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EYSTEINSSON EARL OF MORE AND ROMSDAL, Rognvald I "The Wise" b: Abt 830 in Of,Maer,Nord Trondelag,Norway d: 890/894 in ,Orkney,Orkney Islands,Scotland
EYSTEINSSON KING IN SWEDEN, Ingvar "The Tall" b: Abt 616 in ,,,Sweden d: in (md)
EYSTEINSSON KING IN VESTFOLD, Halfdan "the Meek" b: Abt 768 in Of,Holtum,Vestfold,Norway d: in ,Borre,Vestfold,Norway
EYSTEINSSON, Frode b: Abt 702 in Of,Trondheim,Sor-Trondelag,Norway
EYSTEINSSON, Hodne b: Abt 704 in Of,Trondheim,Sor Trondelag,Norway
EYSTEINSSON, Hogne b: Abt 700 in Of,Trondheim,Sor-Trondelag,Norway
EYSTEINSSON, Malahule (Haldrick) (Malahulc) (Tresney) b: Abt 845 in ,Maer,Nord Trondelag,Norway
EYSTEINSSON, Mrs-Hogni b: Abt 700 in Of,Trondheim,Sor Trondelag,Norway
EYSTEINSSON, Mrs-Ingvar b: Abt 621 in Of,,,Sweden
EYSTEINSSON, Sigurd I "the Mighty" b: Abt 832 in Of,Maer,Nord Trondelag,Norway d: 874 in ,,Orkney,Orkney Islands, Scotland
FADBURN, Eadburh b: Abt 830 in Of,,Mercia,England
FALAISE, Doda Of b: Abt 980 in Of,Falaise,Normandie
FALAISE, Fulbert De b: Abt 978 in Of,Falaise,Normandie
FALAISE, Harlette De b: Abt 1003 in Of,Falaise,Normandie
FALAISE, Osbern Of b: Abt 1012 in Of,Falaise,Normandie
FALAISE, Walter Of b: Abt 1005 in Of,Falaise,Normandie
FALVEY, Ellen b: Abt 1766
FARMER, Rosadelle
FERN, Benjamin
FERNANDEZ KING OF CASTILE & LEON, Alfonso XI "The Just" b: 13 AUG 1311 in ,Salamanca,Salamanca,Spain d: 26 MAR 1350 in ,Gibraltar,Gibraltar,Gibraltar
FERNANDEZ KING OF LEON AND CASTILE, Alfonso IX b: 15 AUG 1171 in ,Zamora,Leon,Spain d: 24 SEP 1230 in ,Villaneuva De Sarria,Lugo,Spain
FEZENSAC, Aubri "the Burgundian" Count Of b: 0775? in Of,Fezensac,,France
FEZENSAC, Bouchard De b: 0800? in Of,Fezensac,,France
FIELD, Editha
FLANDERS & HAINAULT, Baudouin IX (VI) Count Of b: JUL 1171 in ,,Hainaut,Belgium d: 11 JUN 1205
FLANDERS & HAINAULT, Baudouin VIII (V) Count Of b: 1150 in ,,Hainault,France d: 17 DEC 1195 in Mons,Hainault,Belgium
FLANDERS & HAINAULT, Baudouin VIII (V) Count Of b: 1150 in ,,Hainault,France d: 17 DEC 1195 in Mons,Hainault,Belgium
FLANDERS & HAINAULT, Marguerite Countess Of b: 2 JUN 1202 in Of,Valenciennes,Nord,France d: 10 FEB 1280 in ,Flines-Laes-Mortagne,Nord,France
FLANDERS AND HAINAULT, Baudouin VI (I) Count Of b: 1030 in ,,Flandres d: 17 JUL 1070 in Abbaye De Hasnon
FLANDERS, Arnoul I, Count Of b: Abt 889 in Of,,Flandres d: 27 MAR 964
FLANDERS, Arnoul III Count Of b: 1055 in ,Flanders,Belgium d: 22 FEB 1071 in Cassell,Prussia
FLANDERS, Baudouin I Count Of b: Abt 837/840 in Of,,Flanders,Belgium d: 879
FLANDERS, Baudouin II "the Bald" Count Of b: Abt 864 in Of,Flanders,Nord,France d: 10 SEP 918
FLANDERS, Baudouin II "the Bald" Count Of b: Abt 864 in Of,Flanders,Nord,France d: 10 SEP 918
