Families of DU PAGE, GRUNDY, KENDALL, LA SALLE, and WILL Counties in northeastern Illinois

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Olson, Roger Devaine b: 2 Mar 1900 in Roland (Story) Iowa d: Oct 1985 in <Joliet (Will) Illinois>
Olson, Roger T b: 1 Mar 1913 in Illinois d: 20 Apr 1992 in <Marseilles (La Salle) Illinois>
Olson, Ronald Kent b: 25 Dec 1941 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois d: 16 Jan 2005 in Fairfield (Wayne) Illinois
Olson, Rosa b: Oct 1897 in <Saratoga Township (Grundy)> Illinois
Olson, Rose Eileen b: 11 Sep 1924 in Kempton (Ford) Illinois d: 16 Jan 2014 in Yorkville (Kendall) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Rosella b: 30 Mar 1920 in Newark (Kendall) Illinois d: 31 Oct 2009 in Sandwich (De Kalb) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Rosie Clara b: 28 Oct 1897 in Illinois d: 29 Jan 1978 in Los Angeles County California
Olson, Rosina b: Abt 1922 in <Kendall Township (Kendall)> Illinois
Olson, Roy
Olson, Roy b: in ???
Olson, Roy Leslie b: 16 Oct 1914 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: 4 Mar 2008 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Ruby Grace b: 24 Aug 1891 in Rutland (La Salle) Illinois d: Jun 1973 in <Ottawa (La Salle) Illinois>
Olson, Russel James b: 9 Sep 1924 in Elmore (Faribault) Minnesota d: 15 Oct 1998 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Russell
Olson, Russell b: 18 Oct 1904 in Illinois d: 18 Oct 1904 in Illinois
Olson, Russell E b: 1 Nov 1926 in Saratoga Township (Grundy) Illinois d: 19 Dec 1977 in Plano (Kendall) Illinois
Olson, Russell Marvin b: 3 Jul 1914 in <Big Grove Township (Kendall)> Illinois d: 2 Jul 1974 in Lanark (Carroll) Illinois
Olson, Russell O'Neil b: 28 Jun 1903 in <Fox Township (Kendall)> Illinois d: 1 Mar 1987 in <Sandwich> (De Kalb) Illinois
Olson, Ruth b: in ??? d: in ???
Olson, Ruth Arlene b: 26 Dec 1924 in ??? d: 4 Jul 2000 in Columbia County Oregon
Olson, Ruth Daisy b: 5 Nov 1898 in Chicago (Cook) Illinois d: 12 Sep 1945 in Dixon (Lee) Illinois
Olson, Ruth J b: 15 Mar 1899 in Saint Olaf (Clayton) Iowa d: 21 Sep 1932 in Big Grove Township (Kendall) Illinois
Olson, Ruth M b: 4 Jun 1908 in <Lisbon Township (Kendall)> Illinois d: 31 Oct 2005 in <Beloit (Rock) Wisconsin>
Olson, Ruth V b: 17 Jan 1939 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: in Kankakee (Kankakee) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Sadie "Ellen" b: 28 Aug 1866 in Sand, Norway d: 14 Nov 1926 in Newark (Kendall) Illinois
Olson, Sadie Mae b: 7 Jul 1887 d: 14 Oct 1978 in Amsterdam Cemetery in Kanawha (Hancock) Iowa
Olson, Sadie Mae "Sally" b: 17 Oct 1888 in Lisbon Township (Kendall) Illinois d: 5 Apr 1968 in Cook County Illinois
Olson, Sarah b: 10 Sep 1856 in Bergen, Norway d: 22 Aug 1944 in Dayton Township (La Salle) Illinois
Olson, Sarah b: Jun 1873 in Illinois
Olson, Sarah "Sadie" b: 22 Feb 1872 in Nettle Creek Township (Grundy) Illinois d: 26 Nov 1950 in Fox Township (Kendall) Illinois
Olson, Sarah (Sina) Tomine b: 31 Jan 1870 in <Nettle Creek Township (Grundy)> Illinois d: 25 Jun 1904 in ???
