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TROUT, Oscar Edgar b: 28 JUL 1879 in Odin, Marion, IL d: 28 JUN 1918 in Missouri Pacific Hospital, St. Louis, MO
TROUT, Oscar Elwood b: 2 APR 1885 in Cloverdale Twp, Putnam, IN d: 12 DEC 1918 in Madison Twp, Putnam, IN
TROUT, Oscar Eugene b: 12 JAN 1930 in Carmi, Hawthorne Twp, White, IL d: 4 MAY 1997 in Carmi, Hawthorne Twp, White, IL
TROUT, Oscar Hall b: SEP 1863 in WV d: AFT 1885
TROUT, Oscar Wiley b: 26 JUN 1874 in Roanoke City, VA d: 12 JUL 1939 in Plattsburg, Concord Twp, Clinton, MO
TROUT, Oscar Willis , Jr. b: 14 FEB 1920 in Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX d: 11 MAR 1986 in Hearne, Robertson, TX
TROUT, Oscar Willis , Sr. b: 1 MAR 1887 in Hearne, Robertson, TX d: 19 SEP 1948 in Palestine, Anderson, TX
TROUT, Osie b: 1903 in Vinton County, OH
TROUT, Osola Marie b: 22 AUG 1906 in Garland, Bourbon, KS d: 10 JAN 2003 in Girard, Crawford, KS
TROUT, Otho W. b: ABT 1891
TROUT, Otis b: ABT 1878 in Eldora, IA
TROUT, Otis Bailey b: 20 JUN 1900 in Wise County, TX d: 17 DEC 1971 in Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX
TROUT, Otis Grover b: 9 MAR 1891 in Brazil, Clay, IN d: 1 JUN 1980 in Vigo County, IN
TROUT, Otis James b: 1 AUG 1877 in Monroe Twp, Clark, IN d: 1953 in Union Parish, LA
TROUT, Otis M. b: 1911 in Harrison Twp, Muskingum, OH d: 1956 in Muskingum County, OH
TROUT, Otis Wayne b: 5 APR 1929 d: 30 MAY 1995 in Clay County, IN
TROUT, Ottis Homer , Dr. b: 7 OCT 1888 in Greenwood, Johnson, IN d: 5 FEB 1954 in GA
TROUT, Otto Clellen b: 8 MAR 1886 in Shelby County, IL d: AFT 1930 in Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO
TROUT, Otto F. b: ABT 1903 in Grand River Twp, Cass, MO
TROUT, Otto Frederick , Jr. b: 29 JUN 1921 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA d: 2 AUG 1974 in Hampton, Hampton, VA
TROUT, Otto Frederick , Sr. b: 14 SEP 1889 in Homestead, Allegheny, PA d: 22 OCT 1966 in Veterans Administration Hospital, Martinsburg, Berkeley, WV
TROUT, Otto H. b: 16 NOV 1877 in Pleasant Twp, Fairfield, OH? d: 21 FEB 1974 in Newark, Licking, OH
TROUT, Ovah E. b: OCT 1897 in Indian Territory (now OK)
TROUT, Owen b: 8 DEC 1898 in Berks County, PA d: 17 JUN 1903 in erks County, PA
TROUT, Owen Bertram , Jr. b: 15 AUG 1919 in Denver, Denver, CO d: ABT 17 FEB 2013 in PA?
TROUT, Owen Bertram , Sr. b: 25 OCT 1876 in Springfield, Clark, OH d: 24 JAN 1929 in Denver, Denver, CO
TROUT, Owen Calvin b: 8 FEB 1887 in Whitehall, Baltimore, MD d: 5 JUL 1951 in Columbus, Franklin, OH
TROUT, Owen Delno b: 8 FEB 1912 in Bucyrus, Crawford, OH d: 3 MAR 1995 in Shelby, Richland, OH
TROUT, Owen W. b: 25 AUG 1902 in Chico, Wise, TX d: 22 AUG 1943 in Wichita Falls, Wichita, TX
TROUT, Pamela S. b: 14 JUL 1938 in Newark, Licking, OH d: 20 JUL 2008 in Olathe, Johnson, KS
TROUT, Park Hess b: 23 OCT 1878 in Lancaster County, PA d: 25 APR 1961 in Akron, Lancaster, PA
TROUT, Park Rogers b: 7 NOV 1925 in Knox County, TN d: 16 DEC 1933 in near Mascot, Knox, TN
TROUT, Parmelia b: 1846 in Gibson County, TN?
