Moseley family trees (except Norfolk VA Wm d.1655) mostly North America, some England

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MOSLEY, Benjamin (duplicate but spelled MOSLEY) b: ABT 1737 in SWcornerPowhatan, Goochland, VA d: BEF 14 DEC 1793 in , Wilkes, GA
MOSLEY, David (see_under MOSELEY) b: ABT OCT 1886 in of, Hancock, GA, by 1910 anyway d: AFT 1920 in either state, , OH, PA
MOSLEY, Elizabeth b: ABT 1715 in reported by 1736, Wake, NC, VA
MOSLEY, Elizabeth Catherine b: ABT JAN 1820 in , , GA d: AFT 1850 in of, Anderson, TX
MOSLEY, Green (ONcensus=Green) 1860=Samuel b: ABT MAY 1860 in of, Perry, KY d: AFT APR 1930 in Magist. Dist 7, Knott, KY, US cen ED 60-10
MOSLEY, Harper P b: ABT 1800 in of, Burke, NC, bef 1807 d: AFT 1846 in possibly of, Carter, TN
MOSLEY, Harper P b: ABT 1800 in of, Burke, NC, bef 1807 d: AFT 1846 in possibly of, Carter, TN
MOSLEY, Hattie Harriet b: DEC 1890 in , Knott, KY d: AFT 1920 in in us census, Floyd, KY
MOSLEY, Isham Isam Isum_on_census b: ABT DEC 1807 in , Lincoln, GA d: AFT MAY 1850 in then living in, Anderson, TX
MOSLEY, James (see_more_under MOSELEY_) b: ABT 1800 in , Jefferson, GA d: BEF 29 APR 1880 in , Taylor, GA
MOSLEY, James A (MOSELEYspelling b: ABT JAN 1824 in , , GA d: AFT MAY 1860 in 1860 UScensus in, Jackson, GA, unmarried
MOSLEY, Jane b: ABT 1704 in Hastings, Sussex, England, of there by 1725
MOSLEY, John ?hisParentWRONG? T b: ABT DEC 1800 in , , SC, of Fayette Co AL d: in maybe, Itawamba, MS
MOSLEY, John F. grave_record b: 9 FEB 1833 in later of, , , OK d: 26 APR 1917 in Wetumka, Hughes, OK
MOSLEY, John Green 8thTNSmilth'sReg b: ABT JAN 1821 in 1850 Bedford TN, says born in, VA, of BigSpringsVA? d: AFT MAY 1880 in &asserted 1900?, Delta, TX, or Lamar Co TX
MOSLEY, John Paul b: 22 APR 1914 in of, Hancock, GA d: 24 JUN 1995 in Akron, Summit, OH, at his home ?
MOSLEY, Jonathan John Jr. b: 1812 in , Lincoln, GA d: AFT 1870 in living in Beat 2, Cherokee, TX, bef jun 1880
MOSLEY, Jordan Westbrook (see_as_MOSELEY) b: ABT DEC 1828 in , , TN, 1850 US census d: 19 DEC 1862 in Nashville, remittent fever, TN, Union Soldier
MOSLEY, Lemuel ?hisParentWRONG? Mosley b: ABT DEC 1803 in probably SC, , SC, of Fayette Co AL d: AFT 1860 in Millport, Fayette, AL, bef 1870 census
MOSLEY, Lewis G (MOSELEYspelling b: ABT JAN 1818 in or born 1821 VA, , GA d: AFT 1870 in in US census at, Jackson, GA
MOSLEY, Lucy b: ABT OCT 1827 in , Lincoln, GA d: 19 JUL 1858 in unmarried?, Bedford, TN, aged 30 years
MOSLEY, Malissa Moseley b: 11 MAY 1825 in , , SC, of Fayette Co AL d: 25 OCT 1905 in , Fayette, AL
MOSLEY, Martha A F__MOSELEY b: ABT JAN 1826 in , , GA d: AFT MAY 1860 in 1860 UScensus in, Jackson, GA, unmarried
MOSLEY, Mary A. b: 1848 in Of, , Ohio, Ky
MOSLEY, Mary Ann Moseley b: ABT DEC 1822 in , 96 Dist maybe, SC, of Edgefield SC d: ABT 1882 in , Choctaw, AL, lastknownResidnc
MOSLEY, Matthew Moseley b: ABT JAN 1787 in , , VA d: 23 APR 1878 in , Chambers, AL
MOSLEY, Matthew D b: ABT 1810 in maybe of either, , AL, SC d: AFT 1840 in bought land, same office in, AL, Tuscaloosa
MOSLEY, Matthew L__Mat (MOSELEYspelling b: ABT JAN 1819 in , , VA d: AFT 1870 in of, Cherokee, GA
MOSLEY, Milton Moseley CSAMalvrnHil1862 b: ABT DEC 1832 in , , SC, of Fayette Co AL d: in possibly, , MS
MOSLEY, Mitchell Cornelius Neal_Mitchel b: 29 JAN 1875 in of, , AL d: 15 OCT 1931