Olson, Sarah (Siri Olsdtr) b: Abt 1805 in Tjentland, Norway d: 1849 in Mission Township (La Salle) Illinois
Olson, Sarah Anna b: 17 Aug 1872 d: 13 Feb 1962 in Ottawa (La Salle) Illinois
Olson, Sarah S b: 16 Aug 1880 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: 10 Mar 1930 in Joliet (Will) Illinois
Olson, Sedell Arlian b: 3 Nov 1908 in Nettle Creek Township (Grundy) Illinois d: 10 Sep 2005 in Ottawa (La Salle) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Selma J b: 29 Mar 1906 in <Fox Township (Kendall)> Illinois d: 22 Dec 1994 in <Naperville (Du Page) Illinois>
Olson, Sena "Ena" b: 9 Aug 1885 in Stavanger, Norway d: 10 Apr 1968 in Plano (Kendall) Illinois
Olson, Sena Mary b: Abt 1876 in Illinois d: in ???
Olson, Serina
Olson, Serine Runestad
Olson, Severin (twin) b: Abt 1908
Olson, Severina
Olson, Severt b: 31 Jul 1834 in Norway d: 1 Oct 1915 in Hardy (Humboldt) Iowa
Olson, Severt b: 30 May 1892 in Howard County Iowa d: 25 Nov 1976 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois
Olson, Sharon b: 23 Dec 1953 in Sandwich (De Kalb) Illinois d: 31 Mar 2014 in Sandwich (De Kalb) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Sheldon Leroy b: 6 Sep 1933 in Yorkville (Kendall) Illinois d: 13 Jan 1994 in Clinton (De Witt) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Shirley Jean b: 12 May 1929 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: 25 Jun 1977 in Cook County Illinois
Olson, Signe A b: 27 Oct 1879 in Sweden d: 12 Jul 1960 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois
Olson, Sigrid Alfreada b: 23 Feb 1892 in ??? d: 27 Dec 1957 in ???
Olson, Simon
Olson, Spencer Alvin b: 9 Mar 1911 in <Nettle Creek Township (Grundy)> Illinois d: 20 Apr 1983 in Sandwich (De Kalb) Illinois
Olson, Stanley C b: 26 Dec 1928 in Yorkville (Kendall) Illinois d: 30 Mar 2001 in Ottawa (La Salle) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Stella Irene b: 20 Apr 1899 in Rutland (La Salle) Illinois d: 25 Dec 1987 in Ottawa (La Salle) Illinois
Olson, Stella Jeanette b: Jul 1897 in <Howard Township (Story)> Iowa d: in ???
Olson, Sue Marie b: 14 Jul 1958 in ??? d: 8 Feb 1974 in ???
Olson, Susan
Olson, Susan "Synneve Torine" b: Abt 1868 in <Big Grove Township (Kendall)> Illinois d: in ???
Olson, Susan (Synneva) b: 23 Oct 1868 in Illinois d: 1955 in Oswego Cemetery in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois
Olson, Susanne b: 12 Jul 1893 in Joliet (Will) Illinois d: 4 Jul 1978 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois
Olson, Susie Anna b: 3 Apr 1867 in Manlius Township (La Salle) Illinois d: 28 Oct 1943 in Iroquois County Illinois
Olson, Sven
Olson, Swen b: 29 Dec 1854 in Sweden d: 29 Mar 1933 in <Ellsworth (Hamilton) Iowa>
Olson, Sylvan Orlando b: 18 Oct 1909 in Big Grove Township (Kendall) Illinois d: 14 Jun 1959 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois
Olson, Tabor (Larsdatter) Lenning b: 4 Aug 1853 in Storli, Sauda, Norway d: 4 Feb 1945 in Somonauk (De Kalb) Illinois
Olson, Tenes B b: 21 Jun 1872 in Kendall County Illinois d: 13 Mar 1949 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois
Olson, Terri Lynn b: 11 Jan 1962 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: 28 Sep 2016 in Chicago (Cook) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Thekla R b: 12 Sep 1886 in Saint Paul (Ramsey) Minnesota d: 17 Apr 1928 in Newark (Kendall) Illinois
Olson, Theodor Heggen b: 16 Mar 1845 in Stavanger, Norway d: 29 Mar 1910 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois
Olson, Theodore b: Jan 1900 in <Morris (Grundy)> Illinois
Olson, Thomas Berdenes b: 15 Sep 1883 in Erienna Township (Grundy) Illinois d: 2 Apr 1973 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois (see BIO)
Olson, Thomas E b: 18 Sep 1917 d: 26 Jul 2004 in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Morris (Grundy) Illinois
Olson, Thomas Edward b: 9 Jul 1863 in Norway (La Salle) Illinois d: 6 Sep 1906 in Lamoni (Decatur) Iowa
Olson, Thomas Olaus b: 13 Jun 1863 in Illinois
Olson, Thomas R b: 6 Nov 1941 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: 8 Dec 2012 in Villa Park (Du Page) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Thor b: 30 Apr 1882 in Norway d: Jul 1967 in <Marseilles (La Salle) Illinois>
Olson, Thore b: 23 Feb 1868 in Liabo, Norway d: 25 Nov 1937 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois
Olson, Thore Odean b: 5 Jul 1901 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: 6 Jul 1930 in Saratoga Township (Grundy) Illinois
Olson, Tilda b: 15 Jun 1870 in Norway d: in ???
