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Burnett, Absolom b: ABT 1837
Burnett, Alverta Victoria b: 1862
Burnett, Andrew F b: 1858
Burnett, Arcansas b: ABT 1868
Burnett, Catherine b: 1866
Burnett, Catherine Arkansas b: ABT 1868
Burnett, Crockett b: ABT 1839
Burnett, David Crockett b: ABT 1839
Burnett, Elisha b: ABT 1800 in Bedford, Virginia d: 27 OCT 1881 in Carroll, Virginia
Burnett, Elisha b: 1864
Burnett, Elisha Jr. b: ABT 1837
Burnett, Eliza b: ABT 1863
Burnett, Elizabeth b: 1829 in Carroll, Virginia
Burnett, Elizabeth b: ABT 1865
Burnett, Emmett b: 1878
Burnett, George Monroe
Burnett, Jabes b: 1844
Burnett, Jake
Burnett, Joe
Burnett, John W. b: 1854
Burnett, Laura b: 1889
Burnett, Leander J
Burnett, Lillie
Burnett, Lizzie b: ABT 1863
Burnett, Marion b: ABT 1832
Burnett, Martha
Burnett, Mary
Burnett, Mary Esther b: 14 FEB 1886 in Carroll, Virginia d: 1924
Burnett, Piety
Burnett, Samuel b: 1868
Burnett, Serah Ann
Burnett, Terry Washington b: ABT 1826
Burnett, Thomas b: ABT 1835
Burnett, Thomas b: 1860 d: OCT 1870
Burnett, Victoria b: 1862
Burnett, William
Burnette, Ben
Burnette, Henderson
Burnette, Nancy b: 19 DEC 1842 in Woodlawn, Carroll, Virginia d: 18 DEC 1890 in Carroll, Virginia
Burns, Bettie
Burns, Charlie S.
Burns, Clester D. b: 10 FEB 1906 in Jefferson Co d: 19 MAR 1957 in Bethel Cemetery
Burns, Ethel Omega b: 11 SEP 1881 d: 11 FEB 1954 in Oklahoma
Burns, Minnie d: 1907
Bush, Anje Jans b: 20 JUL 1818 in Uithuizermeeden, Groningam, Holland d: 24 MAR 1905 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa
Bushell, Abigail
Butler, Angeline b: in Tennessee
Butler, Elizabeth
Butt, Alsey b: ABT 1720 in Virginia d: ABT 1780 in Robeson, North Carolina
Buzzard, Alice Ann
Caffey, Andrew Jackson b: 23 MAR 1919 in Big Sandy, Upshur, Texas d: 21 MAR 1973 in Yuma, Arizona
Caffey, Annie b: JUN 1889 in Texas
Caffey, Clyde Donnell b: 14 JUN 1917 in Big Sandy, Upshur, Texas d: 18 MAR 1992 in Longview, Gregg, Texas
Caffey, Clyde Donnell Jr. b: 10 JAN 1947 in Mansfield, OH d: 12 JAN 1947 in Mansfield, OH
Caffey, Frank Major b: 25 AUG 1881 in Shady Grove, Upshur, Texas d: 22 SEP 1959 in Upshur, Texas
Caffey, James A b: ABT 1877
Caffey, Jessie Lee b: 03 DEC 1911 in Big Sandy, Upshur, Texas d: 03 JAN 1991 in Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana
Caffey, Linda Nell b: 19 OCT 1949 in Mansfield, OH d: 10 APR 1968 in Longview, Gregg, Texas
Caffey, Louella b: 02 FEB 1915 in Big Sandy, Upshur, Texas d: DEC 1985 in Blanket, Brown, Texas
Caffey, Mary Ann
Caffey, Mildred Eilean b: 15 JUL 1908 in Texas d: 1977 in Wood, Texas
Caffey, Minnie Lee b: MAR 1884 in Texas d: AFT 1915 in Wood, Texas
Caffey, Mozelle b: 1912 d: 1916 in Upshur, Texas
Caffey, Nicholas b: 04 NOV 1857 in Upshur, Texas d: MAR 1889 in Upshur, Texas
Caffey, Walter Francis b: 24 NOV 1921 in Big Sandy, Upshur, Texas d: 03 MAY 1984 in Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana
Caffey, Walter Jackson b: 01 JUN 1886 in Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, Texas d: 19 JUL 1954 in Leggett, Polk, Texas
Caffey, William N b: 14 JUN 1879 in Upshur, Texas d: 21 JAN 1942 in Upshur, Texas
Caffey, Wilma Evelyn b: 20 SEP 1916 in Red Springs, Smith, TX d: 27 SEP 1994 in Longview, Gregg, Texas
Cain, Robert
Cain, Robert b: NOV 1884 in Louisiana
Caldwell, Margaret
Calhoun, Mary Adeline b: 1852 in Noxubee, Mississippi d: 1934 in Rusk, Texas
Calhoun, Mr.
Calhoun, Robert Russell
Calhoun, Theodocia b: 1872
Call, J. W.
Cameron, Alex
Camp, Avonia Belle b: 20 OCT 1849 in Mt Enterprise
Camp, Matilda Elizabeth
Camp, Polly
Campbell, Bert b: 1909
Campbell, Clarence d: in tornado, Snyder, OK
Campbell, Frank b: 1911
Campbell, Letitia b: ABT 1785 in Tennessee
Campbell, Maria Guadalupe b: 31 DEC 1896 in Mexico d: 08 JUN 1974 in El Paso, El Paso, Texas
Campbell, Mary Esther b: 26 JUN 1916 in El Paso, TX d: 17 JUL 2005 in El Paso, TX
Campbell, Nancy
Campbell, Ruby b: 1904
Campfield, Walter
Canning, Gary? C. b: JUN 1892 in New London, North Carolina
Canning, John A. b: SEP 1859 in New London, North Carolina
Canning, John A. b: JUN 1892 in New London, North Carolina
Cannon, James
Cannon, Vera
Cargill, Norma Jean
Carico, Ida Mae
Carlson, Daniel L. b: 07 JUL 1907 in Puerto Rico d: 1955
Carner, June Naomi b: 16 JUN 1921 in Westport, NY d: 26 JUL 1992 in Shelbyville, Bedford, TN
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