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Gartrell, Joseph b: ABT 1740 in Frederick, Maryland d: 03 MAR 1817 in Mount Sylvan, Wilkes, Georgia
Gartrell, Mary Adeline b: ABT 1818 in Clarke, Georgia d: 01 OCT 1859
Gary, Ellen Jane b: FEB 1847 in Ohio
Gary, Jane b: FEB 1847 in Ohio
Gary, William b: 1816 d: 1895
Gaston, Granville Read b: 29 NOV 1905 d: 13 JUL 1980 in Pleasant Hill, Pritchett, Upshur, Texas
Gaston, Walter A. b: 05 DEC 1864 d: 17 SEP 1949 in Pleasant Hill, Pritchett, Upshur, Texas
Gates, Arthur b: 15 NOV 1908 d: JUN 1973 in Buena Park, Orange, CA
Gaut, Etta Jane b: 03 JAN 1885 in Smith, Texas d: 06 JUN 1970 in Smith, Texas
Gaut, James Egbert
Gay, Elizabeth b: in Virginia
Gay, Mary
George, Mary Elizabeth b: 1840 d: 1906
George, R. W.
Gerik, Lillian b: 15 AUG 1919 in Bomarton, Texas d: 25 NOV 1998 in cancer; Nursing Home, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Gibson, James
Gilbert, Clarissa b: 1823 d: 1897
Gilbert, Ezra b: 1798 d: 1838
Gilbert, Truman b: 1756 in Warren, Conn d: 1841 in Palmyra, OH
Gile, Sarah
Giles, Alice C b: 1867 in Peoria, Illinois
Giles, Andrew N b: AFT 1856 in Peoria, Illinois d: EST 1912 in Peoria, Illinois
Giles, Anna b: 06 FEB 1858 in Peoria, Illinois d: 28 FEB 1947 in Peoria, Peoria, Illinois
Giles, Lucy b: in Peoria, Illinois
Giles, Margaret d: in Mt. Hawley, Peoria, Illinois
Giles, Margaret Anne b: 06 FEB 1858 in Peoria, Illinois d: 28 FEB 1947 in Peoria, Peoria, Illinois
Giles, Maryh A. b: 06 FEB 1858 in Peoria, Illinois d: 28 FEB 1947 in Peoria, Peoria, Illinois
Giles, Nathan b: 15 NOV 1827 in Oneida, New York d: 23 NOV 1908 in Peoria, Illinois
Giles, Olive
Giles, Thomas b: in Wales, England
Giles, Thomas d: in Mt. Hawley, Peoria, Illinois
Gillespie, Celia b: 02 AUG 1825 d: 06 MAR 1900
Gilpin, Margaret Bell b: 13 AUG 1885 in Fayette, Fayette, Alabama d: 05 JAN 1967 in Fayette, Fayette, Alabama
Gilpin, William Franklin
Givins, Patsy
Gleason, Charles
Gleason, John
Goad, India
Godsey, Lilly Dell b: 24 SEP 1896 in Tina, Missouri d: 17 FEB 1961 in Rose Hill Cemetery, Brookfield, Linn, Missouri
Goedhuis, Maria Ferdinant
Goins, Mary d: in Gray's Chapel Methodist Church, Randolph, North Carolina
Goodenough, James W. b: 17 MAY 1831 d: 1913
Gordon, Andrew Jackson b: 1817 in Missouri d: 1873
Gordon, Elizabeth b: ABT 1803 in North Carolina d: 1845
Gordon, Ella Mariah
Gordon, Sarah b: 24 MAY 1841 in Pike, Missouri
Gorham, Ellen M. b: FEB 1853
Gorley, William
Gory, Ellen J. b: FEB 1847 in Ohio
Gourd, Kelsey
Grace, Rosa
Graham*, Mary
Graham, A. Dora
Graham, E. D.
Graham, Frances b: ABT 1872 d: EST 1900
Graham, Jaley
Graham, Jennie
Graham, John
Graham, John W. b: ABT 1862
Graham, Leither
Graham, Mr.
Graham, Robert
Graham, Sarah F b: 14 JUL 1836 in Spartanburg, South Carolina d: 25 AUG 1887 in Alabama
Graham, Thomas
Graham, William A b: ABT 1858
Graham, Zadoc b: ABT 1833 in South Carolina d: in Old Mt. Lebanon Church Cemetery, Fayette, Alabama
Graham, Zadoc Franklin b: ABT 1864
Graham, Zadock b: 1860 d: BEF 1864
Grandstaff, Viola
Graves, Ann
Gray, Alex
Gray, Benjamin F b: 1871 in North Carolina d: 1942
Gray, Calvin
Gray, John Alexander b: 19 DEC 1863 in North Carolina
Gray, Mary
Gray, Monroe D. b: 26 FEB 1857 in North Carolina d: 26 JAN 1937 in North Carolina
Greason, Isaac
Greason, Unity
Greaves, Ann
Green, Austin Leatheridge b: 15 SEP 1836 in Roane, Tennessee
Greenwood, Alice
Greenwood, Anna Grace
Greenwood, Basil b: 29 SEP 1819 in Barren Co, Kentucky d: 1897 in Edinburg, Sangamon, Illinois
Greenwood, Belva b: 01 OCT 1884
Greenwood, Bessie b: 27 AUG 1882
Greenwood, Charles Edward b: FEB 1862
Greenwood, Elizabeth b: 1837 d: BEF 1879
Greenwood, Emily b: 30 SEP 1836 in Cinncinnati, OH
Greenwood, Fred Carroll b: 28 MAR 1890
Greenwood, John b: 1800 in Virginia d: in Bush's ferry, Lee, Illinois
Greenwood, John Jr b: 02 APR 1829 in Barren Co, Kentucky d: 14 MAR 1911 in Berlin, Illinois
Greenwood, John W
Greenwood, Miner
Greenwood, Sarah Elizabeth b: 10 APR 1852 in Springfield, IL
Greenwood, Tryphena d: 26 MAY 1832 in Fort Clark, Peoria, Illinois
Greenwood, William C b: 24 AUG 1833 in Sangamon, Illinois d: 21 SEP 1894 in Kansas City, Missouri
Greenwood, William P. b: 24 AUG 1833 in Sangamon, Illinois d: 21 SEP 1894 in Kansas City, Missouri
Gregory, Calvin
Gregory, Mary Jane b: 1842 in Illinois
Griggs, Kittie Susanna b: 27 FEB 1861 d: 12 NOV 1922
Grimes, Jim
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