FLANDERS, Baudouin III, Count Of b: Abt 933 in Of,,Flandres d: 1 NOV 962
FLANDERS, Baudouin V Count Of b: Abt 1012 in ,,,Flandres d: 1 SEP 1067 in ,Lille,Duchy Of Lower
FLANDERS, Bertha, Countess Of b: Abt 987 in <,,Flanders,France>
FLANDERS, Egbert De b: Abt 937 in Of,,Flandres d: 10 JUL 953
FLANDERS, Elstrude De b: Abt 932 in Of,,Flandres
FLANDERS, Ermengarde De b: Abt 1005 in Of,,Flanders,Belgium
FLANDERS, Gertrude De b: Abt 1064 in Of,,Flanders,Belgium d: 1117
FLANDERS, Henri De b: 1176 in Of,,Flanders,Belgium d: 11 JUL 1216
FLANDERS, Henry Count Of b: Abt 1035 in ,,,Flandres
FLANDERS, Hildegarde Countess Of b: Abt 940 in Of,Gand,Flandre Orientale,Belgium d: 10 APR 990 in Abdijkerk,Egmond Aan Den Hoef,Noord Holland,Netherlands
FLANDERS, Ledgarde De b: Abt 941 in Of,,Flandres d: 29 SEP 964
FLANDERS, Robert II, Count Of b: 1065 in d: 5 OCT 1111 in Meaux,,,France
FLANDERS, Robrecht I "De Fries" Count Of b: Abt 1033 in Of,,Flandres,Belgium d: 13 OCT 1093 in Kassel,,,Germany
FLANDERS, Widnille Countess Of b: Abt 865 in ,,Flanders,Belgium
FLANDERS, Yolande, Countess Of b: 1175 in Of,,Flanders,Belgium d: 26 AUG 1219 in Constantinople,Constantinople,Turkey
FLANDRE ET HAINAUT, Jeanne De b: 1188 in ,Valenciennes,Nord,France d: 5 DEC 1244 in ,Marquette Les Lille,Nord,France
FLANDRE, Eustach De b: Abt 1191 in Of,,Flanders,Belgium d: Aft 1217
FLANDRES, Arnold II Count Of b: Abt 941 in ,,Flandres,France d: 30 MAR 987
FLANDRES, Baudouin IV "Le Barbu", Count Of b: Abt 967/968 in Of,,Flandres,France d: 30 MAY 1036/1039 in ,,Flandres,France
FORNJOTSSON KING IN KVENLAND, Kari b: Abt 185 in Of,,,Finland
FORNJOTSSON, Hler b: Abt 191 in Of,,,Finland
FORNJOTSSON, Hlessey b: Abt 189 in Of,,,Finland
FORNJOTSSON, Logi b: Abt 187 in Of,,,Finland
FORNJOTSSON, Mrs-Kari b: Abt 185 in Of,,,Finland
FRANCE [ABBESS OF HASNON], Ermentrud Princess Of b: Abt 854 in Of,,,France
FRANCE, Adaele (Alix) Princess Of b: 1003 in ,,,France d: 8 JAN 1079 in Monastaere De L'ordre De St. Benoist,Messines,,France
FRANCE, Adbelahide Havoise Princess Of b: 1009 in Of,Nevers,Bourgogne d: 8 JAN 1079 in Of,Nevers,Bourgogne
FRANCE, Adbelahide Princess Of b: Abt 746 in Of,Aachen,,Prussia d: in Abbaye De St Arnoul,Metz,Austrasia
FRANCE, Adbelahide Princess Of b: Abt 856 in ,,,France
FRANCE, Adwige (Avoise), Princess Of b: Abt 969 in ,,,France d: Aft 1013
FRANCE, Alice Princess Of b: Abt 973 in ,,,France d: 1079
FRANCE, Alix Princess Of b: 1150/1151 in ,,,France d: 1195
FRANCE, Bbeatrice Princess Of b: 939 in Bourgogne,Champagne,France d: 23 AUG 987
FRANCE, Carloman King Of b: Abt 866 in Of,,Aix-La-Chappelle,Austrasia d: 6 DEC 884 in Saint Denis,,France
