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TROUT, Michael David , Jr. b: 28 APR 1888 in Norrisville, Hartford, MD d: 11 MAR 1962 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA
TROUT, Michael David , Sr. b: 29 JUN 1843 in Hopewell Twp, York, PA d: 10 AUG 1900 in Norrisville, Harford, MD
TROUT, Michael Deering Tolbert b: ABT 1855 in MS d: BEF 1900 in AR
TROUT, Michael Duane b: 27 NOV 1936 d: 22 OCT 2001 in Semmes, Mobile, AL
TROUT, Michael Egbert b: 20 NOV 1856 in Sharon, Hickory Twp, Mercer, PA d: 1927
TROUT, Michael George b: 14 DEC 1945 d: 20 SEP 2006 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, SD
TROUT, Michael Henry b: 22 FEB 1868 in York County, PA d: 20 APR 1944 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH
TROUT, Michael Lee b: 20 AUG 1952 in Sonoma, Sonoma, CA d: 16 DEC 1979 in Manteca, San Joaquin, CA
TROUT, Michael Mclelland b: 29 NOV 1863 in Ambrust, Westmoreland, PA d: 20 APR 1940 in Scottdale, Westmoreland, PA
TROUT, Michael Norman Kitch b: JUL 1888 in Lancaster, Lancaster, PA d: AFT 1910
TROUT, Michael Richard , L\Cpl b: 10 NOV 1949 in Portland, Multnomah, OR d: 24 SEP 1968 in Quang Nam Province, Republic of South Vietnam (War)
TROUT, Michael Ruben b: 17 FEB 1876 in Somerset, Reading Twp, Perry, OH d: 12 AUG 1942 in Columbus Grove, Pleasant Twp, Putnam, OH
TROUT, Miichael d: 2000
TROUT, Mike Leonard b: 3 APR 1967 in Logan, Cache, UT d: 15 APR 1994 in Wellville, Cache, UT
TROUT, Milberry b: ABT 1823 in SC or NC d: AFT 1880 in Fannin County, TX
TROUT, Mildred b: in Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland County, PA d: 1999 in near Williamsport, Lycoming, PA
TROUT, Mildred
TROUT, Mildred b: ABT 1905 in Schuylkill County, PA d: ABT 1905
TROUT, Mildred b: ABT 1906 in VA
TROUT, Mildred b: ABT 1906 in Jefferson County, AL
TROUT, Mildred b: 23 FEB 1910 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA d: 16 SEP 1963 in Lancaster County, PA
TROUT, Mildred b: 8 APR 1917 in Hamilton County, IL d: AFT 1930
TROUT, Mildred b: 26 AUG 1928 in Tulsa, Tulsa, OK d: BEF 2013
TROUT, Mildred Elizabeth b: 7 APR 1913 in Ocean City, Cape May, NJ d: AFT 1930
TROUT, Mildred Elmore b: 8 JUL 1914 in Cannelville, Brush Creek Twp, Muskingum, OH d: 5 APR 2003 in Ashland, OH
TROUT, Mildred Estelle b: 24 JUN 1914 in Harrison Twp, Muskingum, OH d: 8 NOV 1996 in New Concord, OH
TROUT, Mildred K. b: 6 FEB 1909 in Berks County, PA d: 26 FEB 1909
TROUT, Mildred L. b: ABT 1904 in Marion County, OH
TROUT, Mildred Marie b: 9 SEP 1935 in Gartner, Johnson, KS d: 5 JAN 2008 in Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Lawrence, Douglas, KS
TROUT, Mildred R. b: 5 JAN 1895 in Columbus Grove, Pleasant Twp, Putnam, OH d: MAY 1976 in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO
TROUT, Mildred Sally b: 1 JUN 1909 in York, York, PA d: 14 APR 2005 in York, York, PA
TROUT, Miles Lee b: 7 MAY 1927 in Alderson, Monroe, WV d: 8 SEP 1998 in Huntington, West Virginia
