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Hawkins, Frances
Hawkins, Guy Arnold b: 15 FEB 1905 d: 25 DEC 1991
Hawkins, Levie A b: 16 AUG 1885 d: 16 JAN 1966 in Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, Bluff, Fayette, Alabama
Hawkins, Mary Louise b: 19 JUL 1938 d: DEC 1985
Hawkins, Thelma Louise b: 19 OCT 1908 d: 1940
Haxton, Judy Lynn
Haxton, Lemuel Rodolph
Hay, Janet b: ABT 1610 in Scotland
Hayes, Dorcas b: 1783
Hayes, Eli
Hayes, Fatey
Hayes, Gilmore
Hayes, Mary d: EST 1918
Hayes, Rachel
Hayes, Sarah Alice b: 1881
Hayes, Walter
Hayes, Wesley
Hayes, Zula Caroline
Haynes, Calvin b: 20 SEP 1850 in Lovells Creek, Carroll, Virginia d: 29 JUL 1931 in Lead Mine, Wythe, Virginia
Haynes, John Wesley b: ABT 1878 d: in Carroll, Virginia
Haynes, Samuel Arthur b: 1889 in Carroll, Virginia d: 10 NOV 1958 in Baltimore, Bel Air, Maryland
Haynes, Susan d: 23 JUL 1920 in Woodlawn, Carroll, Virginia
Haynes, Virginia Rose
Hays, Ms.
Heasley, Paulina C. b: 26 OCT 1861 in Carroll, Virginia d: ABT 1907
Heathman, James Walter
Hefner, Roger
Helton, William Alfred
Henderson, Margaret b: ABT 1548 in Scotland
Henshaw, Mr.
Hensley, Mary Naomi
Hernden, Willie May
Herring, Mary
Herron, Villa b: 1878
Herron, Villey M. b: 1878
Hewitt, Abigail
Hicks, Mariah M. b: 27 MAR 1832 d: 29 JAN 1923
Higgins, John b: 1822 in Arkansas
Higgins, Julia Ann Angeline Martha Clementine b: APR 1849 in St. Francis, Arkansas d: 11 AUG 1905 in Upshur, Texas
Higginson, Gertrude May b: 16 SEP 1877 in Edna, Labette, Kansas d: 28 AUG 1968 in Coffeyville, Montgomery, Kansas
Hiler, Edward P.
Hill, Christina Elizabeth b: 14 DEC 1847 in Murray, Georgia d: 14 APR 1931 in Pike, Arkansas
Hill, Deliah b: 1854 in Arkansas
Hill, Dempsey b: 1799 in South Carolina
Hill, Eliza J. b: 1865 in Pike, Arkansas
Hill, George Washington b: 1862 in Pike, Arkansas
Hill, Granville Dempsey b: JUN 1856 in Arkansas
Hill, Louisiana d: EST 1866 in Arkansas
Hill, Lula Delhia
Hill, Mary A.
Hill, Nancy
Hilton, Dewey W
Hilton, Jesse G. b: 1863 in North Carolina
Hilton, Jessie A b: 1894 in Oklahoma
Hilton, Lee E b: 1895 in Oklahoma
Hilton, Martha J b: 1863 in Ohio
Hilton, Maude Mae b: 15 JUN 1889 in Atchison, Atchison, Kansas d: 16 MAR 1964 in San Diego, San Diego, California
Hilton, Ora V b: 1891 in Kansas
Hilton, Ray A
Hindman, Alfred b: BEF 1856
Hindman, Alice E. b: ABT 1854
Hindman, Alta May b: 25 APR 1885 in Victor, Mitchell, Kansas d: 27 JUL 1933 in Exeter, California
Hindman, Alta May b: 25 APR 1885 in Victor, Mitchell, Kansas d: 27 JUL 1933 in Exeter, California
Hindman, Andrew
Hindman, Andrew Jr
Hindman, Angeline b: 1874 d: APR 1942 in Fruita, Colorado
Hindman, Charles Bart b: 07 OCT 1871 in Victor, Mitchell, Kansas
Hindman, Christian Raymond b: JAN 1879 in Victor, Mitchell, Kansas
Hindman, Clifford b: 16 JUN 1903 in Oklahoma d: DEC 1969 in Taloga, Dewey, Oklahoma
Hindman, Delbert b: 1873 in Kansas
Hindman, Dora Delbert b: 1873 in Kansas
Hindman, Eldie b: in Oklahoma
Hindman, Elizabeth
Hindman, Elizabeth A. b: 1863 d: 06 SEP 1863 in Iowa, Iowa
Hindman, Ella b: 1874 in Victor, Mitchell, Kansas
Hindman, Ellen b: 16 NOV 1847
Hindman, Elma b: ABT 1848
Hindman, Elmer b: 1867 d: BEF 1870
Hindman, Frances Ann d: 12 DEC 1896
Hindman, Frederick Lafayette b: 1905 d: 1974
Hindman, Ivy May b: 04 DEC 1904 in Idaho d: 1905 in summer complaint, Seattle, King, Washington
Hindman, James b: 11 SEP 1811
Hindman, James Alfred b: 02 JUL 1866 in Iowa, Iowa d: 06 JUN 1946 in colon cancer; hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hindman, James Bartren b: 15 MAR 1851
Hindman, Jane b: ABT 1844
Hindman, John b: 1804 d: 1880 in Decatur, Indiana
Hindman, John Edward b: 22 MAY 1861 in Morengo, Iowa, Iowa d: 25 SEP 1941 in Fruita, Colorado
Hindman, Josie b: OCT 1869 in Saunders, Nebraska
Hindman, Lillian Josephine b: OCT 1869 in Saunders, Nebraska
Hindman, Lottie b: 26 APR 1915 in Oklahoma d: 29 MAR 1994 in Williston, Williams, North Dakota
Hindman, Luke Abi b: 18 NOV 1901 d: 27 FEB 1983 in Redmond, Deschutes, OR
Hindman, Martha
Hindman, Martha b: 05 JAN 1815
Hindman, Martha b: BEF 1856
Hindman, Mary b: ABT 1840
Hindman, Nancy
Hindman, Nancy J b: ABT 1834
Hindman, Nathan Thomas b: AUG 1868 in Iowa, Iowa
Hindman, Olga b: 1909 in Oklahoma d: 1928 in Taloga, Dewey, Oklahoma
Hindman, Otis E. b: 08 JUL 1897 in Oklahoma d: DEC 1981 in Cottage Grove, Lane, OR
Hindman, Pearl Riley b: 1913 d: 1964
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