FRANCE, Carloman Prince Of b: Abt 713 in ,,(moselle),Austrasia d: 17 AUG 755 in Cassino Monastery,Monte Cassino,Frosinone,Italy
FRANCE, Carloman Prince Of b: Abt 845/846 in ,,,France d: 876 in Epternac,,,France
FRANCE, Clodion "Le Chevelu" King Of b: Abt 395 in ,,Westphalia,Germany d: 447/449 in Cambray,Nord,France
FRANCE, Emma Princess Of b: 943 in ,,,France d: 19 MAR 968
FRANCE, Emma, Princess Of b: Abt 896 in ,,,France d: 934/935
FRANCE, Ermengarde (Adelaide) Princess Of b: Abt 975 in Of,Lower,Lorraine,France d: 1012
FRANCE, Eudes King Of b: Abt 865 in ,,,France d: 3 JAN 898 in La Faere-Sur-Oise,,France
FRANCE, Eudo (Odes) Prince Of b: 1013 in ,,,France d: 1056
FRANCE, Gerberge Queen Of b: 913/914 in ,Nordhausen,Saxony,Prussia d: 5 MAY 984 in ,Reims,Champagne
FRANCE, Gisaele Princess Of b: Abt 858 in ,,,France d: 1 JUL 874
FRANCE, Gisaele Princess Of b: Abt 864 in ,,,France
FRANCE, Gisaele Princess Of b: Abt 970 in Of Bourgogne,Champagne,France
FRANCE, Gisele Princess Of b: 757 in Of,Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia d: 811
FRANCE, Henri I b: 1008 in Of,Reims,Champagne d: 4 AUG 1060 in Vitry,Brie,,France
FRANCE, Hildebrante Princess Of b: Abt 897 in Of,Vermandois,Neustria d: Aft 931
FRANCE, Hildegarde Princess Of b: Abt 856 in Of,,,France
FRANCE, Hugues "Capet" King Of b: Abt 939 in Of,Paris,Isle De France d: 24 OCT 996 in Of,Paris,Isle De France
FRANCE, Hugues "The Grand" Prince Of b: 1057 in ,,,France d: 18 DEC 1102 in ,Champagne,France
FRANCE, Hugues Magnus, Duke Of b: Abt 898 in Of,Paris,Isle De France d: 17 JUN 956 in Dourdan,Isle De France
FRANCE, Isabelle Princess Of b: 1292 in Of,Paris,,France d: 21 NOV 1358 in Hertford Castle,,Hertfordshire,England
FRANCE, Judith Princess Of b: 844 in ,,,France d: Aft 870
FRANCE, Lothaire Prince Of b: Abt 847 in Of,,,France d: 865
FRANCE, Louis II "The Stammerer" King Of b: 1 NOV 843 in ,,,France d: 10 APR 879 in ,Compiaegne,Neustria
FRANCE, Louis III King Of b: Abt 863 in ,,,France d: 5 AUG 882 in St Denis,,France
FRANCE, Louis VII King Of b: 1119/1120 in ,Reims,Champagne,France d: 18 SEP 1180 in ,Paris,Isle De France,France
FRANCE, Marie Princess Of b: 1145 in ,,,France d: 11 MAR 1198
FRANCE, Mberovbee King Of b: Abt 415 in ,,,France d: 457/458
FRANCE, Miss Princess Of b: Abt 862 in ,,,France
FRANCE, Ogive Of b: Abt 904 in ,,Wessex,England d: Aft 951
FRANCE, Pbepin "The Short" King Of b: 714 in ,,Austrasia d: 24 SEP 768 in St Denis,France
FRANCE, Pharamond, King Of b: Abt 370 in ,,Westphalia,Germany d: 427/430
FRANCE, Robert "Fortis" Duke Of b: Abt 820 in Of,,,France d: 25 AUG 866 in ,Anjou,,France
FRANCE, Robert I King Of b: 860 in Of,,Bourgogne,France d: 15 JUN 923 in ,,Soissons,France
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