Olson, Tillie D b: Jun 1869 in Illinois d: Aft 1929 in <Radcliffe (Hardin) Iowa>
Olson, Tillie E b: 24 Dec 1895 in Kanawha (Hancock) Iowa d: 17 Sep 1995 in Ottawa (La Salle) Illinois (see BIO & see OBIT)
Olson, Tillie S b: 28 Dec 1868 in Stavanger Rogaland fylke, Norway d: 5 Aug 1937 in Humboldt (Humboldt) Iowa (see OBIT)
Olson, Tillier Bernhardt b: 12 Jun 1906 in <Nettle Creek Township> (Grundy) Illinois d: 1 Sep 2003 in Sandwich (De Kalb) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Tollef b: 24 Jan 1857 in Fonset, Norway d: 15 Aug 1933 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois
Olson, Tom (Torbjorn) Amland b: Abt 1820 in Norway d: Aft 1879 in <Patton Township (Ford) Illinois>
Olson, Tressa Ardella b: 16 Aug 1897 in Illinois d: 19 Jul 1985 in Ottawa (La Salle) Illinois
Olson, Truman Blanchard b: 25 Aug 1907 in <Nettle Creek Township (Grundy)> Illinois d: 9 Feb 1987
Olson, Truman Elmer b: 3 Jan 1901 in Rutland (La Salle) Illinois d: 3 Feb 1958 in Ottawa (La Salle) Illinois
Olson, Valborg b: 1826 in Norway d: 1911
Olson, Valborg "Belle" b: 27 Apr 1846 in Norway d: 26 Apr 1921 in Humbolt (Hardy) Iowa
Olson, Velma b: Abt 1919 in <Galena Township (Martin)> Minnesota
Olson, Verna b: 3 Apr 1919 in Kendall County Illinois d: 7 Sep 2008 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Viola M b: 18 Sep 1909 in Campus (Livingston) Illinois d: 31 Jan 1976 in Grundy County Illinois
Olson, Viola Margaret b: 5 Oct 1913 in Morris (Grundy) Illinois d: 25 Dec 1976 in <Saint Charles (Kane) Illinois>
Olson, Virginia b: 17 Nov 1912 in Pennsylvania d: Jan 1983 in South Holland (Cook) Illinois (see Partial OBIT)
Olson, Virginia Mae b: 15 Aug 1932 in Illinois d: 18 Jun 1984 in Peoria (Peoria) Illinois (see OBIT)
Olson, Virginia Marie b: 20 Mar 1920 in Ellsworth (Hamilton) Iowa d: 8 Feb 2004 in <Morris (Grundy) Illinois>
Olson, Vivian Baker b: 5 Aug 1917 in ??? d: 1 Sep 1993 in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois
Olson, Wallace Theodore
Olson, Walter b: 19 Dec 1896 in Denmark d: Jan 1965 in <Morris (Grundy) Illinois>
Olson, Walter B b: 4 May 1891 in Plano (Kendall) Illinois d: 28 Oct 1960 in Sandwich (De Kalb) Illinois
Olson, Warner
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