Johanson Family Tree-Roots spreading from Sweden, Medieval England, Massachusetts, and South Carolina

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This family tree is a work in progress. I am constantly making additions and corrections. I usually do not have any more information other than what is shown in my database especially for any names not in "all caps". The names in "all caps" are my direct line, and I may have additional information.

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HENEY b: ABT 1765 in SC d: AFT 27 NOV 1829 in Fairfield Dist. SC
Henkins, Amanda b: 1859 in Milo, Bureau Co. IL d: 10 OCT 1881 in Milo, Bureau Co. IL
Hennesey, Mary b: ABT 1755 d: 03 JAN 1804
Hennington, Ann b: ABT 1695 in St. Mary's Co. MD d: AFT 1711
Hennington, Henry b: ABT 1670 in St. Mary's Co. MD d: UNKNOWN
Hennis, David b: ABT 1835 in of MS or AL d: UNKNOWN
Henri b: ABT 957 in Lorraine, France d: AFT 972
Henri de VAUDEMONT b: ABT 1232 in Vaudemont, Lorraine, France d: 1278 in Italy
Henri \de ST. CLAIR\ b: ABT 1195 in of Rosslyn Castle, Midlothian, Scotland d: AFT 1233
Henry AGMONDISHAM b: ABT 1490 in of East Horsley, Surrey Co. England d: UNKNOWN
Henry BISET b: ABT 1150 in Cany, Sein-Inferieure, Normandy, France d: UNKNOWN in Aird, Bewley, Inverness, Scotland
Henry BISSET b: ABT 1150 in of Wiltshire and Kidderminster, Worcester, England d: 1212
Henry Carey b: 04 MAR 1525 in Hengrave, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England d: 23 JUL 1596 in Somerset House, London, Middlesex, England
Henry COSTINE b: ABT 1764 in Colleton Co. SC d: BEF 1800
Henry d'AUBIGNY b: ABT 1095 in of Cainho, Bedfordshire, England d: AFT 1130
Henry de ARDERNE b: ABT 1107 in Arden, Warwickshire, England d: AFT 1166
Henry de AUDLEY b: ABT 1175 in Heleigh, Stafford, England d: BEF NOV 1246
Henry de BEC b: ABT 1165 in Eresby, Lincoln. England d: AFT 1237
Henry de BRAIBROC b: ABT 1185 in of Braybrook and Chipping Warden, Northamptonshire, England d: 13 APR 1234
Henry de HASTINGS b: ABT 1156 in of Hastings, Sussex, England d: 11 MAR 1183
Henry de Lancaste b: 1281 in Grosmont Castle, England d: 22 SEP 1345 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Henry de MUSTERS b: ABT 1325 in Kirklington, Yorkshire, England d: UNKNOWN
Henry de MYNORS b: ABT 1145 in Burghill, Herefordshire, England d: 1217
Henry de NEWBURGH b: 1050 in of Beaumont-le-Roger, Normandy, France d: 20 JUN 1119 in Warwickshire, England
Henry de NORTHEIM b: ABT 1060 in Northeim, Luxemburg d: 1101
Henry de Soothill b: ABT 1365 in of Sothill, Yorkshire, England d: AFT 1430
Henry de TORBOCK b: ABT 1300 in Tarbock, Lancastershire, England d: UNKNOWN
Henry de URTIACO b: ABT 1252 in Curry Rivell, Somerset, England d: BEF 15 SEP 1321
Henry de VAVASOUR b: ABT 1308 in Haselwood, Yorkshire, England d: BEF 27 NOV 1349
Henry de WALETON b: ABT 1160 in Hale, Lancastershire, England d: UNKNOWN
Henry de Willington b: ABT JAN 1311 in Umberleigh, Torrington, Devonshire, England d: 23 MAY 1349
Henry DELVES b: ABT 1325 in of Delves Hall, Staffordshire, England d: 1397
Henry ELLIS b: ABT 1340 in Barwick in Elmet, West Riding, Yorkshire, England d: UNKNOWN
