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Lay, Violet Josephine
Lee, Sarah
Leineberry, Roella
Lemley, George
Lemons, Rebecca Jane d: in Powell Cemetery, Hardeman, TN
Lenox, Isaac b: 13 MAY 1838 in Amsterdam, Holland d: 09 JAN 1902 in Lacey, Kingfisher, Oklahoma
Lenox, Mr.
Lenox, Mrs.
Leonard, Eunice
Leverton, Grace Alithia
Lewis, Mary Jane
Leyenberger*, Catherine b: ABT 1721
Leyenberger*, Elizabeth
Leyenberger, Jacob II b: ABT 1730 in Braunschweig, Germany d: AFT 1779 in Chatham, North Carolina
Leyenberger, Jacob Sr b: ABT 1700 in Germany d: in North Carolina
Lilvers, Mr.
Lilvers, Mrs.
Limbrick, C B
Linabarry, Wm.
Linabary, Burr
Linabary, John Ransome
Linabary, Margarett
Linabary, Massa
Linabary, Orval H.
Linabary, Thomas Arthur
Linaberry, A. W.
Linaberry, Amos
Linaberry, Anna B.
Linaberry, Eleanor
Linaberry, Elsie
Linaberry, Frank
Linaberry, Frank
Linaberry, George L b: ABT 1837
Linaberry, Jabes
Linaberry, John
Linaberry, John Hartung
Linaberry, Joseph
Linaberry, Joseph
Linaberry, Levi
Linaberry, Lewis
Linaberry, Lottie
Linaberry, Martin
Linaberry, Mary
Linaberry, Sarah R.
Linaberry, Warren
Linabery, Amins
Linabery, Ellen
Linabery, George b: ABT 1820
Linabury*, Alvira E.
Linabury, Levi
Linabury, Mary
Linabury, Mary
Linabury, Orr G.
Linabury, Stewart D.
Linberger, Peter b: ABT 1800
Lindamood, Alta Blake
Lindamood, Dorothy
Lindquist, Ingeborg Christina b: 16 SEP 1880 in Sweden d: 28 DEC 1969 in Fairview, Fulton, Illinois
Lindsay, Alexander Burkhead b: 19 APR 1884 d: 06 OCT 1887
Lindsay, Benager Bibb b: 17 MAR 1848 in Tyler, Texas d: 24 DEC 1928 in Huntington, Texas
Lindsay, Bertha Carter b: 06 JAN 1879 d: 04 JUN 1881
Lindsay, Frankford Littleton b: 05 AUG 1890
Lindsay, Joanna b: 22 APR 1887 in Tyler, Texas
Lindsay, Mary Whitley b: 09 MAY 1882 d: 07 JUL 1883
Lindsay, Serena Hubbard b: 30 MAR 1853 in Georgia d: 05 MAY 1910 in Huntington, Texas
Lindsay, William Martin b: 25 APR 1888 in New York, Texas
Lindsay, Zannie Greer b: 18 DEC 1895 in Mansfield, Louisiana
Linebary, Martha
Lineberger, Anna Margaret
Lineberger, Charles b: 1822
Lineberger, Charlie b: 18 FEB 1850
Lineberger, Elizabeth Jane b: 16 DEC 1847
Lineberger, Francis b: ABT 1730 d: 1781 in Guilford, North Carolina
Lineberger, Henry b: 1820 d: 27 DEC 1866
Lineberger, Henry Allen b: SEP 1866
Lineberger, Henry Martin b: 10 JAN 1857
Lineberger, Isaac Wheeler b: 05 JAN 1852
Lineberger, Jefferson Davis b: 10 OCT 1862
Lineberger, Mary Ann b: 19 SEP 1855
Lineberger, Mary P. b: 15 NOV 1864
Lineberger, Peter b: 1776 in Guilford, North Carolina d: in Perry, Indiana
Lineberger, Pheby Melinda b: 10 AUG 1859
Lineberger, William Roann H. b: 25 OCT 1853
Lineberry*, Ed
Lineberry*, Ellen
Lineberry*, Lizzie
Lineberry*, Mrs. Abram
Lineberry*, Rushia V
Lineberry*, Thankful
Lineberry, A. N.
Lineberry, Ab b: 11 APR 1870 d: ABT 1925
Lineberry, Abram b: ABT 1816 d: 27 FEB 1907 in Cumberland, Illinois
Lineberry, Ada
Lineberry, Adalia T. b: 10 DEC 1873
Lineberry, Adam b: ABT 1788 in Guilford, North Carolina d: EST 1863 in Guilford, North Carolina
Lineberry, Adonijah K. b: 25 MAY 1847 in Grayson, Virginia d: 07 JAN 1912
Lineberry, Agnes
Lineberry, Albert
Lineberry, Albert b: 11 APR 1870 d: ABT 1925
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