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Bauman, Martha Elizabeth
Bauman, Mary Ann b: 19 JAN 1859 in Caddo, Louisiana d: 25 JUL 1941 in Smith, Texas
Bauman, Mary Jane b: MAY 1861 in Louisiana d: 15 DEC 1937 in De Soto, Louisiana
Bauman, Mary Jane b: 03 JUN 1883 in Smith, Texas d: NOV 1977 in Laurel Land Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Bauman, Mildred Anne b: 1828 in Tennessee d: 1869 in Bosque, Texas
Bauman, Moletta b: ABT 1830
Bauman, Nancy Rebecker b: 07 JUL 1877 in Upshur, Texas d: 30 JUL 1950 in Upshur, Texas
Bauman, Ora E. b: 1890 d: 1906 in Pleasant Hill, Pritchett, Upshur, Texas
Bauman, Ovie L b: 1897 d: 1897 in stillborn
Bauman, Rebecca b: 13 SEP 1867 in Jordan Saline, Van Zandt, Texas d: in Dallas, Texas
Bauman, Robert Earl b: 14 SEP 1939 in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma d: 05 DEC 1993 in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma
Bauman, Rosa Leona b: 20 JUN 1887 in Upshur, Texas d: 15 NOV 1931 in Shady Grove Cemetery, Upshur, Texas
Bauman, Sam b: 1877 in Louisiana
Bauman, Sarah Matilda b: 21 JUL 1861 in Upshur, Texas
Bauman, Stephen Edward b: APR 1964 d: MAY 1964 in Hopewell Cemetery, Upshur, Texas
Bauman, Susie Catherine b: 10 SEP 1880 d: 20 MAY 1941
Bauman, Vandalia C. b: 1888 d: 1917 in childbirth
Bauman, William N. b: 05 MAR 1875 in Smith, Texas
Bauman, William Thomas Neal b: 05 MAR 1875 in Smith, Texas
Bauman, Willie A. b: 1898
Bayly, Dorothy d: 1646
Baynham, Joan d: 1646
Bean, Missouri
Beasley, Harry b: 19 DEC 1874 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
Beasley, Harry W. b: 20 MAY 1900 in Noble, Cleveland, Oklahoma
Beasley, Mildred G. b: 04 MAR 1897 in Noble, Cleveland, Oklahoma
Beasley, Vernon R. b: 04 DEC 1895 in Noble, Cleveland, Oklahoma
Beasley, William L.
Beasley, William R. b: 09 JUL 1879 in Eureka, Greenwood, Kansas
Beatty, Cecil Ceona
Beatty, Galen Clarence
Beatty, Tom
Becker, Margaret
Becker, Margarite
Becker, Mr.
Bedsaul*, Rosamond
Bedsaul, Bryan
Bedsaul, Elisha
Bedsaul, Nancy J. b: 1870
Bedsaul, Rosamond b: 1841 d: EST 1870
Beeson, Benjamin
Beeson, Betsey
Beeson, Curtis
Beeson, Edward b: 1652 in Lancaster, England
Beeson, Emerson
Beeson, Ibby
Beeson, Jane
Beeson, John
Beeson, Milton b: 1830
Beeson, Richard
Beeson, Richard
Beeson, Robert Dimett
Benjamin, Daniel Adelbert
Bennett, Helen b: 01 MAY 1897 in Troup, Smtih, Texas
Bennett, James E. B.
Bennett, Owen F
Bennis, Betty
Bentley, Fred Lama b: 28 OCT 1905 d: 06 AUG 1985
Berry, C. W.
Berry, Flossie b: 1889
Berry, James Lewis
Bertram, Francis Eugene
Bilbro, Cynthia
Billings, Virginia Amy b: 30 MAR 1914 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma d: 24 JUL 2007 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Billings, W. Harley b: 1903 in Paden, Ofuskee, Oklahoma d: MAR 1966 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Birch, John F
Bishop, David
Black*, Agnes
Black, Ann
Black, Hans
Blackwell, Annie
Blair, Buck
Blair, Ella
Blair, Will
Blakely, Augusta
Blakely, Emily b: 30 SEP 1836 in Cinncinnati, OH
Blakely, Temple
Blanchard, Jennie Frances
Blanchard, Jennie Lee
Bledsoe, John Stocks
Bledsoe, Mary Anthony b: 02 DEC 1815 in Georgia
Blevins, Catherine
Blythe, Riley b: 1804 in Tennessee
Bobbit, Mr.
Bobo, Della b: 22 MAY 1870 in Fayette, Alabama d: 18 OCT 1950 in Fayette, Alabama
Bobo, Judy Della b: 22 MAY 1870 in Fayette, Alabama d: 18 OCT 1950 in Fayette, Alabama
Bobo, Levina
Bobo, Lucy Ann b: in North Carolina
Bobo, Lucy Catherine b: ABT 1891 d: 16 APR 1967
Bobo, Miles Starling b: in South Carolina d: 24 DEC 1902 in Fayette, Alabama
Bobo, Minerva b: 1848
Bobo, Rebecca S b: 16 SEP 1813 in Spartanburg District, South Carolina d: 06 APR 1859
Bobo, Sally Trophenia b: 09 JUL 1860 in Fayette, Alabama d: 04 JUL 1936 in Fayette, Alabama
Boggs, Elizabeth b: 1826
Boggs, Louis Taylor b: 1872 in Chatham, North Carolina
Boggs, Samuel Wilson b: 1828
Bogy, Flora
Bolden, Lizzie
Bolen, Kerney
Bolls, Betty b: 16 AUG 1881 in Hope, Arkansas d: 1961 in Hatfield, AR
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