MOSLEY, Oswald eldest_child\son Moseley b: 1526/1527 in of Hough End, Lancashire, England, South Manchester d: 12 DEC 1612 in of the Garrett, Manchester area, England, or 1622
MOSLEY, Oswald Moseley b: 1583 in Manchester, Lancs, England, ManchstrCathedrl d: 9 NOV 1630 in of Ancoats, Lancs, England, age 46
MOSLEY, P Harper b: ABT 1800 in of, Burke, NC, bef 1807 d: AFT 1846 in possibly of, Carter, TN
MOSLEY, P Harper b: ABT 1800 in of, Buncombe, NC, bef 1807 d: AFT 1846 in possibly of, Carter, TN
MOSLEY, Penelope maidenNameTALLEY Mrs._Mosley b: ABT 1757 in either, NC, VA, SC d: AFT 1832 in near, Heard, GA, NelsonCo.1830cen
MOSLEY, Rebecca M (MOSELEYspelling b: ABT JAN 1816 in , , VA d: ABT 1885 in possibly near, Jackson, GA
MOSLEY, Robert b: ABT JAN 1814 in , Lincoln, GA d: 23 NOV 1895 in Marionville, Lawrence, MO
MOSLEY, Robert seeUnderSpelling Moseley b: ABT 1680 in of Poplar Hill, Saint Marys, MD d: BEF 6 FEB 1721/2 in probated at, Saint Marys, MD
MOSLEY, Seldon D Moseley b: 1875/6 in probably, , WI
MOSLEY, Teresa Mary_Teresa b: 22 OCT 1824 in either county, Lincoln, GA, Morgan d: 12 APR 1908 in Richmond, Bedford, TN
MOSLEY, Thomas (see_more_under MOSELEY) b: 1791 in , Jefferson, GA d: AFT MAY 1880 in , Bibb, GA
MOSLEY, Thomas Jance Moseley b: 1812 in , , GA d: 1886 in Georgiana, Butler, AL, reportedly
MOSLEY, Thomas Marley Wetherington b: ABT 1845 in Gympie, maybe md. there?, Queensland, Australia
MOSLEY, Thomas Roderick Z__MOSELEY b: ABT JAN 1835 in , , GA d: AFT MAY 1860 in 1860 UScensus in, Jackson, GA, unmarried
MOSLEY, William b: 1792 in reportedly of, Aiken, SC, 1794/5if sonBenj d: 1842 in probably Butler, Butler, AL, Madison
MOSLEY, William b: ABT 1805 in , Lincoln, GA
MOSLEY, William D Moseley b: ABT JAN 1785 in , , VA d: 1865 in 1860 UScensus in, Jackson, GA
MOSLEY, William J (MOSELEYspelling b: ABT JAN 1819 in , , VA d: AFT MAY 1880 in Fair Play, Cherokee, GA, US census
MOSLEY, William L ?hisParentWRONG? b: ABT DEC 1790 in of, , SC d: AFT 1850 in , Fayette, AL, census
MOSLEY, William T MOXLEY_actually! b: ABT 1800 in probably of, Wilson, TN, MOXLEY_actually!
MOSS, Louisa Ann (MosleySurname?) b: JUL 1832 in , Marion, Indiana, see1850ColesCoIL d: MAR 1915 in , Crawford, KS
MOSS, Reuben Benjamin Eaton b: 10 OCT 1738 in Sussex, Virginia, United States d: 10 FEB 1819 in Granville, North Carolina, United States
MOSS, Robert b: ABT 1675 in probably, , VA d: BEF 13 MAY 1714 in Deeds&W 14: 244, Essex, VA, probate begun
MOTLEY, Sarah Jane Sally_Sallie b: ABT 1775 in St Anne Parish, Essex, VA d: 1847 in , Allen, KY
MOULTON, Martha b: ABT 1785 in probably of, , Maine, by 1839 at least
MOUNGER, Hiram (apparent_father b: 1772 in , , NC d: in apparently, , MS, by 1797
MOUNGER, Mary Polly Mrs.Harville b: ABT DEC 1800 in , , GA, of AL d: AFT 26 MAR 1864
MOUSLEY, Humphrey Moseley b: 1807 in of, New Castle, DE d: 1883 in possibly, Morgan, OH
MOXLEY, Mary b: ABT 1720 in reportedly, Caroline, VA d: BEF 1779 in reportedly, Bedford, VA
MOXLEY, Richard Mosley Moseley b: ABT 1686 in , , England, probably d: in of either Co., Caroline, VA, New Kent
MOZINGO, Barbara Ellen b: ABT 1830 in , , , AL maybe
MOZINGO, Nancy Susan [used_2nd_name] b: 1809 in , Darlington, SC
MOZLEY, duplicate_copy of_father_James MOSELEYspelling) b: ABT 1712 in probably, , England, DNA unrelated US d: in Albemarle Co. or, Bedford, Virginia, notJames d.1760?
