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Interesting people found here; several U.S. Presidents inc William McKinley ( father's father's side.) Father's mother's side, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and others; actors inc. Johnny Depp, Richard Gere, Clint Eastwood, Christopher Reeve, Arquettes, Baldwins, (all fr Mayflower passengers; I descend from Francis Cooke) Titanic passenger John Jacob Astor, the "Guardian of Scotland" William Wallace, numerous kings inc. Robert the Bruce, William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, the House of Windsor

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Odon, Comte d'Armagnac b: ABT 945 in Armagnac, Gascogne, France d: UNKNOWN in F»zensac, Gascogne, France
Odon, Vicomte de La Barthe b: ABT 1125 d: UNKNOWN
Odon, Vicomte de LodĄve b: ABT 975 d: UNKNOWN
Odon, Vicomte de Lomagne b: ABT 1180 d: AFT 1238
Oegstgeest, Christina van b: ABT 1206 d: 1271
Oehrling, Katharina von d: 1394
Oer zu Geist, Maria von d: UNKNOWN
Oer, Elidir ap Cenfarch
Oestreich, Erma C b: 19 FEB 1917 in Park Falls, Price, WI d: 05 OCT 1995 in Manor, Travis, TX
Oestreich, Living
Oettingen, Albrecht Ernst Prince of b: ABT 04 MAY 1562 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 29 MAR 1683 in Schrattenhofen, Schwaben, Bavaria
Oettingen, Anna Grāfin von b: ABT 1382 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 22 JUL 1442
Oettingen, Christine Luise Princess of b: BEF 30 MAR 1671 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 12 NOV 1747 in Blankenburg, Braunschweig, Germany
Oettingen, Friedrich I Graf zu b: ABT 1266 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: AFT 11 OCT 1311
Oettingen, Friedrich II Graf zu b: ABT 1288 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 14 OCT 1357
Oettingen, Gottfried Graf von b: in Beitigheim, Neckarkreis, W?rttemberg d: 07 SEP 1622 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria
Oettingen, Henriette Dorothea Princess of b: ABT 24 FEB 1672 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: ABT 18 MAY 1728 in Wiesbaden, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia
Oettingen, Imagine Grāfin von b: ABT 1389 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 08 SEP 1450
Oettingen, Irmengarde Grāfin von b: 1304 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 06 NOV 1389 in Kloster Liebenau, Rhein-Hessen, Hesse-Darmstadt
Oettingen, Joachim Ernst Graf von b: AFT 31 MAR 1612 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: BEF 18 AUG 1659 in Harburg, Schwaben, Bavaria
Oettingen, Johanne Grāfin von d: 17 JUN 1639 in Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, France
Oettingen, Johanne Henriette Grāfin von b: BEF 28 AUG 1578 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 18 MAR 1619 in Reichenberg, Starkenburg, Hesse-Darmstadt
Oettingen, Ludwig V Graf zu b: ABT 1245 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 09 NOV 1313
Oettingen, Ludwig VI Graf zu b: ABT 1267 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 29 SEP 1346
Oettingen, Ludwig X Graf zu b: ABT 1330 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 01 MAY 1370
Oettingen, Ludwig XI Graf von b: ABT 1361 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 28 OCT 1440
Oettingen, Ludwig XV Graf von b: 26 APR 1486 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 24 MAR 1557
Oettingen, Ludwig XVI Graf von b: 02 JUL 1508 in Harburg, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 01 OCT 1569 in Harburg, Schwaben, Bavaria
Oettingen, Margarethe Grāfin von b: ABT 1391 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 24 FEB 1472
Oettingen, Marie Aegyptica Grāfin von b: 1520 in Harburg, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 12 NOV 1559 in Grumbach, Rheinland, Prussia
Oettingen, Sofie Margarethe Grāfin von b: ABT 09 DEC 1634 d: 05 AUG 1664
Oettingen, Wilhelm I Graf von b: BEF 1425 d: 12 MAR 1467
Oettingen, Wolfgang I 'der Schone' Graf von b: ABT 1456 in Oettingen, Schwaben, Bavaria d: 29 JAN 1522
Oettingen-Flochberg, Marie Grāfin zu b: 11 APR 1498 in Flochberg, Jagstkries, W?rttemberg d: 18 AUG 1553
Oettingen-Oettingen, Ludwig Eberhard Graf von b: 09 JUL 1577 in Schillingf?rst, Mittelfranken, Bavaria d: BEF 04 JUL 1634 in Heidenheim, Mittelfranken, Bavaria
Oettingen-Oettingen, Sophie Juliane (Eberhardine b: 20 OCT 1656 d: 23 MAR 1743
of Allemania, Emma (Imma) b: ABT 736 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia d: 789
of Atholl, Christina (Margaret) d: UNKNOWN
of Atholl, Muldivana (Maud) b: 998 d: UNKNOWN
of Aumale, Guerinfroi (Eudes) b: 966 in Aumale, Normandy, France d: UNKNOWN