TROUT, Miles M. b: FEB 1841 in Towanda, Bradford, PA d: 10 JUL 1916 in Jersey City, NJ
TROUT, Milinda Caroline b: ABT 1847 in Johnson County, IL
TROUT, Milion b: ABT 1854 in Johnson County, IL d: 3 FEB 1870 in Elks Prairie, Jefferson, IL
TROUT, Millage Robert b: 10 SEP 1902 in Omaha, Omaha Twp, Gallatin, Il d: 11 SEP 1941 in Hamilton County, IL
TROUT, Millard Emmert b: 30 NOV 1924 in Pleasant Twp, Logan, OH d: 24 AUG 1999 in Newalla, OK
TROUT, Millard N. b: 5 JUN 1895 in Grant County, AR d: 2 JUL 1962
TROUT, Millard Walter b: 1 AUG 1935 in Lake Village, Chicot, AR d: 11 AUG 1986 in Hope, Hempstead, AR
TROUT, Miller b: 1840 in Dividing Creek, Downe Twp, Cumberland, NJ d: BEF 1905
TROUT, Miller b: 18 APR 1893 in Manheim, Rapho Twp, Lancaster, PA d: 22 DEC 1972 in Lancaster, Lancaster, PA
TROUT, Miller Boyd b: 17 JAN 1864 in Amanda Twp, Fairfield, OH d: 19 AUG 1946 in Home Hospital, Circleville, Pickawy, OH
TROUT, Millie A. b: 1856 in Mt. Vernon Twp, Jefferson, IL
TROUT, Millie A. b: 17 MAR 1862 in Henry County, IN d: 3 MAY 1893 in Henry County, IN
TROUT, Millie S. b: ABT 1876 in Lewistown, Miffllin, PA d: 1879 in Lewistown, Miffllin, PA
TROUT, Millie Susan b: 28 OCT 1842 in near Sandy Mush, Rutherford, NC d: 4 JUL 1926 in near Sandy Mush, Rutherford, NC
TROUT, Milo W. b: JUN 1887 in East Huntingdon Twp, Westmoreland, PA
TROUT, Milton b: 1846 in La Salle County, IL d: 1846
TROUT, Milton b: 1880 in Vienna, Scott, IN
TROUT, Milton C. b: 19 FEB 1861 in Washington Twp, Logan, OH d: 25 NOV 1932 in McArthur Twp, Logan, OH
TROUT, Milton E. b: 14 JUL 1870 in Hancock County, OH d: 12 JUN 1944 in Riverside County, CA
TROUT, Milton Howard b: 14 JUL 1873 in Baltimore County, MD d: AFT 1930 in Baltimore County, MD?
TROUT, Milton M. b: SEP 1845 in Towanda, Bradford, PA d: 1 MAR 1915 in Canton, Bradford, PA
TROUT, Milton Orvile b: 6 JAN 1898 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson, IL d: 8 MAR 1966 in Mt. Vernon, Mt. Vernon Twp, Jefferson, IL
TROUT, Mimi C. b: 1876 in Westmoreland County, PA
TROUT, Mimmie b: ABT 1881 in Morrill, Brown, KS? d: 13 MAY 1960 in WA
TROUT, Mina b: 10 MAR 1872 in Sumner County, TN d: BEF 1880 in Sumner County, TN
TROUT, Minerva b: MAY 1879 in Harrison Twp, Delaware, IN
TROUT, Minerva A. b: 11 JAN 1860 in Elkhart County, IN d: 14 JUN 1952 in Elkhart, Osolo Twp, Elkhart, IN
TROUT, Minerva Irene b: 1901 in Manheim, Rapho Twp, Lancaster, PA d: 1959 in Upper Leacock Twp, Lancaste, PA
TROUT, Minerva Ishell b: 13 JAN 1870 in Knox County, TN
TROUT, Minerva Jane b: 7 NOV 1842 in Tremont Twp, Tazewell, IL d: 13 DEC 1910 in Tremont Twp, Tazewell, IL?
TROUT, Minerva M. b: ABT 1828 in Huntingdon County, PA
TROUT, Minerva W. b: ABT 1844 in Seneca County, OH d: BEF 1860 in Seneca County, OH
TROUT, Minnesota b: ABT 1852 in Bedford, Bedford, PA d: 1929 in Bedford, Bedford, PA
TROUT, Minnesota b: 7 MAY 1878 in IL d: 10 OCT 1967
TROUT, Minnie b: ABT 1866 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA?
