The Extended Family of Geoffrey and Heidi (Messick) Trowbridge

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Welcome to our family! We apologize for the lack of source information, but we will try to answer any questions you might have regarding the source material. All secondary sources should be independently verified. Any wild speculations have been noted as such. Lineages of anyone who lived more than eight centuries ago should be considered mythological. TRUST, BUT VERIFY!!!

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Egypt, Heqa-Kheper-Re Setep-En-Re Sheshonq b: Abt 940 BC d: Abt 890 BC
Egypt, Irib-Re Shepses-Re Tefnakht b: Abt 735 BC d: Abt 672 BC
Egypt, Isis b: Abt 1205 BC
Egypt, Istembat b: Abt 706 BC
Egypt, Istemkheb
Egypt, Istemkheb b: Abt 900 BC d: Abt 852 BC
Egypt, Kapes b: Abt 925 BC
Egypt, Kha-Em-Waset Ramses b: Abt 1160 BC d: Abt 1104 BC in Thebes
Egypt, Kha-Em-Waset Ramses b: Abt 1120 BC d: Abt 1064 BC in Thebes
Egypt, Kiya-Meryamon
Egypt, Kiya-Tasherit b: Abt 1370 BC
Egypt, Maat-Ka-Re b: Abt 955 BC d: Abt 889 BC
Egypt, Maatkare Hatshepsut b: in Waset,Egypt d: Abt 1482 BC
Egypt, Men-Kheper-Re b: Abt 1060 BC d: Abt 992 BC
Egypt, Men-Kheper-Re Nekaou b: Abt 690 BC d: Abt 664 BC
Egypt, Men-Maat-Re Seti Mery-En-Ptah b: Abt 1323 BC d: Abt 1279 BC in Thebes
Egypt, Men-Pehty-Re Ramses b: Abt 1345 BC d: Abt 1294 BC
Egypt, Menkheperre Thutmose b: Abt 1509 BC in Waset,Egypt d: Abt 1450 BC
Egypt, Menkheprure' Thutmose b: Abt 1446 BC d: Abt 1417 BC
Egypt, Meritre-Hatshepsut
Egypt, Montjuhirkopshef Ramses b: Abt 1185 BC d: Abt 1140 BC
Egypt, Mutemwiya
Egypt, Mutnofret
Egypt, Nebkheperre Tutankhamun b: Abt 1371 BC in Waset,Egypt d: Abt 1352 BC
Egypt, Nebma'atre' Amenhotep b: Abt 1424 BC in Waset,Egypt d: 1379 BC
Egypt, Nefer-Ib-Re Psamtik b: Abt 630 BC d: Abt 589 BC
Egypt, Neithiyti b: Abt 570 BC in Egypt d: Abt 529 BC
Egypt, Nesitanebetashru
Egypt, Osorkon b: Abt 805 BC d: Abt 740 BC
Egypt, Pami User-Maat-Re Setep-En-Amun b: Abt 830 BC d: Abt 773 BC
Egypt, Pi-Nedjem Mery-Amun Kha-Kheper-Re b: Abt 1105 BC d: Abt 1032 BC in Thebes
Egypt, Pinudjem Tyet-Kheper-Re b: Abt 1030 BC d: Abt 969 BC
Egypt, Ra-Ser Khepferu
Egypt, Sekhem-Kheper-Re Setep-En-Re Osorkon b: Abt 960 BC d: Abt 889 BC
Egypt, Set-Nakhte Merer-Amun-Re b: Abt 1240 BC d: Abt 1182 BC in Thebes
Egypt, Sitre Meryamun Twosret b: Abt 1367 BC
Egypt, Takelot Mery-Amun Hedj-Kheper-Re b: Abt 875 BC d: Abt 825 BC
Egypt, Takhat
Egypt, Tashedkhonsu
Egypt, Tefnakhte Shepses-Re b: Abt 780 BC d: Abt 716 BC
Egypt, Tiye b: Abt 1136 BC
Egypt, Tiye-Merense b: Abt 1225 BC
Egypt, Tiye-Nefertari b: Abt 1408 BC d: Abt 1368 BC
Egypt, Tiye-Tiaa
Egypt, Tuya b: Abt 1321 BC d: Abt 1258 BC
Egypt, Tyet-Kheper-Re Setep-En-Re Psibkhanno b: Abt 995 BC d: Abt 945 BC
