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Eplinger, Catherine Eisabelle b: 1907 in Grenta, Nebraska d: 07 OCT 1980
Eply, Jackie
Euliss*, Elizabeth
Euliss, Alfred E. b: 10 AUG 1819 d: 20 AUG 1888
Euliss, Allen
Euliss, Catherine
Euliss, Catherine
Euliss, Eleanor b: 02 JUN 1813 d: 20 MAY 1882 in Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Alamance, North Carolina
Euliss, Eli b: 11 DEC 1802 d: 16 SEP 1846 in Typhoid fever
Euliss, Elizabeth
Euliss, George
Euliss, Henry
Euliss, Hiram b: 10 AUG 1819 d: 31 AUG 1846 in Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Alamance, North Carolina
Euliss, James Monroe b: 25 OCT 1840
Euliss, John d: in Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Alamance, North Carolina
Euliss, John b: 1772 in North Carolina
Euliss, John Romilius
Euliss, Lefinah b: 30 JUL 1807 d: 06 AUG 1828
Euliss, Mary b: 11 OCT 1796 d: 25 FEB 1831 in Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Randolph, North Carolina
Euliss, Mary Alma
Euliss, Millie b: 13 OCT 1815 d: 25 MAY 1877
Euliss, Nancy
Euliss, Peggy
Euliss, Peter b: 10 MAR 1803 d: 04 AUG 1881
Euliss, Phillip
Euliss, Reney
Euliss, Sarah b: 03 NOV 1809 d: 04 MAR 1876
Euliss, Tercey b: 11 FEB 1805 d: 30 SEP 1878 in Pleasant Union Methodist Church
Euliss, William b: 07 MAR 1801 d: 16 SEP 1844
Evans, Alice
Evans, Amy
Evans, Eliz M
Evans, Esther
Evans, Henry H b: 03 FEB 1837 in Carnavonshire, Wales
Evans, Jerry
Evans, LaMonde E b: in The Dales, Wasco, Orgeon d: 15 AUG 1988 in Marion, Oregon
Evans, Lota
Evans, Marion Olma
Evans, Nancy
Evans, Nancy b: 03 DEC 1811 in Grayson, Virginia d: 30 SEP 1877 in Carroll, Virginia
Evans, Oscar
Evans, Rebecca b: 1810 in Carroll, Virginia d: 1881
Evans, Rebecca b: ABT 1832
Evans, Sarah b: 24 MAY 1841 in Pike, Missouri
Evans, Walter
Evans, William
Evert, Rebecca b: 1810 in Carroll, Virginia d: 1881
Faber, Elizabeth
Faddis, Andrew d: in Faddis Cemetery, Carroll, Virginia
Faddis, Elizabeth Valentine b: 1841
Faddis, Mary d: 08 MAY 1874 in Carroll, Virginia
Fallin, Alice
Fanning*, Elizabeth
Fanning, Elizabeth b: 1771 d: EST 1846 in Grayson, Virginia
Fanning, H.J. b: 22 JUL 1915 in Calvin, Oklahoma d: 07 FEB 1993 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Fanning, Jacob b: 1829 d: 11 DEC 1864 in Dover, Tennessee
Fanning, John b: ABT 1751 in Germany
Fanning, Martha Jane b: 1838
Fanning, Mary b: 1771 d: EST 1846 in Grayson, Virginia
Fanning, Mary Ellen b: 1831
Fanning, Rueben
Faris, Martha Elizabeth b: 1838 d: 13 FEB 1907
Farlow, Martha b: 1851 in North Carolina
Farmer*, Betty
Farmer*, Edith
Farmer*, Sena
Farmer, Alexander b: ABT 1874
Farmer, Amanda H b: JAN 1825 in North Carolina d: 02 MAY 1909 in Texas
Farmer, Barnett
Farmer, Eli
Farmer, Eli b: ABT 1869
Farmer, John P b: ABT 1868
Farmer, Lyman William b: ABT 1862 in Texas d: BEF 1900
Farmer, Mary
Farmer, Memory W b: 31 JUL 1823 in Georgia d: 07 SEP 1904 in Texas
Farmer, Michael
Farmer, Rhoda A.
Farmer, Samuel W b: JUL 1853 in Alabama d: 1934 in Texas
Farrington, John Alexander b: ABT 1825 d: 02 FEB 1903 in Burnet's Chapel, Guilford, North Carolina
Farrington, John Alexander Jr b: in North Carolina
Farrington, Thomas Beverly b: 09 NOV 1861 d: 10 MAR 1922
Faulk, Tura d: 29 DEC 1982 in Upshur, Texas
Faulkner, Otis b: 1894 in Mulhall, OK
Faulkner, Rhoda E b: 13 NOV 1849 in Orange Co., IN
Fausnacht, Glen
Faust*, Anna Elizabeth
Feazel, David
Feazel, John Wesley
Felt, Charles William d: 07 JUL 1957
Felts, Charity
Felts, Margaret India
Ferguson, Mozelle
Ferguson, Ramson
Ferris, Arna John b: 24 MAR 1897 d: 1978
Ferris, Claude H. b: 11 SEP 1870 d: JAN 1954
Ferris, Edna Lucy b: 19 MAY 1900
Ferris, Emeline b: ABT 1804
Ferris, Lavado
Ferris, Leland b: 06 JUN 1875 d: 21 NOV 1880
Ferris, Levado J. b: 12 MAR 1868 d: 24 OCT 1914
Ferris, Mildred A. b: 18 FEB 1896 d: 07 SEP 1980
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