TROUT, Minnie b: 1873 in Hull, East Yorkshire, England d: 1922
TROUT, Minnie b: 1876 in Lancaster County, PA d: 1964 in Lancaster County, PA
TROUT, Minnie b: 24 NOV 1878 in Lick Mountain, Conway, AR d: SEP 1970 in Haskell County, TX
TROUT, Minnie b: 6 FEB 1889 in Wadena County, MN d: AUG 1974 in Blair, Washington, NE
TROUT, Minnie Ann b: 2 DEC 1871 in Knox County, TN d: 1 OCT 1950 in Ringling, Jefferson, OK
TROUT, Minnie Celestia b: 3 APR 1870 in near Worthington, Jefferson Twp, Greene, IN
TROUT, Minnie Dazzle b: 28 JUL 1897 in Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA
TROUT, Minnie Dexter b: 8 OCT 1888 in near Clear Spring, Clark, AR d: 13 JUN 1982 in Van Nuys Los Angeles, CA
TROUT, Minnie E. b: ABT 1873 in Altoona, Blair, PA
TROUT, Minnie E. b: ABT 1879 in Lancaster County, PA d: AFT 1880 in Lancaster County, PA
TROUT, Minnie E. b: 1900 in Pike County, AR
TROUT, Minnie Effie b: 14 SEP 1873 in Rutherford County, NC d: 19 DEC 1926 in Burke County, NC
TROUT, Minnie Fern b: NOV 1899 in IA
TROUT, Minnie Florence b: 4 OCT 1916 in Washington, DC d: 18 AUG 1992
TROUT, Minnie G. b: 1893 in Clay County, NC
TROUT, Minnie I. b: OCT 1871 in Bellwood, Blair, PA d: 19 FEB 1947 in Altoona, Blair, PA
TROUT, Minnie J. b: JUL 1877 in IN d: 6 JUN 1883
TROUT, Minnie J. b: ABT 1879 in Licking County, OH d: AFT 1880
TROUT, Minnie L. b: ABT 1890 in Grant County, AR?
TROUT, Minnie Louisa b: ABT 1872 in Topsham, Devon, England
TROUT, Minnie M. b: FEB 1887 in Honey Grove, Fannin, TX? d: 11 JUN 1988 in Wheeler, Wheeler, TX
TROUT, Minnie M. b: 19 APR 1892 in IL d: 27 DEC 1974 in Maricopa County, AZ
TROUT, Minnie M. b: ABT 1903 in Howard Twp, Bates, MO
TROUT, Minnie Mae b: 25 FEB 1906 in Clark County, AR d: 27 MAR 1995 in Jacksonville, Pulaski, AR
TROUT, Minnie May b: 1870 in Altoona, Blair, PA
TROUT, Minnie May b: 28 MAR 1886 in Medway, Bethel, Twp, Clark, OH? d: 13 SEP 1959 in Clark County, OH?
TROUT, Minnie Naomi b: 23 MAR 1909 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson, IL d: 22 JAN 1986 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson, IL
TROUT, Minnie Olive b: 15 JUL 1895 in Barr Twp, Cambria, PA d: 5 NOV 1953 in Barnesboro, Cambria, PA
TROUT, Minta May b: 16 OCT 1889 in near Kirbyville, Oliver Twp, Taney, MO d: 17 JUL 1971 in Sacramento, Sacramento, CA
TROUT, Miriam
TROUT, Miriam b: 22 FEB 1930 in Wapello, Wapello Twp, Louisa, IA d: 13 MAR 2009 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
TROUT, Miriam Anna b: 25 MAR 1913 in Bart Twp, Lancaster, PA d: 26 SEP 2011 in Brethren Village, Lancaster County, PA
TROUT, Miriam B. b: 8 FEB 1880 in Adams County, IN d: ABT 27 JUL 1953 in Adams County, IN
TROUT, Mitcheal b: 1895 in Pike County, KY
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