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PHINNEY, Elizabeth B. b: Dec 1880 in Sackville,Westmorland Co.,NB
PHINNEY, Elizabeth E. b: 1863 in Newfoundland,Canada
PHINNEY, Elizabeth Ellen b: 18 May 1918 in Herman,Grant Co.,MN d: 19 Dec 1989 in Bakersfield,Kern Co.,CA
PHINNEY, Elizabeth Foster b: 24 Mar 1795 in Upper Granville,Annapolis Co.,NS d: Jan 1796 in Upper Granville,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Elizabeth Kimball b: 20 Mar 1856 in Middleton,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 16 Nov 1939 in Smiths Cove,Digby Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Elizabeth Kimball b: 6 Mar 1883 in Middleton,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 1976 in Middleton,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Elizabeth M. b: 15 Feb 1886 in Barnstable,Barnstable Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Elizabeth May b: 14 Apr 1881 in Whitman,Plymouth Co.,MA d: in Hanover,Plymouth Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Elkanah b: 14 Dec 1792 in Partridge Island,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 29 Sep 1868 in Black Rock,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Elkanah b: 22 Feb 1829 in Diligent River,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 22 Dec 1924 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Elkanah b: 23 Mar 1866 in Black Rock,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 13 Jul 1952 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ella b: 1872 d: 11 Mar 1881 in Middleton,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ella M. b: 29 Sep 1857 in Paradise,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ella Mary b: 14 Mar 1870 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ella May b: 17 Jun 1894 in Saint John,Saint John Co.,NB
PHINNEY, Ellen b: Abt 1804 in Granville,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ellen b: 1831 in Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ellen b: 8 Jun 1846 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS d: in Massachusetts,USA
PHINNEY, Ellen b: 1862 in Black Rock,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ellen L. b: 18 Apr 1862 in Barnstable,Barnstable Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Ellen M. b: 22 Jun 1877 in Sandwich,Barnstable Co.,MA d: 11 Nov 1877 in Sandwich,Barnstable Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Ellen Maria b: 14 Sep 1856 in Margaretville,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ellen Maude b: 3 May 1861 in South Farmington,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 2 Feb 1941 in North Kingston,Kings Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ellis b: 2 Dec 1890 in Medford,Middlesex Co.,MA d: in Medford,Middlesex Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Elmer Wallace b: 16 Nov 1882 in Falmouth,Barnstable Co.,MA d: 28 Mar 1953 in Barnstable,Barnstable Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Elmira M. b: 13 Mar 1871 in Forest Glen,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 26 Mar 1951 in Margaretville,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Elsie Margaret b: 25 Feb 1912 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 26 Jun 1970 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Elton H. b: 10 Nov 1877 in Bridgetown,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Elvia Ethel b: 8 Oct 1890 in Edmunds,Washington Co.,ME d: 26 Jan 1981 in Machias,Washington Co.,ME
PHINNEY, Emily b: in Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Emily b: 13 Sep 1888 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Emily Edna b: 27 Jan 1909 in West Bay,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 1909 in West Bay,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Emma Frances b: 11 Mar 1881 in West Bay,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 1 Nov 1935 in Amherst,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Emma Jane b: 5 May 1860 in Centre Village,Westmorland Co.,NB
PHINNEY, Emma S. b: 1871 in Sackville,Westmorland Co.,NB
PHINNEY, Emmaline Melissa b: 12 Jan 1887 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 22 Dec 1902 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Enoch Spurgeon b: 26 Oct 1860 in Paradise,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 28 Mar 1894 in Paradise,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Eric Seymour b: 19 Apr 1945 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ermina O. b: 14 Sep 1872 in Forest Glen,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 12 Jul 1902 in Forest Glen,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ernest b: 1875 in Massachusetts,USA
PHINNEY, Ernest Avard b: 30 Jul 1865 in Lawrencetown,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 19 Apr 1958 in Middleton,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Esther F. b: 7 Mar 1836 in Cotuit,Barnstable Co.,MA d: 1906 in Barnstable,Barnstable Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Ethel b: Apr 1905
PHINNEY, Ethel Blanche b: 4 Jul 1896 in West Bay,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 8 Feb 1966 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ethel F. b: 1 Nov 1889 in Everett,Middlesex Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Ethel Gertrude b: Mar 1910 in Wakefield,Middlesex Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Ethel L. b: Mar 1912 in Paradise,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 20 May 1913 in Paradise,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Ethel P. b: 6 Feb 1890