TROUT, Patricia Ann b: 25 MAR 1930 in Marion, Odin, IL d: 8 APR 1994 in St. Louis, MO
TROUT, Patricia Ann b: 12 MAY 1934 in Boyertown, Colebrookdale Twp, Berks, PA d: JUN 1980
TROUT, Patsy b: 2 FEB 1874 in Saline County, IL d: 27 MAR 1874 in Saline County, IL
TROUT, Patsy Joe b: 9 AUG 1930 in Parma, New Mardrid, MO d: 27 JAN 2002 in Beverly Healthcare Facility, Cape Girardeau, M
TROUT, Patsy Ruth b: 23 APR 1930 d: 4 JAN 2006
TROUT, Patton , Rev. b: 11 JAN 1833 in Sumner County, TN d: 18 AUG 1909 in LaHarpe, Elm Twp, Allen, KS
TROUT, Paul b: ABT 1771 in Strasburg (now Paradise) Twp, Lancaster, PA d: AFT 1840 in Lancaster Twp, Jefferson, IN?
TROUT, Paul b: DEC 1796 in Lancaster, Lancaster, PA
TROUT, Paul b: 21 NOV 1807 in Lancaster County, PA d: AFT 1880 in Baltimore County, MD?
TROUT, Paul b: 15 JUN 1809 in E. Huntington Twp, Westmoreland, PA d: 27 FEB 1836 in Westmoreland County, PA?
TROUT, Paul b: 2 FEB 1849 in Oley Twp, Berks, PA d: 4 APR 1849 in Oley Twp, Berks, PA
TROUT, Paul b: ABT 1905 in Crawford County, KS d: AFT 1928
TROUT, Paul b: ABT 1906 in Schuylkill County, PA d: BEF 1910
TROUT, Paul b: ABT 1910 in MO? d: 19 JAN 1922 in Mirabile Twp, Caldwell, MO
TROUT, Paul b: ABT 1914 in AR d: AFT 1920
TROUT, Paul b: AFT 1920 in Amity Twp, Clark, AR d: AFT 1934
TROUT, Paul Albert , Sr. b: 14 FEB 1924 in Asherville, Mitchell, KS d: 25 JUN 1970 in Hastings, Adams, NE
TROUT, Paul Clement b: 20 AUG 1924 in IL d: 19 MAY 2004 in Galatin County, IL
TROUT, Paul Clifford b: 28 JUN 1910 in Mifflin, Juaniata, PA d: 1 APR 1984 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA
TROUT, Paul Conrad b: 20 JAN 1898 in Huntingdon, Huntingdon, PA d: 24 AUG 1970 in Huntingdon, Huntingdon, PA
TROUT, Paul E. b: 24 MAY 1917 in Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland County, PA d: 26 MAY 1994 in Westmoreland County, PA
TROUT, Paul Edward b: 27 MAY 1913 in Ward County, ND d: 15 MAY 2006 in Largo, Pinellas, FL
TROUT, Paul Edward b: 24 APR 1954 in Bell County, TX d: 21 DEC 1993 in Temple, Bell, TX
TROUT, Paul Francis b: 5 DEC 1888 in Springfield, Clark, OH d: 25 JAN 1979 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
TROUT, Paul Gerhart b: 17 SEP 1890 in Bart Twp, Lancaster, PA d: 22 APR 1966 in Frankfurt, Franklin, KY
TROUT, Paul Henry b: 20 DEC 1899 in Lancaster County, PA d: DEC 1975 in Lancaster County, PA
TROUT, Paul Herbert b: 6 OCT 1914 in Ottumwa, Wapello, IA d: 10 APR 2006 in Carlsbad, Eddy, NM
TROUT, Paul Howard b: 29 JUN 1915 in Sandcut, Vigo, IN d: 28 FEB 1972 in Harvey, Cook, IL
TROUT, Paul James b: 8 AUG 1897 in Detroit, Wayne, MI d: 5 MAR 1974 in Southfield, MI
TROUT, Paul Jasper b: 9 MAY 1895 in Rockwall, Rockwall, TX d: 6 APR 1988 in Bell County, TX
TROUT, Paul Josiah , Rev. b: 24 OCT 1898 in York County, PA d: AFT 1932 in Westmoreland County, PA??