Henry FARRAR b: ABT 1490 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England d: 1542
Henry FIELDS b: 1600 in Burton Constable, Yorkshire, England d: 1664 in Northampton County, VA
Henry GRAMMARY b: ABT 1310 in Bickerton, Yorkshire, England d: AFT 1377
Henry Gray b: ABT 1419 in Powys, Wales and Tancerville, Normandy d: 13 JAN 1450
Henry Greene b: ABT 1341 in Green Norton, Northamptonshire, England d: 02 SEP 1399
Henry GUSHEE b: 1674 in LeRochelle, France d: 1738
Henry HASTINGS b: ABT 1120 in of Hastings, Sussex, England d: 1163 in Fillongley, Warwickshire, England
Henry I de CHAMPAGNE Count of Champagne b: ABT 1127 in Champagne, France d: 17 MAR 1181 in Troyes, Aube, Champagne, France
Henry I de NAVARRE b: 1244 in Troyes, Aube, Champagne, France d: 22 JUL 1274 in of Pamplona, Navarre, Spain
Henry I de Oilly b: ABT 1120 in Hook Norton, Oxford, England d: 1163
HENRY I \\, Count of Portugal b: ABT 1069 in of Portugal d: 01 NOV 1112 in Astorga, Portugal
Henry II d'Oilly b: ABT 1162 in Hook Norton, Oxford, England d: 1232
HENRY II \\ b: 05 MAR 1133 in Le Mans, Sarthe, Normandy, France d: 06 JUL 1189 in Chateau Chinon, Normandy, France
HENRY II \\, of Brabant, Comte of Louvain b: 1021 in Brabant, Lorraine, France d: 1078
HENRY III \\, Duke of Brabant b: ABT 1220 in Brabant, Belgium d: 1291
Henry IV \\, King of France b: 14 DEC 1553 in Chateau de Pau, Basses-Pyrenees, France d: 14 MAY 1610 in Paris, Ile-de-France, France
HENRY IX \\, `the Black, Duke of Bavaria b: ABT 1074 in of Bavaria d: 13 DEC 1126 in Ravensburg, Germany
Henry KNEVETT b: BEF 13 APR 1587 in London, Middlesex, England d: UNKNOWN in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
Henry KNYVET b: 03 APR 1559 in Radford Semele Manor, Warwickshire, England d: JUN 1603
Henry le Scrope b: 04 JUN 1418 in of Bolton, Yorkshire, England d: 1459
Henry LIGON b: ABT 1520 in Upton St. Leonard's, Gloucesteshirer, England d: BEF 15 AUG 1577 in Upton, St. Leonard's, Gloucestershire, England
Henry MANSEL b: ABT 1275 in of Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England d: UNKNOWN
Henry MILBURY b: ABT 1625 in Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England d: 1695 in York, York, ME
Henry Plantagenet b: ABT 1310 in Grosmont Castle, England d: 24 MAR 1361 in of the plague
Henry Sydney, KG b: 20 JUL 1529 in Penhurst, Sussex, England d: 05 MAY 1586 in Ludlow Castle, Shropshire, England
Henry Taylor b: ABT 1555 in Middleton Cheney, Northamptonshire, England d: BEF 20 NOV 1587 in Middleton Cheney, Northamptonshire, England
Henry VI von HOHENSTAUFEN b: NOV 1165 in Of Sicily d: 28 SEP 1197
Henry \de la MARCH\, Duke of the Austrasiens b: ABT 830 in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany d: 28 OCT 886
Henry \de NOVO MERCATO\ b: ABT 1145 in Newmarch, Yorkshire, England d: 1178
Henry \\, 5th Earl of Warwick b: ABT 1190 in Warwick, Warwickshire, England d: OCT 1229
HENRY \\, Count of Eu, Lord of Hastings b: ABT 1100 in of Tickhill Castle, Yorkshire, England d: 12 JUL 1140 in Foucarmont, Haute-Normandie, France
HENRY, I Count of Guelders & Zutphen b: 1117 in of Zutphen, Gelderland, Netherlands d: 1182
Henry, Somers Sr.
