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Kyger, Christian
Kyle*, Martha
Kyle, James W
Kyle, Sally Helen b: ABT 1874
Labow, Pearl
Lacefield, Martin V.
LaFoe, Margaret
Lahman, Edgar Estes
Lahman, Eva Lee
Lahman, John Henry
Lahman, Katie Hyacinth d: ABT 1916 in Graham Cemetery, near Fox, Oklahoma
Lahman, Lewis Andrew
Lahman, Lizzie May
Lahman, Richard Walter
Lahman, Sally Agnes
Lahman, Susan Elizabeth b: 30 AUG 1871 in Lamar, Texas
Laiby, Joseph
Laine, Elizabeth d: AFT 1870
Laine, William b: 03 MAR 1830 d: 18 SEP 1918 in Prospect Methodist Church, Yadkin, North Carolina
Lamb, Mollie
Lamb, Sally
Lambert, Addie
Lambert, Catherine Vashti b: 06 JUN 1872 in Ruskl, Cherokee, Texas
Landers, Elendor English b: 08 JUN 1908 d: in washed away by a wall of water
Landers, Oris Sanford
Landers, Seth b: 27 OCT 1903 in Dadeville, Dade, Missouri d: 03 APR 1918 in Dadeville, Dade, Missouri
Landon, Sarah
Landreth*, M.
Landreth*, Siena
Landreth, Ailcey Margaret b: ABT 1884
Landreth, Arenia b: 09 AUG 1847 in Carroll, Virginia d: 16 APR 1919 in Marceline, Linn, Missouri
Landreth, Carey
Landreth, Della Miralda
Landreth, Elbert
Landreth, Elsie b: 20 MAY 1867 in Monarat, VA
Landreth, Enoch b: ABT 1868
Landreth, Floyd Rush b: 07 NOV 1848 in Virginia d: 03 APR 1938 in Marceline, Linn, Missouri
Landreth, Harry b: 10 FEB 1881 in Missouri
Landreth, J. J.
Landreth, James
Landreth, Joseph b: 16 FEB 1869 in Monarat, VA
Landreth, Luvinia b: 21 AUG 1888 in Missouri d: 06 JUN 1971
Landreth, Rebecca b: 13 APR 1871 in Marceline, Linn, Missouri d: 07 JUN 1948
Landreth, Stephen Albert b: 29 OCT 1876 in Missouri d: 05 MAY 1962
Landreth, Stephen S. b: ABT 1866
Lane, Abigail b: 03 FEB 1830 in New London, North Carolina
Lane, Bud
Lane, Jared b: 1805 d: 1887
Lane, Lydia
Lane, William b: 03 MAR 1830 d: 18 SEP 1918 in Prospect Methodist Church, Yadkin, North Carolina
Lanford, Virginia Frances
Langston, Nancy Ann
Langwell, Wauconda b: 29 NOV 1853 in Carrollton, Missouri d: 20 SEP 1935 in Brookfield, Linn, Missouri
Lantrip, Willie Florence b: 10 JUN 1910 d: 02 MAR 1938 in Hopewell Cemetery, Upshur, Texas
Larkins, Charles D.
Lattimore, Margaret Louise d: 1922
Laughlin, Elizabeth
Lawson*, Fannie
Lawson*, Sarah
Lawson, Abb
Lawson, Albert Marion
Lawson, Alice
Lawson, Alma Mary
Lawson, Arminta L b: 23 APR 1889 d: 1980 in Carroll, Virginia
Lawson, Bertha Jane b: ABT 1886
Lawson, Cassie Felicia
Lawson, Eula Lee
Lawson, Gracie Almarine b: 06 MAY 1877 in Wise, Texas d: 30 JAN 1967 in Duncan, Stephens, Oklahoma
Lawson, Harvey
Lawson, Isiah Marion b: 23 APR 1868 in Annona, Texas d: 06 JUN 1954 in Apache, Oklahoma
Lawson, James Riley
Lawson, John
Lawson, John B.
Lawson, John Lahman
Lawson, Tobe b: 23 APR 1868 in Annona, Texas d: 06 JUN 1954 in Apache, Oklahoma
Lawson, Walter Carl
Lawson, William Elijah
Lay, Violet Josephine
Lee, Sarah
Leineberry, Roella
Lemley, George
Lemons, Rebecca Jane d: in Powell Cemetery, Hardeman, TN
Lenox, Isaac b: 13 MAY 1838 in Amsterdam, Holland d: 09 JAN 1902 in Lacey, Kingfisher, Oklahoma
Lenox, Mr.
Lenox, Mrs.
Leonard, Eunice
Leverton, Grace Alithia
Lewis, Mary Jane
Leyenberger*, Catherine b: ABT 1721
Leyenberger*, Elizabeth
Leyenberger, Jacob II b: ABT 1730 in Braunschweig, Germany d: AFT 1779 in Chatham, North Carolina
Leyenberger, Jacob Sr b: ABT 1700 in Germany d: in North Carolina
Lilvers, Mr.
Lilvers, Mrs.
Limbrick, C B
Linabarry, Wm.
Linabary, Burr
Linabary, John Ransome
Linabary, Margarett
Linabary, Massa
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