Egypt, User-Maat-Re Ramses b: Abt 1205 BC d: Abt 1151 BC in Thebes
Egypt, User-Maat-Re Setep-En-Amun Osorkon b: Abt 904 BC d: Abt 850 BC
Egypt, User-Maat-Re Setep-En-Re Ramses b: Abt 1304 BC d: Abt 1212 BC
Egypt, User-Maat-Re Setep-En-Re Sheshonq b: Abt 849 BC d: Abt 773 BC
Egypt, User-Maat-Re Setep-En-Re Takelot b: Abt 935 BC d: Abt 873 BC
Egypt, Wah-Ib-Re Psamtik b: Abt 690 BC d: Abt 610 BC
Egypt, Wehem-Ib-Re Nekaou b: Abt 660 BC d: Abt 589 BC
Egypt, Wiay
Ehrenhardt, John George d: Bef MAY 1826
Ehro, Anna Margaretha b: 15 MAY 1757 in Northampton Co.,PA d: 20 MAY 1813 in Briar Creek,Columbia,PA
Ehro, Anna Maria b: 3 DEC 1747 in Northampton Co.,PA d: 27 AUG 1814 in Schuylkill Co.,PA
Ehro, Catherine b: 29 DEC 1762 in Northampton Co.,PA d: 13 MAR 1833 in Schuylkill Co.,PA
Ehro, Christina b: Abt 1742
Ehro, Daniel b: Abt 1750
Ehro, Eva b: 20 DEC 1743 in Germany d: 20 DEC 1832 in West Penn,Schuylkill,PA
Ehro, George Frederich b: 12 FEB 1764 in Northampton Co.,PA
Ehro, George Michael b: Abt 1720 in Germany d: 1772 in Lehigh Co.,PA
Ehro, George Michael b: 23 AUG 1761 in Lynn Twp.,Lehigh Co.,PA
Ehro, Johanna Magdalena b: 7 JUL 1738
Ehro, Joseph b: Abt 1759 in Northampton Co.,PA
Ehro, Susanna b: 12 MAY 1755 in Northampton Co.,PA d: 11 MAY 1791 in Schuylkill Co.,PA
Eland, Alice b: Abt 1520 d: Abt 1556
Elda, Adataneses
Elda, Azura Bint Eve
Elda, Baraka Bint Rashujal
Elda, Barakiel Ben Enoch
Elda, Betenos Bint Barakiel
Elda, Cainan Ben Enos b: 3679 BC in Shulon d: 2769 BC in Canaan
Elda, Daniel Ben Mahalalel b: Abt 3540 BC
Elda, Dinah Bint Barakiel
Elda, Edna Bint Azriel
Elda, Edna Bint Daniel
Elda, Emzara Naamah Bint Rakeel
Elda, Enoch Ben Jared b: 3382 BC in Canaan d: 3017 BC
Elda, Enos Ben Seth b: 3769 BC in Shulon d: 2864 BC in Canaan
Elda, Ham Ben Noah b: Abt 2791 BC
Elda, Japheth Ben Noah b: Abt 2788 BC
Elda, Jared Ben Mahalalel b: 3544 BC in Canaan d: 2582 BC in Canaan
Elda, Lamech Ben Methuselah b: 3130 BC in Zion d: 2353 BC in Shulon
Elda, Madai Ben Japheth b: Abt 2300 BC
Elda, Magog Ben Japheth b: Abt 2368 BC
Elda, Mahalalel Ben Cainan b: 3609 BC in Canaan d: 2714 BC
Elda, Methuselah Ben Enoch b: 3317 BC in Zion d: 2348 BC in Shulon
Elda, Mualeleth Bint Enos b: in Shulon
Elda, Noah Ben Lamech b: 2948 BC in Shulon d: 1998 BC in Salem
Elda, Noam Bint Seth
Elda, Rashujal Ben Cainan b: Abt 3603 BC
Elda, Seth Ben Adam b: 3874 BC in Olaha,Shinehah d: 2962 BC in Canaan
Elda, Shem Ben Noah b: Abt 2446 BC in Shulon d: Abt 1846 BC in Jerusalem
Elder, Honor b: 12 OCT 1689 d: 1756 in Anne Arundel Co.,MD
Elder, Jane
Elder, Roseanna
Elder, Thomas
Eldridge, James
Elena, Olga Prekrasa b: 885 in Pskov,Ukraine d: 31 JUL 968 in Novogorod,Kiev,Ukraine
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