of Austrasia, Alpheid (or Aupois) b: ABT 654 in Of, Heristal, Liege, Belgium d: 748 in Orplegrandmonast, Brabant, Vosges, France
of Austrasia, Rotrude (Rotrou) b: 745 d: UNKNOWN
of Autun, Berthe (Aube) b: 740 d: UNKNOWN
of Bavaria, Oda (Utade) b: ABT 828 in Bavaria d: UNKNOWN
of Britain, Meric (Marius) d: 125
of Burgundy, Altrude (Haltrude Bertrude) b: 586 in Soissons, Aisneons, France d: 604
of Burgundy, Giolahaire (Giolahainede) b: ABT 360
of Carrick, Roighnach (Rignach) b: ABT 1270 d: UNKNOWN
of Cologne, Bildechildis (Blithildis) b: ABT 523 in Paris, Seine, France d: 580
of Egypt, Karomat (Karomama)
of England, Goda (Godgifu) b: ABT 1004 in Wessex, Eng d: 1049 in England
of England, Henry I (Beauclerc) b: 21 FEB 1068 in Selby, Yorkshire, England d: 01 DEC 1135 in St. Denis, France
of England, Joan (Elizabeth) b: ABT 1095 in Talby, Yorkshire, England d: BET 1132 AND 1194
of Epirus, Peilus (Pylades) d: UNKNOWN
of France, Adela Capet (Alix) b: 1009 in France d: 08 JAN 1079 in Monasteraere de L'Ordre de St Benoist, Messines, France
of Friuli, Hunroch (or Unrouch) b: ABT 775 d: AFT 853
of Gloucester, Avisa (Isabella)
of Holland, Mathilde (Mechtildis) b: ABT 1163 d: AFT 1223 in Prussia
of Huntingdon, Maud (Mathilda) b: ABT 1072 in Huntington, Huntingtonshire, England d: 23 APR 1131 in Scone, Perth, Scotland
of Italy, Eremengarde (Trungarde) b: ABT 848 d: 22 JUN 896
of Ivrea, Adalbert I (or Adelbert) b: in Of, Ivrea, Turin, Italy
of Ivrea, Anscar II (or Anscaris) b: ABT 850
of Judea, Cypros (Kypros) d: UNKNOWN
of Landen, Begga (Begue Oda) b: ABT 613 in Of, Landen, Liege, Belgium d: 17 DEC 693
of Lochaber, Walter Thane (Mormaer) b: 1045 d: 1093 in Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England
of Lombardy, Pepin (or Carloman) b: APR 773 in Of, Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia d: 08 JUL 810 in Milan, Italy
of Luxembourg, Judith (Irmtrude) b: 1000 d: 1057
of Luxembourg, Ogive (Otgina) b: ABT 990 in , Luxemburg d: 21 FEB 1030 in Flanders, France
of Luxemburg, Ogive (or Otgiva) b: ABT 990 in , Luxemburg d: 21 FEB 1030 in Flanders, France
of Metz, Ansguise (Ansigise) b: 602 in , Austrasia, France d: 685 in Andene Monastery
of Metz, Iduberga (Saint Itta) b: 591 d: 652
of Metz, St. Arnulf (Arnoul) b: ABT 13 AUG 582 in Of, Heristal, Austrasia, France d: 16 AUG 641 in Horenberg, Monastery, Wasenwald
of Moldavia, Cneajna (Catluna) b: ABT 1394 in Transylvania, Romania d: 1462
of Neustria, Chrodobertus II (or Robert) b: ABT 610 d: AFT 678
of Neustria, Lantbertus I (Lambert) b: ABT 590 d: AFT 650
of Neustria, Lantbertus II (Lambert) b: BEF 677 d: BEF 741
of Normandy, Emma (or Edburga) b: ABT 982 in Normandy, France d: 06 MAR 1052 in Winchester, Hants, England, England
of Normandy, Gerloc (Adele) b: 917 in , Normandy, France d: AFT 14 OCT 962
of Normandy, Havoise (Avicia Hedwig) b: ABT 975 in Bretagne, Normandy, France d: 21 FEB 1034
of Paris, Ava (Bava) b: ABT 779 d: AFT 837
of Paris, Engeltron (Engeltrude) b: ABT 801 d: BEF 853
of Perracy, Gilbert (Sigibert) b: ABT 725 d: UNKNOWN
of Perracy, Nivelon I (Nebelung) d: 09 OCT 768
of Rugis, Hesilde (Hafilda) b: ABT 151
of Russia, Cantacuzene d: UNKNOWN
of Salic Franks, Merovaeus (Merovee) b: 411 d: 458
of Saxony, Clothilde (Doda Oda) d: UNKNOWN
of Saxony, Evesna (or Evesa) b: in Saxony d: UNKNOWN
of Saxony, Othelhildis (Ulfhilde) b: 1054 d: 28 JUL 1083
of Scotland, David I (the Saint) b: ABT 1081 in Scotland d: 24 MAY 1153 in Carlisle, Cumberland, England
of Sicyon, Cleistenes King (Tyrant) d: in Ruled 600-569, Won Chariot Race At Olympic Games
of Sisstan, Dastan (Sohrab) d: UNKNOWN
of Strathclyde, Ceretic Guletic (Wledig) b: 385 d: UNKNOWN
of Swabia, Matilda (Maud) b: BET 983 AND 1006 d: BET 1018 AND 1090
of the Drevianes, Maloucha (Malfreda) b: ABT 917 d: 1002
of the Goths, Beaw (Bjaf) d: UNKNOWN
of the Gregorids, Narses I (St. Nerseh) b: 335 d: 373 in Armenia
of the Huns, Escam (Ascama) b: ABT 440 d: UNKNOWN
of the Huns, Tatra (Baltavar) b: ABT 490 in Scythia Minor d: ABT 555
of the Isles, Domhnall (Donald) b: 1190 d: 1269
of the Lombards, Waldrada (Walderade) b: ABT 520
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All information on the Brownlee branch is from "Torfoot Brownlees" by Martin Dale Armstrong and word of mouth by my grandparents. Many thanks to several cousins, inc. Debbie Robinson and to the many others who share their hard work with others! I have to rely on "cut & paste" for individual info due to carpal tunnel & spinal injuries. I'm still researching!! So any information found here should be used only as a guide to your research. Thanks!

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