TROUT, Paul Lemon b: 9 JAN 1899 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA d: 14 MAR 1973 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
TROUT, Paul Michael b: 9 APR 1895 in Germantown, German Twp, Montgomery, OH d: 10 DEC 1961 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
TROUT, Paul Morton , Rev. b: 19 SEP 1892 in Greensburg, Decatur, IN d: 11 JUL 1972 in Manasquan, Monmouth, NJ
TROUT, Paul Orin b: 1836 in Washington Twp, Hocking, OH? d: BEF 5 JUL 1870 in Starr Twp, Hocking, OH?
TROUT, Paul R. b: ABT 1871 in Altoona, Blair, PA d: 26 DEC 1890 in Abington, Knox, IL
TROUT, Paul Samuel b: 17 APR 1923 in Lancaster County, PA d: 12 AUG 1979 in Lancaster County, PA
TROUT, Paul Stygler b: 13 SEP 1903 in Gahanna, Mifflin Twp, Franklin, OH d: 16 SEP 1984 in Franklin County, OH?
TROUT, Paul T. b: 25 MAY 1900 in Reading, Berks, PA d: 28 AUG 1900 in Reading, Berks, PA
TROUT, Paul W. b: 1903 in MD d: 1948 in Montgomery County, MD
TROUT, Paul W. b: ABT SEP 1919 in Kutztown Borough, Berks, PA d: 1953 in Richmond Twp, Berks, PA
TROUT, Pauline Elizabeth b: 14 JUL 1899 in Lower Chanceford Twp, York, PA d: 29 SEP 1982 in York County, PA
TROUT, Pauline Elzabeth b: 11 JUL 1916 in n. Walkersville, Frederick, MD d: 21 JAN 1990 in Walkersville, Frederick, MD
TROUT, Pauline M. b: JAN 1895 in NE
TROUT, Pauline May b: 20 MAY 1897 in New Lexington, Pike Twp, Perry, OH d: 11 JUL 1951 in Russell Twp, Geuga, OH
TROUT, Pauline Odessa b: 9 OCT 1916 in Falls County, TX d: 10 FEB 2008 in Belton, Bell, TX
TROUT, Pearl b: NOV 1886 in Amity Twp, Clark, AR d: 1 MAR 1979 in Jones County, TX
TROUT, Pearl b: SEP 1890 in PA d: AFT 1910
TROUT, Pearl b: MAR 1896 in TX d: AFT 1900
TROUT, Pearl b: 1898 in Clay County, NC
TROUT, Pearl b: 23 JUL 1906 in TN d: 1910 in Benton Conty, TN
TROUT, Pearl Alma b: 23 MAY 1911 in Fawn Grove, York PA d: 21 DEC 2002 in Dallastown, York, PA
TROUT, Pearl E. b: DEC 1886 in Hoquarton, Tillamook, OR
TROUT, Pearl Effie b: 29 NOV 1888 in Rockwall, Rockwall, TX d: 12 MAR 1973 in Temple, Bell, TX
TROUT, Pearl Genevieve
TROUT, Pearl Ida b: 1900 in Westmoreland County, PA d: 1964
TROUT, Pearl M. b: AUG 1897 in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill, PA
TROUT, Pearl May b: 5 OCT 1879 in Huntington County, IN d: 1963
TROUT, Pearl V. b: 7 MAR 1899 in Benton County, AR d: 4 FEB 1972
TROUT, Pearly R. b: OCT 1888 in Saltlick Twp, Fayette, PA?
TROUT, Peasel b: ABT 1908 in Custer County, NE
TROUT, Peggy b: ABT 1795 in Rockingham County, VA
TROUT, Peggy b: AFT 1834 in Berks County, PA
TROUT, Pendelton Riley b: 4 JUL 1868 in Bennington Twp, Licking, OH d: 29 JAN 1895 in Bennington Twp, Licking, OH
TROUT, Percival John b: 24 MAR 1878 in Keppel Twp, Grey, Ontario, Canada d: 1942 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
TROUT, Percy b: ABT 1904 in Cumberland County, NJ
TROUT, Percy Dell Canfield b: 24 MAR 1901 d: 15 MAR 1984 in Bellflower, Los Angeles, CA
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