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Hosey, Rebecca
Houser, Martha
Houser, Mary B b: 08 MAR 1858 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa d: 05 JAN 1941 in Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, Fulton, Illinois
Houser, Mary Janet b: 08 MAR 1858 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa d: 05 JAN 1941 in Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, Fulton, Illinois
Houser, William b: in Ohio
Howard, Abner
Howard, Andrew
Howard, Celia b: 10 SEP 1805 in North Carolina d: 16 DEC 1876 in Texas
Howard, Christina
Howard, Clarissa b: ABT 1770 in North Carolina
Howard, Elizabeth Ann
Howard, George
Howard, James Jr. b: 1707 d: ABT 1790
Howard, James Sr b: 1660 in Kingsale, Virginia
Howard, L. W.
Howard, Lowell N b: 14 MAR 1907 in Farmersville, Texas
Howard, Luke Lidney b: 1752 in Bertie, North Carolina
Howard, Madge Lynor b: 03 JAN 1914 in Farmersville, Texas d: 20 AUG 2000
Howard, Marina
Howard, Mary L.
Howell, Caleb
Howell, Cornelia b: SEP 1863
Howell, John M.
Howell, Nora
Hubbard, James William
Hubbard, James William Jr b: 25 MAY 1928 d: 18 MAR 1972
Hubbard, Richard Bennet
Hubbard, Richard Bennet II d: 1901
Hubbard, Serena b: 24 DEC 1813 in Georgia d: 1891 in Smith, Texas
Hubbell, W. B.
Huckabay, Loyd Houton b: 08 MAR 1886 in Wise, Texas d: 03 JAN 1960 in Sacremento, California
Hudson, Mrs. Lily May
Huffines, David
Huffines, Mary
Huffines, Rachel d: EST JUN 1823
Huggins, Howard
Hughes, Bell Zora
Humber, Mary Elizabeth b: 12 DEC 1886 in Fayette, Alabama
Humber, Thomas Bailey b: 19 MAY 1879 in Fayette, Alabama
Hunncute, Jemih
Hunt, Ann
Hunter, Elizabeth
Hurt, James
Hutcheson, Sarah S
Hutchings, Jane b: in Dorsetshire, England
Hutchins, Jane b: in Dorsetshire, England
Hyler, Donald
Imbrick, C B
Ingold, Alphonso W. d: EST 1918 in Yorksville, South Carolina
Ingold, Sallie
Ingold, Zorada
Inman, Lona Bell
Inman, Robert Alvin
Inscho, Hannah Frances b: 02 SEP 1875 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa d: 21 MAY 1930 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa
Inscho, Hugh Ernest
Irvine, Mary Ellen Lilvus b: 13 APR 1861 d: 16 DEC 1914 in typhoid fever, Manitou, Oklahoma
Isham, Adeline
Isham, Adeline C. b: 31 JAN 1872 d: 29 JAN 1972
Isitt, David Sr
Isom, Laura C. b: 07 MAR 1866 in Galax, Galax, Virginia d: 11 MAR 1926 in Maywood, IL
Jackson, Claude b: 1885 d: 1892
Jackson, Elizabeth b: 24 SEP 1801 in Choctaw Nation, Mississippi
Jackson, Judson Cary d: 1910
Jackson, Judson Roy b: 1881 in Walnut Springs, Bosque, Texas
Jackson, Samuel
Jackson, Sarah
Jackson, Walter John b: 30 AUG 1895 d: 20 FEB 1920 in influenza
Jamison, Mary b: 1811 in Virginia d: EST 1855 in tuberculosis
Jane, Dr. b: 17 JAN 1879 in Cedar, Missouri d: 06 JUN 1970
Jane, Pearl Riley b: 1913 d: 1964
January, Martha Hooten
Jarvis, Mary b: ABT 1873 in Texas
Jenkins, Hester d: 03 JAN 1981
Jennings*, Celia
Jennings*, Elizabeth
Jennings*, J.
Jennings*, Virginia
Jennings, Bill
Jennings, David b: ABT 1835
Jennings, F.
Jennings, Houston
Jennings, Ida
Jennings, Jeremih
Jennings, John
Jennings, John A b: ABT 1884 in Carroll, Virginia
Jennings, Jonathan
Jennings, L
Jennings, Linnie b: ABT 1888
Jennings, Luke b: 1858
Jennings, Luraney b: 1858 d: 1858
Jennings, Mattie A. b: ABT 1868
Jennings, Mike
Jennings, Nancy Lineberry b: 1859
Jennings, Presley Madison b: ABT 1880
Jennings, Rush Floyd b: 19 JUL 1858 d: in accidental drowning, Byllesby
Jennings, Tom
Jerdan, Joan b: ABT 1930 d: ABT 1938 in Wood, Texas
Jerdan, Oran
Jerrell, Anderson
Jester McCoon Poren, Martha Ann b: ABT 1856 in Ohio d: in Girard, Crawford, Kansas
Jester, Martha Ann b: ABT 1856 in Ohio d: in Girard, Crawford, Kansas
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