Henry-Eudes de BURGUNDY b: 946 in of Nevers, Bourgogne, France d: 15 OCT 1002 in St-Germain-d'Auxerre
Henshaw, Caroline b: ABT 1820 d: UNKNOWN
Henshaw, Edith b: ABT 1837 in Washington DC d: UNKNOWN
Henshaw, Francis b: ABT 1835 in Washington DC d: UNKNOWN
Henshaw, Henry C. b: ABT 1839 in Washington DC d: UNKNOWN
Henshaw, Joshua Laurens b: ABT 1802 in Boston, Suffolk, MA d: 14 SEP 1866 in Washington DC
HENSON, Catherine "Kitsey" b: 15 OCT 1786 in Colleton Co. SC d: BEF 1840
Heorstan b: ABT 885 in Northumbria d: UNKNOWN
Hepburn, Adam Lord of Hailes b: ABT 1382 in of Hailes, Prestonskirk, East Lothian, Scotland d: ABT 1446 in of Hailes, Prestonskirk, East Lothian, Scotland
Hepburn, Elizabeth b: ABT 1427 in Hailes Castle, East Lothian, Scotland d: UNKNOWN
Hepburn, Patrick of Hailles b: ABT 1340 in of Hailles Castle, East Lothian, Scotland d: 22 JUN 1402
Hepworth, William b: ABT 1675 in Massachusetts d: UNKNOWN
HEPZIBAH b: ABT 1714 in New Jersey d: 10 JUN 1740 in Somerset Co. New Jersey
Heqakheperre Setepenre SHOSHENK II b: 940 BC in Egypt d: 890 BC
Heraclius I CONSTANTINUS b: ABT 585 in Byzantium d: 11 FEB 641 in Byzantium
HERAKLIOS b: ABT 502 in of Carthage in the Roman Empire d: AFT 533
Heraklios b: ABT 655 in of The Eastern Roman Empire d: UNKNOWN
HERAKLIOS, Ioannes Strat. Africam b: ABT 502 in of Carthage in the Roman Empire d: AFT 533
Heraklius \CONSTANTINE\III, Emperor of Byzantium b: 03 MAY 612 in Sophianae d: 24 MAY 641
Herbert de RIE b: ABT 1035 in Ryes, Calvados near Bayeux d: AFT 12 JUL 1080
Herbert de SCURLAGE b: ABT 1210 in of Scurlage Castle, Glamorganshire, Wales d: UNKNOWN
Herbert du MANS b: ABT 995 in of Le Mans, Maine, France d: UNKNOWN
Herbert I von KINZISGAU b: ABT 940 in of Kinzisgau and Gleiberg, Germany d: 980
HERBERT II \\, Count of Vermandois b: ABT 890 in Vermandois, France d: 23 FEB 943 in St. Quentin, France
Herbert \de St. Quentin\ b: ABT 1283 in Frome St Quintin, Dorsetshire, England d: BEF 07 FEB 1339 in Stanton St. Quintin, Wiltshire, Enlgand
Herbert \\, Count of Vermandois b: ABT 840 in Vermandois, France d: BET 900 AND 06 NOV 907
HERBERT \\, The Chamberlain b: 1070 in Winchester, Hampshire, England d: ABT 1130
Herbert, Alice b: ABT 1525 in Abergaveny, Monmouthshire, Wales d: UNKNOWN
Herbert, Anne b: ABT 1465 in Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK d: UNKNOWN
Herbert, Catherine b: ABT 1464 in Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire, England d: BEF 08 MAY 1505 in of Warden, Bedofrdshire, England
HERBERT, David b: ABT 1365 in Chapel, Monmouthshire, Wales d: UNKNOWN
HERBERT, Eleanor b: ABT 1442 in of Monmouthshire, England d: AFT 1465
Herbert, Elizabeth b: ABT 1420 in Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK d: UNKNOWN
Herbert, Elizabeth b: 1476 in England d: BEF 21 MAR 1513 in St. Georges Chaple, Windsor, England
Herbert, George b: ABT 1464 in Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK d: AFT 1504 in of St. Julians, Monmouthshire, England
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Speculated lines are included but are stated as "speculated not proven" in the facts chart. All of the DFA lines are speculated.

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