelm (William) b: 30 Nov 1874 in Fayette Co., Texas d: 31 Jan 1946 in Seguin, Guadalupe Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Otto Henry b: 29 Nov 1891 in Moltke, Sibley Co., Minnesota d: 29 Nov 1946 in Gibbon, Sibley Co., Minnesota
TEMPLIN, Otto John b: 11 Oct 1906 in Moulton, Lavaca Co., Texas d: 12 Apr 1988 in Seguin, Guadalupe Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Otto John Bernhardt b: 20 Mar 1886 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin d: 1 Aug 1950 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin
TEMPLIN, Otto Rudolph b: 28 Apr 1888 in Fullerton, Nance Co., Nebraska d: 21 Oct 1939 in Mason City Cemetery, Mason City, Custer Co., Nebraska
TEMPLIN, Otto W. b: 23 Feb 1902 in Bergen Twp, Mcleod Co., Minnesota d: 1 Nov 1992 in Watertown, Carver Co., Minnesota
TEMPLIN, Patricia b: 27 Dec 1923 in Columbiana Co., Ohio d: 14 May 1998 in Delaware Co., Ohio
TEMPLIN, Patricia A. b: 3 Nov 1929 in Coatesville, Chester Co., Pennsylvania d: 26 Aug 2012 in Lancaster, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
TEMPLIN, Patricia S. b: 12 Feb 1939 d: 13 Feb 1939 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Marion Co., Iowa
TEMPLIN, Patsy Lois b: 23 Sep 1936 d: 10 May 2007 in Pensacola, Escambia Co., Florida
TEMPLIN, Paul b: 14 May 1853 in Germany d: 1 Jul 1931 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
TEMPLIN, Paul b: 24 Oct 1856 in Germany
TEMPLIN, Paul b: 10 Aug 1868 in Fayette Co., Texas d: 15 Feb 1923 in Gonzales, Gonzales Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Paul b: 1912
TEMPLIN, Paul b: 2 Feb 1921 d: Mar 1979
TEMPLIN, Paul b: 18 Mar 1922 in Bay City, Texas( Cameron, Texas) d: 5 May 2006 in Hollis, OK
TEMPLIN, Paul b: 3 Sep 1932 in McKinney, Collin Co., Texas d: 3 Sep 1932 in McKinney, Collin Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Paul Andrew b: 10 Nov 1915 in Hastings, Adams Co., Nebraska d: 7 Jun 1993 in Iowa City, Johnson Co., Iowa
TEMPLIN, Paul Crist b: 19 Feb 1900 in Indiana d: 25 May 1967 in Miami Co., Indiana
TEMPLIN, Paul Daniel b: 31 May 1925 in Tiltonsville, Jefferson Co., Ohio d: 17 May 1970 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio
TEMPLIN, Paul David b: 30 Dec 1895 in Parrotsville, Cocke Co., Tennessee d: 8 Sep 1953 in Sarasota Co., Florida
TEMPLIN, Paul E. b: 15 Aug 1937 d: 27 Dec 2012 in National Memorial Cemetery Of Arizona, Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ
TEMPLIN, Paul Edward b: 15 May 1911 in Watseka, Iroquois Co., Illinois d: 29 Jul 1976 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona
TEMPLIN, Paul Edward b: 12 Jan 1930 in Coatesville, Chester Co., Pennsylvania d: 30 Aug 2013 in Lebanon, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania
TEMPLIN, Paul Edward b: 21 Feb 1931 d: 26 Oct 1975
TEMPLIN, Paul Eugene b: 5 Aug 1906 in Jackson Co., Missouri d: 2 Jan 1944 in Kootenai, Kootenai Co., Idaho
TEMPLIN, Paul G. b: Dec 1897 in Minnesota d: 16 Aug 1922 in Marion Co., Oregon
TEMPLIN, Paul Hans b: 12 Nov 1930 d: 20 Jan 1993 in Fir Lane Memorial Park, Spanaway, Pierce Co., Washington
TEMPLIN, Paul J. b: 25 May 1871 in Germany d: 2 Dec 1955 in Wright Co., Minnesota
TEMPLIN, Paul J. b: 24 Oct 1895 in California d: 21 Feb 1987 in Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio
TEMPLIN, Paul J. b: 1901 d: 13 Nov 1967 in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Evergreen Park, Cook Co., Illinois
TEMPLIN, Paul J. b: 26 Jan 1927 d: 27 Dec 1979 in Unmarked Grave, St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Evergreen Park, Cook Co., Illinois
TEMPLIN, Paul James b: 23 Sep 1903 in Mapleton, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota d: 26 Nov 1990 in Blue Earth Co., Minnesota
TEMPLIN, Paul John b: 26 Dec 1871 in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois d: 12 Jan 1952 in Watseka, Iroquois Co., Illinois
TEMPLIN, Paul Leopold b: 6 Nov 1895 in Texas d: 4 Aug 1965 in Austin, Travis Co., Texas
TEMPLIN, Paul Martin b: 22 Mar 1900 in Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania d: Mar 1983 in St. Paul's Union Church, Fleetwood, Berks Co., Pennsylvania
TEMPLIN, Paul Richard b: 31 Mar 1945 in Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia d: 23 Sep 2013 in Triadelphia, Ohio Co., West Virginia
TEMPLIN, Paul Rieff b: 9 Jul 1928 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada d: 30 Jul 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
TEMPLIN, Paul Wesley b: 21 Aug 1906 in Glen Elder, Mitchell Co., Kansas d: 13 Nov 1995 in San Mateo Co., California
TEMPLIN, Paul William b: 25 Jan 1899 d: 8 Apr 1970 in St. Joseph Cemetery, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
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