PHINNEY, Ethelinda b: 5 Dec 1822 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Etta b: 9 Jul 1887 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Etta M. b: 1877
PHINNEY, Eudavilla b: 1861 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 12 Feb 1881 in Tremont Kings Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Eugene Ellsworth b: 18 Aug 1862 in Forest Glen,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 15 Sep 1928 in Melvern Square,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Eugene Fillmore b: 6 Sep 1878 in Cotuit,Barnstable Co.,MA d: 1947 in Norwell,Plymouth Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Eunice b: 8 May 1844 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS d: in Malden,Middlesex Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Eva b: 1883 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Eva Eleanor b: 23 Feb 1916 in Sackville,Westmorland Co.,NB
PHINNEY, Eva M. b: 19 Sep 1884
PHINNEY, Evaline b: 1853 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Evangeline Elizabeth b: 13 Sep 1855 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 8 Mar 1874 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Evelyn b: 6 Jan 1884 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Evelyn C. b: 1916 in New Jersey,USA
PHINNEY, Evelyn L. b: 1915 in Lawrencetown,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Evelyn Laverne b: 11 Aug 1907 in Upper Granville,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 6 Sep 2002 in Scituate,Plymouth Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Everett Baker b: 18 Nov 1853 in Victoria Vale,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 7 Oct 1897 in Everett,Middlesex Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Everett L. b: May 1880 in Portsmouth,Rockingham Co.,NH
PHINNEY, Evora J. b: 10 Aug 1877 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 6 Jul 1955 in Ramsey Co.,MN
PHINNEY, Exalina F. b: 18 Feb 1844 in Melvern Square,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 26 Jun 1912 in Aylesford,Kings Co.,NS
PHINNEY, F. Samantha b: 1846 in Paradise,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 24 Jan 1872 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Fay b: 18 Apr 1926 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 1926 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Flora b: 24 Aug 1889 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Flora L. b: 6 Oct 1870 in Sandwich,Barnstable Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Flora Landers b: 31 May 1882 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 10 Apr 1949
PHINNEY, Florence
PHINNEY, Florence b: 25 Apr 1864 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Florence Alberta b: 24 Jan 1881 in Granville,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 1971 in Belleisle,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Florence E. b: 1876 in Massachusetts,USA
PHINNEY, Florence Elizabeth b: 10 Apr 1912 in Vancouver,BC d: 4 Mar 2000 in Vancouver,BC
PHINNEY, Florence Evelyn b: 1907 in Wakefield,Middlesex Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Florence M. b: 17 Feb 1867 in Victoria Vale,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Florence Marguerita b: 2 Apr 1896 in Middleton,Annapolis Co.,NS d: Pine Grove Cemetery in Middleton,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Frances b: Sep 1909 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Frances A. b: Abt 1845 d: in Boston,Suffolk Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Frances E. b: 7 Mar 1836 in Cotuit,Barnstable Co.,MA d: 29 Dec 1839 in Barnstable,Barnstable Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Frances E. b: 1918 in Massachusetts,USA
PHINNEY, Frances J. b: 31 Mar 1868 in Fox Lake,Dodge Co.,WI d: 4 Feb 1956 in Minnesota,USA
PHINNEY, Frances M. b: 8 Feb 1841 in Barnstable,Barnstable Co.,MA d: 28 Mar 1841 in Barnstable,Barnstable Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Francis b: 1740 in Sandwich,Barnstable Co.,MA d: Abt 1782
PHINNEY, Francis b: 1764 in Sandwich,Barnstable Co.,MA d: 1848 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Francis b: 29 Jun 1785 in Partridge Island,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 1848 in Partridge Island,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Francis b: 1832 in Diligent River,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 17 Dec 1856 in Diligent River,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Francis Anthony b: 9 Oct 1908 in Boston,Suffolk Co.,MA d: Nov 1973 in Dorchester,Suffolk Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Francis J. b: 28 Nov 1856 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS d: 26 Jan 1937 in Amherst,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Francis Mark b: 26 Oct 1866 in Fox Lake,Dodge Co.,WI d: 18 Apr 1867 in Fox Lake,Dodge Co.,WI
PHINNEY, Francis Owen b: 1 Oct 1900 in Parrsboro,Cumberland Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Frank B. b: 1883
PHINNEY, Frank Burns b: 1876 in Wilmot,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 1937 in Winthrop,Suffolk Co.,MA
PHINNEY, Frank G. b: 1870 in Massachusetts,USA
PHINNEY, Frank H. b: 7 Sep 1895 in Truro,Colchester Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Frank Raymond b: 23 Mar 1910 in Victoria Vale,Annapolis Co.,NS
PHINNEY, Frank William b: 20 Oct 1902 in Port Lorne,Annapolis Co.,NS d: 8 Aug 1949 in Franklin,Merrimack Co.,NH
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