MOZLEY, Edward (see_also_under MOSELEYspelling) b: ABT 1737 in of, Louisa, VA, by 1750 deed bk d: AFT 1788 in probably, Wilkes, GA
MOZLEY, James (see_also_under MOSELEYspelling) b: ABT 1712 in probably, , England, DNA unrelated US d: in Albemarle Co. or, Bedford, Virginia, notJames d.1760?
MOZLEY, Miles Howard Myles_MOSELEY b: 5 SEP 1808 in either state, , VA, NC d: 16 JUL 1879 in Dallas?, Paulding, GA
MOZLEY, Walter (see_also_under MOSELEYspelling) b: ABT 1729 in born in either?, Louisa, England maybe, VA LouisaCo 1750 d: BEF 27 OCT 1800 in probated in, Bedford, VA
MULLINEX, Francis Lincoln b: JUN 1846 in , , MD d: in Ledford, Saline, IL, lastknownResidnc
MULLINS, Sophronia Sophrona b: 1824 in , , MS d: 1864
MUMFORD, David (free_pers@color b: ABT 1800 in , , , of VA
MUMFORD, Elizabeth b: 8 NOV 1769 in , , CT d: 1843 in probably, , NC
MUNCY, William b: ABT 1800 in maybe of, Clay, KY
MUNDAY, Frances DUDLY?dtrOfRichd b: ABT 1680 in of, , VA, by time of marr. d: BEF 1741
MUNDAY, Thomas b: ABT 1650 in of, , VA, by time of death
MUNDY, John Harrison (called?Harrison b: 22 OCT 1811 in , , , of SC maybe d: 29 DEC 1873 in , , SC
MUNNINGS, Anne Agnes Monninye b: ABT 1504 in of BuryStEdmonds, Suffolk, England, of Semer Hall d: 1540
MUNROE, Hugh b: ABT 1745 in probably of, , NC
MURFF\MURPH, Jacob b: ABT 1810 in maybe, , , of GA
MURPHY, Jessie Dora b: ABT 1860 in , , , of MS maybe d: 1921
MURPHY, John b: ABT 1830 in , , , of MS maybe
MURRAY, Elizabeth "Betsy" b: 1801 in , , GA d: ABT 1875 in Lee, either state?, AL, MS
MURRAY, George b: ABT 1815 in , , , maybe of KY
MURRAY, James b: ABT 1780 in possibly either, VA, SC, AL d: in , , AL
MURRAY, Mary b: ABT 1820
MUSE, Daniel b: ABT 1660 in , , England, maybe
MUSE, Elizabeth Betty b: ABT 1695 in , , England, maybe
MUSE, James Jr. b: ABT 2 JAN 1733/4 in of, Prince William, VA d: ABT 1781 in now Moore Co NC, Cumberland, NC, LandEdgefieldSC
MUSE, James son_of_Thomas b: ABT 1710 in of, Prince William, VA, aft 1732 anyway d: ABT 30 MAR 1758 in will recorded at, Cumberland, NC, LandEdgefieldSC
MUSE, maybe_not_line of_Sarah_Muse? Was?she_MRS.Muse b: ABT 1720 in possibly of, , NC
MUSE, Nancy Neuse New b: ABT 1810 in of, , AL
MUSE, Sarah b: ABT 1755 in Cumberland, Orangeburg, SC, NC d: 1829 in , Barnwell, SC
MUSGROVE, Ann b: ABT 1722 in by 1744 of, Fairfax, VA
MUSGROVE, John b: ABT 1690 in of, Fairfax, VA, by 1744 d: BEF 17 SEP 1746 in probated in, Fairfax, VA, will date 1744
MUZZEY, Artemas Bowers b: ABT 1810 in of Cambridge, , MA
MYERS, Joseph b: ABT 1850 in of, , SC, possibly
MYRICK, Francis Jr. b: 1695 in or born 1682, Isle of Wight, VA d: BEF 1740 in Granville CoPart, Bertie, NC
MYRICK, Francis Sr. b: 1675 in , Surry, VA d: 1740 in recorded at, Brunswick, VA
MYRICK, Millicent b: ABT 1730 in of, Berkley, SC, by 1790
MYRICK, Richard b: 1692 in either county, Surry, VA, Isle of Wight
MYRICK, Winifred "Winnie" (herPtsGUESSED?) b: ABT 1740 in probably of, Granville, NC, Brunswick Co VA d: 1793 in , Lincoln, GA
NABORS, William Jackson b: 1847 in , , , of AR maybe d: 1931
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