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Robertson, Ada b: 14 AUG 1866 in Harmony Hill, Texas d: 17 MAY 1917 in Mineral Wells, Texas
Robertson, Alan Wade b: 04 JUL 1951 d: 15 JUN 1999
Robertson, Daniel
Robertson, Emily Frances b: 05 SEP 1846 d: 06 AUG 1914
Robertson, James Moore
Robertson, James Moore
Robertson, Josephine Moore b: 04 AUG 1861 in Rusk, Cherokee, Texas
Robertson, Joyce Dee b: 05 AUG 1953 d: 13 OCT 1953
Robertson, Mary A. E.
Robertson, Mary Ann
Robertson, William A
Robinson*, Creasey
Robinson*, Hannah
Robinson*, K.
Robinson, Andrew
Robinson, Andrew b: ABT 1868
Robinson, Catherine b: ABT 1842 in Carroll, Virginia
Robinson, Celia Nancy b: ABT 1879 d: ABT 1971 in Tarrs, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
Robinson, Euphamey b: 1847 in Carroll, Virginia
Robinson, Floyd W.
Robinson, H. E. b: ABT 1883
Robinson, James
Robinson, James M. b: 1849 in Carroll, Virginia
Robinson, James Ruben
Robinson, John
Robinson, Lucinda
Robinson, Luraney b: 1844 in Carroll, Virginia
Robinson, Margaret b: 1796 d: 1880
Robinson, Margaret b: 1846 in Carroll, Virginia
Robinson, Mary b: 1840 in Virginia
Robinson, W.
Robuck, Benjamin
Robuck, Catherine
Rodenbough, Elizabeth
Roebuck, George
Rogers, Elisha
Rogers, Martha
Rolfe, Agnes
Romine, Mabel
Roper, Ada Lake b: 07 JUN 1892 in Lindale, Smith, Texas d: 03 MAR 1988 in Tyler, Texas
Roper, Bauman b: 29 MAY 1917 d: 16 SEP 1990
Roper, Biddy T
Roper, Frank b: 14 OCT 1884 in Hayneville, Lowndes, Louisiana d: 13 NOV 1969 in Bulllard, Smith, Texas
Roper, Franklin Cleveland b: 14 OCT 1884 in Hayneville, Lowndes, Louisiana d: 13 NOV 1969 in Bulllard, Smith, Texas
Roper, Greenberry b: 1838 d: 1911
Roper, Johnie Roscoe b: 23 DEC 1913 in Bullard, Smith, Texas d: 26 JUL 1985 in Bullard, Smith, Texas
Roper, Leonard Bauman b: 29 MAY 1917 d: 16 SEP 1990
Roper, Lizzie Lou b: 08 APR 1890 in Lindale, Smith, Texas d: 20 FEB 1976 in Bullard, Smith, Texas
Roper, Mary Elizabeth b: 1840 d: 1906
Roper, William Frederick b: 07 MAR 1888 in Gholson, Mclennan, Texas d: 06 MAY 1936 in Bullard, Smith, Texas
Rose, Julia A.
Rose, Sarah L.
Ross, George Monroe
Ross, Waconda Kay b: 13 NOV in Brookfield, Linn, Missouri d: 31 MAR 1998
Roten, Nancy
Rountree, Eva
Routh*, James
Routh*, Lillie Cude
Routh, Alson
Routh, Clark
Routh, Clark b: ABT 1860 d: EST 1918 in killed at a party
Routh, Drew
Routh, Eldora
Routh, Guy
Routh, Isaac
Routh, James b: 1870
Routh, Jennie Bell b: 21 OCT 1872 in Randolph, North Carolina d: 07 SEP 1907
Routh, Katie b: ABT 1864
Routh, Mary E. b: 29 DEC 1858 d: 05 NOV 1882
Routh, Sophie Ann
Routh, Vansickel b: 1862
Routh, William Clay b: 04 APR 1835 d: 16 MAR 1910 in Gray's Chapel Methodist Church, Randolph, North Carolina
Routh, Zachariah
Routh, Zula
Rury, Abram b: ABT 1827
Rury, Alexander b: 1834 in Otsego, NY d: 1890 in East Worcester, New York
Rury, Alexander b: 1861
Rury, Alford Othello b: 30 JUN 1911 in Oklahoma d: OCT 1985 in Sterling, Comanche, OK
Rury, Alfred Othello b: 30 JUN 1911 in Oklahoma d: OCT 1985 in Sterling, Comanche, OK
Rury, Alpheus b: 25 DEC 1828 in Decatur, Otsego, New York
Rury, Amanda b: 1832 in Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York
Rury, Anna b: ABT 1788
Rury, Anna b: 1814
Rury, Arnold b: 09 SEP 1933 in Oklahoma d: MAR 1972 in Sterling, Comanche, OK
Rury, Bertha Mae b: 14 MAR 1889 in Brownwood, Brown, Texas d: 01 JAN 1960 in Bovina, Parmer, Texas
Rury, Burton b: 1856 in Jefferson, New York
Rury, Catherine b: 1805
Rury, Celia Jane b: 1886
Rury, Charles b: 13 JUN 1855
Rury, Charles b: 1858 in New London, North Carolina
Rury, Charles A. b: SEP 1883
Rury, Charles Lester b: 17 AUG 1897 in Mulhall, OK d: 08 JAN 1958 in Clovis, Curry, New Mexico
Rury, Clarence Alvin b: 12 JAN 1910 in Manitou, Oklahoma d: 20 AUG 1973 in stroke; Lawton Hospital, Lawton, OK
Rury, Daniel L. b: 22 MAY 1830 in Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York d: 19 APR 1920
Rury, Elbert Wendell b: 20 JUN 1927 in Rush Springs, OK d: in kidney infection and Parkins, Roswell, NM
Rury, Elizabeth b: 1788
Rury, Elizabeth Betsy b: ABT 1788 in Warrenbush, Florida TWP, Montgomery, NY
Rury, Ellen
Rury, Ellen b: 07 MAY 1838 in Otsego, NY d: 16 APR 1916
Rury, Elmer b: 1898 d: 1898
Rury, Emily C. b: 1828 in Otsego, NY
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